Bye Bye Miss American Pie


Her eyes still held mine but her face bore a faint flush and her hand gripped mine tighter as if afraid to let go. A pallid stark sentence but with one word that rose above all others. It felt as if my chest was in a vice like grip threatening to choke the very life out of me. Such a simple word. But a word with resonance and utmost meaning to me. She knows. This woman whom I'd never met until yesterday knows. She knows.

I frowned as I searched for the emotion in her eyes that I expected. That look - a mixture of surprise and then distaste. Shawna's look. That look she had given me when I had revealed - confessed my innermost wants and desires. You want the reason why we broke up? There you go. "Spanking? But why?" I could still hear those words. It took a lot to shock Shawna. Shocked didn't begin to cover it. You could add aghast, unsure, disappointed and wary to the list. Her idea of perfection wasn't so perfect after all. "I don't think - I don't know if I want to do that..if I want you to do that to me Joe." she had said in a way that had me cursing my own soul. I was helpless as I watched her slipping away from me as she had the sudden realisation I wasn't the man she thought I was.

Time had passed as it always does but even though our friendship remained, Shawna seemed to me distant now. That word had come between us and would always be there. But what I thought was between us wasn't. Shawna had spoken of us to another. Now this other person was admitting it to me. How was I supposed to react? Why didn't she distance herself as Shawna had done? Did she look upon me expecting me to be ashamed of who and what I am? But as I looked into her crystal clear blue eyes there was no pity, revulsion or scorn. There was another emotion. Something that took my breath away even as I tried to explain. "I don't think you realise what.."

She raised her hand and pressed her fingertips to my lips again. "Shhhhh. You're wrong Joe." she said. "When Shawna told me the reason why you broke up I understood perfectly. " She eased herself back as I still held her in my arms. Her face had an acceptance and serenity about it. "Its the reason I came."


Money talks. But it can't sing and dance and it can't walk. Not when I have you here with me I'd much rather see you forever in those blue jeans babe. We had finally reached my excuse for an apartment. A one bedroom loveshack that hadn't seen the light of day in a long time. The flotsam and jetsam of my existence lay all around and the only sound was the refrigerator cooling the beer and the hum of the hard drive as it downloaded stuff.

We hadn't said much during the taxi ride home. We didn't need to. We knew exactly what the other was thinking as we sat in the rear of the cab simply staring at each other oblivious to the streaks of neon and metal flashing by. As soon as the door of my flat was closed Rosemary came to me. Insistent and urgent. Our bodies melted into one as I led her to my bed. "Joe." she whispered as I dropped to my knees in front of her and immersed myself in the sights and smells of her buttocks and hips sweated into denim. "Oh God Joe, you have no idea. No idea how long I've waited and wanted this."

She gasped as I grabbed her hips and manhandled her around so that I had a prefect view of her backside. Pushing down on her spine, I made her bend over from the waist so that she had to rest her hands on the bed. Her rear expanded deliciously, pushing out the denim in an obscene way that had me literally drooling with electrified lust. Her arse curved out on all sides in a way that was blatantly erotic and the rise and fall of each sphere was, to me, what God put me on this earth for. "Joe. I need you to do it." she gasped breathlessly. "I need you to just do it right now mister."

Unclasping buckles and buttons, I took a firm grip and pulled and tugged her jeans over her wide hips with a studied determination that bordered on the fanatic. As I stripped her, I knew there was no place I'd rather be than right here right now with this woman who wouldn't be forever in her blue jeans.

Part 3.

She was perfect with jeans but more without. Once I had cast the denim aside she was left standing there below the waist in nothing more than God had intended. She was everything I had imagined her to be and more so. Curvaceously feminine hips tapered down to a pair of suntanned thighs and legs that were strong and firm to my touch. Her backside was the pride and joy of her. Anything I say here would not do its magnificence justice so I'm not even going to try. As she bent slightly and rested both her hands on her knees I lent forward and kissed both cheeks in deference and reverence. My God. She had a backside born to be spanked. A backside born in the U.S.A.

I would have gladly spent the rest of my days staring, drooling, moulding it to my whim but Rosemary had moved onto a higher sense of wanting than I had reached so far. She stood straight, turned full frontal and reached out and pushed me back from her onto the bed. Even in the dark moonlight I could see the fire in her eyes. "You can paint it another time Joe. " she breathed throatily. "But right now I need you to show me heaven." She knelt on the bed and with deliberation laid herself across my lap making sure her arse was exactly where she wanted it to be. I stared at it as it slowly undulated too and fro, up and down in front of my face. I glanced at this American woman who had turned and reached behind herself to undo the ribbon that held her shoulder length hair in a ponytail. She had a smile on her face. "Go on then mister." she grinned beneath her red veil. "Show me what this English vice is all about. Give me the spanking you think I deserve and know I want."

We stared at each other as I slowly raised my hand whilst hearing the words of a song in my head - "I have flown five hundred miles and I'd of flown five hundred more just to be the man who had flown a thousand miles to spank your bottom making it hot and sore."

I brought my hand down harder than I intended but it was exactly what she wanted. The lady from Pittsburgh tensed as my palm crashed across both her cheeks with a firm meaty "SPANK" causing a crescendo of wave like ripples to wash over her rear before her flesh gently subsided to leave only the tell-tale red blemished mottled tattoo of my palm print in its wake. She didn't cry out but merely expelled a gasp of discovery as she accepted her first spanking from someone other than herself. There was a brief dance of her hips over my eager and pained lap before she settled back down to raise her buttocks for me once more. She twisted her head to look adoringly at me. Her face was aglow with colour and life along with a smile that meant everything to me. "You did that just right Joe." she said joyously as she licked her full ruby red lips. "Now can I have some more mister?" I didn't say anything. I didn't need to. We were here together doing what we wanted to do and being what we wanted to be. That was all that mattered. As I spanked her hard again I knew I had found my soul mate - even if it was for only seven days.


Those seven days passed as they were always destined to do. But in those seven days Rosemary and I had lived each day to the full. They were days of life, love and spanking and they would be memories we would cherish forever.


On the eighth day it was night again and the city hummed to the strobe of the neon flickering enticingly in the dark like amorphous fireflies. I was at my regular bar, in my regular seat, drinking my regular drink thinking irregular thoughts for this day - the day after she had gone - had been a long never-ending and soulless one. The vodka sparkled in the light as I gently swirled it before emptying the glass in one go. I could feel the bite of the alcohol smothering my emotions along with the dull ache that crushed my chest in its vice like grip. Hank the bartender was standing in front of me drying a glass watching as I fought my pain in the best way I knew how. He had that look on his face that I had seen countless times before when he saw someone on the downward spiral into desolation and despair. This was a first for me. I had come close to it a few times but never this close. Hank sighed. "You won't find your answer there Joe."

I pushed the empty glass towards him and snapped my fingers. "Maybe, maybe not. But I sure as hell am going to have fun trying. Make it a double for good luck." I hunched forward feeling the weight of loss getting heavier and heavier. Sure hoped Hank wasn't in a lecturing mood. Just the alcohol. The alcohol will do fine - for now.

Too many people offering sage advice in one day to keep a man sane. Even Shawna - who should have known better. She had called at my apartment after she had returned from the airport. "Move on Joe. I know she's my cousin and all that but there'll be someone else." Guess she had figured out that her cousin had a "thing" going on with me for the seven days she knew me. How much of a fling was anyone's guess and not my problem. That raised another question. Had Rosemary told her about the spanking as Shawna had originally told her before?

I doubted that somehow. Hank poured my drink and screwed the lid back on the bottle. He stood looking at me for a second. "Life isn't a rehearsal Joe. There are those that do and there are those that reach for the bottle to keep their regrets at bay. To live a life of regret is to live a life unfulfilled." I lifted my head and stared at him. "In all the years I've known you I've never considered you the type to settle for anything other than a life where you've made your dreams come true. Don't disappoint me Joe. But more importantly - don't disappoint yourself."

With that he turned and walked away to leave me contemplating the vodka in my glass


It was the fourteenth day.

The sun shone brilliantly through the window as I stared at the unfamiliar grey concrete cityscape below as it was bathed in an orange day glow caressed by a hot and humid swirling breeze. So much had happened since I had been in my regular bar, in my regular seat, drinking my regular drink that last time. I had called Hank the bartender back. I had looked at him for what seemed an age but was probably not in all truth. It was a life changing moment. Every breath I take - every move I make - is because I'm thinking of you. I nodded at the bottle. "Open it." I waited until he unscrewed the top then lifted my glass and poured the vodka carefully, deliberately, back from whence it came. I reached across and shook his hand for he had been a good and wise friend to me over the dark years. "So long Hank." Hank had just smiled.

I made my way through the milling throng of people carrying my whole world in my right hand and on my shoulder as I finally reached my destination - and my salvation. The man in uniform looked up as he checked my profile. "Business or pleasure Sir?" he asked pleasantly as he opened one of the suitcases. His badge said "US Customs".

I smiled at him as I saw a familiar face waiting for me in the distance behind the barrier. "For pleasure and for life. Definitely for life."

The man handed me back my passport with a smile as he saw someone running towards me. "Then have a nice life Sir. Welcome to Pittsburgh and the United States of America."

I nodded and walked through security into the loving arms of my future wife and the woman I would spank for the rest of our days...

The end.

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