Britney sucks


English is not my native language and this story is just fiction.

* * * * *

It was 8 p.m. and Britney Spears was sitting on the edge of her hotel bed room. She had just given a concert in this city and was taken back to the hotel by her manager. Now she sat there with her legs spread shaving her cunt. Something she always does when she is bored.

Of course she didn't know anybody around here. Just her Mum and her manager and these both went out together that evening telling Britney to go to bed. She had to give another concert at the same place the next day, but she wasn't tired she was bored.

When she had finished shaving she was aroused that much that she had to touch herself. She touched herself in a way she had learnt over the last years. She led her fingers over her breasts. Her nipples were already hard. Her fingers walked slowly down over her stomach and belly button to her sex.

She inserted one finger, then two later a third one. Britney laid her head back on a pillow. She started to moan. Very softly at the beginning but becoming louder with every time she finger fucked herself. She became hornier and hornier and finally reached her climax.

Now Britney knew what she wanted. She had done this twice before, in the last two cities she had given concerts. She got out her laptop and surfed to an info page about this city. She searched the leading sex club to enlarge her experiences.

She decided to visit a club that was close to the hotel so that she could reach it by feet. She dressed herself in a very ugly way, put on one of her wigs and sunglasses so that nobody would recognize her.

Britney reached the club about 15 minutes later. She went in and got to the ladies dressing room. There she took off her clothes as well as the wig and of course her sunglasses. From her last two visits she knew that it's always very dark in such clubs.

The club was parted into two sections, one for women and the other for men. Directly after the entrance there was Britney's favourite place, to be true the only place she had ever visited in such clubs. It was a wall between the women's and the men's section. The wall had small holes in it and the men on the other side could put their dicks through these holes so that the women could suck these dicks. (In my country this is called a "French wall").

Britney had sucked a lot of penises the last two times and she became aroused again just thinking about it. She thought of herself as a above average cocksucker.

This wall had about twenty holes and you coud see eight dicks. Two women were already kneeling in front of the wall sucking and strocking as much of them as they could. One women turned her head to Britney: Oh great, we get support. Come over here." Cum was dripping from her chin running down her breasts.

Britney's pussy was wet. She went between the two girls and grabbed the dick in front of her. It became half erected in her hand and Britney closed her lips around the cock and started sucking.

Waves of pleasure ran through her body. Oh, how she had missed that feeling. With her hands she grabbed two dicks stroking them while she was sucking the one in her mouth.

She heard someone moan on the other side of the wall. It seemed she was working well. Britney could feel the man was close to his orgasm and so was she.

The stranger shot his semen into the mouth of the Pop Queen and exactly at the same time she reached her climax, too. Britney swallowed all the cum and licked the cock dry.

Immediately she moved her lips to the dick on the left of her sucking it. You could hear loud moans all over the place proving that the two girls also were good in this game.

Britney had forced a second man to explode in her mouth very fast and she moved to the third one.

When she took his load she couldn't swallow it all and cum ran down her body.

"Wow, it seems we have a cocksucking pro with us."

Britney looked over to the girl who had obviously watched her for the last minutes. The Pop Queen raised her head and looked the girl direcly in her eyes which was a big mistake. "Hey. I know you. You are... you are Britney Spears."

Britney's face turned red. "No. No. She just looks a bit like me." "No, you are Britney Spears. I know you. I've seen you a hundred times. I justed visited your concert three hours ago."

Britney wanted to leave at once. "I have to go now." "No." The girl came after her. "You don't have to. I won't tell anybody and you can't tell me you didn't enjoy this."

She took her by the hand. "Here are a lot more interesting things to discover." The unknown girl led Britney to the next room. On the side there were three cages. Each with a door at the back and a wooden wall with one big and two small holes in it on the other side.

"What is it for?", Britney asked. "Through the big hole you put your head and through the other two your hands, like this." The girl did what she explained. "Now you have to press the button next to your hand and the door opens. So you can get fucked from behind without knowing who it is and nobody knows that he's fucking you. You aren't a virgin, are you?"

"Sure, of course I'm. But I won't be for a long time." She stepped towards the cages and went into the middle one, then she pressed the button.

"You have to wait until the men notice girls are here but normally this takes not so long." "What if I want to stop?" "When the man leaves he has to close the door, that's something like an unnwritten law, and than it's up to you. Continue or leave... Ohh, there's someone in my cage.

Britney could see the girl's reaction. She was definitely enjoying her treatment. She began to moan a bit, later to shout. "Yeeees, that's good. Yeeeeees, go on faster, harder, faster, harder." Then she collapsed and started normal breathing again. She had reached her orgasm.

That watching made Britney incredibly horny, she couldn't wait to get her cherry popped, to lose her virginity to a total stranger who wouldn't even know that he's doing what nearly every man on this planet would like to do. She could feel her juices running down her legs, so hot was the watching and waiting.

Then finally a hand touched her ass. Britney closed her eyes and concentrated herself on the feelings. The hand moved to her pussy and higher to her hard nipples. She heard a male voice:" Oh, here is someone more than ready. OK then, you get what you want."

Britney could feel the head of a cock at the entrance of her love hole. The man pushed his member deep in her cunt and broke her hymen without even noticing it. Immediately Britney came to an unbelievable climax. She moaned loudly as the stranger continued penetrating her.

As she turned her head to the girl she could see she was getting fucked again. Britney felt she was close to her fourth orgasm of the day and soon her whole body was shaking in lust again.

She could hear the man leaving and clothing the door.

Britney thought about the fantastic experience she just made, the amazing feelings that ran through her body and she wanted to feel them once more. She pressed the button.

Immediately someone was behind her. She could feel a soft penis getting led between her legs and over her ass growing hard. Then the man inserted his cock into the wet waiting cunt. Easily he shove the dick into her a few times, after that took it out.

Britney hesitated. Was something wrong? Why did he stop?

The man led his cock to Britney's asshole. She became panicky: "No, not there. Please not", she was shouting. The other girl spoke to her: "He's at your ass, hmm? Stay cool. Relax and enjoy."

Without any problems the stranger was able to put his member, which was wet from the sperm and cunt juices, into her bottom hole. Britney needed three shoves to get used to that feelings but then she liked it.

Soon another orgasm hit her poor, young body and finally the man left the cage.

Both girls went away heading for the showers. On their way back Britney stopped at the wall with the holes. "Wait a minute. I have to suck some more. I think I'm addicted to suck cocks." "No problem, but save some energy for the shower and my needs." She was smiling.

"Why not?", Britney thought and smiled back. She got on her knees and sucked two dicks alternating, catching the cum with her whole face.

The girl took Britney by her hands leading her to the showers. At first she washed all the sperm away then she felt the girl's hands on her breasts, stroking them very gently. Britney looked her in the eyes: "You don't have to do that for me. I have enough for today. Just tell me what to do with you."

The other girl smiled. "What do you think? I want you to suck me, you Goddess of Suckers. Start with my tits, then go deeper."

Britney cupped her breasts and ran her tongue over the girl's nipples. She moaned softly. Britney got on her knees. She grabbed her hands in her ass cheeks and led her tongue along the girl's slit. Her moans increased, the wetness between her legs was not only caused to the water of the shower.

Slowly Britney inserted the tip of her tongue into the pussy in front of her. Soon she found her clit and massaged it carefully until the girl reached her climax.

Finally they showered together and said goobbye. Britney went back to the hotel and shortly after midnight, exhausted but happy she felt asleep.

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