tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrief Encounters Ch. 01

Brief Encounters Ch. 01


I sit still as the train rattles to a stop, slyly watching your breasts move under your tight t-shirt as your head nods in time with the rocking motion of the carriage. My cock hardens to see you insensible to the world, vulnerable and available to my eyes. Perhaps it's the way your nipples bump your shirt, ridging against the fabric. Perhaps it's the continuing friction against my suit trousers. Regardless, my cock strains against the fabric, tenting and stretching it until I have on shift in my seat to release the pressure.

Our only fellow passenger steps onto the platform and my mind races. I'm feeling adventurous, horny and ready to play. Weighing up the moment I look at you with your legs slack, breasts rising with every breath and I decide.

I raise my hand and after pausing for a moment to feel the heat of your skin start stroking your neck from your ear down to the top of your t-shirt. As I gently sweep across your skin you smile lightly, still asleep. Caressing your neck I watch as your nipples jump, alert to me in ways your mind has yet to understand.

I slip my arm around your shoulders as you nestle against me, driven as you are by some deep instinct. Nervous and excited I cup your breast, the palm of my hand rubbing against your nipple tip with every movement of the train. Your eyes flutter and you stir.

"Stay still. I won't hurt you. Anything but," I murmur in your ear, my voice soft. "And keep your eyes shut. Under no circumstances will you open them, do you understand?"

As I speak my other hand moves onto your knee and slides softly up your thigh, underneath your cotton summer skirt. Shivering from the attention of my hands you nod almost imperceptibly, tongue wetting your lips.

"Do you understand?" I ask, pinching your nipple sharply

"Yes, I understand, just don't hurt me."

"I won't do anything you don't want me to do, hurt is the last thing on my mind. Now relax and focus on what I say."

You nod again, unsure of yourself. Your mouth is open and taking snatching breaths even as your legs attempt to shut out my hand. Too late I'm afraid, the fingers held in place by you touch the fabric of your panties, tracing the puffy outline of your pussy lips.

You moan slightly as I pinch and stroke you with a rhythm of my choosing.

"Listen to me. I'm getting off at the next stop but will leave my email address on the seat. Later today you will send me your address and phone number. But not your name, I don't want to know your name, do you understand?"

Gasping you nod again.

"I only wish to give you pleasure, in a way of my choosing, at a time of my choosing. You will wait to feel my touch again. Be patient." I slide my fingers under your panties stretching your slick pussy for just a moment before pulling them away slowly, leaving a sticky trail down the top of your thighs.

"Goodbye babe, I look forward to meeting you again."

My hand leaves your breast, lingering for just a moment on your hard nipple and I reluctantly pull myself away, scribbling my email address on a scrap of paper with scented fingers. My cock is unapologetically hard as I leave the train, drawing glances from a young woman who steps on in my place.

I smile with have faith that you've been switched on, that your thoughts and dreams will be haunted by my order. And I start to plan.

A day went by, then another. I resolve not to touch myself until we meet again, so confident I remain. Wishing to tease myself just as I tease you.

A third day and there you are, waiting in my inbox. An address and mobile number, nothing more.

It is all I wanted from you. I reply. 'I want to see stockings. And see through panties. When I arrive I want you ready. I won't compromise you but otherwise you are mine.'

You don't reply but then, I didn't expect you to. After all, I didn't ask.

Eight days later I'm ready, knowing your husband's routines, predictable as they are and standing outside your house as he disappears round the corner for the evening. I'm hard already, like a thief in the night seeing an open window and imagining the treasures within.

I text you. 'Good evening babe. Under no circumstances are you to look but I'm outside. I want you to open the door and then kneel in the hallway facing away from me. Don't forget, I won't hurt you, I'm here for you, only you.'

After a few moments I see the hall light go on and hear the click as the door is opened. Your shadow stands there uncertainly through the glass.

I text again. 'You disappoint me. Turn off the light and get on your knees.'

The light disappears. After a pause I'm satisfied and enter your house. It is dark but I can hear your breathing near the shadow of the stairs.

"Good girl. It's lovely to meet again like this."

My hands rest on your shoulders and I kiss your neck. Hmmm, perfume. You've made an effort and that pleases me. My lips trace your pulse and nip at your soft skin as I raise your hands onto your head. I imagine the movement pressing your breasts against what I can sense is a tight blouse.

You remain silent while my arms slide around your waist and up towards your breasts. I weigh you and am surprised to feel your breasts raw and unprotected underneath the cotton. I unpick one button then another until my warm hands slide inside and rub across your nipples goose pimpled with desire. You suppress a choked sob.

"That's nice, babe. I could touch you like this all evening but I'm in the mood for you to do some work. Close your eyes and open your mouth."

My cock burns with anticipation as I stand over you, guiding your hands to unzip me.

"Suck me, take me in."

Your hot mouth closes on my tip, holding it in place as your tongue swirls around the head. It tickles my sensitive underside and I cry out, shaking with pleasure. Encouraged to know you have me in your power at last you take me deeper. I feel myself sinking into your mouth, little suckling motions milking my pre-cum into your hot mouth.

"That's it, babe. Drink me, take me in. Oh yes."

Wanting to restore some control my hands grip your blouse tight and pulling sharply the remaining buttons burst, flying with a disconcerting clatter across the hallway. I pull your blouse down, trapping your arms by your side as you continue to suck me deeply. Your saliva coats my cock and prompts a delicious thought.

"I'm going to fuck your breasts. I want to feel them around my hard cock. Offer them to me."

"I can't...my arms..." you whisper.

"Offer them to me. Sit up straight and offer them. Ask for my help."

"Please...take my breasts...please...fuck them."

"Good girl. Since you asked so nicely you get a little something extra."

I kneel down and kiss one hard nipple then the other, making sure they are coated by my warm mouth before I blow softly. "Ohhh..." You shudder and gasp as I nip and then console you with gentle suckling.

Sensing your growing excitement I pull away. Not yet, not so soon.

"Now babe, focus on the heat here..." I place my wet cock between your heavy breasts and move my hips as my hands hold you around me. I can only make out the shadow of you, but if only you could see yourself, kneeling before a stranger in your own home as he slides his smooth cock across your skin. With each thrust your tongue stretching to lick his tip, desperate to feel his silky smooth head...

With my thoughts out of control I feel the pressure build, forcing me to change plans. I had wanted to tease and pleasure you for as long as we had, give more than I receive.

But your ragged breathing here in darkness, the scent of your desire is too much. I need your mouth, that smooth hot mouth around me.

"Ohhh babe, I'm going to cum in your mouth now. Drink me down. If you're especially good I may return to give you what you give me. Now open your mouth."

I sense you smiling in the darkness, smiling in your power.

Still on your knees your mouth holds me, the only place where our bodies meet. Your lips slide over my soft flesh, your tongue knowingly swirling around my head. I moan and gasp, knees shaking.

The way you suck me, desperate to feel me stiffen and release, has only one possible outcome. With a cry I pump myself into you, delirious with the thought of my hot cum hitting the back of your throat. As my pulsing cum slows down you suck frantically on my whole length, milking me till I'm dry.

I rock back and forth gently, relishing my cock coated in cum and saliva until with a sigh I withdraw, picturing cum bubbles at the edges of your mouth as it releases me. Sweet though it is this wasn't the way I saw this going, my impatience got the better of me. I never even checked for your stockings and panties. Still, this does present opportunities...

"Very nice, babe. I'm leaving but the next time we meet you will get your reward, just be patient."

I leave you there on your knees, breathing heavily as my cum coats your hot lips, wondering in your excitement and shame what will happen next...

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