Burying Uncle Hiram's Ghost

byRumple Foreskin©

"And what about you, Molly?

"Oh, hell Jeff, don't ask. I hate it. Marriage is serious. I love you, but I'm not a back-street girl and I won't ask anyone, not even Connie, if they'd mind sharing you now and then. But maybe helping her and watching you two together, maybe it'll help me learn to handle the idea of you marrying someone else."

The first week had gone better than expected. Connie proved to be an uninhibited cut-up who while sensitive to Jeff and Molly's feelings, soon overwhelmed the initial gloom and awkwardness. She seemed to get off on watching them make love. And Molly, the closet exhibitionist, came to like being watched.

But when Jeff and Connie got into action, Molly would smile at them, but keep driving. If it happened while they were parked, she might try to read or maybe take a blanket outside and work on her tan. While she'd stayed with them the first time they'd made love, she didn't like to watch and had no interest in a threesome.

The van made a sharp turn. Jeff opened his eyes and saw they were now on a two-lane country road. "Where are we going?"

Molly shrugged. The gesture made her breasts jiggle in a very nice way. "Who knows? I just wanted to find someplace a little less crowded for Connie to finish her 100-mile blowjob. And this looked like a neat road."

At the sound of her name, Connie lifted her head. With just the tip of Jeff's cock still between her lips, she pretended to lisp. "Ah we theyah yet, sistuh?"

"Would you believe, about a mile?"

"Oh, hell. I've gotta get to work." With that, she returned to her labor, pumping her head up and down Jeff's shaft, massaging his balls, trying to get him off the moment they hit 100 miles.

But in spite of all her hard work and enthusiasm, she failed. After two hours of constant attention, Jeff's cock might have been rock hard but it was also so numb her lips and fingers couldn't do the job.

When Molly called out 102 miles, Connie gave up and slumped back in her cubbyhole. Looking up at Jeff, she pretended to pout. "You should be ashamed of yourself for frustrating me like that. But maybe there's a way you can make it up. Help me get out of here."

It didn't take much help for the young, supple body to emerge from the floor. Connie leaned over Jeff and kissed him while tugging down her shorts. With nothing on but her "Gymnasts give a split" t-shirt, she turned around and eased her slim hips down over the cock she'd been sucking on for so long.

Their bodies fell into the rhythm of the van. Each time a bump shoved Jeff's cock deeper into her body Connie would emit her signature whimper. He had a hand under her t-shirt, massaging one of her small, sensitive breasts. Meanwhile, the fingers of his other hand were stroking her clit in time to the van's motion.

A series of hard bumps turned her whimpers into cries that were a mixture of pain, surprise, and pleasure. Molly had pulled into a small, unoccupied roadside park. After stopping in a shady spot overlooking a small stream, she lowered the windows, and killed the engine.

With the van stopped, Jeff began supplying the energy, rhythmically pumping his dick into Connie's snug pussy. She turned her head around and smiled. Then she noticed Molly was watching and reached a hand towards her sister. Molly leaned over and took the small hand. It was her way of sharing the moment with her sister and the man she loved.

The moment was special but it wasn't long before Connie, who tended to reach quick, violent orgasms, had to let go. She was racing towards a climax that promised to be spectacular.

If Jeff hadn't been so busy holding onto the petite, athletic body thrashing about on his lap, he might have wondered why Molly had stopped driving. But he was preoccupied with trying to pen Connie's right leg against the door, hold her left with one hand while keeping his other wrapped around her middle so she wouldn't buck off his cock.

Molly reclined her chair and gave him a teasing grin. "Please don't stop on my account."

Jeff grinned back. As they both knew, there was no way he could stop, not with Connie's gyrations. Her head was tossing back and forth, sending short blonde hair flying in all direction. She gasped and clutched Jeff's forearms for support while her body shook with a building passion.

When it struck, the force of her climax was incredible. She let out a long cry and tried to surge upward. Jeff struggled to hold on to the well-toned body. Tense and straining, it shuddered under repeated jolts of erotic energy. It was a long, powerful and, as Jeff could testify, very wet orgasm.

The climax passed as suddenly as it struck. Connie fell back against his chest, let out a long sigh, and then began crying. She'd done the same thing the first few times they made love. But it hadn't happened for several days.

She began to turn around, wanting to wrap herself in Jeff's arms. But the stiff cock still impaling her hampered any movement. After whimpering in frustration, the former high school gymnast lifted her left leg. With Jeff helping her spin, she kept it vertical, letting it follow her movement until it passed in front of his face. Then she lowered her leg and snuggled close to wait for her emotions to stabilize.

Connie lifted her head. "I'm sorry. I thought I was over crying. But this time was different."

"Good different or bad different?" asked Jeff.

"Oh, good different, very good. The other times were all, well, the thing is I've only made love with one other guy, Jimmy Martin. He's super sweet and I was so nuts about him. But every time we finished, I'd start crying. We broke up over Christmas. He just couldn't take it anymore."

"I can see where'd that'd get to guy."

"You're telling me? The thing is, I didn't know if it was me or him or what. But Molly kept saying it was because of Uncle Hiram and to not fight the feeling but to just let the hurt out with the tears and then the love could come in and all that. Well I thought she was crazy, but it worked-after a few days. Now when you and I finish, I don't feel all confused and scared, just happy. This time there was so much happy, I cried. I think it was Molly holding my hand, and us kinda doing it together. And for just a second I wondered about Jimmy, about what it'd be like now. I guess it all added up."

Molly squeezed her eyes shut, then opened them and smiled. "Well, sis, when you think Mr. Jeff is up and able again, I've got some horizontal needs that are just screaming for his attention."

Connie shook her hips and gave Jeff a reproachful look. "You know, this sort of thing could hurt a young girl's ego. But sister, while my experience may be limited to Jeff and Jimmy, unless I miss my guess, this guy's still up and able."

"Just for the record," said Molly, "when it comes to partners, you've got twice the experience I do."

"You're kidding? What about you, Jeff?

"Thanks to you, I've now doubled my count."

Connie looked at Jeff, then Molly. "You mean, just the two of you, all this time? And now, because of momma...? Oh God, that's so unreal."

The switch didn't take long, even with Molly and Jeff moving to the bed in the back. When they melted into each other's arms, Connie, who unlike her sister was both an exhibitionist and a voyeur, made herself comfortable and prepared to watch the lovemaking.

What she saw was much more than just sex, just the coupling of young, healthy bodies. As she watched, two people deeply in love made love as if it might be their last time together. It was a long, slow intimate act that began with gentle kisses and touches and ended with their bodies becoming one loving being-a force that generated an energy, a passion, a need so great it exploded in a long, luxurious mutual orgasm that left no trace of its existence, except for two exhausted people, in each other's arms, and in love.

Lost in the after-glow, neither one noticed Connie bite her lower lip and sigh. Once Molly and Jeff's eyes came back into focus, she spoke, "Look guys, don't be mad at me about this, please."

Even by Connie standards, it was a strange preamble and got their attention. "I'd have told you sooner, but I was afraid it might mess up my graduation present. And, okay, I'm selfish. But I know I shouldn't have waited."

Molly, whose head was propped on Jeff's arm, looked at her kid sister. "Would you mind getting to the point?"

"Okay, back home, before you two picked me up, I got a phone call. It came right after momma and daddy left for the cabin and you know how they are about cell phones. Anyway, it was daddy's buddy, Senator Chambers. That bill you and Jeff worked on, the one to change the state's incest laws, but it got defeated; he said the legislature had just passed it, don't ask me how, and its been signed by the governor. That means it's no longer against the law for first cousins, for you two, to get married."

Both Molly and Jeff were staring at her in stunned disbelief. "I was going to wait until the trip was over to tell you," said Connie. "But seeing you two together this week, and just now, watching, it was so incredible, I just had to let you know. So if you hate me, I'll understand. I'll even take a bus home if that's what you want. But if it makes any difference, I'm not afraid anymore. This week, you and Jeff helped me bury the ghost of dear Uncle Hiram."

There were tears in Molly's eyes but a smile on her face. "Do momma and daddy know?"

"Oh yeah. By the time you two showed up, I'd called everybody. They all figure you'll want to get married as soon as possible. But they said to come home first. The whole family wants to be there. So I'll make you two a deal, if you'll forgive me, and if Molly will let me be her Maid of Honor, I promise to be her humble and obedient maid servant for the rest of the trip. And if you two agree, I wouldn't object to being Jeff's sex slave."

"Oh Connie, I'm too happy to be mad at anyone. Besides, there's no one else I'd want as my Maid of Honor. But your idea does sounds like it might be fun. What about you, Jeff?"

"It's tempting, but I don't need a sex slave. You're all I've ever wanted, lady." He kissed at Molly's tears and then looked over at Connie. "But I wouldn't mind spending the next few days making love with my fiancée and her sister, my cousin-in-law whose about to become a sister-in-law. Call it making sure Uncle Hiram's ghost is gone for good."

Molly pulled Jeff to her for a long kiss. When their lips parted, she grinned at the man she'd soon marry. "Let's start now."

Before Jeff could mention fatigue, Molly placed a fingertip on his lips to hush him. Looking at Connie, she said, "Jeff's just a little tired. But if my Maid of Honor will come help, maybe we can start the honeymoon a little early."


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