tagIncest/TabooBreaking Point

Breaking Point


"You just come right back here young lady!"

Kate, sullen, resentful swaggered back into the living room

"What now?"

She knew what of course. She used at least to go through the motions of pretence. I knew full well that she kept her party clothes round her friend's house. And she knew I knew. That was the deal. What I didn't see wouldn't hurt me.

But now it was different. Now she flouted my rules with relish. Coming home at all times, wearing what she liked, even swearing in front of me.

"You are NOT going out like that"

"You can't stop me. I'm 18"

"While you live under my roof -"

"Yeah yeah 'I abide by your rules' blah blah"

She stood in the doorway defiantly, her long blonde hair framing her pretty face. Her eyes and lips made up in what she imagined was a sophisticated way. A skimpy white cotton top with the obligatory expanse of smooth flat tummy. A tiny pale blue micro skirt clung to her tiny waist and womanly hips exposing all but the very tops of her long shapely bare legs.

"Jesus, had a good look?"

"I'm just wondering when exactly my daughter became such a slut"

"Fuck OFF"

Her eyes glinted. I knew I'd got to her.

"And don't use that language in my house."

"Why not? You do. What's the matter daddy, can't you bear the thought of all those gorgeous boys with their firm muscular young bodies looking at your daughter?"

Despite my efforts my face must have betrayed how near the mark she was. She picked up on it like a dog on the scent

"You don't like the idea of them undressing me with their eyes while I dance?"

With that she launched into an energetic routine while she kept the blistering rhythm going by making drum sounds through her teeth, tossing her hair wildly.

"Or maybe you think I'm too hot to be seen in public".

She writhed and snaked as though performing a strip tease, her hands glancing up her bare thighs, across her stomach, through her hair

"Is this what you're scared of Daddy? Your little girl teasing the boys? I don't see you looking away. What's the matter daddy don't you like my perfect little titties?"

With that she stretched the top down flat against her breasts and arched her back so that their shape was clearly defined, the tops and cleavage now exposed.

"Or is it my little bottom you like? Is that it daddy, you're an ass man?"

She turned her back on me and smoothed her little skirt round her tight cheeks, accentuating their perfect form with a little wiggle before turning to look at me over her shoulder, sucking on her finger like a porn photo.

"Getting all stiff daddy? In spite of yourself? Getting all hard and excited for your little girl who you can never have? I've seen you looking at me, trying to see my tits at breakfast, looking up my school skirt. Must be so frustrating for you daddy knowing that you have to put up with mum and her saggy breasts when mine are so firm and pert and tantalising".

She lifted her top and exposed her small breasts. The nipples were larger than expected and were fully erect as she brushed her wet finger across them.

"Go on daddy, I dare you. Have a good long look. See? You'd love to suck them wouldn't you? eh? Imagine that daddy...your little girl's nipples all hard in your mouth- Ow!"

I don't know what happened, I just flipped. In one movement I had dragged her across the room and laid her across my lap as she struggled like a landed fish, my hand feverishly pulling her skirt up round her waist

"Get OFF me. Fuck OFF what are you doing?"

She clamped her legs together and tried to beat my hand away as I tugged at her flimsy white panties. Gradually I got the upper hand as more and more of her little bottom was exposed to me, until at last the panties were round her knees

"You're not going to- I can't believe it! You're going to SPANK me?"

Bringing my hand hard down on her flesh I heard her yell. Not so much with pain, but the embarrassment of it all. Twice more I brought my hand down on her cheeks, each time leaving a red mark as evidence. Now she shifted her position in an attempt to extricate herself. In doing so she exposed her pink puffy lips which I noticed were glistening wet, her bitch scent coursing through my nostrils. There was nothing I could do now, I was being driven by a force far stronger than both of us. I eased her to the floor so that she lay like a cat face down, bare bottom thrust in the air. I tore her knickers off her legs and smoothed my finger round her crack, massaging her juice round her hole.

She was whimpering now, "Daddy please don't hurt me, I'll be good"

Easing my big rock hard cock in her tight wet cunt I grabbed her hair and pulled her back like a mare. Looking down I saw her soaking lips engulf me...

"Talk to me Daddy. Tell me it's going to be ok?"

As I thrust inside her I spoke

"Kate, everything is going to be OK"

"Tell me you love me daddy"

"I do. I love you so much"

"Do I please you? Am I doing good? Ooooh daddy it feels so big"

"You're doing fine love. Tell daddy how it feels. Be a slut for daddy"

I felt the orgasm well up inside me

"It feels like my body is all tickly. Your....cock...", she looked over her shoulder for approval.

"Go on...talk dirty to me, tell me what you're thinking"

"I can feel your big cock pumping in me. In my....cunt"

That was all it took. I felt my cock spasm as I unleashed a thick jet of cum inside her. As I milked myself dry with urgent thrusts she was gasping for breath -

"Oooh daddy, fuck me. Fuck your little slutty daughter, she's so bad. Ohhhhh daddy I think I'm...."

She let out a scream as she orgasmed, her fingers clutching at the carpet. I looked down and saw our combined juice dribbling down her soft inner thighs. Reluctantly withdrawing myself from her I moved my face between her legs and inhaled deeply. I took a mouthful of our come from her fountain then turned her onto her back and pinned her down like a wrestler. Whilst fondling her naked breasts I positioned my face a few feet above hers and let a trickle of cum ooze from my mouth and watched it spatter down onto her lips, her face, her hair.

She was mine now.

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