tagBDSMBreaking In Ch. 2

Breaking In Ch. 2


Eric took my arm and helped me out of the tub. "Now you are prepared to be broken in."

I was led back to our bedroom and lain upon the mattress face down. My hands were placed over my head, my wrists bound together with velvet strips and then tied to what I assumed was the headboard. I couldn't be sure as I was still wearing the scarf over my eyes.

"Tonight, my pet," I heard my husband, Eric, whisper in my ear, "You will learn to submit to me in all things." I gave a little shudder of pleasure at his promise. He then placed a couple of pillows under my hips, lifting me up off the bed.

"Assume the position, slave," he instructed me. I lay there, uncertain exactly what position he meant. I felt several small leather strips brush across my ass. I tingled wondering just what he might do to me with those.

"I repeat, assume the position, slave," he stated again. Again, I didn't really know what he meant, but I spread my legs hoping I was right.

I wasn't. I felt those leather strips whack my ass hard enough to sting a bit. "Slave, do you need to be shown your position?" Eric questioned. I nodded my head jerkily.

Eric grabbed my knees, forcing them to bend until I supported myself on them. He then spread my legs further than I thought they would go. I immediately pulled them back together an inch or so to relieve the tension.

Smack. The small whip flogged me harder this time. "That is for not knowing the position." Smack. "That is for moving out of the position." Smack. "You will now receive five more lashes as a punishment. Next time I will not be so lenient. Do you understand?" I nodded. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack! SMACK!

Tears had formed in my eyes. I could feel nothing but my ass. That was when I felt his tongue. GOD! He was licking my ass cheeks. After those lashes, his tongue felt heavenly, it was so smooth and soft. He slowly licked up and down the entire surface of one cheek, then began on the other. It was such heaven. While he was licking, he began to rub my clit. I moaned my reaction. He pinched my clit hard. "You will make no noise unless given permission. Understand?" he asked. I nodded. He went back to the licking and rubbing.

This time, though, as he reached the center of my ass, his tongue began to insinuate itself into my crack. I jerked in surprise and received another smack on the ass, this time with his bare hand. "You will allow me to do ANYTHING to you that I choose. ANYTHING. Is that clear?" I paused, uncertain just what all he had in mind. "Is that CLEAR?" he shouted. I nodded slowly, turning myself over to him completely.

This time he grabbed my ass and held my cheeks wide apart, then he licked from just above my pussy opening all the way to the top of my ass. It was magnificent. He started again at the pussy opening, this time stopping at my puckerhole and working his tongue round and round it. Then, he began to push at my asshole with his tongue. I couldn't help but tighten, thinking surely he didn't want to put his tongue in there! I was wrong. "Relax," he told me, "and let me in." I tried, but my body wasn't used to allowing anything in that way. "Well, if you can't relax," he said, "try to push out."

He began again pushing in with his tongue and I tried pushing out. As soon as my body felt his tongue on what's normally inside my ass, it closed up, but it drew him in a bit as it did so. GOD, his tongue was inside my ass. In just seconds, he was pushing it in as far as it would go. Then he started fucking my ass with his tongue, shoving it in and out of me, all the while rubbing on my clit. It was fantastic.

Soon, he began to fuck my pussy with his fingers. First with just one, then immediately with two, soon he had three fingers banging away at my pussy. Slowly he began to work in a fourth finger. It was intense. I tried to push back at him, but couldn't decide whether to push back on his tongue or his fingers. Suddenly, he pulled his tongue out of my ass. I couldn't believe the disappointment. I was even more disappointed when he pulled his fingers out of my pussy, but only for a second as he began pressing a cum-soaked finger into my tight little asshole. It slipped in rather easy and was soon followed by another. He began to press into me deeper and deeper. Soon he was in as deep as he could go. He began to fuck my ass slow and deep, drawing his fingers almost all the way out before driving them back in.

The next thing I knew he had pulled his fingers back to the opening and had a third finger pushing in, trying to join them. It was stretching me so much and I was still so tight. "Relax," Eric said rubbing my lower back with his other hand. His tongue joined his fingers at my asshole, adding much needed lubrication. Slowly his third finger began to enter my ass. It was so painful and yet such a turn-on. He fucked me with all three fingers for just a couple of pulIs before withdrawing all his fingers, leaving me with an emptiness, but not for long.

I felt his fingers once again at my hole, lathering it with something cold and gelatinous. Next I felt a small tube inserted into my ass and more gel being squirted into me. The tube was removed and I felt Eric's dick pressing into my ass. I squirmed a bit, not worried so much about his 8" length, but his 2" diameter, but I tried to do as Eric wiIled. "I'll go slow with you," he whispered in my ear, "but we WILL do this now."

He was all heat and solid flesh as he ever so slowly pushed against my virginal rosebud. "Push out like you did before," he told me. I did and felt his huge cock pressing into me. Eric grabbed my ass cheeks and held them apart. "Now," he told me, "try to relax." I did and like before, my body took him in with me. He was so big and I was so uncomfortable. He kept pushing so slowly until suddenly I felt him slide past my sphincter muscle.

He let go of my ass cheeks then and reached under me. He began to play with my clit, not moving his dick in or out, just giving me time to try and get used to it. Soon he had me so horny, I began to rock towards him. That was all the incentive he needed. Still playing with my clit, he began to slide his enormous cock further and further up my dark passage. The feeling was unlike any I had ever felt before. Here was this enormous dick holding my ass open and slipping and sliding along my anal passageway. Eventually, he reached as far as he could go inside my ass and stopped there for a minute.

He slid his other hand under me and slipped three fingers into my sopping cunt. He began to pull his dick out while pushing his fingers in, all the while torturing my engorged clit. I came within seconds and suddenly was uncomfortable with him in my ass again. However, just a few seconds later, I was ramming back into his dick again, wanting to take him even deeper up my ass than I already was. "Don't worry sweet," he whispered, "if this isn't big enough for you, we'll find something later that is. I promise." I shivered as he began pulling out and slamming into me at a breakneck speed. He shoved deeper into my ass than ever and began cumming, followed a second or two later by my coming all over his hand, which he had somehow managed to ram the fingers of up my pussy at the same time.

He pulled his dick and fingers out of me, untied me and once again took me to the shower for a thorough cleaning.

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