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Business Men Get Muddy


Dave, Roger, Terry, Nick and Paul were all wearing their best suits as they drove off to an important sales conference. It was being held at a hotel way out in the boondocks and none of them were keen about that but the thought of all the deals they would close got their juices flowing.

They were soon out in the countryside and with the exception of Terry who was driving, all were pouring over their last minute notes. A sudden flash of lightning startled them, followed by the intense rumble of thunder. A few minutes later heavy rain began bucketing down on countryside. It was so loud they could hardly hear the engine but then Paul saw the sign for the hotel and they were reassured that they would soon be at the conference.

'Shit! Terry cursed as the tarmac gave way to a dirt road after a few hundred yards. The van was soon sliding about on the muddy road as Terry fought to control it. The track seemed to grow ever more narrow and muddier and then suddenly the van was stuck fast. No matter what Terry tried it just refused to budge.

'We're gonna have to get out here and see how we can get out of this jam.' Terry announced.

'Have you seen how deep that mud is?' Paul wanted to know.

'Got any bright ideas?' Terry snapped back.

The men were all losing their cool. They was no way they could afford to be late or miss the meeting.

'Are you sure you're on the right road?' Nick asked.

'Either way we're not going anywhere unless we get some traction under those wheels.' Terry said.

Roger stepped out first and his right leg sank into about six inches of thick gloopy mud.

'Damn!' he cursed.

The other men started laughing at him and Roger got so mad he pulled Nick out of the van with him into the mud. Now both of them were standing in thick squelchy mud that made it almost impossible to move. There was no way they could get the van out of there without getting themselves totally filthy; whatever they did the situation was futile and Nick and Roger began to laugh at their predicament. Nick grabbed hold of Roger and threw him down into the mud, totally messing up his expensive Italian suit.

'Cut it out you two!' Terry grumbled but Nick and Roger were too far gone now. They were rolling around in the slippery mud, bodies mashed up against each other and Roger was starting to feel the stirring of desire that had been dormant for a long time. Dave and Paul got out of the van and started pushing each other around in the mud while Terry sat there trying to suppress an enormous boner. He realized that their conference was ruined and they could forget about doing deals and making money but shit, why the hell did his colleagues have to play about like this? It was almost as if they knew about his secret fetish for mud play.

'Come on Terry...' Nick called out.

There was no way that Terry could step out of the driver's seat with his nine inch cock tenting his suit pants. But then the decision was taken out of his hands. The driver's door was opened and Terry was hauled out of the van and into the mud but not before Nick had caught sight of his massive boner. Nick reached out now and grabbed a handful of Terry's big dick.

'Hey fellas, look what I got.' Nick called out.

The mud drenched businessmen surrounded Terry and started rubbing their messy, muddy bodies against him as they took turns feeling up his huge wand. He was beet red and wished the mud was deep enough for him to disappear beneath it. And that cock of his just wouldn't quit, it grew ever more insistent as his body was s meared with mud. He looked over at Nick who unzipped his suit pants and hauled out a long, skinny dick with a full fleshy foreskin that completely covered the head. Terry could feel his mouth go dry as he drunk in the beauty of that pale skinny cock. How much he would love to take in down his throat or up his ass, especially here in a muddy dip in a road that didn't seem to be leading anywhere.

As if the guys could read Terry's thoughts one of them unzipped his suit pants and hauled his big circumcised cock out and they all took turns jerking it in their muddy paws. Terry moaned in appreciation and when he felt his suit pants being tugged down to his knees he couldn't resist any longer. He had to have Nick's amazing skinny dick up his ass.

'Nick, fuck me please...' he groaned.

'Wow.' Paul whistled.

Up until now it had simply been a case of guys going a little crazy but now things were moving way beyond that. Paul watched Nick go up behind Terry and kneel in the mud. He gasped as he saw Nick part Terry's smooth cheeks and eat his ass out like it was the most fucking delicious thing on earth. And despite telling himself that it was disgusting Paul could feel his thick cock throbbing in his underpants. The more Nick ate Terry's ass and the more Terry moaned and the more Roger and Dave stroked their cocks the more carried away Paul got. His hand took on a life of its own as it pulled down his zipper and hauled out an extremely thick brown sausage with an angry red knob.

Dave couldn't resist the sight of that fat cock and came and kneeled before Paul and soon had it buried in the back of his throat. Dave's big hands stroked up Paul's furry thighs and onto his hairy butt. Roger came close and stroked Paul's back under his shirt before he slid down onto his knees and buried his face in that hairy, musky crack and just about made Paul leap out of his own skin. He was being pleasured front and back and he had no idea that he could feel so good. He wasn't sure what felt better, that warm mouth milking his sensitive crown or that randy tongue drilling into his virgin ass. He looked over now and saw Nick slide his long, skinny cock up Terry's ass and the horniness of the situation got to him.

'Oooh, do me!' Paul moaned.

He cried out in shock and pain as Roger's medium sized pecker slid up his shaft. Damn it hurt like buggery and he clamped down hard on the invading cock, trying to expel it. But something happened as he did so; it started to feel quite good. So he did it over and over, clamping down on that hungry shaft sliding into his guts and soon he felt what he knew Terry was feeling. He could hear Terry mumbling and groaning and begging Nick to fuck him harder and deeper.

Terry's warm love chute was wrapped around Nick's thin cock giving him the most intense feelings all along the shaft and into his lower belly. The silky warmth of Terry guts were like nothing that Nick had had in a long time and seeing Paul, Roger and Dave get it on was turning Nick on something fierce. He reached around Terry and started stroking that massive cock that had impressive girth as well as length. Terry shuddered as even more pleasure coursed through his body. Just the thought of a group of men messing about in mud was enough to turn him on; here he was getting shafted in the ass and watching three of his colleagues fucking too. It was beyond good and he just couldn't hold back on his orgasm any longer.

Terry let Nick know he was close and the skinny dicked stud increased his stroking to fever pitch. The two men were soon in the throes of ecstasy as they groaned and ground their bodies against each other. Terry's big cock spasmed in Nick's hand before pumping out a massive load of thick clotted fuck-sauce that lay in the mud like cream on a chocolate cake. Nick's knees buckled as his big balls emptied and blasted his hot jizz deep into Terry's love chute.

The sight and sound of Nick and Terry in orgasm got to Paul. His ass was on fire as it clamped down on Roger's cock, milking it to the brink. Paul could feel his balls draw up close as that magic mouth he was in took him closer and closer to the edge. He cursed out loud as his cock erupted, pewing his massive load of spunk into the back of Dave's throat. Seconds later Roger's cock blasted a load of soothing cream into Paul's poor cock prodded ass.

Only Dave hadn't had his kicks and the other guys quickly stripped him naked and rolled him around in the mud before jerking him off to the most fantastic orgasm he had ever had in his life. The men were still coming down from their fuck high when a big, burly farmer, who had watched the whole thing through binoculars, came along and offered to tow them out of the mud if they could pleasure him as much as they had pleasured each other.


Copyright 2007 Daniel Blue

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