tagErotic PoetryBreasts, Ode to the Globes

Breasts, Ode to the Globes



You moan
Your chest is rapidly heaving
Ample cleavage reveals dangerous depths
Clasps unhooked, the breasts dangling
Freed finally from a constricting bra
Sizes range from melon to apple
Nicknames vary from boobs, tits to jugs
But you bear them with dignity
So much beauty, so much grace, so much splendor.
Luscious curves indeed and... for my eyes only

You moan, you sigh,
As they tremble, dangle, swing
And witness my body's arousal where
Flaccid penis turns to powerful cock
Worshipping your kneecaps,
Humping your leg like a horny dog while
My hands examine your breasts, lifting, weighing them.
Pushing one and pulling the other,
Pressing the tender globes.
Then my index finger swirls round each breast
Softly touching the silky skin and exploring the valley in between

You moan, you sigh, you sweat
As my fingers circles round your erect nipples,
Gently tickling at first but slowly my grip gets firmer
Tugging, probing, kneading them, rolling them between my fingers,
Then my tongue joins in, licking, till each globe is saliva coated
Dwirling and swirling my tongue sets forth till finally the top is reached
and each nipple gets furiously lapped and lashed till
they start to rise, knobs swell to proud micrococks

You moan, you sigh, you sweat, you grasp
When suddenly my teeth take action , nibbling on each nipple, gnawing, shifting, sucking them.
But then you scream as clothespins bite in these wee, sensitive pillars
They stand firm now, eager waiting for the next move.
So I guide my cock to the super sensitive area around your pinched nipples.
Leaving glistening traces of pre-cum over your breasts
Your breathing turns peeping when finally my cockhead reaches your left nipple to fondle it
And sets to massage your right nipple.

You moan, you sigh, you sweat, you grasp, you pant
When in a swift motion, I jerk the clothespins off your nipples
My battering ram divides your nether lips, stimulates your clitt,
massages the sensitive walls of your love tunnel. All juicy.
You scream as I speed up the rhythm, withdrawing and attacking again.
I feel your body turn electric when a mighty orgasm erupts.
A signal for my swollen balls to start pumping loads of hot cum in your waiting cunt.

You moan,
When I rest inside you and lay may body atop of you
You breasts now calming down,
A woman satisfied is truly a marvelous sight to see.

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