What if we could lie down together, you and I
And wake in each other’s arms…
See the sunrise and curl into one another
And just breathe?

What if we could spend our days, hand in hand,
Arm over arm (hands and fingers caressing and lingering)…
Mouths and tongues exploring…bodies entwined…

What if we could open our eyes to a beautiful field
On a gorgeous summer day
With a clear blue sky
Where lilies and daffodils sweeten the air…
Where the only sound that can be heard
Is a waterfall in the distance, beneath the birds singing in the willows?

What if I could look into your eyes and see myself smiling back
And feel safe in your arms…
When I could be at peace just being in your presence
And no longer fear falling into you?

What if you could banish your demons
And let go of the pain…
When you no longer question yourself…
And just breathe?

What if we could remove our clothes in the darkness
And become one for a time…
Lie down together, you and I, and see the sunrise…
And breathe…

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