Dave Powers knew that he was in for an unpleasant experience. He had been scheduled for a physical exam for a new job he would be starting in a few days. The paper the Human Resources people had given him said he was to report to the Central Medical Clinic at 9:00 on Tuesday morning. His appointment was with B. Johnson, N.P. Dave had always disliked physicals because they exposed his most closely guarded secret.

Brenda Johnson, however, loved physical exams. She had worked as a Nurse Practitioner at the Clinic for seven years. She had conducted hundreds of exams during that time. The Central Clinic had a contract with several employers at the Port, as well as with 2 large construction companies. 90 percent of the patients were men having pre-employment physicals. But Brenda didn't mind. It gave her a chance to have some fun at male expense. She enjoyed having a naked man under her full control.

On the appointed Tuesday, Dave arrived at the Clinic at 8:45. Even though he had just taken a shower, he was already sweating nervously. The receptionist took his paper work and told him to take a seat in the waiting area. About ten minutes later he heard his name called. He looked up and saw an attractive black woman standing by an open door. She was about 30 and was wearing green scrubs like they do in operating rooms. She motioned toward Dave and he followed her into the Clinic.

The woman led Dave into an examination room and closed the door. She introduced herself as Brenda Johnson and said she was a Nurse Practioner. And she would be doing Dave's exam. This news almost paralyzed Dave with fear. He knew that in just a few minutes this good-looking woman would learn the secret he had spent his whole life trying to hide. Dave Powers' penis was very small. In fact, it was downright tiny. It was about one inch when soft, and only three and a half when hard.

Brenda told Dave it was time to get started and asked him to remove all of his clothes except for his undershorts. As Dave began to slowly undress, Brenda looked over his chart. He was 28, single, and had never had any serious health problems. Brenda looked up as Dave finished undressing and noticed that he was tall and looked to be in good shape. She knew that she would enjoy this exam.

Dave finished and stood there in just his boxers. Brenda smiled at him and asked him to sit on the end of the exam table. She began by drawing a small blood sample from Dave's arm. She then took his temperature and blood pressure. She looked into his ears and listened to his heart and lungs. As she worked, Dave noticed how good she smelled and how really beautiful she was. She was about 5'2" and had a spectacular coffee colored complexion.

Brenda shook him out of his daydreams by asking him to get off the table and stand up. Brenda then sat down on a stool right in front of Dave and instructed him to remove his shorts. Dave's moment of truth had arrived. Reluctantly he slipped off his boxers as he looked right at Brenda's face. As Dave's tiny penis came into view, Brenda slowly smiled and thought that this would indeed be a memorable physical exam.

Brenda held back her laughter as she noticed the contrast between Dave's tall, muscular body and his tiny, baby-like penis. She had seen hundreds of naked men but none had been this small. She planned to enjoy this situation. What a story she would have to tell her girlfriends at the next Friday Night get together.

Brenda began the next phase of the exam by telling Dave that his company required a urine sample for a drug test. Because of previous instances of cheating on the test, he would have to produce the sample as she watched. Dave was stunned by this news, as she handed him a large specimen cup. Brenda was still sitting right in front of him and seemed to be enjoying his predicament. He reluctantly took the cup and held it up to his shrunken pecker. He wasn't sure he could produce any urine with this hot chick staring right at him.

It looked to Brenda like Dave's penis had gotten even smaller as she had handed him the specimen cup. She figured it was less than an inch long. And very thin. Even his balls had shrunk up into his abdomen. She was reminded of changing diapers on her nephew. After a couple of minutes Dave was able to produce enough urine for a sample. Brenda smiled at him, took the cup, and told him to lay on his back on the exam table.

Brenda decided to make Dave's humiliation complete. She pulled out the stirrups on the exam table and asked him to put his feet in them. Dave couldn't believe his ears. He was soon completely spread out on the table. His shriveled genitals were on total display. Brenda smiled at Dave and stepped between his legs at the end of the exam table. She began a very thorough exam of his penis and testicles. The contrast between her long, dark fingers and Dave's tiny white dick was startling.

Brenda was enjoying herself. She felt in complete control. And she was amazed at how small Dave's genitals felt in her trained hands. She began to wonder if he was capable of getting an erection, and if so, how big it would be. She finished her examination of his balls and told Dave that they were almost done. All that was left was a prostate check. Dave's spirits sunk even further at this news.

It's all in the name of science, Brenda thought to herself, as put some lubricant on the middle finger of her right hand. She decided she needed to see how big Dave's teenie weenie got when it was hard. She moved back between his legs and slowly inserted her long, slim finger into his asshole. She placed her left hand on Dave's abdomen so that her thumb was just touching his shrunken balls. Brenda soon felt his prostate gland and began to gently massage it. To his mortification, Dave's dick started to get hard. He tried with all his will power to stop it, but Brenda's finger in his ass soon gave him a raging hard-on.

Not even a 4 incher, was Brenda's estimate. She grinned at Dave and made sure he knew who was in charge of the situation. "Oops, looks like I woke up the little guy. Now, don't be embarrassed. It happens all the time," she said. Only when it happened before the cock was never a mini.

Brenda continued to massage his prostate with her slender finger. Dave began to feel a stirring and knew he was about to come. Brenda felt something too as his balls began to contract even further. A few seconds later Dave shot a good sized load of cum all over his stomach and chest. Brenda laughed in astonishment and told him not to worry. "It's perfectly normal. And now we know that everything is working fine," she said.

With a huge grin on her face, Brenda removed her finger from Dave's ass and went over to the sink to wash her hands. She grabbed a couple of towels and handed them to Dave. She told him that he could get dressed now and that his physical exam showed no problems. Brenda then left the room and went back to her office to finish the paperwork. Dave was in a state of shock but he managed to clean up and get dressed. He got out of the clinic as fast as he could.

Friday night found Brenda having a few drinks with her girlfriends at a local tavern. Brenda was the hit of the evening with her story of the guy with the baby's penis. Her friends were rolling on the floor by the time she finished. Meanwhile Dave was lying naked on his bed with his tiny boner in his hand. Just thinking about Brenda's beautiful finger up his ass had him coming in only a few strokes.

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