Braining Ch. 01


He took a seat on a bench, and she sat beside him. "Hey," he said.

"Hey," she answered.

"Beautiful night."

"Sure is."

"Band is sounding good."

"Yeah, they are."

"You look nice tonight."

"Thank you."

He paused, looked into her eyes, and focused intently on kissing her, and her kissing him back. He lightly touched her shoulder, and leaned forward. She leaned forward as well, and their lips met. They lingered, kissing gently. He peeked at her eyes, gratified to see them closed. He pulled softly away from her, and started to say, "I..." but she cut him off with a finger on his lips, and leaned in for another kiss, this one the real deal -- long, hard, arms wrapped around each other's back, tongues actively exploring each other.

When they finally came up for air, they continued to hold each other, Blair resting her cheek on his shoulder.

He said, "wow."

She said, "yeah, wow."

They sat silently, enjoying their closeness for a few minutes, and she said, "Let's just, um, we, uh... we don't have to say anything right now..." which was perfect for him, since he had no idea what to say.

After some more kissing, and some more not talking, Blair rose to go back in. "Let me go first, and you wait a minute or two," she said. "Terese noticed us leaving. She really likes you, you know."

"I know," Brian said. "We tried, I mean, I've tried to like her as much as she likes me, but it just isn't there for me. I've tried to let her know, without being mean, but she just doesn't want to hear it."

Blair gave him a look that could have meant that she appreciated him not being mean, or it could have meant she thought he should be doing more to get Terese to point her hopes elsewhere, Brian wasn't sure. She went on in, leaving him in the back yard, his mind racing about what had just happened.

When Brian returned inside, Terese greeted him with her eyes. She had on a short skirt, and as he settled onto a cushion on the floor, he noticed that she was slowly turning her body in her seat so that her knees were facing him. He groaned inwardly as he saw her spreading her knees, so that he, and only he, could see up her skirt. He refused to let his eyes go there -- a major effort for a high school boy.

Her posing was a huge cringe for him, so he +brained her skirt to sag down between her thighs, so that he wouldn't have the view that she seemed to be trying to give him. However, she noticed its droop, and spread her knees even more to pull the fabric taut, allowing him full visual access. Brian wished he had a way to get her to stop.

"Wait a minute," he thought, recalling the volume, the lyrics, and the Pepsi, "maybe I do." He focused intently on Terese's knees being together, and while he was at it, on Terese paying attention to the band -- Glen, the bass player, for example. When he looked back at her, her knees were together, and she was watching Glen intently as the band worked on a new song.

He glanced over at Blair, to see if he could get a read on how she felt about what had happened in the back yard. She quickly looked away, as if she had been checking him out. Weird, he thought. Then he decided to try his new ability a bit more, and concentrated on Blair turning HER knees toward him and separating them... Although she was wearing shorts, they were very short, the kind with flared, wide legs.

He gave it a minute before he checked her out, and damn if she hadn't moved, and up one leg of her shorts he could see the inside of her thigh, ending at something white. Not wanting to be caught, he glanced away. When he went back, her leg was in an even better position, and he could clearly see that it was fine white lace, not merely plain cotton.

Wowsers! Although he desperately wanted to soak up this sight at his leisure, he again looked away, so he wouldn't get caught. "Is this creepy?" he asked himself. "I mean, I probably shouldn't be doing this. But, really, it's a brand new ability, and I'm just checking out what I can do, and what I can't." He checked out the lace a couple more times before he willed her back into a more comfortable position.

: : : : :

Brian realized he needed to be careful with this new ability, which he decided to call "mentalling." He understood that people would feel manipulated if they discovered they were being +mentalled, and would naturally be resentful. Angrily resentful. He also realized that if he ever began misusing this power, it would be difficult to stop, so he took it slow and easy.

The school year ended with graduation, which wasn't going to be that much of a transition for the gang, since they had all enrolled at the state college right there in town. None of them were going to live in the dorms -- they all had nicer rooms at home, they would be free of the strict freshman dorm rules, and it cost a LOT less.

Everyone had summer jobs, so they actually saw each other less after graduation. Brian was working hard to move things along with Blair, thinking about her constantly, but it was going slowly -- she still seemed to be keeping her distance.

A couple of weeks after school was out, everyone, which for the most part by now was the band, Brian, and the girls, planned a trip to Seven Worlds, the amusement park, which they had all been going to since they were kids. At first they planned the trip for a Saturday, but several of them objected that the park would be the most crowded then, so instead they picked a week day, all of them putting in for that day off from work.

Then, one by one, most of them dropped out. A couple of them would be away on family vacations, and most of the rest had their day off denied, when someone with more seniority pulled rank on them. In the end, it was Phil and Jennifer, Jon and Carina, who were spending more and more time together, and Brian and Blair. Brian's old Acura would hold everybody, but he had arranged to have his mom's SUV for the day, it was much roomier and nicer.

That morning, as he was about to leave to pick everyone up, Carina called, saying that she had just gotten off the phone with Jon. He had come down with stomach flu, and couldn't go. "And, I'm going to pass," she continued, "I don't want to be the only singleton there."

"Blair and I are singletons," he protested.

"Yeah, right. You like her, everybody knows." Brian tried to talk her out of it, but he couldn't. He called Blair to get her to call Carina, but she refused, saying she understood, and that if it had been Brian who had a virus, she would have declined to go as well.

Brian considered trying to +mental Carina into going, but he didn't want to spread himself too thin. He was already working on Blair -- Jennifer had implied several times that she was going to the park braless, and Brian had been +mentalling Blair for over a week to do the same.

Brian stopped at Phil's house first, and Jenn was already there. Brian noticed that, as promised, Jenn wasn't wearing a bra. They headed over to Blair's house, Brian with his hopes high. He was disappointed as she came out the front door -- white straps on her shoulders peeked out the armholes of her tank top. "Oh well, I guess I didn't +mental her hard enough, or maybe her house is too far away from mine," he thought.

They were barely out of the neighborhood when she asked him to stop at a McDonald's on the corner, so she could use the restroom.

Brian thought, "Really? Already? Jeez..."

She only took a minute, and when she came out, Brian had to stifle a huge smile. Blair looked different: no white straps, and a couple of clear, raisin-sized bumps in the front of her tank top. Before she buckled her seatbelt, she aimed the a/c vent away from her chest... "Ready?" she asked.

Brian responded, "let's roll," wondering if they were talking about driving, or other things.

They parked, and on the long walk to the entrance of the park, Blair was hard to read. She'd hold his hand for awhile, then she'd be skittish, almost avoiding contact with him.

They paid, and Brian suggested that they ride the train first. It was a genuine steam locomotive which circled the entire park. In addition to serving as a shuttle, stopping at each of the park's sectors, Brian pointed out that almost all the rides could be seen from it, so riding a complete circuit on it provided a good overview of the park. Everyone could be reminded what rides they liked, what the layout was, and get a preview of what new rides looked interesting. They all agreed that sounded good.

It was a bright, hot summer day, and as they exited the train, Phil suggested that they choose their route around the park so that they could ride the Tunnel Of Terror multiple times.

"Why? Jenn said, "it's a kiddie ride."

"Yeah," added Blair, "It's not even scary, if you're older than about eight."

Brian smirked and said, "Phil, you want to do the honors?"

"No, you go ahead."

"My pleasure." He paused for effect.

"Imagine if you will," he began, imitating their senior year History teacher, getting a giggle from the girls. "Imagine a summer day at Seven Worlds, the sun beating down mercilessly, no place to hide from the brutal mid-day heat. Imagine, also, a group of college-bound adults, too mature and intelligent to fall for a mere kiddie ride, one that's not even scary."

He turned to Phil, "How'm I doing so far?"

"Fabulous, maestro," Phil intoned formally, "please continue."

"I shall. Imagine further," he continued his mock orating, "that there is one ride in the entire park that is enclosed, out of the sun, and in order to keep the wee ones' parents willing to endure such a ride," and he drew out the next few syllables,

" a i r c o n - f r e a k i n g - d i t i o n e d."

Brian held up his hand for a high five from Phil, and the girls squealed in recognition, "The Tunnel Of Terror!"

The Tunnel Of Terror consisted of individual cars, each big enough to hold two adults, or a parent and two kids, or three kids. The cars rode on a rail snaking through the tunnel, taking the kiddies slowly from fearsome scene to fearsome scene, each scene emerging from darkness with lighting effects, enhancing the scariness.

So, in addition to being air-conditioned, the Tunnel Of Terror was mostly dark. The guys didn't remind the girls of that. They briefly glanced at each other, conspiratorially -- they were taking their braless girls into a cool, dark tunnel.

Seven Worlds was laid out in a bit of a maze. They worked their way from the train station toward one of the back corners, in as linear a fashion as possible. Being a weekday, the lines were short enough that they never had to wait long, even for the more popular rides. They skipped rides no one was interested in, and all four would do any ride that one of them wanted to. A couple of them were so much fun that they rode them twice, and the smaller roller coaster was so good they rode it three times. Then the girls mentioned being hungry. A food court was nearby, so they ducked in.

There was one large area of tables, with counters selling different types of fast food surrounding it on three sides. The tables were packed, but Phil knew of a smaller, secondary area, back past the restrooms -- probably for employees. It was empty. Brian and Blair claimed a table for four back in the corner, and gave some money to Phil and Jenn, who went off to order.

"Having fun?" Brian asked.

Blair answered, "Yeah, you?"

Brian responded by leaning in, and Blair also leaned in to meet him with a long, deep kiss. "I am now..." Brian whispered.

"Easy, tiger," Blair whispered back, "lotsa little ones around."

He glanced around. "Not back here," he responded, leaning back in. This kiss was longer, slower, deeper. He eased his hand onto her knee, and slowly worked his fingertips up the outside of her thigh, until he reached the hem of her skirt. He paused briefly, and taking the lack of "no" as a "yes," eased under her skirt, continuing upward.

They broke off their kiss, but stayed in a close hug, as his fingertips continued their trip upward. The further up he got, the more his touch increased: fingertips became entire fingers, then fingers became a cupped hand -- the initial light stroke morphed into full caress. Then, the long, taut thigh ended, and Brian realized that he didn't have a handful of upper thigh, he had a handful of eighteen-year-old bum. Rump, ass, booty, rear, tush, butt, seat, derriere.

He pulled his face back from their hug without disconnecting from the heavenly flesh, looked into her eyes, and whispered, "Thong?" She raised her eyebrows, pursed her lips, and with a little grin showing through, shook her head. His heart skipped a beat, and he croaked, "Commando?"

She flushed with color, lowered her eyes demurely, and whispered, "I was wondering when you'd notice..." Just then, Jenn and Phil got back with the food.

Lunch went as normally as could be expected after such a revelation. Phil and Jenn didn't really notice anything, as they were off in their own private couple space. As they finished, they discussed what to do next. Brian named a couple of nearby rides that he liked, conveniently right on the way to the Tunnel Of Pleasure. Uh, Terror, the Tunnel Of Terror. He didn't want to appear TOO eager to get there, but he didn't want it to take much longer.

Finally, they were standing in line. Mercifully, it was short. As they waited, Phil reminded them, "There's a point in the middle where the cars come out of the tunnel for a few seconds, see up there, above the entrance?" They watched as a car emerged and went past, the kids in it waved to their parents below, and it dived back into the enclosed part. "That's right after the grizzly bears and the lumberjack. Assuming you SEE the grizzly bears..." and he grinned. "Better cue is, it's right after the buzz-saw sound effect.

"The end of the ride comes right after you hear the crypt-keeper character cackling." Brian and Blair nodded solemnly.

Since they had already agreed that they would ride the Tunnel Of Terror several times, Brian decided that this trip would be about breasts -- later trips would focus on other parts of her anatomy. As soon as their car entered the tunnel and the doors slid shut behind them, he and Blair had their arms around each other, their lips locked, and Brian eased the hand that wasn't around her back up under her tank top. He caressed her tummy, moving upward each trip across.

Before long, the top of his hand came in contact with the bottom of her breast, so he opened his fingers and took the entire mound into the palm of his hand. He squeezed it gently, and located her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "Easy, they're very sensitive," she whispered. He pinched it gently, and rolled it lightly back and forth. She moaned her approval.

He removed his hand from under her shirt, and pulled her far knee up and over his lap, bringing her around to where she was straddling him, face to face. He lifted the front of her tank top up to her neck, and took both her breasts into his hands. She leaned forward for an intense kiss, nearly sucking his tongue right out of his head. Her tits were pressed tightly into his hands, which were pressed hard against his chest. Her kiss was heightened by a low, purring sound from the back of her throat.

He pulled back from her quickly, and said, "The buzz-saw sound." She hurried off his lap back to her proper seat in the car, pulling her tank top back into place just as the car burst into the sunlight. They looked out over the line, the entrance below them, a dozen or so parents gazing up at them, waiting to wave at their kids. Their car turned a corner, and they plunged back into the darkness.

They picked up where they left off, her tank top up, his hands massaging her bare chest. She slid down his thighs a bit, giving a little more space between their torsos, and leaned back slightly, pulling his mouth down to her nips. He drew his tongue slowly across the hard little buttons, licked little circles around them, then sucked them into his mouth, first gently, then a little harder. Her moans increased, and decreased occasionally, teaching him what she liked.

In what seemed like no time, they heard the crypt-keeper cackling, and Blair barely made it back to her seat covered up when the car burst back outside.

They rejoined Phil and Jenn, decided which direction to go, and were headed toward the next ride, when Blair hissed, "JENN-if-er!"

"What, what is it?" Jenn responded to the alarm in her voice. Blair pulled Jenn's head near hers, and said, "your top is on inside out..." Jenn looked, and it was, the label and all the seams showing. She and Blair sprinted to the nearest Ladies Room. Phil just smiled, and Brian gave him a high five.

They rode a few more rides, but it was mid-afternoon, and the summer heat was stifling. They were soon back in line for the Tunnel Of Terror.

As the ride began, Brian and Blair locked lips, and he repeated his finger-walking trip up her leg, but this time up the inside of her thigh. He had just reached the top, and discovered by feel that she was freshly shaved, completely, no racing stripe, landing strip, or puff of any sort or shape, when their car burst into the light -- neither of them had noticed the buzz-saw sound effect. They both jerked upright, and Brian was gifted with an eyeful of what he had just been touching.

Immediately, her skirt appeared to pull itself down to its proper position across her lap. Brian looked up at her face, and she looked completely freaked out, totally deer-in-the-headlights. He didn't say anything until they were back in the tunnel. Then he sat there in silence, not kissing her, not holding her, not believing what he had just seen.

"So, what was that?"

"What was what?"

"That thing with your skirt."

She laughed nervously. "Silly, I shaved for you. Do you like?"

"Well, duh, yeah, I like that, a lot. But, what was that thing with your skirt?"

"I don't know what you mean..."

"Dammit, Blair, don't treat me like an idiot."

"What, Brian, what are you talking about?"

The crypt-keeper was cackling. He grabbed her hands to constrain them, and +brained her skirt up. Their car burst out into the sunlight. Her skirt seemed to go down by itself. He +brained it up again. It lowered, seemingly by itself.

The car settled at the end of the ride, Brian jumped out, grabbed Blair's upper arm, and dragged her out the exit. "We have to talk..." he growled, looking around, pulling her past Phil and Jenn, who looked shocked. He looked around a bit more, then found what he sought.

He dragged her through a door, and the last thing she saw before he slammed it shut and threw the deadbolt was the little sign that said, "Family Restroom." Inside there was a toilet, a sink, and a fold-down changing table for infants. Most importantly, what the room had was privacy.

"What the fuck Blair, what was that?"

She blinked back tears, and said, "What? Brian, what's with you? You're scaring me..."

Brian stood silently, seething. He turned to the wall, not speaking, and then turned back to Blair. He +brained her tank top up to her neck, revealing her breasts. He saw a slight scowl cross Blair's face, felt a commotion just below his navel, and his shorts shot to the floor, exposing his boxers.

He stared at her, seeing that she was beginning to tremble. He +brained the clasp of her skirt unhooked, and let it fall to the floor.

His boxers would have fallen just as quickly, but despite his anger, he had a pretty good hard-on going, and they hung up briefly on that. Then they fell away and exposed it.

Blair buried her face in her hands. Slowly, although she didn't move, she lowered her tank top and raised her skirt, returning them to their proper position. Brian just stood there and stared at her, his hard-on pointing at her accusingly, until she slowly raised his boxers, and his shorts, to just below his cock. He tucked it in old-school, using his hands.

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