tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney Spears: Britney Makes A Friend 5

Britney Spears: Britney Makes A Friend 5


For Brian, the past year had been a dream come true; no, make that a fantasy come true; because no one could have dared to dream of all the events that had actually occurred in his life. At eighteen years young, he had gotten a dream job of becoming the grounds caretaker of the country estate of the pop singer he had worshipped for years: Britney Spears. Not only that, but they had become close; no, make that intimate friends. His new employer had taken his virginity one memorable night, and they had become lovers and confidantes. Because of her generosity, he had been able to afford to enroll in the local community-college for the upcoming year; and she had just bought him a car to celebrate his imminent high school graduation. Not a brand new one, mind you; his mother would have never allowed this; no matter how much she had come to love Britney. No, his new wheels were a 2008 Subaru Forester, and Britney had easily convinced his mother that he needed the car to run errands, and transport supplies for his job.

He had worked hard to earn his rewards and Britney's trust. He had taught himself all about lawn equipment, and with the help of the Internet; he had learned all about pools, and pool filters. Even with all the extra gifts she had showered on him, he was still probably saving her money. Pool and yard maintenance companies could charge celebrities a small fortune for their services.

Of course, Brian would have worked for free, because he had fallen in love with the beautiful Ms Spears; and he correctly suspected that she loved him also. Because of their age and status difference; they both knew that nothing official or public could ever be revealed, but they accepted the limitations of their relationship and settled for the pure enjoyment of each other's company. On the few occasions that they got together sexually; it was magic for them both. Britney had, as everyone knew, a long history of bad relationships and partner choices; so she cherished the love they felt for each other, and it was reflected in their lovemaking.

Now here he was, for the second time, in the back seat of a rented limo being transported from his home in Calabasas to the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. He had been invited by his employer/lover to spend the weekend with her as she hosted a "Bachelorette Weekend" for her sister Jamie Lynn. It was a week before Jamie's scheduled wedding in New Orleans, and Britney wanted to celebrate the last weekend her "little sis" would be single. It had been quite a year for the Spears sisters: Britney, of course, had just begun her "residence" concerts at Planet Hollywood; and Jamie, besides getting married, had just released the first single from her upcoming country album.

Britney had already flown Jamie out to Las Vegas from Nashville, and they had celebrated a couple "girls nights out" earlier in the week; but this weekend was for the trio to celebrate together. Britney had shared Brian with her sister on a couple of occasions, and they had become very close friends. As the limo neared its desert destination, Brian couldn't help but think (not for the first time) that he was indeed the luckiest man on earth. The four hour trip was finally over as the limo pulled up to the entrance of the hotel, and Brian stretched his legs. He registered at the desk and was given his VIP card which would activate the private express elevator to the penthouse. It was almost midnight, but that was like mid-day in Vegas...things just were starting to hop.

When the elevator stopped at its only destination, the doors opened into the large living room area of the luxurious penthouse, and he was immediately engulfed by the arms of the most beautiful woman on earth...at least, that was his opinion. "The concierge called and said you had arrived, " Britney cooed as she nibbled on his ear. He returned her embrace and their lips mashed together in a passionate kiss. Brian didn't know which one was first, but it wasn't long before their tongues were exploring the other's mouth. "God, I've missed you," she breathed as they broke the kiss.

"Thanks...me too," Brian assured her. "Thanks for the invitation and everything," he added. "It is so great to see you. Wow, let me look at you...I love the hair," he told her , as it was the first time he had seen her since she had switched to a redhead. She was her absolutely stunning self, as she was still dressed in costume from her last show of the night. She was (barely) dressed in a silver and white sequined bustier and fishnet stockings. Her magnificent breasts were threatening to pop out the top of the outfit, and it was cut very high on her thighs making her sensuous legs seem endlessly long. He thought to himself that she looked like a wet-dream. He quickly glanced around the room and inquired, " where's the bride-to-be?"

"Oh, I sent her out to do some clothes shopping while I set up a little surprise for her," Britney answered. "She'll be back soon. Right now y'all get those clothes off and join me in the shower...I'm all sweaty from the show and I need a good scrubbing."

Brian didn't have to be told twice as he promptly kicked his sneakers off while they headed toward Britney's bedroom. Her bedroom alone was about the size of his mother's whole house, and as he threw off his shirt, he paused to watch her peel off the bustier, which was so tight it seemed to be painted on. As she rolled it down her slick body, her absolutely perfect 36 C breasts flopped out and stood put proud. "My God, she's beautiful," Brian thought to himself as she continued to strip. She folded the material down her thighs, revealing her completely shaved pubic mound; and slid it ,and the stockings, down her long, shapely legs until she was totally naked. "You are truly the most beautiful creature on earth," he confessed to her," as she stood there in front of him waiting for him to finish disrobing.

"Y'all are really good for my ego," she blushed, holding out her hand to lead him to the huge shower enclosure. "Listen lover, we've got to hurry a little; I want us to be ready for the party when Jamie gets back."

Brian loved to hear her sexy Southern drawl, and he took her hand. He wasn't the least bit self conscious about his erection as it waved in front of him on the walk to the shower. He knew it was only about eight inches, and not overly thick, but she had never complained about it; and she was much more experienced than him, so if she was satisfied... As he followed her into the enclosure, he admired her completely firm ass cheeks; and was impressed with how toned her wonderful body was.

She turned on the water and they were drenched in warmth that came from shower heads on three side of them. It was like being caught in a warm Summer rain. As soon as they felt the water, they embraced and hugged each other tight; feeling their naked bodies against each other, Brian's hard cock trapped against their stomachs. Britney reached for a bottle of body-wash and squirted some on all four hands. They began to soap each others skin; smoothly caressing every inch of each other. They, of course, lingered on each erogenous area, but did not attempt to bring each other to climax...there seemed to be an unspoken knowledge that sexual release was being saved for later that night. It was difficult for Brian to restrain himself, because just caressing Britney's perfect nude, soapy body was enough to bring any red-blooded male to his knees.

As if sensing his eagerness, Britney confirmed, "just wait 'till you see the surprise I have waiting in Jamie's bedroom. This will be a night she will never forget."

After toweling each other dry, they wrapped themselves in ultra-plush white, Planet Hollywood terrycloth bath robes, that tied around their waists. Brian couldn't help but think it was a crime to cover up her fantastic body. All that time spent working-out to get in shape for her extended appearance at the hotel had really paid off; there didn't appear to be an ounce of fat anywhere on her body (and he had carefully examined it in the shower). As they were drying off, she explained some of what was to transpire that night, " as y'all know, they have these Bunny-Ranches out here in the desert where I guess just about anything is legal. They even advertise in the Yellow Pages as "escorts." Well they even offer men's services for women...call them "vacation romance - every woman's dream." I hired three of the most highly recommended escorts/male strippers for Jamie tonight. Do you know they usually charge $ 200 for a half an hour? I got them for a special all-night rate. And when I say recommended; I mean well-endowed. She is gonna cream her jeans when she sees these guys."

While they had been in the shower, room service had delivered a cart with five bottles of champagne chilling in five shining silver ice buckets, and left them in the living room area. Britney explained that as soon as Jamie arrived, she would lock-off the elevator so that no one would have access to the floor; except in a fire emergency, of course. One whole wall of the room was glass, and the view of the millions of lights flashing and blinking up and down "the strip" was breathtaking. There were no lights on in the room, and yet the lights from the outside made it seem light daylight. The white deep-pile carpet was so thick that Brian could hardly see their bare feet as they walked through the room. The soft opulent leather sofas and chairs in the room were also pure white, and seemed to mold around your body when you sank down into them.

Just then they heard the "ding" of the elevator opening and a pile of shopping bags with legs stepped out into the room. As the bags were deposited on the floor, Brian heard an excited Jamie Lynn exclaim, "Brian...I'm so glad you could come." They rushed toward each other and Jamie jumped into his arms, as he twirled her around. She planted a big, sloppy wet kiss on his lips, and he set her down. She was an absolute vision of loveliness, clad in a short, yellow sundress and her ever-present cowboy boots.

"Congratulations Jamie; I am so happy for you," Brian admitted, "wow, you look fantastic...Jamie is one lucky guy," (Jamie just happened to be her fiancee's name also).

"Thanks; and so is Britney," Jamie responded, making him blush. "Oooo, champagne," she continued.

"That's right little sis, just for you," Britney declared as she placed a big leather hassock in the center of the room and indicated for Jamie to sit. As Britney poured flutes of champagne for the trio, she flicked on the concealed stereo and dance music flooded the room with a hypnotic beat. The music must have been a prearranged cue, because the door to Jamie's bedroom flew open and three nearly naked men danced into the room wearing only the tiniest of g-strings. They advanced to the hassock where Jamie sat wide-eyed and proceeded to circle her like they were dancing around a campfire.

"Oooo Britney...for me," inquired Jamie, with a pouty look on her face.

"You know they are; enjoy your last fling as a single woman," Britney declared.

As they circled Jamie, Brian could not help but notice that the tiny pieces of clothing did nothing to conceal the enormous tools hanging out the sides of the g-strings. Britney leaned over and told Brian their names as they strutted their stuff to Jamie. The first one was a huge young man with the blackest skin that Brian had ever seen. He must have been at least six foot five and built like a linebacker. His g-string only covered his scrotum and the big, thick cock that hung out must have been eleven inches long, flaccid. "That's Derek," Britney told Brian, "supposedly he can fill up a bottle when he comes." "The next one is Vince," she informed him, "and he was advertised as having a full fourteen inches of heat." Vince was about six foot eight inches tall, but as thin as a rail. The cock that dangled from his g-string resembled an extra long, black pepperoni stick, with a head on it the size of Brian's fist. It reminded Brian of a bathroom plunger. The third dancer, Julio, was only about six feet tall, but seemed to be just as wide...not fat, just solid. He had already removed his suit, and was twirling it over his head as he danced around Jamie's seat. The log between his legs was a short ten inches, but as fat as his forearm. It was erect, and bobbed and waved in front of his body as he danced.

Jamie's face was a bright red as they danced around her, their cocks dangling in front of her face. Now all three dancers had removed their superfluous g-strings and had draped them around Jamie's shoulders. As they gyrated and circled her hassock, they sometimes grabbed their erections and waved them in her face. Britney had pushed Brian down on one of the matching white sofas and curled up beside him, as they watched the proceedings. Britney seemed completely intrigued by the huge cocks, and Brian had to admit that the sight was very erotic. Britney suddenly realized that Brian might feel slightly trivial when compared with their sizes, so she nonchalantly slid her hand between the folds of his robe and stroked his, certainly adequate, eight inches. Feeling her warm hand encircle his member, Brian instantly grew rock hard. With her other hand she loosened the belt on his robe and opened it wide, exposing her hand job. She leaned over his lap, her still damp hair trailing over his thighs, and extended her tongue to lick the tip of his crown. A drop of pre-cum trailed between her lips and his cock-slit, glistening in the neon light coming from the windows.

The dancers had stopped circling their prey and assisted Jamie to her feet, where they pressed up against her, rubbing their giant cocks against her dress. Vince leaned way down and stuck his long tongue down Jamie's throat. She looked like a midget among all the huge dancers. Julio kneeled down and as Jamie alternately raised her feet, removed her cowboy boots and tossed them aside. Jamie appeared to be in a trance as Vince and Derek slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and down her arms until her dress dropped to the floor, exposing her body, now clad only in the tiniest of yellow panties. She had gone braless, and her perfectly round B cup breasts were capped by totally erect dark pink nipples, the size of pencil erasers.

Once again Julio kneeled in front of Jamie , reached up with both his huge hands, and slowly eased her silky panties down her long slender legs. She cooperated by raising her feet so he could remove them completely, and he held the tiny garment up to his nose, inhaled deeply, and tossed them over his shoulder. She was now completely naked and she was exquisite. They pressed their large bodies up against her, grazing her body with their hard poles. She reached her hands out, attempting to grasp all three simultaneously as they continued to circle her.

Britney, totally aroused by the performance, stood up in front of Brian and let her terrycloth covering slide off her shoulders and pool around her feet. As the girl of his dreams stood totally nude with her perfect ass facing him, Brian was again reminded of how much he loved her He reached out with his hands and spread her cheeks, as he ran his tongue up the length of her ass crack. As Britney spread her legs and backed up to the sofa, straddling his lap; Brian scrunched forward until his cock was pointed toward the ceiling. She reached down, grasped his erection, nudged it between her puffy pussy lips, and then just sat down on his lap; impaling herself on his cock. As her warm, wet heat engulfed his cock, Brian thought he was immediately going to shoot his load. He was in heaven as her moist cunt gripped his cock; her muscles rippling and milking his rod. She settled back against his chest, lay her head on his shoulder and hoarsely whispered, "your cock feels soooo good inside me, lover." She ground her beautiful ass against his lap, making sure every inch of his hardness was inside her, and then began to raise herself up off his thighs, and then drop back down; basically fucking herself with his cock.

Vince had retrieved a glass from the cart, poured it full of champagne and returned to where Jamie was the center of attention. The trio of dancers stood on three sides of the hassock and took turns dipping their huge cock-heads into the glass and presenting them to Jamie's mouth. She hesitated, looking at her sister riding Brian on the sofa, and Britney; bouncing on his lap, but still watching the show; assured her, " it's OK sweetie, they are classified as grade A safe by the Nevada Board of Health."

She eagerly placed her bright red-lipstick coated lips around each one and lapped up the tasty liquid. She actually could not get Vince's crown into her mouth because of its size, but her skilled tongue was up to the task of licking it clean. She drank down the champagne remaining in the glass, wrapped her hands around Derek's long hose and began to feed it into her mouth. It had grown to about thirteen inches, and she was able to suppress her gag reflex enough to inhale about eight of those inches. Watching her, Brian was amazed at her oral skills. It seemed like Derek's cock should be sticking out the back of her neck, as it disappeared down her throat. As she inhaled Derek; Vince and Julio placed their meaty sticks in the palms of Jamie's hands, and she instinctively began to jerk them off. Her petite hands did not even come close to encircling them, which made them seem even larger.

Brian planted his feet firmly on the floor, and when he did it raised Britney up so that her feet no longer reached the floor, thereby robbing her of any leverage. She needn't have worried though because Brian was so turned on by having his dream girl sitting on his lap, totally impaled on his cock that he used the stability provided by the floor to begin thrusting up into her cunt with all his force. She was a magnificent sight: totally naked, bouncing up and down on his lap with his hard cock pounding up into her pussy; her awesome tits flopping around on her chest in circles. She leaned back against his chest and he reached around her with both hands and grasped her bouncing tits. He squeezed her fleshy mounds, and rolled her gumdrop nipples between his fingers, as she moaned, " oh yes lover, stuff your beautiful cock into me."

Jamie fondled Derek's balls as her throat expanded to accept him farther, and she felt them begin to retract into his body as he neared his climax. When he exploded in her mouth it was like a dam had burst...her mouth and throat were immediately flooded with a seemingly endless stream of cum. Brian and Britney could see Jamie's throat milking his cock and swallowing, but his fluid still was leaking out around her lips and running down her chin. His orgasm went on for so long that Jamie had to pull him out of her mouth so she could breathe; his spray now coating her face and hair. Strings of jism stretched between her face and his cock. Jamie tried her best to lick all the cum from around her mouth, and she released Vince and Julio to grab her sundress from the floor and wipe her face and hair. Derek held her back and eased her back onto the hassock until she was laying with her ass right at the edge,and her long, slender legs spread wide, inviting Julio to kneel between them.

As he crawled up her thighs, his cock was so wide that it looked like a loaf of Italian bread swaying between his legs. He leaned forward and began to lap at Jamie's pussy with his fat tongue; first licking one side and then the other. Unlike Britney's; Jamie's cunt lips were long and protected her slit like flaps. Julio nibbled on them and took them between his teeth, stretching them way out, before releasing them to flop back in place. He used both his thumbs to spread her pussy apart as wide as he could and then wedged the crown of his thick rod into her slit. Jamie raised her head and looked down between her legs, certain that Julio's incredibly fat cock would never fit inside her...but wanting him to try.

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