tagSci-Fi & FantasyBred in the Pit

Bred in the Pit


"Fuck me! Fuck me, you scum!", yelled the succubus. The demonic jailer knew that she was getting weak; she had not fed from the sexual energies of anything – demon or man – for the past seven moons. She was becoming frantic and desperate. She was locked in a cell in one of Lord Marganoth's many infernal dungeons for reasons even the jailer did not know, though it did not matter. The pit lord got what he desired, and if his minions dared question him, it typically ended in painful destruction for the foolish inquirer. For the past seven days, the pit lord desired that this creature be kept hidden away from the rest of the burning hells and that she not be allowed to slake her desire for intercourse.

Even now, the succubus reached through the cage with slender, delicate, wisp-thin hands, urgently grasping for the huge, flaccid member of the demonic jailer which hung heavily between his legs as he watched his captive prey squirm and struggle against her hunger. He stood silently just out of reach, taunting her with his demonic shaft, grinning at her growing urgency. "You know you want me!", screamed the succubus, flailing and grasping for the huge cock just out of reach. "Just let me touch it! I swear I'll be good! I beg you!" The jailer did indeed want the succubus. Succubi were the pinnacle of carnal pleasure in this or any other realm. Her perfect, enormous breasts bounced against the cell bars as she struggled, and her long, black hair was was perfectly silky and smooth as it descended all the way down her back. Her porcelain white skin would be heaven to the touch, the jailer knew, and the deep red of her gorgeous eyes was enough to drown the willpower of a lesser being. Her long, slender face was beautiful beyond comprehension, and her black lips possessed muscles designed specifically for the pleasuring of her victims. Her gratuitous thighs and buttocks were perfectly shaped for impacts from behind and for latching onto so that she could be superbly mounted, and her hourglass figure, petite frame, and tiny waist belied a ravenous hunger for animalistic sex which no human woman would be able to endure, much less enjoy. Finally, her wide hips promised a healthy litter of snarling, ravenous demons would spill out of her womb when she had fed upon enough sexual energies.

Thinking these thoughts, and wondering how it would feel to slide his thick girth between those black, pursed lips of hers, the jailer did not notice that his already prodigious member had begun to swell. However, the succubus betrayed her next frantic grasp with her eyes, and before she could so much as touch the jailer's huge prick, he backed away quickly. Losing her prey after coming so close, the succubus hissed, and her beautiful face twisted into a pained expression that would break any human man's heart as she bared her tiny fangs at the jailer.

Generally, male demons could resist the wiles of a succubus if they were of higher intellect and willpower, but human men were usually powerless to resist even the sight of one, and if a succubus were to use her potent powers on a human male through contact, usually through the lips or penis, the man would be lost forever to his desires for her. Succubi were generally insatiable in intercourse, the jailer knew; once a succubus begins siphoning off the life energies of her victim through sex, she usually does not stop until the victim is a dried up husk, devoid of all life, though the experience is said to be blissful to the victim. Human men almost always die to the attacks of a succubus, but a strong male demon can usually satisfy a succubus so that she discontinues feeding... or, if he fears she might overcome him sexually, the male demon may try to physically kill the succubus with brute strength, though his siphoned life essences may leave him too weak to do so. Lesser demons almost always met a pleasurable end.

"You're becoming reckless," chided the jailer. "Where are those powerful feminine wiles I always heard so much about? You succubi are supposed to be able to seduce any man into letting you feed. Hah! Not me, sister! Even if you weren't a cock-hungry bitch in heat, I wouldn't let you suck me dry just like that!"

The jailer watched her struggle and squirm against the bars some more with a grin upon his face, but deep down he yearned to plunge his rock hard dick into that bitch and make her howl as he stretched her inner recesses. He wanted to take that mouth of hers and fill it so full of his meat she would not even be able to breathe. He wanted to take that hair of hers and pull it hard as he rode her from behind. He wanted to show her he could outlast her at her own game.

With these thoughts racing through his head, the demonic jailer set aside his halberd against the wall. Looking both ways to make sure no other demon saw his actions, he began to approach the succubus' cell. The sudden change in the jailer's behavior caused the succubus to stop her squirming and panting against the cell bars, but her hungry eyes never left the huge, flopping member of the jailer as he approached. The jailer took one of the infernal keys at his belt (the only piece of clothing he was wearing on his muscular frame), and unlocked the cell cautiously. The succubus backed away from the door with a look of timid surprise on her face, her huge breasts swaying heavily as she did so. She never took her eyes off of the jailer's gigantic dick, though she was cautious because the huge male demon could easily end her life if he so chose.

The jailer slammed the cell door behind him and peered at the succubus, who had now backed herself against the wall on the far side of the cell. Slowly, the demonic jailer began to approach the succubus. "I-I knew you wanted me", said the succubus slowly, but in as sultry and seductive a voice as she could feign through her weakness. The jailer said nothing, but slowly walked toward the succubus with an imposing gait. Glancing up at his face and then back to his penis, the succubus continued to try her luck at conversation. "Be nice, lover, and maybe I'll let you see me again, sometime." She smiled seductively and winked at the huge demon before her, but her smile was somewhat uncertain as she began to doubt the jailer's intentions.

The jailer finished his approach and stared down menacingly at the succubus, who was now squirming with a mix of emotions. She was about to faint from hunger and wanted nothing more than to mount that magnificent, throbbing member now directly in front of her. On the other hand, she did not know whether or not her incessant pleading had finally caused the jailer to decide to end her life.

Chancing it, she stepped forward and placed her hands on the jailer's muscular chest and began to caress it. "Mmm, so strong," she said, feeling the ripples of his otherwordly muscles through the porcelain skin of her delicate, dextrous fingers. His huge penis was now rubbing against her waist, and she wanted desperately to feel it enter her so she could begin feeding. She was dripping wet from her pussy, and soft patters of moisture dripped from her as she rubbed the large demon's chest and looked up into his face.

She dared another glanced at the throbbing penis rubbing against her unnaturally white tummy and looked quickly back up to the demon who leered at her. "I'll bet you – ack!", she gasped as the huge demon seized her about her neck with one enormous hand, lifting her effortlessly into the air. She clawed and scratched at his fingers to attempt to free herself, and she kicked and squirmed, using her tail to try and lash the demon who now held her suspended before him in the air, but her assaults simply bounced off of his powerful frame.

"Now you listen to me," said the jailer in an angry voice. "Even hungry as you are, there is no way you could last longer than me. It is insulting to think that such a weak, pitiful creature whose sole purpose is the pleasuring of demon lords – a whore, basically – could hope to match mental or physical wits with me! I have listened to you beg for it for seven moons, now, and honestly, I don't think you can handle what I've got!"

He leered at the succubus with a grin on his face, watching the beautiful creature struggle and grope for air in his grasp, her huge tits flopping and jiggling as she did so. "So... what are you... trying to say... lover?", gasped the succubus, a glimmer of hope beginning to burn within her black heart.

The jailer said nothing, but cast the succubus to the ground before him. She panted and gasped, holding one hand to her throat, trying to push herself up to rise to her knees with the other, which was no easy task since her immense breasts made her somewhat top-heavy. Before she could steady herself, though, the huge demon grabbed her arm and threw her down again facing away from him, causing her to cry out in pain (though in truth, most succubi enjoy a little bit of pain) and her immense breasts to flop to either side of her body as she lay on her stomach. She felt the jailer's huge, gnarled hands grab her by her hips, and her backside was hoisted roughly up into the air. She clung to the wall to steady herself and support her huge teats as the jailer lifted her to a bending position.

"You want a fuck?", boomed the surly voice of the jailer behind her, "I'll give you a fuck, you bitch!" With that, the jailer clenched his huge hands onto her voluptuous hips and heaved his huge prick directly into her exposed vagina.

And now you are mine thought the succubus as she felt his huge member penetrate her. She feigned surprise and pain at the sudden assault of the jailer, and she gasped and cried out as he began to pummel her innards with his huge dick, but she was a practiced sexual predator, and she knew the roughness and urgency of the jailer as he fucked her from behind would only lead to his quick demise. "Not so rough... please..." she cried out between gasps, and just as she knew it would, her plea caused the jailer to grip her hips harder and heave his prick in and out of her with renewed insistence. "Shut your mouth!", yelled the huge, muscular demon. "Don't you forget who's in charge, here!"

At that, the jailer pushed hard against her back, causing her to slam against the stone wall of the cell, mashing her colossal breasts and face against it as he continued fucking her from behind. "Oh!", she cried out in fake protest, relishing the roughness and the slight pain the assault had caused her, all the time yearning for a spurt of his seed and life force that would slake some of her hunger. Her hands rested on the wall in front of her, and she kept her face pinned to the wall, but she bent over slightly in order to show her "submission" to the assault of the demonic jailer. Her huge, white breasts swayed and jostled as the jailer rammed her from behind. Her tummy jiggled back and forth from the impacts of the monstrous brute that pounded her with alarming intensity. Her face, with mouth slightly open and eyes closed tightly in feigned disbelief at the aptitude of the jailer for sex, moved up and down on the wall slightly, causing her hair to sway and bounce rhythmically with the urgent thrusts of the large demon behind her.

A human woman would have broken long ago to the size and girth of the jailer's penis and the strength of his thrusts, but the succubus' pussy was designed to fit the penis of those she fed upon like a fleshy glove, and it stretched just enough to allow the jailer to slam into her with wanton disregard, culminating in increased pleasure both for him and for her. And though she was weaker compared to other types of demons, she had been bred to withstand the types of assaults associated with rough, carnal sex – fortunate, considering that most male demons preferred to abuse her and attack her pussy with their enormous members with ravenous ferocity, just as the demon behind her now did.

The fucking continued for quite some time, as male demons are able to boast great stamina during intercourse as one of their many infernal gifts. At times the succubus whimpered, at other times she gasped and moaned, and yet other times she was silent and simply endured the unending pounding the jailer gave her from behind. Once, she turned her head slightly and lied, muttering, "Too rough... You're too rough... You're hurting me...", between her panting and gasping, but this only caused the big demon to smirk. He grabbed her by the neck again, choking her slightly, and he grabbed her forearm at the same time, pulling her onto his immense shaft harder and harder. Her huge breasts flopped and bounced together, now, and her butt reverberated from the harder impacts. His huge balls rolled up from between his legs and struck her against her thighs repeatedly, brandishing her with foul-smelling perspiration every time they mashed against her.

"No more," she cried in a pained gasp, "Please, no more!", secretly delighting in the rough pounding and treatment she was getting from this robust demon. The demon only continued to fuck her, ramming his huge member into her deepest recesses with unending vigor. "Ah! Ah! I can't take it, anymore! Please!", cried the succubus, and the muscled, sweaty jailer began to feel his rock hard, infernal penis begin to twitch with the tell-tale signs of an impending eruption. I'm going to fill you so full of my seed that you'll burst, bitch thought the jailer, and he took his gnarled fist off of the succubus' neck and grabbed her hair, pulling her back even harder onto his shaft as she groaned and gasped in feigned exasperation. Wrapping his other demonic fist around the waist of the succubus, he penetrated her as deeply as he could, feeling his monstrous dick bash against the cervix wall of the succubus repeatedly. The jailer did not see, but the succubus was beginning to become extremely aroused at the slight pain this caused her, and she reached a slender hand up to one of her enormous breasts and began to fondle it, flipping the large, protruding nipple between her fingers as her body reverberated against the stone wall from the impacts resounding through her. She panted ever so slightly, relishing the pain and the twitching from the colossal member inside her, and her pleasure was double with the fact that she would soon indeed feed upon the life energies of the huge demonic brute behind her.

Finally, the jailer reached his peak, and throwing his head back in infernal, primal fuck-lust, he pulled the succubus' hair as hard as he could and slammed his cock deep into her hungry recesses, filling her up to her brim completely. He grabbed her waist as well as he tugged her hard onto his demonic prick, and with a triumphant roar of ecstasy, he buried himself all the way up to his immense balls and unloaded one of the largest cargoes of corrupt, infernal cum into the waiting belly of the succubus that she had ever experienced. The succubus gasped with pleasure and glee as she felt the hot, corrosive seed filling her womb, spilling from the shaft of the jailer as though from a huge faucet. The huge prick twitched and pulsed repeatedly, spilling forth more and more seed into her belly. The succubus took her hand not playing with her boobs and placed it over her stomach, relishing the warm sensation shooting through her abdomen. Her womb swelled and expanded so as not to miss a single drop of the life-giving fluid. She licked her lips and snarled hungrily as the demon seed filled her. Already she could feel her energies and power returning as her finely tuned body began converting the sexual energies from the semen into raw demonic power. Her skin began to become smoother, her lips fuller, her breasts even larger than before, her hips wider and more voluptuous; every aspect of her perfect body became even more perfect. Even her hair took on a darker, more enveloping hue as the energies surged into her. Now we shall see who is in charge, thought the succubus.

Still yanking her waist and hair, the jailer finally spurted his last rope of cum into the succubus' belly, and pumping her a few more times with his now flaccid member before pulling it loose with a wet pop! noise, he staggered backwards, surprisingly weakened (had he been too careless?) and felt for a place to sit on the stool in the cell to clear his now swimming head of the burning, primal fuck-lust he had just experienced.

However, weakened as he was, the jailer did not notice the succubus spin around with renewed voracity and power, a dark aura of confusing demonic energy radiating off of her. Her body had finished converting his life force into raw power, and had the jailer been looking up to see her, he would have noticed that she was even more ravishing and desirable than before. Her breasts, engorged now with infernal milk, swung heavily as she spun, dripping and leaking tiny rivulets of foul-smelling milk from her protruding nipples. Her large hips swayed rhythmically, and her opalescent skin shone with renewed splendor under the radiating energies enveloping her. Her pitch black hair seemed to draw in light into a void of splendid loveliness, and her beautiful, long face and full lips had achieved a wanton abandon of beauty never seen on the mortal plane. Her slender tail coiled behind her as she approached the jailer, the fullness in her womb already beginning to subside. A beautiful yet alarming smile flickered across her face as her eyes once again settled upon the jailer's huge but limp prick.

She hungered yet again.

Pouncing, using all of her newly-acquired energies to brandish unheard dexterity and swiftness, the succubus leaped upon the jailer, knocking his huge frame to the ground, sending the stool he had been swooning upon skittering away. Before the jailer could react from within his drained stupor, the succubus conjured magical bonds onto the wrists and hooves of the jailer, effectively binding him to the floor. The bonds were not yet as powerful as she could potentially make them, but she knew the jailer would now be too weak to attempt to break out of them, and the brute was appallingly lacking in the ways of demonic magic which he might use to free himself; a real muscle-bound stud, just the way she liked them.

"Get off of me, you bitch! I'm done with you!", cried the jailer, but the succubus replied, "Ah, love, but I am not done with you!" Whipping her tail around her as she sat on the jailer's stomach, she used the tip to draw a faint symbol with purplish-hued magic on his chest between where she had placed her hands. Once the demonic symbol was drawn, it flared slightly, and then sank into the flesh of the jailer's chest. Immediately, the jailer began to feel his head swimming with primal lust once again, and his flaccid member began to swell and stand erect behind the succubus' rotund buttocks. His balls began to burn with renewed sensation, and he could feel them swelling as they began to rapidly churn more demon seed within.

"What are you doing to me, bitch?! Get off of me or I shall wrench that pretty head of yours from your shoulders! Just what do you think you're doing?!", screamed the jailer, yet the succubus flashed a knowing smile at him, and she lifted her rump up into the air while steadying herself against his chest with her hands. Her immense breasts hung underneath her, dribbling the tiny drops of milk onto the chest of the demon below her. She knew that her body was saving up energy for a spawning, and she relished the ecstasy that the impending pain of a spawning would bring for her. With one or two more feedings, she would be ready to birth a whole host of her hideous young into this fiery realm, and the pain of the spawning was among the most exquisite for a succubus to experience. She had birthed countless demon-spawn into the world in her time, but the sensation never got old.

Steadying herself against the swaying of her boobs, she began to once again envelop the monumental cock of the jailer into her hungry innards. The jailer groaned again with renewed pleasure, but now he squirmed and fought against the pleasure, knowing full well what the succubus intended. How stupid he had been, he chided himself, wondering if he could somehow reach his onyx halberd next to the wall outside the cell.

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