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Bulls Corner


It was our anniversary and James decided to take me out for a good dinner at a nice restaurant and a sexy movie afterwards. There was a new establishment in town and we decided to check it out.

After all, it was called, Bulls Corner. What more appropriate name for a restaurant that might cater to a cuck and his Mistress?

James laughed and said, "We may get lucky right there, with some Bull under the table. He can suck you and I'll suck him, huh?"

I giggled. Then he laughed; but his dicklett pushed against the zipper of his jeans and I knew he hoped it would happen.

As we drove up, there was a que so we stepped behind it and waited our turn. It really didn't take more than fifteen minutes for them to get to us.

The inside was really nice, cozy tables in a romantic atmosphere soft, almost inaudible music playing in the background and nice looking waitresses and waiters.

The appetizer menu was large with everything from Crab and Cream cheese, Fried Shrimp balls, Piney Woods Hush Puppies and When Pigs Fly Appetizers.

I chose the Piney Woods Hush Puppies; James had the Fried Shrimp balls (what a surprise!). For dinner, we both had a Salmon Plank with rice and Aspargus.

The food was orgasmic and the waiters looked as if they could really deliver too.

We ate leisurely and shared some good conversation. Our waiter was precious and I told James, "It would be nice if he were kneeling between my legs licking my wet pussy!"

"Do you want me to ask him, Mistress?"

I laughed and he went to motion for the waiter to return. But I knocked his hand down. "Ask him after dinner, James!" I scolded.

A wicked smile crossed his lips and I laughed out loud.

When the tab came, he paid the waiter and I went to the Lady's room.

Returning, I saw the two of them in a deep conversation. The waiter was nodding his head and listening to James intently.

I approached them slowly and when I arrived, the waiter turned and smiled at me. I smiled back and looked at James who smiled back at me and took my arm.

As we were leaving, the waiter caught up with us and asked if we would like a complementary dinner. "It's a campaign to get new customers to return," he explained.

"Sure, why not?" James said looking at me. Then he started talking to the young man again.

Somehow or another, their conversation came around to sex (as it usually does with men) and James invited him to join us.

"Man, I would like to do nothing more, but I don't get off until eleven," he sighed.

"That's okay, we usually stay up pretty late," James said loud enough for me to hear.

I simply smiled and waiter got the point. "Okay, I'll do it!"

James handed him our address and asked if he knew the neighborhood.

"Yeah, man, I grew up in that area," he said looking at me with a smile on his face and a bulge in his tuxedo pants.

James took my arm and led me to the car. "He said he'd love to drop by later, are you up to it?"

"Oh no, why did you do that without asking me!" I chastised him.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I thought you would like some of him. I could tell he was at least eight inches." He quickly apologized and I laughed out loud.

He blushed and smiled back. "Why do you tease me like that, Ma'am?"

Then he told me about him. "His name is Zek. He's only working there until he can find something better. He really liked you! He told me that you are beautiful!" James winked at me.

I laughed, "Yeah, I'm sure he did."

"We could probably build up a whole corral of studs if we keep eating here!" he laughed. He was as hard as he can get thinking of me having my own stable of virile men.

I pinched his little dicklett and kissed him. "Don't rush into anything, James. Let's see what this one is like first. How old is he anyway?" I asked.

"He said he's thirty-four. His name is Zek."

He was about five-feet ten with witch-black hair and angel-blue eyes. The smile on his face was bright and sincere.

Arriving home, James ran me a hot bath with my favorite bath oils. He washed my long hair and my back. I relaxed in the warm water for about twenty-minutes after I was clean. It felt so comforting.

When I stepped out, James was there with a warm towel for my body and my hair. He dried me and wrapped my hair.

As he surveyed the clothes in the closet for the perfect outfit for a new rendezvous, I placed a fragrance in all of the right places. Then sat on the bed and masturbated to take the edge off.

"James, come tongue fuck me; I need to relax!"

He ran to the bed and I spread my legs wide. "Fuck it good; I'm so horny thinking about Zek in there."

"Mistress, I'm sure he will make you feel like a goddess!" James assured me.

I lay back on the bed as his tongue slipped in and out of my wet hole and his expert fingers played with my hard clit.

Massaging my hard tits added to my pleasure. I pinched the nipples hard and squeezed the full mounds tight each time James' tongue found that spot that drove me wild.

I turned to check the clock and it was already ten o'clock.

"Stop!" I cried and James jerked his head up quickly.

"What did I do, Mistress?"

"Nothing, look at the time!" I cried.

"Oh Mistress, I'm sorry, I was foolish to get caught up in my passions for your sweet pussy."

"Just get me some clothes and dress me. Something really soft and sexy."

He went through my things and pulled out a forest green dress with a slit from my knee to my hip. The bodice had a low cleavage and shows my figure beautifully.

I stood up and he slipped the dress over my head and down my body. Then he looked up and me from is knees and asked, "Mistress, may I lick you sweet pussy one more time?"

"No, I must get ready for Zek. You can have dessert later! And you'll enjoy that!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" he smiled then licked the cleavage of my tits.

As he turned to get dressed himself, I slapped his uncovered ass. "Don't you get cocky, or you'll not get to play tonight!" I scolded.

He smiled and within minutes of his leaving, the doorbell rang.

I sat on the bed and listened as he went to answer it.

"Hey man! Did you have any problems finding us?" he asked Zek.

"No, none at all. Am I early?"

"Nah, right on time. Just let me get my Lady."

He came into the room and his smile was covering his face. "You're really going to like this one; I just know it. You should see the bulge in those jeans!" he whispered his enthusiasm.

"Just invite him in; I will stay here."

He left again and came back with Zek.

When they walked into the room, Zek blushed, smiled, and thanked me for giving him the opportunity to please me.

"Oh, that's okay; I know that you will be able to give me what I can't get from James. He just doesn't have what it takes."

I turned to him and said, "Show him, James!"

He dropped his shorts on the floor and Zek's eyes bulged. "Wow! Sorry man!"

"It's okay, I just want to watch you make my Mistress happy. Will you do that for me?" he asked.

Zek looked to me for a response; I shook my head.

"I'll do you proud man, I promise!" Then he looked back to me.

"Would you mind, ma'am, if I kiss you?"

"I'll be disappointed if you don't!" I smiled and licked my red lips.

Cautiously, Zek approached me. The bulge in his jeans was large and pushing against the rough material.

He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to himself, then his face was over mine and those blue eyes seemed to glow even bluer. I smelled peppermints on his breath.

His tongue darted into my mouth and I felt the shaft of his hard prick on my pelvic bone.

I wanted him badly. I wanted him to tear my dress off of me and take me like a caveman, wild and rough.

It had been weeks since James had found me a good man to take care of me. And this night was going to last at least a week. James would just have to pay him for his services. I wasn't going to let him go back to that restaurant for a long while.

We fell together onto the bed with him still trying to slip out of his tight jeans. James helped by pulling off the shoes and pulling the cuffs down.

Zek slipped out of some bikini briefs and he smelled of musk. That full flavored fragrance started my juices spewing and soon I was so wet I feared he would not be able to stay deep in my cunt.

He spread my legs wide, once he had disrobed. First he suckled my hard clit then her spread my lips and ran the head of his dick up and down my wet pussy. He didn't try to penetrate me.

Zek licked his finger and ran it over the head of my throbbing clit, but still inserted nothing in my pussy. Then he leaned over me and his tongue touched my clit, fire ran down my legs.

I pinched my nipples and my body heated up another fifteen degrees.

"Fuck me! I want your prick deep in my pussy! Fuck me good!"

Taking his thick dong into his hand, he stroked it slow and easy then, faster and faster.

The head turned purple and precum dripped out of the pee-hole.

James looked to me and I smiled.

"Zek, would you let James lick that precum off the head of your prick? He likes the taste of precum," I smiled sweetly at him.

He spread his legs open and took the dripping pick into his hand shanking the head up and down as dropletts of cum fell to the sheets.

James crawled between his legs and tentively lapped at the head of the cock. Zek ran it across his lips and then forced it into his mouth.

James leaned over his lap and his tongue grazed the bulging head. His eyes rose to mine and there was a smile on his face as he lapped at the juices there.

James suckled it like a puppy on it's mother's teat. His own cum seeped from his excited dicklett.

My cunt started flowing as I watched him suckle Zek and my fingers went to my pussy. As I watched James' head bob up and down on the long, thick shaft my fingers played in the fluids there and my thumb and forefinger tantalized my vibrating clit.

James was consumed with Zek's tool and his face went closer and closer to the black pubic hairs that protected his shaft. Soon he sneezed, putting an end to the pleasure he was receiving and giving.

Zek pushed him off the bed with one foot. He returned his attentions to my body. My pussy glistened with the fluids that had resulted from my masturbation while watching James take that fat prick into his mouth and his head bobbing up and down; moans seeping out of he full cheeks.

As he laid on the floor now, his little dicklett swollen to its full capacity, thin strings of unsuccessful cum spilled on the carpet.

Zek looked at his small dick and turned to me. "Can you feel that little thing in you? Or do you even let him try?"

I smiled and said, "Yes, he tries; but his mouth and fingers are much better than his pricklett."

He laughed at my word for James' little trunk. Then he told James to sit in the chair next to the bed and "Watch what a real man can do for this beautiful lady!"

Zek crawled between my legs and spread them as wide as possible. His tongue slipped from his mouth, it was nearly as long as his dong. He lay between my open legs and ran the thick tongue from the separation of my ass to my pussy.

When it touched the lips of my cunt, the lingua slit the folds open, without the use of his hands.

His hands found the hard nipples of my teats and pinched them as the long, thick tongue fucked my pussy better than James' ever could have.

I closed my eyes and layback to enjoy the sensations of this man's erotic moves. I became limp, allowing him to use my body for his pleasures and mine. He was an entrepreneur of a women's pleasure.

He was as knowledgeable as James in pleasing a woman, and maybe even more so. I had to watch his moves because he was so fluent and gentle.

As his hands flowed over my skin they were sometimes like a soft breeze and at others like a burning fire deep in my derma that would scorch me if it lingered too long.

He seemed to have knowledge of what my body desired without the slightest hint or movement from me.

Once Zek had explored my outer body, his tongue slipped inside my spewing pussy and played in the thick fluids of pleasure there. His nose smelled my musk and his prick stood tall.

James' eyes glowed and he licked his lips. I knew he was anxious for Zek to move on so that he could soon enjoy the pleasure of tasting that thick phallus covered with the juices that held my taste.

"Mistress?" He whispered softly, just loud enough to know that his words would reach my ears.

"Yes James, what is it you need that has to interrupt my pleasure?" I was getting aggravated at his actions and was nearing a point of throwing him out of the room completely.

"Sorry, Ma'am, I didn't mean to interrupt your pleasures but I need to go to the bathroom, may I please do so?"

"Yes, go, get the hell out of here. Don't bother me with such trivial things!" I kicked at him as he stood up and he quickly left the room.

Zek had filled my cunt with the warmth of his heavy seed. I could feel it settling comfortably in the deep recesses of my pussy.

His body rolled off of mine and his lips covered my erect nipple and suckled me as a baby its mother.

Thick, hot, salty cum oozed out of the large hole in the head of his prick. Crawling to the middle of the bed, I touched my tongue to the dripping head and tasted his seed. My body convulsed with the taste.

Full bodied seed that promised a baby. I thought... hmmm James could be a daddy again. Won't he love that!

I smiled but didn't say a word.

When he returned to the room, James asked, "Do you need refreshment Mistress and Master Zek?"

"Yes, James, my mouth is dry and I definitely need water," I told him.

"I could use some liquid too," Zek smiled as he headed for the folds of my cunt.

When Zek finished licking my pussy he spread the lips again and forced his head just inside as he knelt between my legs and gently moved his hips back and forth so that the head never went any deeper than the head.

His thumb and forefinger lightly rubbed my clit. Fire and lightening ran down my legs, up into my belly and exploded out of the hard mounds that were now my tits.

"AHHHHH!" I cried. The intensity of this movement made every muscle of my body go limp and my body shook like it was being blended in a whirling blender with very soft blades.

My legs shook, my arms shook, and my cunt begged for more. His mouth opening and closing in rhythm with my breathing.

Zek crawled to my head and kissed me deeply. "Are you having fun, my dear? Am I what you wanted and needed tonight? Do you love how I can make you feel like the beautiful woman that you are?"

I couldn't answer his questions; my breath would not come. My body shivered and shook with feelings no man had ever given her.

Pulling his face to mine, I kissed him deep and hard. My hand reached for his cock, still wet and dripping and I slurped it into my mouth.

Sucking hard, I pulled more, warm cum from his shaft and he fell backwards onto the wet spread and sheets; there was not one dry spot on the bed.

His prick fell limp between his legs. Drops of cum still settled there, the first light of morning was sifting through the shades of the window and the heavy cum glistened in the glow; it held a sparkling, golden hue.

I licked my lips, then crawled to that limp prick and licked the last essence off the head.

This woke him. He looked up at me and then whispered, "Once more before I go." A broad smile crossed his face.

I pulled a condom out of his crumpled jeans on the floor. He tore the cellophane and threw it on the floor. He unrolled the lambskin over the head of his prick, then moistened it with spit.

He asked me to get on my hands and knees and spread my cheeks.

I smiled. I called James, who came running.

"Yes, Ma'am, do you need me?" he asked, eagerly looking around the room, seeing Zek with the condom on his prick and me in the doggie style position.

"Yes, James, take off your shorts, stork that pricklett and kneel in front of me."

He smiled wide and quickly tore his clothes off, climbed onto the bed and knelt before me.

"Okay, Zek, I'm ready for you now; just make sure you lube me too."

The cold lubricant ran a chill up my spine and my pussy spewed fluids down my legs.

Zek covered his throbbing dong with the condom, lubed it and spread my butt cheeks wide.

As he forced the probe deep into my ass, I could feel my skin ripping from the circumference of his head. But once he was in, the pain subsided.

He wrapped an arm around my waist and found my clit. As his body moved in and out as he fucked my ass he massaged my clit giving me a wonderful last experience with him.

The heat of our bodies together on this sunny morning brought back the pleasures of the night before.

I sucked James' dicklett into my mouth and wrapped my fingers around his tiny nuts.

His hands rested on my shoulders for balance. His breathing slowly became deep and passionate. His fingers dug into my skin as his sac let go of the useless cum and it filled my mouth with the warmth of his explosion.

James then snake crawled on his back to my pussy and returned the favor.

While Zek fucked my ass with a power that I had never experienced, James licked and sucked my throbbing clit to ensure that my orgasm would be as explosive as possible. Hi

His tongue licked and sucked at the little nub and his fingers darted in and out of my seeping wet hole.

Zek lasted a good twenty minutes after James ejected his thin seed.

I released James to go ready the shower. Zek kneeled over my head, took of the condom and shook his still dripping prick in my face. "One more blow job so I can sleep this afternoon, please?"

I smiled and slurped his head into my nearly dry mouth and tasted his dripping seed. This made my pussy wet once again.

Sucking him, I reached with the one hand to my hungry cunt and finger fucked myself while massaging my clit. When he spilled in my mouth, I shot onto the spread.

I called James back into the room. "Run a shower; I need to be cleaned. Wish to join me Zek?"

Zek's eyelids fluttered, he moaned then fell back to sleep.

Looking to James, I said, "Looks like you'll be bathing me this morning. And afterwards, you will make lots of black, hot coffee and breakfast."

"Breakfast is already in the making, Ma'am and I thought you might like pancakes and syrup with peaches and cream; is that to your liking Ma'am?"

"That will be very good, James. Now just get me in that shower; I feel very sticky!"

He ran the hot water and stepped into the shower with me. He washed my matted hair, which was sticky with sweat and cum. Then he sat on the cool ceramic tiles and washed my legs, and sore pussy.

I had no memory of how long and hard we had fucked. I knew it had to be at lest a day and a half. Zek was going back to work tonight.

James was gentle as he washed the tender areas that were still sensitive to the touch. My cunt was red from all of the fucking and my ass burned. My farts were silent from the large passage provided from Zek's thick dong.

I was tired and when Zek was gone, I slept for the rest of the day. James woke me for dinner. As we talked he asked, "Did you really enjoy Zek, Ma'am?"

Smiling, remembering how good his large dick felt in my hungry pussy, I said, "It was the best fuck I've had in a long while. I wonder if he knows other bulls at the corner that want to play with me?"

"I'm sure that he will, Ma'am, shall we go there for dinner tonight?"

"Maybe, maybe we'll get a black waiter tonight......I trailed off just thinking of the possibilities.

That was four months ago. We've had seven Bulls since then. All of them giving me more excitement and pleasure than many of the others.

Bull's Corner is not just a restaurant for us; it is our corral of studs. We eat there at least three times a week. And in a long month, six time. I like the revolving waiters there, always some new treats to taste and savor. And James even gets to suck cock from time to time... if he's a good boy.

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