tagFirst TimeBrotherly Love Ch. 01

Brotherly Love Ch. 01


Chapter One: Blind Date

"Really Tammy," I said a she tied the blind fold around my face.

"Come on Kat. You can't have a blind date without really being blind," she teased.

"It's not like I will be able to see who is in that closet anyways. It'll be dark in there," I said as I folded my arms across my chest. I was nervous as all get out, and I could not believe that I was actually listening to Tammy for once. I was wearing my skinny jeans and a Marilynn Monroe tee shirt. At least he could not judge me for my own looks. He too would be blindfolded and waiting in the closet.

"We want to make sure you don't know who is in there no matter what. And no telling him your name! You get to see each other, when the door opens," said Macy from a distance. I heard some girls giggle, and my hands grew sweaty. The game Blind Date was basically all the guys were to hide in the closets and the girls were to go in blindfolded and do sexual things for ten minutes. There were only three closets so the girls were picked first and blind folded so that they would not know what guys were chosen for the closets. They were to randomly pick on so that the girls had no idea who was where.

"I guess," I mumbled as I felt Tammy's hand take hold of mine.

"Be back in ten minutes girls," she giggled as she drug me down the hall. I nearly fell from the start considering I could not see a thing. My balance caused me to nearly knock something over that was made out of glass. Tammy pushed on though as she led me up the stairs and down the hall.

"Tammy I don't know...My stomach's sick," I said as I dug in my heels.

"Don't get cold feet on me now girl...You are nineteen years old for crying out loud," she said as she guided me down the hall.

"But you know I'm still a virgin...What if he tries to do more?" I mumbled nervously as I gripped her hand tightly at the thought.

"You've given a blow job before Kat. It's not like the sexual world is anything new to you. You can't be a virgin forever, and just go with it," she said as I suddenly felt a hand on my back.

"Tammy," I said as suddenly I fell forward. I honestly thought I was about to land flat on my face. Hands caught my body, and the sound of a door slamming behind me rang annoyingly loud in my ears. My breath was the only sound in the room as I recovered from my moment of panic. Whoever he was, he was holding me as he helped me stand back up. Neither of us spoke as we stood there in the darkness. He had his arms wrapped around me, and I left my hands on his chest.

The world was spinning out from underneath me, and I wondered for a moment, if I should faint. He kept me steady as he stood silent, and leaned his forehead against my own. The smell of Red Hot gum was on his lips, causing me to realize just how close he was to my face. Neither of us dared to say a word. Half of my mind screamed to run, and the other half longed to touch him. I stand at five foot eight, and he was taller making him almost six foot. His arms were not like a jocks or gymnasts, but they were strong and sturdy enough to hold onto my one hundred and thirty pound body. I longed to see what he looked like and know his features. I found myself reaching out as I ran my fingers up his neck and onto his jaw line. Fingertips brushed against light stubble of hair, and I heard his breath quicken. My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they ran further up his face to find wide cheeks and beard that was in need of shaving. He twisted his neck and turned his head causing the hair to rub gently against my fingers. A smile crossed the corner of my mouth as I reached up with my right hand and felt soft short hair. His bangs were longer and messy, but the sides were smother cut, but long enough to grab onto and twist through my skin.

"I," I began when he pressed his mouth against my own. Oh god, my mind was gone as soft lips rubbed gently against my own. He was tender and gentle with me as if, he could sense my hesitation. My body melted into his own as our lips remained unmoving against one another's. He pushed hard and then leaned away, but still his forehead kept against my own. I ran my fingers back down his face and over his lips, and to my surprise he opened his mouth as if to bite my finger. Instead, I felt him suck in on my finger as he pulled it into his mouth. It was my turn to gasp as I felt my heart beat race. My body tingled as I bit my bottom lip in anticipation. Thoughts of that mouth against my chest made me lose my breath. His tongue covered my finger as he bit down lightly and smiled. I felt his lips curl against my skin.

"Oh god," he mumbled after I had pulled out my finger. Before I could reply, my body was against the wall and the blind fold was gone. I had been right, when saying that I would not be able to see a thing. The darkness enveloped us, and all we could do was feel and leave our senses to the work. Lips were against my own again as his tongue invaded my mouth. His hands were in mine as our fingers intertwined with each other's. My arms were in the air above my head against a cold wall. His body leaned into my own, causing chills to run up my spine. His waist ran against my own and I could feel the hardness underneath. My body shivered as my sex drive reached an unbearable height.

He hesitated as his lips pulled off and remained not even an inch apart. My heart pounded in my skull as my body physically shivered from head to toe as I longed for his lips against my body, against my skin, my chest, my toes, and my vagina. Oh yes, I wanted him everywhere and all over. Never before had I felt like this, when having intimacy with another man. Was it the darkness and the heightened senses that set me off? There was something about him and his touch, the way his teeth lightly nipped at my skin, and the security that I felt with him that caused my skin to crawl.

"Fuck me," I mumbled as I gritted my teeth together.

"What?" he mumbled with a smile in his voice. He leaned further away and then rubbed his cheek as against my own causing me to stop breathing.

"Fuck me," I said as his tongue ran smoothly against my cheek. His lips trailed down my jaw line and onto my neck as he began to suck hard. I pulled my hands out of his own and threw them around his neck as my right hand grasped the back of his head and his hair. The other clenched tight to his shoulder blade as my nails dug deep. With a grunt I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed my body as tightly too his as I could. The feel of his tight skin and arm muscles as they held my body made me even more enthusiastic. My hips began to hump his body unconsciously as I grabbed hold of his jeans with my toes and dug into his legs. He smelled of Irish Spring and Axe shampoo. I longed to rip his shirt off and feel the muscle beneath the barrier.

"Uhh!" I groaned as he suddenly fell to his knees. I did not have time to think. Within seconds, he had me on my back and was tugging at my shirt. Large hands pulled my cloth up and over my head, but he remained gentle as he helped unclip my bra strap. His breath was loud as he leaned in and began to suck on my breasts. My eyes rolled back and I dug into his scalp with tense fingers. He sucked hard on the nipples and licked underneath as he rubbed his face against them.

"Mmmm," I groaned as I leaned up and tugged at his shirt. Taking the hint, he reached down and pulled his shirt off his body. Hands grasped his jeans as I longed to free something else. He leaned over and let his bare chest rub against my own. A sensation ran through my skin as I felt my breasts rub against his warm body. Both of our hands tugged at each other's pants as we unbuttoned them. Our lips never parted as we groaned against each other.

I shivered at his touch as his naked waist leaned against my now naked body. His lips reattached themselves to my own as his body weight fell against my own. Heat radiated off his onto my cold skin. The feel of his cock against my waist as it rubbed with his twitching caused me to gasp. I lifted my hips, rubbed, and humped against his body as our hands explored each other's bodies. As his lips sucked on my skin, his hands ran against the smooth curves of my stomach. Nails dug into my butt cheeks as his dick brushed the opening of my vagina. A sick feeling clenched my stomach as my mind was torn. I was scared of having sex, but I longed to get as close to him as possible.

"Oh...fuck me," I begged into his ear in an out of breath voice.

"What?" he asked again causing me to become irritated.

"Fuck me please," I begged probably sounding like a slut. I did not care though! My body ached, my vagina, literally ached for his touch, and if I had to beg so be it.

"Say it louder," he commanded as he reached down with his right hand. Fingers touched my clitoris gently as he rubbed my skin in small circles. My breath caught as my eyes closed and I leaned back my head. He licked his fingers then put them back down and continued to rub.

"Fuck me!" I begged as I almost screamed.

"Louder!" he commanded as he shoved one finger into my vagina.

"Fuck me!" I screamed as I felt something enter my body for the first time. I felt the walls of my vagina tense as they clenched the skin of his large finger. He began to pump it in and out with a steady pace. He leaned his forehead against my own and listened to my groaning as he finger fucked me. I felt his fingers suddenly reached further inside and a pain increased inside.

"Mmmm...oh please...please...Fuck Me!" I screamed into his ear as I pushed him up. Within seconds, I had him up on his knees and I was sucking on his cock. It was his turn to groan as his hands gripped my long brown hair. With my left hand, I gripped the lower half of his cock and stroked it gently. My mouth enveloped the top half as I sucked hard on the tip and licked underneath. My mouth moved evenly and I even stopped to suck on his balls for a moment. Groans and moans came from both of us and I sucked hard and fast on his dick.

"Stop," came a mumble. His hands pulled me off and pushed me to the ground as he shoved his cock inside of my vagina. "Wait," he began and I knew he must have been thinking about the pill.

"I'm on the pill," I moaned.

"You sure?" he asked sounding hesitant.

"Yes! Please now fuck me!" I yelled as I reached up and pulled him down over me. He buried his face into my neck, and his cock pressed deeper into my body. Something felt so familiar about him, and for a moment, I wondered which guy it was. I had not thought about it before, but there were only so many guys at the party, and I had to have been having sex with one of them. However, the first time feeling caused all logic to fade, all thoughts to fade, as the overwhelming pain gripped my insides.

"I'm sorry love," he mumbled as I moaned into his ear from the pain that gripped my waist as he began to pump his cock in and out at a rapid pace. My arms wrapped around his body and nails dug into the skin on his back. My legs wrapped around his waist, but did not hold on tight as he leaned back to fuck my shaking body. Sweat poured from both our bodies as his lips took hold of mine. His tongue entered my mouth and I sucked hard. His body and waist rubbed against my clitoris causing the pain to subside from an unbearable pop to a sudden good feeling from within. I was no longer a virgin, but I would have time to dwell on that later. At the moment, a deep orgasm was rising through my bones.

"Oh god I'm almost there," he mumbled into my mouth as his body tensed. I was about to reply, when suddenly the feeling of his cock against my tight vagina was more than I could take. I moaned against him as I felt a sweet sensation rise through my waist. I felt myself orgasm against him, and a muffled scream met his lips as my vagina's lips tensed and tightened around his cock. Within seconds, he let out similar moan and leaned back as his cock twitched deep inside my body. He was silent as we both caught our breath. My body ached and my mind grew tired as I tried to breathe.

"Oh god you were a virgin," he groaned as he leaned up. His cock slid out from my vagina, and I leaned up as well. To my surprise, he did not go for his clothes. Instead, he leaned down, and planted a kiss on my forehead. "Don't leave yet...I never want to let you go," he whispered lighting a spark within my brain and body. I knew him, but for some reason I could not put a face to the voice. My mind raced as I tried to recall what guys I had seen at the party before the game. Had they tricked me by bringing in more guys later that the girls did not know about?

"I thought if I told you I was a virgin you might not," I said unable to finish.

"You thought I'd say no," he sighed as he reached out into the darkness to touch my face. He pushed the strands away from my face, took hold, and let it rest within his hands. God he sounded familiar! My brain was so tired though that it was hard to even want to think. He pressed his lips against my own, and I leaned in sighing with happiness. Luck had seen it fit to send me a guy.

"Sorry!" said a voice as a light hit my eyes. I opened them to see the door to the closet open. Gary, Tammy's ex boyfriend stood in the doorway with another guy behind him. I squinted into the light to see who my 'mystery man' was from the darkness.

"Oh my god!" cried the guy as I turned to lay my eyes upon Zac. I had just had sex with Zac!

"Ahhh!" I yelled back in unison as I reached up to cover my chest.

"Oh lordy," said Tammy's ex before slamming the door back shut.

"No, no, no," I said as I searched in the dark for my clothes. Zac must have decided to do the same, and our naked bodies bumped into one another.

"Sorry," he mumbled as he pushed away.

"I can't believe...I mean...The things," I said as I sat down onto my butt and put my head into my hands. I really had just had sex with my stepbrother! I mean you do not have sex with your stepbrother, even if he is not by blood. That is still just not right.

"I'm sorry Kat...I should have known it was you...I mean we...If we," he stuttered as I heard him zip up his pants. He threw something at me and I realized it was my shirt. Hurriedly, I began to dress. To think moments before, we had been making out and sucking on each other's skin! The thought caused my stomach to curl...The worst part was that I had loved every moment of our sex. My stomach twisted and turned, and silence enveloped us as we hurriedly dressed. Even worse Tammy's ex had seen us together naked, and he surely would have told everyone by now...This had to be the most humiliating moment of my life.

"Kat," he called as I found the doorknob and swung open the door. "Wait," he called.

"No...I can't," I said as I felt a lump rise in my throat. My first time at sex and it was with my own stepbrother. My heart pounded in my heading causing it to hurt. I had not even put my bra back on as I ran down the steps. Voices met awkward glances and me as they stared up from the living room floor below. I kept on running though, down the steps, and out the front door.

"Kat," called a voice, but I was all ready pulling out my keys and in my car. "Kat wait," said a voice from the front porch. I could not think straight as panic set in deep into my chest. The thought of us having sex caused my stomach to churn as I pull out of the driveway. What would our parents think if they ever found out? I had to live with him. Would things be awkward? Would he insist telling our parents should they take notice? I sped down the street, not wanting to go home. Instead, I took a left deciding to drive and let my emotions calm. My bra lay next to me on the seat as a reminder. I could not deny the fact that inside was a fire for him, his touch, and his voice. I had always found my stepbrother to be attractive, but never before had I acted on those feelings. I mean, he is not the only attractive guy in the whole world. Girls have handsome brothers all the time, right? One thing was for sure, even if we ignored our little love making session, he would always be my first, whether I liked it or not.

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