Brutal Force


Rinsing the bubbles from my hair and turning off the steaming hot water, I step out of the shower into the chilly air of the bathroom. Towelling my body dry, I take extra time drying my sensitve nipples and running my hands over them, pinching them softly. I turn on the blow dryer, working my fingers through my tangled hair, working out the snarls and knots. I pick up my brush and begin to dry my hair in earnest when I think I hear a noise downstairs. I click off the dryer, listening intently for a few seconds. Deciding that my over-active imagination is running away with me again, I turn the blow dryer back on and finish drying my hair. I slip into a sexy pair of black lacy thong panties, and then slide luxuriously into the matching black, thigh length robe.

Opening the bathroom door, releasing a puff of steam ahead of me, I step out onto the landing of the staircase. Immediately, I sense someone or something a few steps below me on the stairs. I turn quickly, to dart into my room, but I am caught from behind, a strong arm cinching around my waist, dragging me back against a hard, hairy chest.

I begin squirming and open my mouth to shout when a large hand clamps over my lips and a low, deep voice growls into my ear, "Hush, baby. Don't fight and you won't get hurt any more than necessary."

I can feel him pushing me forward, leading me into my room. He pushes me roughly onto the bed, falling beside me as I turn to look at him.

He grabs my hair and forces my face down into my bedspread, growling deeply again, "No! Don't try to look at me again, or you'll be sorry! Do you understand?"

I nod my head the best I can with his grip on my hair. This must have satisfied him because he released my hair, saying, "I'm going to get up for a second, but if you even look like you're going to try anything, I'm going to hurt you." I lay perfectly still as I felt his weight shift and then leave the bed. I could hear him rustling around, and a zipper sound, like a backpack or duffel bag.

I feel him get back on the bed, then the cool slide of silk over my face as he ties a blindfold behind my head. "Now get up," he says, grabbing my arm and pulling me to my feet. I stand there next to the bed, trembling, willing myself not to cry. I hear the sounds of clothes being removed, the slight 'snick' of a button being undone, and the abrasive sound of a zipper, the kind that come on blue jeans, not suit pants. I sense him moving away from me, hear the almost silent squeak of him sitting on the edge of the bed, about 5 feet off to my left.

"Slowly, turn towards the sound of my voice, and then take off your robe." I turn to face him, my fingers shaking as they fumble with the tie on the robe. I finally manage to get the knot undone, slipping the robe down off my shoulders, holding it over my breasts.

"What's your name?" he asks me abruptly.

"Gabrielle." I manage to whisper.

"Well, Gabbie," he says with a hint of sarcasm, "If you don't get that robe off like I told you, I'm going to make this alot worse for you."

I slowly lower the robe, allowing it to drop completely off my arms and puddle on the floor around my feet. I stand very still, my arms at my sides, knowing how exposed I am to this stranger.

"Mmmm," I hear him grate out, "Such a beautiful girl. Sexy panties, Gabbie, were you planning on company?"

"N-no," I whisper.

"Do you always wear such sexy underthings when you're by yourself?" He asks, and I can hear the roughness of lust in his voice.

"Yes," I say, my voice betraying my fear.

"I think you were going to come in here and have a little party with yourself, weren't you, Gabbie?" Still, the lust and humor in his voice making me blush.

Refusing to tell him the truth, I shake my head and mumble, "No."

He's up off the bed before I even have time to realize that he's going to grab me again. I feel him grab both of my arms, and swing me over onto the bed, landing on my back. He's lying beside me again, and I can feel that he has removed all of his clothes. "Now, Gabbie, I don't believe you. So, you're going to masturbate for me now, and I'm going to enjoy watching you."

I shake my head no, and he pulls my hair again, bringing my face to his. "You'll do exactly what I say, or you never know what will happen to your pretty room mate." I stiffen, wondering how he knows my room mate, Krissy. She's out of town for the weekend.

"You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her, now would you, Gabbie?" He asks, his mouth against my cheek. I shake my head frantically.

"Good. . . now pleasure yourself . . .just pretend that I'm not even here." I feel him move off the bed, and I'm not sure where he is now.

I slowly bring my hands up and cup my breasts, lightly pinching each nipple. I'm trying hard to concentrate on a way out of this mess, but wondering where he is and focusing on keeping him happy make it hard. My nipples quickly respond to my fingers, hardening into tiny, dark pink nubs. I run my fingers over my ribcage, then back up to my breasts, smoothing my palms over them, feeling my nipples poke stiffly upwards.

"Lower, Gabbie. Spread your legs and touch yourself." He's standing at the foot of the bed. I move one of my hands down from my breast to my belly, rubbing over my shaven mound, slipping beneath the fabric of my thong. I run my fingers over my pussy lips, spreading them with my fore finger and my middle finger. I can feel the cool breeze across my clit as it begins to swell. I try to avoid touching it, not wanting to lose control in front of this stranger.

I feel his weight on the bed between my legs, his warm hand running up my calf to the ticklish area behind my knee. He slides his body up further, cupping my breast in his hand, his face inches from my pussy.

"Mmmm, I can see the first bit of slickness on your fingertips." His hand pinches my nipple hard as he growls, "Put your fingers inside, Gabbie."

I slip my index finger into my hole, feeling my wetness. He rolls over, and I feel his breath on my exposed clit, then the flick of his tongue against it. I tense up, knowing I can't just lie here while this stranger makes me bring myself to orgasm while he teases my clit. He pulls my hand away, and I feel his fingers pulling my thong to the side as his mouth devours my pussy, his tongue lapping at my slippery hole, his teeth nipping at my lips.

I'm quickly approaching the point of no return, and while I can still think somewhat clearly, I roll to my side and kick out with my foot, kicking him squarely in the chest. He grabs me by the ankle, pulling me toward him. I feel him press something cold and hard against my upper back, and then a sizzling pain as my body goes limp. Right away, I know he has a stun gun. I never lose consciousness, but my body is totally limp for a few seconds, my nerve endings screaming in agony.

"I warned you, Gabrielle. I didn't want to hurt you, but you gave me no choice." He says calmly as he readjusts my blindfold and lifts me off the floor. He carries me across the room and sits on the edge of my wing chair, lying my body across his bare legs. I can feel the rough texture of the hair on his thighs against my torso and legs. His hand roughly grabs the fabric of my thong, and with one quick movement, he snaps the delicate strings holding it together, and pulls it out from under my body. I begin to cry now, knowing that I have no chance to escape. One hand steadies me across his lap by holding my hip, and the other hand is slowly rubbing across my ass. I feel his big hands spread my legs, his fingers dipping into my wetness, rubbing it up and down my crack. Two thick fingers slip into my slick hole, pushing in and down, rubbing my g-spot. I begin to writhe on his lap as his fingers move smoothly in and out. His two fingers push into me as his thumb brushes over my clit and I can feel my body responding.

The cool rush of air preceding the stinging slap on my ass was the only warning I had that I was going to be spanked. I scream out in pain and surprise as his strong hand again descends to my ass. He's spanking me roughly, his fingers of one hand grinding into my wetness, the fingers on the other hand slapping my ass. I can feel my orgasm building, my voice blown from screaming. My whole body tenses and I arch my back upwards as I climax forcefully, not being able to stop it any longer. His fingers continue to slide in and out, my wet pussy gripping them with each wave of orgasm. He's stopped spanking me now, just fingering me gently as my body begins to relax. I can feel his hard cock pressing into my belly, the tip sticky with pre-cum.

"Ahhh, Gabbie . . . you cum so beautifully when you finally give in to it." I lie there across his lap, sobbing quietly as I feel his hand begin to rub my burning ass again. "But this time, I want you to help me." He says, grabbing me around the waist and bringing me to my feet and guiding me over to the bed. He pushes me so I fall face down on the bed.

"Now up on your knees." He orders me, and I do what he says. "Finger yourself, Gabbie. Let me watch."

I hesitate for a second, not quite sure what he's asking of me. His hand comes down with a hard smack and my ass begins to burn again. I quickly push my fingers inside my pussy, amazed how wet I am. He rubs my ass as he watches my fingers slipping into my wetness.

I hear him fumbling with something, not sure what to expect next. I finger myself slowly, knowing that at this pace, it will take me hours to get to the point of orgasm again. I feel his hand spreading my ass, and a cold liquid drops onto the area around my anus. I tense up, my fingers momentarily stopping.

"Gabbie . . . " He warns, and I begin fingering myself again as he slowly starts to circle my tight rosebud with his finger, spreading the smooth, cool lubrication around. His thick finger applies pressure to my tight hole, and slowly starts to enter me. I tense up again and he stops, saying "Gabbie, I'm going to do this, whether you want it or not. Just relax and it will hurt less." I try to do what he asks, taking a deep breath, concentrating on my fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. He pushes his finger into me deep, and I cry out. It's not really hurting, just burning a little, and uncomfortable. He holds his finger deep inside me for a few seconds, then backs it out slowly and adds more lube. He puts two fingers together, using more force, he penetrates me, and I scream, the pain is intense now, and he stops.

"Shhhh, Gabbie . . . we don't want the whole neighborhood to hear, do we?" He asks as he begins pushing both fingers into me again. I can feel myself stretching around his fingers. He finally pushes all the way into me. He starts to slowly fuck my ass with his fingers.

"Mmmmm, baby . . .I can feel your fingers in your pussy through your ass. Do you feel that Gabbie, can you feel my fingers in your ass?" He asks, and I can hear the desire in his voice.

I nod my head, gritting my teeth, willing away the sensations he's evoking from my body. His free hand comes underneath my belly, searching around until he finds my clit. He circles it with his thumb and finger and I arch my back to move away from his hand. He uses his fingers in my ass to push me back down into position, once again running his fingers over my clit. I know better than to move away again, and he tells me to spread my legs wider and to make myself cum. I continue to finger myself slowly, fighting the urge to speed up and give myself the release he wants. Before I know what he's about to do, he flips me over onto my back, his fingers never leaving my ass. I'm lying flat on my back on the bed, with my legs spread, and he's lying on my left side, his fingers buried in my ass.

"Okay, Gabbie . . .if you want me to force every orgasm from you, I can play along. Put your hands above your head and grab the bottom of the headboard." I do as he tells me, and this position stretches my body out completely. He continues to pump his fingers in my ass, and lowers his head and takes my nipple into his mouth. I gasp and let go of the headboard, my hands pushing his head away.

"Are you telling me that you want me to tie your hands? Don't you think I'll do it, Gabbie? If your hands move again without my permission, I'll tie you up and leave you that way when I go. Do you understand?" His voice is calm, he hasn't yelled at me yet. I nod my head, praying that I can follow his directions. His mouth finds my nipple again, sucking it into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. His head moves lower, nipping at my belly, leaving small bite marks along the way.

With his fingers still in my ass, my legs spread wide, he runs his tongue up and down my slit, from where his fingers enter me, to my clit, and back again. The sensation is overwhelming, and I moan loudly as my fingers dig into the headboard. He touches his tongue to my clit, sending sparks through my body, enjoying my reaction when my whole body jerks and trembles. I hear him snicker, and then his mouth closes over my clit as his fingers grind deeper into my ass. He sucks eagerly at my clit, his tongue tracing circles around it. My body begins to tense with the first waves of orgasm, and I arch up, my hips lifting off the bed. He follows with his mouth, not giving me an instant without the sensation of his tongue's magic on my clit, and I explode into wave after wave of ecstasy, bucking my hips against his face over and over. I'm sure I yelled, but I don't remember.

He pulled his fingers out of my ass, and stood up. I curled into the fetal position in the middle of my bed, sobbing, half from the shame of responding so readily to this man, and part from the overwhelming pleasure of being violated. I'm not expecting it when his large, strong hand closes around my upper arm and pulls me to the side of the bed. "Now Gabbie, you're going to suck my cock. And if I feel even the slightest hint of teeth, or if you try anything brave again, I'll have to cause you unbeleivable pain, got it?" I nod.

He pulls me roughly off the bed, onto my knees on the thick carpet of my bedroom floor. I kneel there, raised up on my knees, not knowing where he is in relation to myself, and then I feel his hand at the back of my head, guiding my lips forward. His cock head brushes my lips, slicking a smooth line of precum over my bottom lip. "Hold it in your hand and lick my balls, Gabbie."

I slowly reach up with one hand, grasping his thick cock at the base, pulling it upwards, exposing his balls to my tongue. My face presses closer, and I can smell the faint hint of soap mixed with the salty aroma of fresh sweat. I press my lips against his sac, then open my mouth slightly, just enough for my tongue to peek out, and I lick at him tentatively. He yanks my hair and whispers, "Do it like you would your boyfriend! You have nothing to be afraid of if you do what I tell you to do. I know you know how to do this."

At this point, I just want this whole ordeal to be over with. I rationalize with myself that if I do this right, I can make him cum quickly, and then he'll go away. Grasping him tighter in my fist, I open my mouth fully and suck one of his balls into my mouth. Twirling my tongue around it, I notice that he trims his hair very close, there's just a tiny bit of fuzz, making it easier for my tongue to glide over his skin. I quickly move to the other side, sucking his skin into my mouth again. I hear his voice, thick with pleasure, "Oh, yeah . . .that's what I'm talking about. . .oh, you're good . . ."

I slowly start to lick and suck my way up his shaft, getting it very slick with my saliva, as my hand pumps him at the base. I get all the way up his shaft, then flick my tongue over his head, gathering up a huge bead of precum. He tastes good, sweet.

I take his entire head into my mouth and suck gently as my hand strokes him in a tight grip. I take my hand off his cock and put both hands on his hips, pulling him towards me as I slowly engulf his entire cock in my mouth. He lets out a long moan, his hands steadying himself against my shoulders. I use my tongue as my mouth travels back and forth, burying my nose against his skin on every pass. He's groaning and I can hear his breathing change to shallow panting. His hands tangle in my hair as he pumps himself quickly in and out of my mouth. I fight the gag reflex as he pushes into my throat. He grunts and I can feel his cock twitching, growing even more in my mouth as it begins to spasm. He pulls himself almost all the way out of my mouth and cums across my lips and my tongue. "Don't swallow yet," he whispers. "Open your mouth and show me."

I slowly open my mouth, and I can imagine what he's seeing, me on my knees, naked, blindfolded with a mouthful of his cum. "Oh, God. You look so sexy when you're being submissive. Swallow it, Gabbie." I close my mouth and swallow, waiting for him to tell me what to do. I feel his hand under my chin, gently guiding me to my feet. His mouth closes over my lips, and he runs his tongue over them. "Mmmm, open up, Gabbie." I open my mouth and his tongue darts inside, I know he must be able to taste himself on my tongue.

He pushes me back onto the bed, my legs dangling off the side, and I feel his warm fingers spreading my lips. "Oh, Gabbie, I think you're enjoying this more than you're letting on," he says as a finger dips into my slit. I can feel how slippery I am down there. He brings his finger up and runs it over my lip, gently forcing my mouth open and slowly pushing his finger inside. "Suck it. Taste how hot I made you." I close my lips around his finger, flicking my tongue over it, as he pulls it back out.

I feel him spreading my pussy again, and his breath on my clit. He holds my hips against the bed as he begins to lick and suck on my pussy. I don't even try to fight the sensations coursing through my body. His tongue flicks at my clit, and his fingers invade my pussy again, thrusting deeply as I feel the beginnings of an earth shattering orgasm. I clench my fists at my sides and my hips raise off the bed. Every nerve in my body is singing, and my limbs go numb as every feeling is centered on my clit. My hips buck, thrusting my wetness against his face as my climax washes over me. It seems to last forever, I'm moaning, "Oh, God . . . .Oh, God . . ." over and over.

I collapse back onto the bed, and he picks me up and lies me back down with my head on the pillow. He lies beside me, and I can feel that he's become aroused again, his hardness pressing into my thigh. He begins rubbing my breasts, gently pinching the nipples. "I'm going to fuck you now," he whispers against my cheek.

"Please, don't. I'm not like that. I don't even know you," I whimper.

"Do I make you feel good, Gabbie?" He asks, kissing and nibbling on my neck. My skin prickles with goosebumps, and I nod my head.

"Well, then you know everything you need to know about me." He rolls on top of me, and I can feel him guiding his cock towards my pussy. I decide that I'm not going to just lie here and let him do this to me, no matter what it costs me. Knowing that he is kneeling on the bed between my legs, I take the chance that I can push him hard enough to make him lose his balance. Before he knows what's going on, I sit up on the bed and shove outward with my hands, using all the force I have. I was right, it did knock him off balance!

He falls somewhere off the end of the bed, and I am up on my feet before he hits the floor. I rip the blindfold off and run straight for the stairs. I get about halfway down, when he yanks my hair, stopping me in my tracks. "Oh, Gabbie. . .I'm really mad now. I thought we were past this," he growls directly into my ear.

I am scared beyond belief, not knowing what this man is capable of. He pulls me backwards as we go back up the stairs into my room. He bends over and picks up the blindfold, and reties it around my face, and I start to cry again at my hopeless situation. He pushes me down on the bed, and I can hear him rustling around again. He comes back to the bed and growls "Give me your hands." I comply, and he wraps some kind of thick twine around my wrists, cinching my hands together and then he pushes me back onto the bed and secures my wrists to the headboard.

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