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Bridal Butterfly


Above the west wing of the country house hotel, the afternoon sun began to lower, lengthening the shadow cast by the marquee erected in the grounds. The sounds of continued celebration from within carried to Vicky's hearing like the rise and fall of distant waves breaking over the gentle melodies played by the string quartet. The music mingled with the fragrance of the garden below, carried through the open window of the bridal suite on the warm breeze awakened by the sinking sun.

With her gloved hand she stroked the wax polished surface of the dark wood dressing table at which she sat, sending small swirls of dust into the shafts of reddening light. Vicky imagined the particles to be tiny fairies bestowing on her their individual blessings. She was so lucky, her wedding had been the adult fairy tale she always planned it would be. Looking into the mirror, Vicky saw the reflection of a romanticised lady, her long black tresses falling in ringlets about her shoulders, her fringed curled into a wave that broke upon her brow. Behind the stare of the coal black eyes, the faint glimmer of the wilful girl who always had her way still burnt waiting to be finally doused.

The perfect image that haunted the glass with edgy impatience shrouded by the last traces of innocence had been styled by the two friends who had attended to her during the day. They had left her alone to contemplate the short passage from bride to wife. With one last duty of their own to perform they had gone to ensure Vicky had uninterrupted privacy, to enjoy the last special moments of her day. Vicky contemplated her life, it had been one glorious adventure an emotional roller coaster ride, filled with mind blowing highs and lows that spanned the full gamut of carnal pleasure.

Her marriage was the culmination of the adventure that had divided her life, love and loyalty between the two men who had stood waiting for her at the altar.

One who would be her life long friend the other her groom and husband. Now came the time she had always imagined when she would transform from wild spectacular life hungry caterpillar to a serene bridal butterfly, through a chrysalis of vanilla white. Vicky was uncertain if it was the exhaustingly tight fit of her bosom pressing bodice or the anticipatory excitement that made her feel that she was about to burst from the constricting top of her wedding dress such was her eagerness to spread her bridal wings.

From the gravel path below her window Guy's voice carried to Vicky's hearing as he walked in conversation with her parents. Vicky had been living with Guy when he first introduced his friend Nathan. The two men were world's apart, but Vicky was unable to resist Nathan's menace and charm. They hated each other with such an instant passion, that it was inevitable that they would eventually become lovers.

Everything was so black and white for each of them, no room for compromise anywhere. Decisions were of the moment and action always instant. When she made the decision to marry, she made Nathan promise that he would come to the bridal suite, take her out of her dress and turn the wilful girl into a dutiful wife. Vicky closed her eyes in meditation she feared that he would be delayed, that someone else may follow. This was to be their time, no disturbance, no interruption, just instructions and their subsequent action.

When she opened her eyes he had entered the room and locked the door behind him. He strode purposefully toward her in his dark green frock coat, the heels of his boots echoing over the wooden boards. He had come to claim her as his prize.

Vicky gripped the edge of the dressing table to conceal the shaking of her hands. Leaning over her bare shoulder Nathan smoothed aside her hair with the back of his hand to reveal her pale pulsing neck. She sucked in her breath, he moved his hand to cover her mouth. "Be quiet. It's time for you to be broken in." Vicky moved to bite Nathan's hand, he was too quick, gripping her jaw he stole a hot hungry kiss, before snapping her head back to face the mirror. "The day maybe yours, but this time is mine, for you to worship, honour and obey."

They held each other's gaze in the mirror of the dressing table Vicky involuntary licking her lower lip. Nathan slid his hand down her throat over her pearl collar into the front of her bodice. His hand tightened about her breast his fingers squeezed the pliant cream flesh. Vicky nuzzled her head against his cheek trying to push him away, but his grip tightened drawing her closer to him. Her gloved hand closed over his arm preventing it from travelling further into her bodice. Nathan restrained her, pulling both of her arms back leaving the crescent pink edge of her stiffened nipple peeking over the lace edge of her bodice. Vicky tried to fight against his grip but slowly he pulled her back lifting her from the chair, carrying her she landed sprawled full length onto the four poster bed.

She lay looking up at the canopied ceiling and the mirror at its centre. Outside the window she could hear birds chattering, then Sarah (her attendant) greeting Guy. The start of a conversation that faded away to be overtaken by the roar of her pumping heart. She studied her face in the mirror her complexion deepening as a slight crimson diffused into her cream cheeks.

Nathan stripped off his frock coat and undid the white cravat at his neck, loosening the collar of his shirt, he peeled it over his head together with his patterned waist coat. She saw the dark matting of hair that covered his chest, the impatient hunger about his eyes, and knew that she was to be his prey. Her black eyes glistened held by the reflected light, as she waited for him to pounce. In one move his body covered her. Above her head she saw the mop of his hair fall over her bosom, felt his weight press her into the softness of the bed. Nathan's hands captured her arms above her , as his tongue pressed her lips apart, exploring inside her mouth. He straddled her with his body, his feet locked over her legs whilst his knees pinioned her at the waist. Vicky brought up her hands in feint resistance he trapped them under his thighs leaving his hands free to manipulate her captive breasts.

Roughly he searched the bodice till he found the way to strip it from her body, in the mirror as the fastenings released she watched her rounded breasts settle into her chest. The pert peaks flattening into domes of sensitised flesh yearning for his touch. Her torso naked above the waist bent upward hungry for his exploring fingers. Between forefinger and thumb Nathan rolled her pink cupola nipples teasing them to stiffen. Vicky sucked in her belly raising her bosom towards his face, she felt the sharp bite of his incisors, followed by the scooping lick of his encompassing tongue as it circled her captive breast. Squirming with the pleasure of his touch Vicky bit back on her lower lip trying hard to retain the silence. She so desperately wanted to cry out, to release her painful pleasure. She closed her eyes as a myriad of stars burst behind her closed lids, each sparkling crescendo rising from her breasts, to spark another fire within her burning cunt.

As the waves of passion broke over her tormented body, her mind cast back to Nathan and Guy standing with her at the altar. In the shafts of light from the stained glass Nathan had stood aloof challenging her to walk towards him breaking into a wry smile when she finally approached. Whilst Guy as always, was slightly nervous, spreading warmth with a series of broad relaxed smiles which she knew was the opposite of how he felt. Throughout her adventures Guy had always been there for her, and she knew he always would.

Nathan however was only the man to have ever truly excited her. He ruled her without ever seeking to tame her. Life with him held no compromise one challenge being met by another. When she decided the time had come to marry she knew what she had to do, she knew the sacrifices she had to make. Vicky had taken everything from life she wanted, now in this delirious time she would learn how to give as well as take. Nathan would take her; no words, no sighs, just pure lust, let their deeds speak for themselves.

His weight shifted, she felt her hands break free from their trap, she twisted from his hungry mouth and felt herself immediately pressed down as he lay his torso across her pushing up the folds of her skirt. She thrust her hips against his restraining weight, feeling the muscle of his chest compress against her pelvis. She felt the strength of his animal arousal as his lips chased to the round of her belly, his tongue sinking into her navel, whilst his hands searched between the gathered folds for her stocking clad thighs. Beneath his tensed body she saw her stiffened breasts, the exposed white of her underwear, then she felt his mouth at the top of her thigh his hands stroking down the white nylon clothing her legs.

Reaching her ankles Nathan flipped off her ballet shoes, he then peeled down her stockings covering the exposed flesh with hot lapping kisses as each garment fell away. Vicky sensing relief from his weight rolled onto her stomach to break away, Nathan caught her legs dragging her down the bed till her knees rested on the floor.

"Time for your training as a new wife. Brides must be obedient and available at all times. You will always do as your man bids, or face the consequences instead." Vicky tossed her head back, ready to speak.

"Save your lips for kissing."

Nathan slipped his cravat over her mouth, stifling any protestation. Taking her stockings he bound her arms to the posts supporting the canopy of the bed. He bent her body forward till her face touched the bed, as perspiration formed along the stretched muscles of her arms back another deeper more satisfying moisture was forming at her core. She balanced expectant for his next touch wondering where and how it would take its form.

From the adjoining room Vicky could hear the sound of voices, noises of a moving bed, this day wasn't just for her, others were enjoying themselves too. With her face buried into the counterpane she heard the first gasp of pleasure, then ceased to care as she felt the back of her skirt rise. Nathan's lips kissed her thighs as he knelt between her bent legs his knees forcing them further apart. His hands stroked her bent bottom feeling under her thigh, till his exploring fingers slipped under the white silk of her panties. Dragging the edges of silk together he bunched them into a tight strip meeting over her buttock cleavage he bit into the dimpled cheek where it swelled from her thigh.

Nipping and kissing the taut flesh his free hand played between the puckered entry to her ass and the flowering lips of her excited pussy. His mouth darted over the supplicant exposed flesh of her proffered rear whilst Vicky writhed with each sizzling pleasure, trying to anticipate the next. The teasing of his fingers over her pussy had brought her close to cumming, still he toyed with her bowed body, exercising his power. Nathan stood up and knelt in front of her head on the bed. Dragging her face up he brought her eyes level to the front of his trousers. He removed the leather belt at his waist palming the buckle he wrapped it about his hand till he had a flail of 18inches to 2 foot in length. He dangled the supple length in front of her face.

"First the pain, then the pleasure, a bride must understand the rules of being a good wife."

Placing his hand about her throat Nathan raised Vicky till she was sat back on her haunches. He teased the belt over the tips of her breasts, in a slithering motion like the path of an inquisitive snake. Palming each breast he balanced their weight in his hand his fingers circling then pulling the strained nipple pinching it erect.

Vicky closed her eyes the sensation was driving her to delirium. She begged him to stop from behind her gag, pleaded with her eyes for him to end the game and fuck her waiting pussy. She knew from the glint in his eye that he would not stop. She would have to endure more before the reward of his cock would pound against her aching clitoris.

All of the their time together had been like this, Nathan controlling her, driving her to the edge of endurance, before finally taking her. Nathan flicked the belt in his hand and the warm leather cracked down onto her breast, his fingers steadied the wobbling nipple before he lashed them again. With measured stroke the belt flashed between her two jutting orbs, the biting tail of leather straining further her already tensed breasts. As the thrill rushed through her, Vicky felt as if her skin could stretch no more, her flesh hardening like plaster in a mould her bust becoming hard impervious to the snaking lashes.

She bit hard into her gag, as the tears formed at the corners of her eyes. Vicky projected her tingling chest forward urging the next blow. She desperately wanted to cry out, spur his stayed hand, instead he waited, watching her writhe begging with her body, for more of his stinging training. Dipping her head in mock submission, Nathan unleashed the belt once more, scoring hits about her ribs, and against the hollow of her sucked in navel. She hung gloriously dishevelled her long hair straightening into matted tangles wet with her perspiration.

Nathan came behind her teasing the belt over her vertebrae, his lips counting down each one. He stripped away her skirt, leaving it as a bundle about her knees. With soothing strokes his hands cooled her aching ribs and breasts whilst his lips kissed along her shoulders, to her straining throat. Vicky whimpered through her gag pressing her body into his groin. Closing his lips over her lobes he whispered in her ear.

"I've not finished with you yet. I want your pussy to be like a ripe peach that closes in a hot syrupy pulp about my hungry cock."

He pinched her straining nipples, Vicky squirted into her sopping panties, then the belt lashed against her shoulders, each blow increasing the flow of her love juices.

From the other room, she could hear sighs that matched her own, the gasps the whispered cries that she contained within her gag. Through the reddened mist of pleasure that fogged her ecstatic brain, she thought she heard Sarah cry out. As she felt the trickle of her love juices, trail down her inner thigh, she cast away all thoughts of her attendants and their decoy duty, she just prayed no one would disturb her perfect day.

Nathan pulled her further from the bed, bending forward he parted her sticky thighs. He pressed the crotch of her pants deep inside her gaping pussy, working the silk over her erect clitoris. Gripping it through the fabric he pinched her pink trigger, working her to the edge of her climax before releasing her on the precipice of glorious oblivion. Vicky bucked back pressing her ass towards his face. Casually he released the bows that tied her panties leaving her parted labia exposed. He smelt the silk pungent within her inner aroma, then pressed into against Vicky's face.

"Remember this, how ripe you smell, how your pussy drips and aches, this is how a wife should always be, hot succulent, desperate to cum."

Nathan's tongue flicked over her wet thighs, penetrated her gaping pussy, her back dipped into a concave arch, his eyes travelled from the glutinous pink hole glistening with his saliva to the shaded brown puckered button of her anus. He adjusted her position till her vagina was proud of the curve of her thighs. He teased her labia till her clitoris was extended from its hooded guard. His arm swung down, the belt slicing through the warm air of the afternoon. Her thigh stung to its initial crack. She heard the leather whoosh down again, screaming into the gag, as the belt stung her unprotected clit. With each lash her cheeks reddened, the glow spreading across her body. Her pussy throbbed and ached from the lips down to the inner core. She strained against her bonds angling her body to accept more, her makeup running down her face staining the cover of the bed. Into her gag she begged for more, at the same time wishing for the release, the release that would come with her orgasm.

Nathan threw away the belt, releasing her from her bonds he ordered her to lie on the bed with her legs apart. He sat at her head and undid the gag, reviving her pressed lips with a series of gentle kisses, smoothing her tear stains with his fingers. Vicky searched his face, waiting for the signal he would take her, her eyes wide and dilated covered with a film of expectant tears. He stroked down her body with circular motions, his fingers caressing the pubic border, but not passing down below her belly.

He took her hands stripping her gloves away, revealing the long varnished fingers beneath. He placed her hand between her legs.

"Touch yourself, while I watch."

Eagerly she slipped her fingers into the lubricated hole, grinding her palm into the mat of her pubic hair. Nathan's hand continued to stroke her belly, whilst his mouth drew on her nipples. Her actions became more ragged, as once more she could feel the excitement well.

"Open your eyes, watch your cunt swallow your fingers." Vicky looked into the mirror above her head. Her body was writhing to the penetration, she saw her hand disappearing into the dark triangle between her legs. She spread her legs wider, lifting her hips from the surface of the bed, bucking she struck back into the mattress striking a rhythm against the room wall. With each note she struck a percussive reply came back followed by a series of rising gasps and moans.

Vicky was cumming. She knew she was cumming. She bit her lip to stifle her moan. Nathan kissed her,

"I want to hear you. Don't hold back. Tell me."

"No, no, you know I mustn't. The fucking windows open over there. I know it's my wedding but I don't want the whole world to hear my orgasm."

Nathan held her nipple pinching it tight within his grasp.

"Oh god! Oh fuck!" Vicky moaned, the blood rushed to her face, her control had gone, she was sighing, panting, as her fingers drove in and out, the bed supporting her continual rhythm. The waves began to flow out of her soaking her fingers. She was cumming. She knew she was cumming. She was near to yelling she was cumming, she could see it forming on her screwed up face. Behind her head, she heard someone climax in the other room now it was to be her turn.

Nathan pulled her fingers out of her pussy pinning her arms to the bed, Vicky continued trying to launch herself from the bed seeking to couple with anything that would release the explosion within her depths. "Bastard! Fucking bastard!"

Vicky tried to attack Nathan but he held her writhing body in place. Tears of frustration streamed from her eyes.

"Please you've got to fuck me. I want to fuck. I've got to fuck." Nathan slapped her to stem the rising hysteria,

"Look in the mirror. Look at that gaping gash, dripping with your honey. Feel your guts turning inside out, desperate to cum."

"I've got to cum. I've got to cum. You can't do this. It's fucking inhuman! I'm going to die if I don't cum soon."

Vicky lashed out attempting to break free of Nathan's grip. He climbed on top of her pinning her with his weight while he undid the top of his trousers.

"So you want me to fuck you?"

He balanced over her his erect penis, nudging the entrance to her pussy. Vicky was crying, begging, pleading, for him to feed his cock between her legs.

"Remember this feeling, this want, this need. This is how you should always be when your husband comes home. Be hungry, be desperate to enjoy the reward."

Nathan drove into her. His cock virtually being sucked into the vortex of her waiting passion. He held his full length inside of her, while she worked her clit against the stem of his cock. Withdrawing almost to the edge of his helmet, he pushed in again. Vicky came beneath him in a welter of wet glimmering stars. Nathan rose above her, gradually working his cock inside her still shuddering pussy. Patiently he rode her, slowly building his passion, till her body echoed his rhythm, rising and falling with his pace. With her eyes closed shut her orgasm started again, softly she murmured her encouragement until in a fountain of mingling fluid they both exploded. Their ecstasy being muffled as they buried themselves into each other's body.

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