Bus Trip


My wife, Jennifer, wanted to go on a Broadway trip to New York. Since I was too busy I suggested she go with her friend, Sabiha, who liked that sort of thing. I was torn because I liked to visit NYC too and catch a show but was being held to a strict deadline by one of my company's customers.

Jennifer made plans for a single day trip to NYC and back. She booked bus tickets to save dollars. The money that she saved she used to spend on the two shows she and Sabiha planned to see and on dinner and refreshments. The bus she scheduled was one of those double-decker buses that sit passengers below and above.

The trip up to NYC was uneventful and both Sabiha and Jenn enjoyed sitting above all the traffic and looking down on all the drivers. In fact Jenn and Sabiha spied a couple in an SUV driving next to them who were engaged in sex. The driver was a guy who was having his cock sucked by his female passenger. Jenn's and Sabiha's upper tier seats gave them a bird's eye view of the woman bringing the guy off. The guy must have been very horny because he spewed a lot of semen all over his lap and his steering wheel when he came. His girlfriend then proceeded to lick it all up. Both Jenn and Sabiha weren't so much shocked as aroused and they talked about how it excited them to see that on the road. Jenn had been married to me for ten years and Sabiha had only been married for ten months. Jenn enjoyed sexual gaming and she had encouraged Sabiha to explore the same with her new husband. As best friends they shared secrets and feelings about each other's lives including their sexual experiences. Something like this they both enjoyed; it was titillating. In retrospect Jenn realized that their conversation must have been overheard by someone on the bus.

Other than this single incident their trip up to NYC was uneventful. They were let out near Penn Station and, getting day long Metro passes, traveled all over Manhattan, enjoying lunch, a matinee performance of La Cage aux Folles, dinner, and then an evening performance of Promises, Promises. Tired from the day's activities they were ready to head back and queued up with the other passengers at the bus stop, again outside of Penn Station. I was to pick them up at their end stop in Washington and take them home to crash.

As they got on the bus they were both directed to the upper deck by a young man who said the seats below were all taken so once again Jenn and Sabiha headed up the curving steps to seats up top, pushing past another man standing at the top of the steps. Jenn recognized both men as having been on their earlier bus, but didn't think much of it other than that what were the chances. There were only two seats available and as the bus started up the only other vacant seats were taken by the man they had pushed past and the young man below who had directed them to the upper deck seats.

Once out of NYC and on the freeway the driver turned the internal lights off so everyone could sleep on the trip back to Washington; it was late at night. Jenn and Sabiha tilted their seats back and closed their eyes; Jenn soon dozed off.

Jenn's story (Jennifer – 5'8", slender, small busted with pronounced light reddish brown nipples that often stand out – serious headlights, rounded hips and butt with a flat belly ending in a thick light brown, untrimmed patch of pubic hair; pale white skin with green eyes and light brown hair, cut short, full mouth with a constant smile; loves sex and getting naked at nudist events and public places):

"I dozed off right away. I was tired. It was while I was dreaming that it happened. I was having another one of my erotic dreams where I'm on the beach with you and we are naked and doing it in front of hundreds of folks. They are cheering us on as I approach orgasm and getting wilder. It was then that I noticed that I was really being touched. Hands were rubbing my breasts and grabbing my thighs. I snapped awake and as soon as I did a hand went over my mouth and several strong hands lifted me out of my seat and carried me away to another part of the upper deck. There was now a dim light so I could see that I was surrounded by at least six men who were holding my legs and my arms and at least one who had his hand over my mouth; his hand smelled and tasted of strong cologne. This was soon replaced by a cloth that was stuffed in my mouth. The cloth was damp with some liquid which had a sweet taste to it. Some of the liquid dripped into my throat. I thought I was being drugged but I didn't pass out. Instead I felt my body get warm all over and I felt hot between my legs. I guessed it was probably an aphrodisiac and that frightened me at the prospect of what these men intended.

"The men made quick work of stripping me completely naked. First they tugged up my knit top over my head and tossed it out of sight. Then after many hands pawed my breasts, one of them released the catch on my bra and it was tugged off of me. Now my bare breasts were prodded and grabbed and tugged at again by multiple hands. My nipples were both fingered and rolled between different sets of fingers. One of the men even bent down and sucked on one of my nipples. Mind you I'm screaming at the top of my lungs and struggling mightily against being held down; I know what's coming!! But I was also embarrassed at how aroused I was becoming. My nips were standing up like little baby bottle nipples.

"Soon pawing my bare tits wasn't enough for these guys. With horror I watched as they unbuckled the belt on my jeans, unzipped them and began to tug them down and off of my hips. Since I'd taken my shoes off they didn't even have to worry about that. My jeans were off and out of sight. Then they pulled off my socks. I knew then that they wanted me completely naked and helpless, and that, for certain, I was going to be raped. I looked around for help but soon realized that it was only men surrounding me and they were all joining in on groping and molesting me or they were watching what was going on. I screamed again to no avail; the cloth was still in my mouth.

"Now a dozen hands were caressing and stroking my thighs, my butt, my belly and between my legs. One guy slipped my panties to one side and began to finger my pussy. Somebody passed him a bottle of oil and he soon had me lubricated up enough to slip two fingers inside of me. I bucked and struggled at this invasion of my privates. It didn't matter. Relentlessly he plowed his fingers in and out of my vagina until I could hear how sloppy wet I became. To my horror I was getting aroused and very wet. And it wasn't just the oil he was using on me. I was getting sloppy wet because I was in fact aroused; the oil had some of that blue liquid and I was getting extremely excited. My clit felt like it was going to get an erection it felt so hard and tingly.

"I think someone noticed my clit and how swollen it was getting because he sought it out with his fingers and began to vibrate my clit back and forth rapidly. I soon succumbed to an orgasm. That's what they wanted...me a helpless sexual object in their hands. I couldn't help myself. The hands and lips touching me all over, the rapid vibration of my swollen clit, and the repeated penetration of my slick pussy lips pushed me over the edge. My back arched up suddenly, my belly quivered and spasmed and I shuddered violently with a huge orgasm. The men all reacted with pleasure and sounds of approval that they had made me succumb and cum, my naked body helpless before their manipulations. But still they held me firm; there was no escape.

"I got angry and struggled further against the dozen hands that held me down and the other hands that played with every part of me. There was no relief. Without skipping a beat on the repeated penetration and playing with my privates the men stripped my lacy panties off and tossed them away. They opened up my legs a little wider and now I saw a camera in the hands of one of the men focusing in on my exposed crotch. I was horrified when I realized that this was going to be saved on video and probably pushed out over the internet like those Japanese films that document innocent Japanese women being groped and raped on trains and elevators. I knew then that this must have been planned, and again the realization that I would be fucked repeatedly and violated repeatedly hit me hard. I screamed again but the hand and cloth over my mouth stopped the sound from going far.

"I struggled back and forth, up and down, trying to avoid what was coming next. But it was no use; my struggling just got the men surrounding me more excited. Another man reached in between my legs, replacing the first two guys who had fingerfucked me to the first orgasm. I felt his fingers push inside of me with ease. I was so slippery from the oil and my own juices that I was ashamed that he could violate me so easily. His fingers curled up inside of me as he sought out my g-spot. His thumb pressed against my clit. He knew what he was doing. Vigorously he worked his fingers in and out of me, flicked his finger tips against my g-spot and worked his thumb up and down my clit. Within seconds, Mark, I was cumming again. I had never experienced such a rapid arousal. Again my body bucked, quivered and shook. My legs shot up in the air as my pussy just erupted with pleasure. Again the men surrounding me and holding me firm grinned and grunted approval at what they were doing to me and kept pawing my body and even my face all over.

"I didn't have time to reflect though because the same guy fingerfucked me again and within seconds I had another orgasm. Again I could feel the group of men almost cheer at what they had been able to do to me. It was as if it didn't matter that I was terrified and that these were strangers raping me; I kept cumming again and again and again. And that is what it seemed they wanted...me helpless, exposed and erotic...for the camera. Finally the guy who had been fingerfucking me was replaced by another guy who started in again on my pussy in the same way but he also had assistance from the former guy whose slippery finger slid up my anus and while one fingerfucked my pussy and clit, the other fingerfucked my ass. I just moaned helplessly as they brought me to a fourth orgasm. I was beside myself with shame, but I was like a horny whore yielding to the waves of pleasure these men were forcing out of my body. It didn't matter what my mind felt; my body was showing them 'Fuck me...fuck me, NOW!!!'

"As if on cue from that thought in my head they opened my legs up wider as the young man who had been fingerfucking me undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. His dick was hard and long. It felt hard and hot as it penetrated me deep. He started fucking me but at the same time continued to vibrate my clit with his thumb. Long slow strokes at first, which got him harder and longer, turned into rapid strokes accompanied by increased thrumming on my clit. As he ejaculated inside of me I couldn't help myself again. My vagina tightened around his cock and pleasure just radiated out from his deeply buried organ. My legs wrapped around his naked hips and I pulled him deep inside of me. I looked down to see his dark pubic hair mixed with my own light brown hair. All of his cock was inside of me; we were belly to belly. As he became soft he pulled out of me.

"He was replaced by another man whose cock was a little thicker. I hate to admit it but his cock felt fantastic as he pushed it into me. It filled my vagina up and tugged at my clit on each inward thrust. I came before he did and again I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him deep inside of me until he exploded with hot streams of semen which filled me up. I could feel his cum, my cum and the cum from the previous guy sloshing around inside my vagina. I was losing control and wanted to be fucked repeatedly.

"After that guy after guy after guy penetrated me. I was their helpless fuck slave. The pleasure was incredible as each new penis slid into me. I could feel their semen dripping down my butt cheeks. They loosened their hold on me and took the gag off. Only when my sexual moaning grew too loud would someone lean over me and cover my mouth to muffle the sound. I gave up and let them do whatever to me. I was craven with passion and pleasure and fear and was giving it back freely. Lips, tongues and fingers still touched me everywhere, just raising my sexual sensitivity even higher.

"At one point one of the men stood between my legs and raising my legs up in the air so my butt was high up he slid his hot cock up my anus which was slippery with semen and my own cum. He assfucked me!! Another man stuck his fingers into my pussy at the same time and fingerfucked me at the same time, making sure to vibrate my g-spot. I was soon cumming again. The man fucking me shot streams of semen up my butt. My vagina ejaculated streams of men's cum and my own juices all over. The smell of sex filled the air. The men surrounding me grunted their approval as my ejaculation sprayed over the naked groin of the man with his cock up my butt. After each one finished with me many of the men didn't even bother to put their clothes back on after finishing with me. They would run their wet, hot, hard dicks all over me. Trails of jism were all over my breasts, my torso, my thighs and my legs...even on my face.

"The man whom I ejaculated on was replaced by yet another man who wanted to assfuck me. He pulled my legs wide apart and lifted my butt up in the air and slid his penis deep up my butt and the whole incredible erotic act played out once again. I became ravenous too. As more and more of the men took their clothes off I found myself sucking each cock presented to me until I tasted their salty semen jet into my throat. I was a whore. And the camera caught it all. Fear, passion and erotic abandon. I felt uncontrollable lust as my body literally hummed with sex. I felt so tingly and vibrating.

"Then with a warning from someone outside of the circle surrounding me, all the men stopped, straightened their clothes out, and quickly abandoned the bus as it stopped at a rest stop along I-95. They left me naked, taking all of my clothes so I would have to get off the bus naked with semen streaming down my legs and covering my skin in white sticky gobs. So weakened from the rape Sabiha and I didn't exit at the rest stop so we weren't noticed until we stumbled down the stairs and surprised the passengers and the driver below. The driver, who was a woman, stopped the bus at the side of I-95 and gave us blankets to wrap around ourselves. Sabiha and I hugged each other the rest of the way and the folks below tried to offer us assistance and comfort until we got to Washington.

Sabiha's story (Sabiha – 5'5", South Asian woman with dark, coffee-colored skin, a full rounded figure with heavy medium-sized breasts, dark nipples that stay flat, full hips and butt with a rounded belly that ends in a jet black triangle of thick, wiry, natural pubic hair, has black eyes and jet black hair that hangs down to her breasts, has a full mouth that is often serious but occasionally breaks out with a large laugh and smile):

"Mark... Jenny and I were just getting comfortable for the four and a half hour trip back to DC when it happened. Jenny had gone to sleep quickly but I was still half awake from the excitement of New York; we had had such a wonderful time. I noticed Jenny was lightly moaning and had her hands tucked tightly between her legs. I grinned to myself because Jenny had told me about those wet dreams she would have and how she would wake up in the middle of having an orgasm (I myself hadn't known that until Sabiha told me).

"Well, suddenly several men whom I hadn't noticed in the dark put their hands all over Jenny's body. At the same time someone grabbed me from behind and wrapped his hand over my mouth. I let out a scream in terror but it was muffled by this large hand, but I was sure that it would be heard by the other passengers in the upper deck. As several men wrestled Jenny out of her seat and carried her off I felt my seat tilt all the way back and saw the seat in front of me tilt all the way forward. Four men wrestled me out of my seat without losing the grip over my mouth. I kicked and struggled but more men grabbed at me. They wrestled me out of the seat and laid me on a table located between two pairs of seats.

"I was terrified and kicking out and struggling as hard as I could thinking that surely someone's got to notice what's happening to us. Then I caught a glimpse of Jenny being stripped naked in the front of the bus. There was light now and I could see that she and I were both surrounded by men, and there was no one else but our male attackers in the upper deck. Two men were standing guard at the stairway going down below. There were also two men with cameras. One cameraman was filming Jenny being stripped and savaged. The other cameraman I realized was filming me. I knew then what was in store for me, but I didn't understand why. Why pick on Jenny and me? I didn't have much time to ponder this though. I was about to be groped and raped; I knew it with a certainty. They already had Jenny's top off and were working on her pants; I knew I was next.

"Suddenly the hand over my mouth was replaced with a cloth damp with some liquid. The liquid dripped into my throat and I thought I would pass out unconscious so they could have their way with me. Instead my body got hot all over and my belly especially grew hot and tingly. Even my eyes grew hot and watery. I was confused at what they had given me.

"Although the space was tight at least six men surrounded me and began to tear at my clothing. I was wearing a sweater which was easy to feel my breasts through but hard to get off. So one of the men slipped his fingers inside my knit pants and pulled them down rapidly. They also worked off my shoes and then next tore my panty hose off of me. The whole time hands were rubbing my face, my hair, my breasts, my belly, and my legs. Some men rubbed me gently while others squeezed my breasts roughly or grabbed at my sweater to tug it up exposing my stomach. Somebody grabbed my crotch and pushed his finger into my genitals. Since they were blocking easy access to my privates my cotton panties were soon ripped off of me; actually someone produced a pair of scissors and cut them off of me. It was terrifying to see those scissors that could cut me.

"My legs were pushed open wider and the cameraman got a close up of my privates. Someone handed the guy who had placed himself between my legs a bottle of blue oil. He rubbed it into my female parts. Immediately I felt heat down there and sensed that the slightest touch to my female bud would cause me to get sexually aroused. While he massaged my privates with his fingers and embarrassingly I felt myself open up to his touch, several men proceeded to cut my sweater off of me, cut my blouse off of me and cut my bra and remove it off me. I was now helplessly and completely defenseless and naked. In the background I could hear Jenny's moans as she was raped. I thought they were hurting her and got angry and tried to free myself while screaming at the top of my lungs. It was all to no avail; that cloth and hand were blocking my cries. The whole upper deck's passengers were clearly all men and in on this rape of me and Jenny, and they all helped to hold me firm and keep my mouth covered so no one below would be any the wiser, especially the driver, who was a woman.

"One of the men had worked himself in between my legs. Instead of him forcing himself on me he began to kneel down. I felt his warm breath on my pubic hair and then his tongue as he lapped my lips and flicked his tongue across my female bud, my clitoris. His fingers parted the hair surrounding my genitals. The other men were touching me all over: massaging my breasts with that blue oil which lit them on fire, teasing my nipples, which to my embarrassment were getting hard and erect...they hardly ever get erect..., rubbing my naked belly, thighs, and butt with the blue oil which also lit them on fire and made them extremely hot and sensitive to the touch. Fingers parted my butt cheeks and probed my backside. The oil was fingered up my backside and this too caused it to be on fire. Lips sucked on my toes. Lips sucked my nipples when they weren't being played with. With the increased sensitivity it was driving me mad. I was ashamed at how aroused I was getting; this was for my new husband to enjoy...not other men.

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