tagLoving WivesBut I Won't Do That Ch. 05

But I Won't Do That Ch. 05


"So have you thought about it?" Parker asked me a couple days later.

I thought about screaming at him, but decided that wouldn't be the best response. It was the third time in the past two days that he'd asked me that question. He and our friend Gordon wanted me to have a threesome with Gordon and some other, yet-unnamed man. It was bad enough that I was fucking Gordon, with Parker's knowledge, permission, and viewing. I didn't want to fuck anyone else.

"Thought about what?" I said.

"You know what." Parker reached across the bed and played with my tit. "You know exactly what I'm talking about, and I bet you're getting wet thinking about it. Didn't you like it when Gordon fucked you with the vibrator while you sucked his cock?"

"Yes, and I like it when you do that, too. But that's it. I don't want another man. I've got two men now, and I'm still not completely sure I want the second one."

"Don't let Gordon hear you say that. It would hurt his feelings."

"I'm sure he'd be fine with it. He knows I like fucking him, but he also knows I'm still not sure it's right."

"It's fun for him, it's fun for you, and I get hard as hell watching it. So how can it not be right?"

"I'm not going into it again." We'd had this discussion over and over again, and I was tired of it. "So anyway, no, I haven't thought about it, and I'm not going to think about it. If you and he are so hot to see me with two men, then you and he can be the two men."

"I don't participate if another man's involved."

"Like you've had an opportunity to."

"Well, sort of."

"What?" I stared at him. "Why is it that you keep springing stuff on me like this? When did you have an opportunity to be in a threesome?"

"Remember I told you about the guy I shared a room with at that conference a while back? The one who brought a woman back to the hotel room to fuck? I watched them, and they knew I was watching and asked if I wanted to join in. I said no, first of all because that would have been cheating on you, and second because I wasn't interested in fooling around with a woman and another guy. Now, if it had been two women, it might have been different, but I wouldn't have done that without asking you either."

"So if you wanted to be with another woman or two, you'd ask me?"

"Yes. But right now, I don't. You're more than enough for me. I love you."

"I love you too." And I felt horribly, disgustingly guilty for fucking Gordon. "You're enough for me too. I keep telling you that, but you seem to like it that I fuck Gordon."

"I do like it. It was my idea. I know I'm enough for you, honey. You aren't doing Gordon just for yourself; you're doing it because I like to watch. If you had a fantasy of watching me fuck another woman, it would be different than if I was just doing it because I felt like it. You don't have any fantasy like that, do you?"

"I don't know. I don't think so. I'm a little more jealous than you."

"And there's nothing wrong with that at all. So back to the threesome."

"No, Parker. No threesome. No fucking two men at the same time, or sucking one while the other fucks me. I couldn't fuck two men at the same time anyway, not the DP thing that was in that movie. You know no one's ever done that to my ass."

"Would you like someone to?"

"I don't know." I'd watched the porn movie that Parker had shown me with an admitted curiosity about anal sex, but that didn't mean I wanted to do it. "I think it would hurt. I don't like pain."

"It wouldn't hurt that much, from what I've been told, but that's your choice. I promised I wouldn't push the idea of anal."

"You mean the way you pushed the idea of the vibrator and the idea of me fucking Gordon?" In both cases, Parker had tricked me into doing what he wanted me to do. I liked the vibrator and Gordon's cock, but I still resented Parker for the way he'd gone about it.

"Okay, okay. You've made your feelings clear about those things. Maybe I did push, but you never would have tried either one if I hadn't. Sometimes it's good to try new things, isn't it?"

"Sometimes, sure. We've been over that. I didn't mind trying new things once I got used to the idea, but there's a big difference between trying a vibrator and trying fucking two men that I'm not married to."

"Okay. So you don't have to. It's all good, isn't it?"

"Maybe. If you stop bugging me about a threesome."

He slid his hand under my nightie and touched my bare pussy. "I won't bug you anymore."

"I don't remember saying you could touch me there."

Parker flicked a finger against my clit. "How about here?"

"Mmm, Parker, stop that!"

"Why, because it feels good and you're ticked at me?"


He slid two fingers inside me. "How about this? Are you too mad at me for me to do this?"


His fingers found the right spot inside me and pressed against it. I would never have admitted it to him, but our conversation had made me horny, and this contact was making the horniness worse. I needed to cum, and he knew it. "Are you going to cum for me, Jemma?" he asked.


"I'll take that as a yes." He massaged the spot and pressed against my clit with his thumb. "You like that, don't you, baby?"

"Yes!" I shouted, half angry with him for turning me on so much when I was trying to argue with him.

"Should I fuck you?"

"No. I'm pissed off at you."

Parker thrust his fingers harder into me. "Should I fuck you?" he repeated.

"Fuck, Parker!"

"Are you going to cum?" He took his hand away and moved his body onto mine. "Do you want me to fuck you till you cum? I love making you cum with my cock, Jemma. It's so hot now that you can cum from being fucked."

"I want to cum!" I said.

"Then should I fuck you?"

"No. Do what you were doing."

"Nope. I fuck you or you get nothing."

"What are you, in charge or something?"

"I'm holding you down right now. Seems to me I'm in charge."

For some reason, it was a turn-on to hear Parker say that. It was true; he was on top of me. I couldn't have moved if I'd wanted to. "Fine, fuck me," I said.

"Sound a little more enthusiastic." He rubbed his cock up and down my slit. "Do you want me to fuck your cunt?"

"Yes, fuck me."

"Not enthusiastic enough."

"Damn it, Parker, why are you doing this?"

"Because I want to hear my sexy wife beg for my cock. So try it one more time. Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes, Parker, fuck me!"


In one quick movement, he slammed his cock into me so hard I gasped. He pulled almost completely out, then repeated the movement. "Do you like that?" he asked.

"Yes," I whimpered.

"Do you want me to keep fucking you this hard?"

"Parker, where the fuck are you getting these ideas?"

"Do you like the ideas?"


"Then what difference does it make where they come from? I'm fucking my hot, sexy wife, and that's what matters."

He started a steady, hard thrusting. I raised my hips to meet each thrust, reaching desperately for the orgasm that he hadn't given me yet. Finally, I felt myself go over the edge. "Parker! I'm cumming!"

"That's it, baby. Cum for me!"

I cried out his name as I came. He pulled out of me and said, "I want to fuck you from behind."

"You're just fucking my pussy, right?" Given how he'd sneaked Gordon in to fuck me, I wouldn't have put it past him to sneak an ass fuck.

"Just your pussy. I promise, Jemma, no one will fuck your ass until you say you want it to happen. But I want to look at your sexy ass while I fuck your pussy."


I got on my hands and knees and felt Parker slide his cock back inside me. As he fucked, his hands explored my ass. I tensed slightly; what was his plan? I found out soon enough when his fingertip penetrated my asshole. "Parker, you son of a bitch!" I tried to pull away from him, but he grasped me around the waist with his free hand. "Stop it! You promised!"

"I promised no one would fuck your ass. But I'm not fucking you. I'm just fingering you."

"But you promised." But it felt good, in a strange way, and I didn't really want him to stop.

"I didn't promise I wouldn't finger your ass."

I squirmed, but didn't argue anymore. Parker was going to do this no matter what I said, and to be honest, I was starting to enjoy it. His cock thrust in and out of my pussy in time with the thrusting of his finger in my ass. The feelings combined, and after a few moments I shouted, "Parker, I'm fucking cumming!"

"Yes, baby," he said. "Fuck, Jemma, cum with my finger in your ass!"

I did, howling as I went over the edge. I felt Parker's finger slip out of my ass and almost asked him to put it back, but stopped myself. I didn't want to admit how much I'd liked it.

Parker thrust a few more strokes into my pussy, then tensed as he came. "My sexy, sexy wife," he murmured. "That was one hell of a fuck!"

"Yeah." I got up. "And now I'm going to take one hell of a shower. Alone."

* * *

I couldn't pretend to be angry with Parker for long, though. By the next night, I'd forgiven him. I wanted to make him sweat a little more, though. "You can't just put something in my ass," I told him.

"I'm sorry if it bothered you that much," he said. "But it looked to me like you liked it."

"Yeah, and I like the vibrator and Gordon," I replied. "But you have to stop making me do things after I say I don't want to. All this tricking me into things makes me feel like I can't trust you. If you want to do something or want me to do something, talk to me about it. Give me more time to get used to the idea. Stop making me do things just because you think I'll like them."

"I'm sorry," he said. "You're right. It's just that I know how much you'd like trying new things sexually if you'd just let yourself go, and you don't seem too inclined to let yourself go most of the time."

"I'm not inclined to let myself go. Because I don't know where I'm going. Parker, until you brought Gordon in here, you were the only man I'd ever fucked. I want to explore more sexually, but on my terms and in my time, okay?"

"Okay." He hesitated. "Speaking of exploring more, I found out today that I have to go away for a week on business. There's a three-day conference, and then my boss wants me to meet with some clients in that area. I tried to talk him into letting me bring you along, but he said the company won't spring for it, and we can't afford it right now."

"I have to work anyway."

"I thought of that, too. But I also thought of how much you've gotten to like fucking. I wish I didn't have to go; it's going to be a long time for you."

"I have the vibrator," I said.

"And you have Gordon."

"I only fuck Gordon when you're watching," I reminded him.

"That's my point. You don't have to only fuck him when I'm watching. I'm giving you permission to have him over whenever you want while I'm gone. I'd like you to call or email and tell me he'll be here, but you don't have to go without just because I'm not here."

"How much of a slut do you think I am? You think I can't make it a week without being fucked?" Though the idea of having Gordon's cock inside me without Parker watching was intriguing.

"Well, when Gordon fucked you last weekend, you said you're our slut," Parker said. "But I don't think you are one. Just someone who likes sex. You don't have to have him over if you don't want to. I'm just letting you know I'm okay with it if you do."

"When are you leaving?" I asked to change the subject.

"I fly out Sunday afternoon. I thought maybe we could have Gordon over again Saturday. And another friend, someone who wants to meet you."

"Back on the threesome thing?"

"Not at all. He just wants to introduce himself. He's seen your picture and he'd probably like to fuck you, but that doesn't mean you have to let him. Just meet him, okay? He's another coworker of ours, the one I told you about who swings with his wife. His wife's out of town this weekend with one of her boyfriends, and he doesn't have anything else to do."

"Fine," I said. "He can come for dinner. But that's the only coming he'll be doing."

"All right."

* * *

Saturday night, I dressed in an outfit similar to the one I'd worn last time Gordon came over. Miniskirt, tight, low-cut top, and no panties or panty hose. I wasn't sure how it would work having Gordon fuck me when someone else was there, but I knew I wanted him.

Parker whistled when I walked into the kitchen. "Jemma, honey, if you aren't planning on fucking Greg, you're wearing the wrong kind of outfit," he said. "There's no man alive who can keep his hands off you when you look like that."

"Well, he's just going to have to," I said. "I told you, no threesome."

"You don't have to do a threesome," he said. "You could fuck Gordon and then Greg."

"I haven't even met Greg yet! I'm not going to fuck a man I don't know."

"You fucked Gordon the night you met him."

"Yeah, because he busted into the bedroom while I was changing, and the next thing I knew, he had me on the bed. It's a little different. I wasn't given a say in the matter."

"You could have said no, and you know it. Gordon would have stopped if you'd tried to stop him." Parker kissed me. "But you're so fucking sexy when you fuck someone else, and I don't think you wanted him to stop. You like being fucked."

"Yes, I like it," I said. "That's old news. I like it as long as I get a vote in who does it and where he does it."

"Yes, I think you've made that clear," Parker said. "You'll get a say. Don't worry about it. Speaking of saying, we have about half an hour before they get here. Any ideas of something we could do to pass the time?"

He ran his hand up my leg. I stepped away and said, "Yep. You can let me get the salad ready."

Dinner was ready and on the table when Gordon and his friend showed up. Greg was shorter than Parker and Gordon, not much taller than me. He had short brown hair and glasses, and didn't look like the type who'd be a swinger. Then again, I didn't really know what a swinger should look like. I shook his hand and said, "Pleasure to meet you."

His eyes scanned me from head to toe. "Likewise. You're just as attractive as Parker and Gordon said you were."

"Thank you." I wasn't sure I liked the way he was looking at me. Hopefully Parker had made it clear to him that this was just a dinner, not a fuckfest.

We went into the dining room. Parker sat across from me, leaving me surrounded by the other two. "You're in for a treat, Greg," Gordon said. "Jemma's an amazing cook. And that isn't all she's amazing at."

"But my cooking is all he's going to sample tonight," I said.

"So I was told," Greg said. "Can't blame a guy for hoping you might change your mind, though, can you?"

"You can hope," I agreed.

We ate and chatted, and I discovered that Greg was intelligent and had a great sense of humor. He kept the rest of us laughing so hard we could barely eat. Brains and humor were two of the qualities I liked best in men, and it started getting hard to remember that I'd sworn this was only dinner. Especially when Gordon opened the bottle of wine that he, as usual, had brought with him. He'd discovered the effects wine had on me.

When we were finished eating, Parker cleared the table, as he'd done the last time Gordon had come over. That time, Gordon had fucked me on the table once it was cleared. Surely he wasn't planning to do that again, not with Greg watching!

"That was absolutely delicious, Jemma," Greg said. "My wife's the cook in our house; when she goes away for her weekends, sometimes I feel like I'm going to starve."

"Can I ask you a question?" I said.

"Of course. Ask me anything."

"How did you and your wife decide to be swingers? And what do you do, anyway?"

"It was an easy decision. We both like fucking, quite a lot, and we were both kind of in the scene before we met. When we met and fell in love, that didn't change our thoughts about sex with other people. Sex and love don't have to coexist. My wife and I make love to each other; sometimes we fuck other people."

"So it's something you've always done?"

"Yep. And we have a great marriage because of it, in my opinion. We give each other permission to explore and try out other people, so there's no sneaking around or lying or resenting each other. We're completely open with each other."

"Do you like to watch other men fuck her?"

"Jemma!" Parker came back from the kitchen. He sounded horrified. "What kind of question is that?"

"You like to watch Gordon fuck me.," I said. "I wanted to know if other men like to watch their wives being fucked."

"I like watching other men fuck her, and she likes watching other women fuck me," Greg said. "And sometimes I like watching other women fuck her. My wife's bi."

"Parker, don't get any ideas," I said.

"I wouldn't dream of it," he replied.

I felt a hand on my leg, pushing up the hem of my skirt. The leg closer to Greg. Then I felt Gordon's hand on the other leg. My pussy got wet and my mind wandered to the thought of fucking both of them, but I wasn't about to let Parker have his way on this. "Gordon, would you like some dessert?" I asked. "If Parker and Greg will excuse us, that is."

"I don't get to see the dessert?" Parker said.

"Hell, let's both watch," Greg said.

That was exactly what I was afraid of. I didn't want this strange man watching me fuck anyone. Especially when I was thinking about fucking him too. "Um, both?" I said.

"Jemma." Gordon's hand slid higher, almost to my pussy. "You like showing off for Parker. Why not let Greg see? After all, he's all alone this weekend."

I knew if I let Greg watch, he would want to join in. And if he wanted to join in, I probably wouldn't stop him, no matter how much I claimed that I didn't want another man involved. I wanted to drag Gordon into my room and fuck him; his touch and Greg's on my legs were making me more aroused by the second. But I didn't want to be rude to our other guest. "Maybe we shouldn't do dessert today," I said.

"I won't watch if you don't want me to," Greg said. "No problem, Jemma. I know you're new to this, and I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

"I don't want to just leave you sitting here by yourself, though," I said.

"It's okay."

"Tell you what." Gordon leaned closer to me. "Jemma, do you want to be fucked?"


"Do you want Greg to watch if he promises not to touch?"

"I don't know if I can keep that promise," Greg said. "She's so fucking sexy. I'm touching her now." To prove his point, he moved his hand up to the junction of my thighs, higher than Gordon's hand. "I'd love to fuck this sexy body if she'd let me."

"Maybe you should give him my dessert, Jemma," Gordon said.

Why was this getting so out of control? I'd made it clear I wasn't fucking or fooling around with Greg tonight, and yet the men were trying to persuade me. And the idea was more exciting than I wanted to let on. "Jemma, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do," Parker said. "But I think you want this."

"I hate you," I said to him in a calm voice.

"I know. And you love every second of it."

I stood. "Let's go in the bedroom."

The three men followed me into the bedroom. As soon as we were there, Gordon's hands and Greg's were on me, removing my clothes, touching me in places that made me shiver. "I didn't say you could play, Greg," I moaned.

"Can I?" He licked my nipple. "Can I play with you, sexy Jemma?"

"Oh, god!" I said.

Gordon reached between my legs and found my clit with a finger. "God, she's wet," he said. "Is this turning you on, Jemma? You're the center of three men's attention, and that's making you hot as hell, isn't it?"


"Let it happen, honey," Parker said from his usual spot beside the bed. He was already rubbing the bulge in his pants. "Just relax and see what happens."

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