tagMatureBree's Plans Progress

Bree's Plans Progress


Bree strolled into the house. She wore knee high black boots, her long tanned thighs stretched up to her tight black mini skirt. Her smooth tanned stomach was on full show and her large firm tanned tits tried to bulge out of the top of her tight pink top. The image was completed with tumbling loose blonde locks flowing down her back and stylish sunglasses which she raised onto the top of her head to reveal her sparkling blue eyes.

She towered above the 5 foot 2 Doreen who hobbled about the kitchen having twisted her ankle gardening. Tom couldn't take his eyes of Bree's body. God, she was hot and she knew it.

"What have you done Doreen?" Bree asked.

"She fell when gardening and the doctor said she mustn't use the stairs for a week. She will have to stay down here on the couch," Tom said with a gleam in his eyes.

"How was your day Tom, another hard day in the office?" Bree asked casually. She knew he had been hard enough in the morning on top of her on his desk.

"I think I might go upstairs for a bath whilst Doreen prepares the meal." Tom said. "What are you doing Bree?" he said as he walked to the door.

"I think I will go upstairs until we eat. Do you mind Doreen? You look weary today. Are you worrying about Tim?" she said.

"Of course" she said not looking round.

"I think Tom should use his influence to get Timmy home," said Bree as she smiled at the enormous strain Tom's trousers seemed to be under at the groin area.

Tom had to hide himself behind the door, his erection was so obvious, as Doreen spun round to say:

"I agree dear, Tom you must."

"I am not sure that I can, I am going for a bath." With that he walked upstairs. Why would Bree want Tim back when she had so clearly chosen him ahead of little Timmy.

Bree patted Doreen on the back. "I will convince him. Don' worry D."

She turned her back on the grateful Doreen and headed for the stairs.

Tom lowered himself into the hot bath, it was a large luxurious bath but the water could not cover his huge thick erection. He thought of Bree in her sexy outfit downstairs and his cock stretched and strained in his hands. The bathroom door was open and he looked to see Bree standing at the door. She placed her sunglasses on the shelf and bent forward to unzip her boots. She looked incredible. "Don't you want to fuck me in front of him again. He could be killed out there. Don't you want the rumours to spread that Tim is married to that hot babe but it is Tom that gets the job done. I do. I need the excitement. This is too easy, that stupid old woman could never catch us," she said peeling her top over her head. "Timmy knows but he will accept that you are the better man and live as my little cuck."

"You convinced me, now get in here."

"Funny that, I thought I could."

"I thought you might want him back, I..."

"Insecurity doesn't suit you, besides you have something he doesn't," she said licking her full lips and lowering her naked body into the bath.

Bree reached for her cosmetics bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. She oiled her tits, her stomach, her shoulders, her thighs, his cock.

She lowered her hair into the water, it darkened and stuck to her back. Her body shone at him. His cock throbbed like never before. He had never seen it look bigger. It slid effortlessly through her hands. He grunted as his eyes went from her hands on his dick, slowly wanking him to her huge full tits bulging at him to her sexy "innocent" face, her eyes sparkling with pleasure and mischief.

After 20 minutes on the edge of agony and heaven, he reached to grab her tits. He knew that would take him over the edge. She grabbed his hand and slowly shook her head. She continued wanking his thick cock.

"Poor Doreen, don't you wish it was your wife here and not me, your son's future wife?"

"I have never had anyone like you. I need you."

"Maybe Tom, but I am sure you were not a faithful husband before I came along and with your body I am sure you conquered some fine fillies. Have you ever seen better boobs than these?"

"Uh n..."

"Or better thighs than these, or a tighter butt or..."

"I am going to cum Bree, fuck you are perfect."

"You are pretty perfect too, God it is big, soooo big," she cooed. "Poor little Timmy never could compete with this package."

"Oh God" he grunted as she bent forward, her firm tits bulging. Her hot breath on his cock as she teased him by wanking him and blowing on his throbbing rod.

The first thick dollop of cum plopped from his cock and landed on her tanned oiled thigh.

"Is that all you have for me Tom? Should I switch to Timmy after all? she pouted. He grimaced with effort.

A second offering, slightly more than the first landed on her stomach.

He wanked himself hard. She pressed her elbows against the side of her tits and her full boobs bulged spectacularly in front of his eyes. "Can you reach my tits Thomas or should I call Doreen and tell her I think Tim and I should move away somewhere?"

Two or 3 thick dollops left his cock and splatted heavily on her big tits. For a minute he strained at his cock and the occasional offering left his balls, it was viscous and thick and only one shot reached Bree's pretty chin and hung there before dropping onto the smooth slopes of her tanned upper tits. The contrast of her deep tanned skin and the very white thick goo landing on her was spectacular.

Then it happened, what Bree looked forward to with Tom every time. A thick glob of very viscous cum oozed from his cock and dropped onto her thigh.

"The stopper is released" she giggled.

Tom seemed a different man. The face etched with agonised pleasure as he forced the thick semen from his cock was replaced with a deep smile.

"When you walked in the front door tonight I knew I was going to do this to you. My wife is downstairs but powerless to even climb the stairs to stop us. Does Timmy have balls like these?"

With that he rose up in the water and felt his big full balls, his huge balls to be more accurate.

Bree opened her mouth to answer and a jet of cum, liquid cum shot into her face, her mouth, her hair. Endlessly he spurted it over her gorgeous body and pretty face. Bree couldn't see for the cum all over her face. This is what she teased me for, now I am giving it to her, Tom thought. He grabbed her firm full tits and thrust his thick cock between them. He fucked her tits, the water splashed out of the bath, his cum splattered across the room.

Tom finally stopped. He leant forward and whispered in her ear:

"Tonight we fuck whilst my wife sleeps on the couch downstairs."

Bree was still wiping the cum off her face in the bathroom whilst Tom strolled along the landing wearing only a towel. He noticed Doreen sitting on a step half way up the stairs. She looked up at him:

"I tried to get up the stairs but I fell on this bad ankle. Tim phoned. He wants to come home Tom."

"No problem darling, Bree convinced me it would be best if he came home. Bree reached for her sunglasses and strolled to her bedroom. Tom looked from his wife over his shoulder at Bree as she scooped her big tits in her hands and licked the thick cum from her smooth firm cleavage. Tom felt his cock stir as he walked towards his stricken wife. He wants home to watch me fuck her in front of him he thought to himself.

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