tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrooke Gets Her Aunt a Job

Brooke Gets Her Aunt a Job


Brooke is a submissive, 19-year old, bisexual ebony princess. Her mother's best friend, Mischelle, took advantage of her submissive nature and used Brooke as a sex slave, not only for herself, but also her boyfriend. It didn't hurt that Brooke enjoyed it all immensely.

Aunt Mischelle, as Brooke was forced to address her, was out of work for several months. Although that gave her lots of time to use Brooke, she really needed a paycheck. Every job interview she'd had led nowhere. Thursday night, though, as she was stroking dildos in and out of Brooke's pussy and asshole, she had an idea that was bound to help her secure a job.

Mischelle took Brooke with her to a sales job interview the next day. Mischelle dressed in proper business attire. Brooke was made to wear a semi-sheer white blouse with a plunging neckline. She wasn't allowed to wear a bra. She also wore a very short skirt that barely reached the lower curve of her round bottom. She wasn't allowed to wear panties that day, or ever for that matter. Her 5-inch heels completed the slutty look Aunt Mischelle intended.

When they arrived at the business office, they were escorted to a conference room by a petite young blonde secretary who looked very prim and proper. After one look at Brooke, she avoided making any eye contact with her, but couldn't help but stare at the pierced nipples barely hidden beneath the white blouse. Since the interview was for Mischelle, there were only two chairs at the table. Brooke was told to remain standing beside her aunt.

After waiting a few minutes, a very Nordic-looking man entered the room, walked to the far end of the table and took his seat. When he looked up and saw Mischelle and Brooke, he announced, "There must be some misunderstanding, ladies. There is only one sales position available and this interview is for only one person."

Mischelle responded, "Yes, I'm aware of that, sir. I'm here to prove to you that I have what it takes to close a sale."

"Pardon my confusion, but why is she here?"

"She's how I close the deal and get the job."

"Do explain," the man replied.

"I know I can do the job, but you don't. So I'm going to make a proposal to you. Give me a chance to prove to you that I can bring you more business than any other sales rep you have, and while I'm proving myself, you keep this young slut. You do whatever you want to her, and I do mean anything and everything you get the urge to do. You want to fuck her in the butt? Go right ahead! My boyfriend has a huge, fat cock, and he's fucked her ass many times. You want to go bareback? Go right ahead. I have her STD test results to show she's clean, and here's the statement from her doctor that shows she's had a hysterectomy and can't get pregnant. The way I see it, as long as you like girls, you can't lose!"

The interviewer stared at Mischelle and then at Brooke, rubbed his chin and said, "An interesting proposition, but how do you know I find her attractive, or if she can even suck cock to my satisfaction?"

Mischelle locked her eyes on the man's and without blinking, told Brooke to undress and give him a blowjob. As Brooke unbuttoned her blouse, Mischelle could see the start of a bulge growing in the man's pants. "Look at those nipples. Aren't they a sight with those bars going through them? You can do all sorts of things with them."

The man smiled and nodded.

Brooke tossed the blouse onto the table and then unbuttoned her skirt. She leaned forward as she stepped out of it and then straightened up again as she placed the skirt beside the blouse. She was now nude except for the high heels. Mischelle reached over and spread Brooke's pussy lips to show a little of her pink slit. "You like what you see? Doesn't that pink look pretty against her dark skin?" Mischelle asked.

The man continued smiling and then said, "She looks fuckable in the front. Let's see her backside."

Brooke turned around, bent forward and Mischelle spread her asscheeks. "You know you want to put something in that, don't you? Something big!"

"Yes, the girl looks quite fuckable. How about a sample of her oral skills?"

Mischelle gave Brooke a slap on her butt and told her to go get her aunt a job. Brooke stood up, turned and went to where the man was sitting. He'd already unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Mischelle exclaimed, "Damn! And I thought my boyfriend was hung! Yeah, you're going to have all sorts of fun stretching this girl's holes. Go on, girl. Drain the man's balls."

Brooke greedily smiled as she lowered herself to her knees and started licking the huge cock. She tongued the opening first and then swirled her tongue around the head. She lifted it up so she could lick the underside of the shaft and suck the heavy balls. Pausing briefly, she asked if the man would like a rimjob, too. He scooted his butt off the front edge of the chair to give her access and then enjoyed several minutes of her tongue probing his asshole. He reached down, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back up so she could get to work on his cock again. She slowly took the entire length into her mouth and throat and proceeded to give him a very satisfying deepthroating. When he was ready to cum, he used both of his hands to pull her face tight against his crotch. Brooke gagged as he let go a flood of cum down her throat. When he was finished, she eased back, smiled, and asked what he thought.

"I think we're about ready to seal this deal," he said. "But first, we need to be clear on some details."

Mischelle grinned and said, "You just tell me what you want and then put me out in the field to start making some money!"

As the man zipped his pants he said, "Here's how it's going to work. I'll feed her and give her a place to stay, and she'll be my full-time slave starting today. As long as the girl does everything I want and does it well, you get to keep your job. You'll have to earn your pay just like the other reps - no special treatment for you. The first time she fails to satisfy me, she'll get a good old fashioned whipping and you'll lose your commissions for the week. If she fails a second time, she'll get another whipping, but this time you'll lose your commissions for two weeks. If she fails a third time, you'll lose your commissions for the month, you'll be fired and I keep the slut as my slave anyway. And even if she does everything well, if you don't prove that you're the best sales rep every month, you'll be fired. Do you want the job under those terms?"

"I'm not sure. Will I ever get to play with her again?"

"If you earn it, yes, I'll let you have her for an evening occasionally. But you have to be the top sales rep of the week to get her. Sound fair?"

Brooke was standing there nude and bewildered, wondering what her aunt was about to do to her. "Aunt Mischelle, are you going to give me away just to get a job?"

"Look, girl. I need a job. You're a slut and you know it. Besides, you owe me for all the things I've given you. You want your aunt to be happy don't you? And he's got such a great big cock - you know you want that in you as often as you can, don't you?"

Brooke agreed. She wanted to help her aunt and she did indeed like the thought of being fucked by that huge white cock. She even admitted to having a fantasy of being enslaved by a white man. She turned to the man and told him she'd do exactly as she was told.

"So, we have a deal then." He said. "Leave her here with me. If I decide she needs any clothes, I'll get her new ones. You - you report back here at nine o'clock Monday morning and we'll see if you're as good as you say."

"Thank you, sir! I'll be here, bright and early!" responded Mischelle.

"On your way out, Mischelle, please tell the secretary out front that I need to speak with her immediately. Tell her I'm still in the conference room."

"Yes sir!"

Brooke looked at the man and asked if she should get dressed.

"Put on your shirt. Nothing else. And from now on, don't speak unless you're spoken to, and when you do speak to me, address me as Master. You may call my secretary, Mistress. If you need to use the toilet, just place your index finger on your nose and wait for permission from either your Mistress or me. If you're not given permission, just hold it, and if you don't, you'll be cleaning up your mess with your tongue."

Brooke's eyes widened in shock. She also felt a wave of warmth rush through her pussy.

When the secretary entered the conference room, she looked at Brooke and smiled, and then turned her attention to her boss. "Do I have some competition now, sir?"

"No. Don't you worry." He grinned and continued, "I want you to call Beth in Human Resources and tell her I'm giving the guys in the warehouse an impromptu morale boosting party in a few minutes. Tell her I want her to supervise the event to make sure they don't get too wild with the company whore, but otherwise, anything goes as long as all they do is stuff her holes with their cocks. No rimjobs. No fisting. No tit torture. Just sucking and fucking this afternoon. If Beth wants to do the creampie cleanup, that's up to her. If she's not in the mood, tell her to take a big plate with her so the whore can squeeze out the cum from her pussy and ass onto it and lick it up herself. Before you contact Beth, call DeShaun in the warehouse and tell him to get the guys cleaned up for a party. Got that, Deb?"

The secretary asked, "Is that all, sir?"

"Ask Beth to come get this whore in 15 minutes and escort her to the warehouse. That will give the guys about 2 hours before quitting time. Oh, and make sure they all know the fun ends promptly at five o'clock. Have Beth hose her off and bring her to my office then."

"Anything else, sir?" asked the secretary.

"Would you rather watch the activities in the warehouse, or spend the time taking dictation?"

Deb smiled, lifted the hem of her dress to reveal her smooth, hairless pussy and said, "Dictation this afternoon sounds good to me, but what about tonight?"

"Well, I don't know what condition the whore will be in after spending two hours with ten men, but I was thinking you might enjoy having her go down on you while I facefuck you. How does that sound for starters?"

Deb thought for a moment and then said, "I don't know if I'm going to want her touching me after she's been used by all those guys in the warehouse. What if we tie her up, stuff things in her pussy and ass, and tape a vibrator to her clit while I take care of your cock for a while?"

"That does sound better, Deb. We'll just use her for our amusement and make her do all of the nastiest things. Like right now - call DeShaun and then Beth, and then get back to my office for that dictation."

Brooke stood still and waited for what was about to happen next. She was both concerned about her future and extremely aroused, as evidenced by the steady trickle of fluid from her pussy to her thighs.

When Deb finished her calls she noticed the excessive wetness and said, "Oh, good! She's already wet. The guys can use that for lubricating her asshole if they want."

"Good thinking, Deb. When Beth gets here, tell her to remind Juan to shove his cock in her pussy before he fucks her in the ass. There's no sense in wrecking that asshole right away. We can do that tonight."

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