tagBDSMCabin Fever

Cabin Fever


The morning is cool and crisp with a definite chill in the air as He loads their bags in the trunk of the car. His eyes twinkle as He opens the car door for her and helps her into the car. "Ready Love?" She smiles up at Him and nods her head and gives Him a sly wink.

They make a quick stop at a convenience store for a cup of coffee for the road and then they head out. Conversation is easy; they speak of the everyday events that make up their lives as they head toward the mountains. He reaches over and takes her hand, twining His fingers with hers and winks, "I do think we should make one stop this morning." She glances at him from beneath lowered lashes and wonders what is in His mind. She knows they packed plenty of supplies for this long weekend; certainly they need no more food. She also knows He would not have left the house without packing His rope and various toys. However she merely looks up at Him and smiles, knowing she will find out soon enough.

Then, as she begins to pay attention to the streets they are traveling, she realizes where He is heading. He squeezes her hand and laughs, knowing without a word spoken that she just realized where He was headed. She tilts her head back and laughs a seductive and girlish laugh and then winks at Him.

He pulls into the parking lot and gets out, coming around to open her door. As she gets out of the car, He takes her hand and they walk into the store. She feels the blush creeping up her neck and onto her face. He smiles gently at her, amazed and delighted that she still can blush and yet He knows what she is capable of and how quickly the blush will disappear when they are alone and He is ravishing her body.

There were several men in the store browsing, and she felt as if she had become the center of attention. He smiled and squeezed her hand and whispered in her ear "Every one of them is probably wishing you were with them you know." Her blush deepened, and she smiled softly at Him and whispered back, "I rather doubt that. Your eyes see into me with love and knowledge; they only see the shell of me." He caressed her face and she thought she would melt into a puddle right there on the floor.

They began browsing, whispering about various toys they saw. He selected some new nipple clamps, a vibrating egg with a remote, and then led her to the dildos. Again she felt herself blush as He instructed her to select one. He whispered to her what fun they would have and she laughed up at Him, forgetting the others as she looked into His eyes.

They paid for their purchases and left. The scenery was beautiful as they drove; the leaves were at their peak, vibrant rich colors. They stopped at a little place in the quaint village nearest their cabin and enjoyed a lunch. He made her feel so young and beautiful as He flirted with her like she was a young girl again. As He whispers His plans to tie her up and tease her, she feels the heat of desire for Him course through her body.

They leave and travel the last few miles to the cabin in the bright sunshine of an autumn day. Once at the cabin, they unpack the car and carry their things inside. She puts the groceries away as He builds a fire. After getting the fire going, He opens a bottle of wine and they sit together in front of the fire. His fingers toy with the buttons on her blouse as they sip their wine. Slowly He undoes her blouse to reveal her full breasts encased in silk. His fingers caress the flesh and she feels her nipples respond, aching for His touch. He takes her wine glass and sets it to the side as He begins to undress her slowly.

His hands and mouth tease her, arouse her. He watches her eyes darken with arousal and smiles, before He kisses her and reaches for the coil of rope. She is not sure how she ends up laying naked on the bearskin rug, but she feels the soft fur against her skin and she feels the denim of His jeans against her legs. She reaches her hands up around His neck as the kiss deepens. He runs His fingers through her hair, down her neck to her shoulders. His hands travel the length of her arms and He grasps her wrists, pulling her hands free. She sighs into His mouth and He lifts His head smiling at her. He raises her arms above her head and quickly binds them together. His hands roam over her body, arousing her, teasing her as she lies there softly moaning. He nudges her legs apart and feels her wetness as she pushes against His fingers.

He moves back and spreads her legs wider, bending them at the knees, allowing Him access to her lovely ass. He then ties them securely to the legs of the sofa. She is immobile now, there for pleasure, and it is His right and privilege to determine how this will play out. This is how it is between them. He is Master, she is slave and it fulfills them both and excites them beyond measure.

The daylight has by now faded, and He leaves her for a few minutes, moving around the cabin and lighting oil lamps and candles. The flames from the fire cast lovely shadows in the room over her. The scents of wood burning fill the air. Soon she smells the lovely scent of apple pie. He has lighted scented candles. When He returns to her, she smiles at Him. Softly, He touches her face and then slips a blindfold over her eyes. He touches her pussy and feels that she is still wet with arousal.

He picks up a candle and begins dripping the wax over her body. It drips over her breasts encasing her erect nipples in wax. She moans and mewls with it. He listens to her gasp at that first searing touch of wax on her skin and then her moans of arousal. Slowly, He covers both her breasts in the hot wax and begins to trail it down over her stomach. Her body is a canvas and He is the artist creating.

When the wax trail leads to her pussy, He slows and again checks her for wetness. Even He is surprised at the way she is so ready for Him. He drips the wax over her shaved pussy delighting in the way she begins to mewl and beg Him to fuck her. Her body is trembling and she strains against the ropes.

Suddenly she feels the dildo against her ass and moans as He gently inserts it. He is bringing her to that place where she is no longer conscious of what she begs for, only that she needs more. Her whimpers are soft and pleading as her body accommodates the dildo. Suddenly, He begins inserting ice into her cunt and she knows this will be her last conscious thought. He fills her cunt with ice and the sensations become so intense, it pushes her to that place only He can bring her. The heat, the cold, the anal sensations drive her insane with need and desire. She begins begging Him to fuck her ass, her pussy. He begins to fuck her ass with the dildo as the ice melts and sends her over the edge into orgasm after orgasm. She has told Him that the ice is like being fucked from the inside out. It is the best she knows how to describe it. He removes the blindfold as she cums, and He watches her closely as her eyes roll back into her head and she cries out His name.

As she comes down from the orgasms, her body trembling, He holds her close and she feels His hard cock pressed against her. "Please Master, let me taste your cock." she whispers, "Please fuck my face and let me taste your cum." His hand soothes her and then He straddles her, placing the head of His cock at her lips. She laps at the precum and kisses His cock before He plunges it into her wet greedy mouth. His hands twine in her hair and He fucks her face relentlessly. He mauls her tits with his free hand, pulling at a nipple and making her moan even louder. He feels His cock bottoming out at the entrance to her throat as He thrusts into her violently. Soon, she is moaning as He cums into her mouth, shooting jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth. She swallows every drop and licks her lips. "Thank you Master."

He kisses her and whispers, "The night is young, Love, and we still have toys to play with...."

The long day, crisp autumn air, and wine had taken their toll....."L" had drifted into a deep sleep. She slowly woke and her mind focused. She was bound, spread eagle to the bed. She looked up into his eyes and smiled. She so loved being bound this way. Her body stretched, open for his use. Her wrists were bound to the head of the bed, her ankles to the foot of the bed. Hooks ran along the side of the bed, ropes were tied to her arms and legs and attached to them so she was pulled tight against the bed from all directions. A pillow was under her hips so her pussy was pushed upward. She twisted and pulled.....Gawd how she loved being helpless like this. He smiled and kissed her lips; their tongues glided together. The taste of cum was in her mouth from her earlier face fucking. "I love tasting me in you, love." he said. "L" threw her head back and moaned.

He turned on the remote control egg in her pussy and the remote control butt plug. Both were on low speed. He knew this would keep her aroused but not quite take her to orgasm. This drove "L" crazy with desire. He knew her body well; he knew she could just not quite cum as hard as she tried. He knew soon she would beg him to increase the speed of the remotes.

He started to peel the wax off her body. "L" loved how it felt to have her skin pulled as the wax came off. He started on her stomach and worked his way slowly to her breasts. When he peeled it off her nipples, "L" was twisting against the ropes and moaning; her head going from side to side. His hands slid down to her pussy and caressed her clit. The warm wet cum felt wonderful on His fingers. He placed them in her mouth so she could taste herself. He leaned forward, sucking at her nipples; His teeth sliding off the edge of her taught nipples. She moaned.

He attached the vibrating nipple clamps. He felt her body stiffen...she almost came...but not quite. She looked into His eyes and begged to have the egg speeded up. She was twisting and pulling at the ropes. He picked up the scented oil and began to rub her body, starting with her feet and then slowly working his way up her body. Oiling her legs, her stomach, her breasts, He so loved the feel of her skin.

He moved closer so his cock could caress her breast, slowly sliding it around and across her. This was so erotic; her bound body, glistening from the oil. He kissed her, and then He leaned down and sucked her clit as he turned up the egg. She screamed His name as the orgasm rocked her body. He loved the way her toes curled when she came. He looked into her eyes, and again said, "The night is still young, Love, and we still have toys to play with...."

They finished dinner and cleaned up, working together in silence, and exchanging smiles. She started a fresh pot of coffee and whispered in His ear. He grinned and took her hand and they disappeared into the bedroom. She went to her bag and drew out her red and black corset, a pair of black stockings and red heels. He smiled and sat in the chair in the corner of the room to observe. Looking at Him, she removed her jeans, sliding them down over her hips and down her legs, then she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, watching His expression as her flesh was slowly revealed to His view.

She stood there in front of Him, clad in her wisps of lace, bra and panties, and winked as she removed the bra first and then bent forward. Her thumbs slipped under the lace panties as she slid them down her legs. Proudly, she stood naked before Him and smiled. She picked up the red and black corset and crossed the room to stand in front of Him. Leaning forward, her hair framing her smiling face, she whispered in His ear, "Would you be so kind as to lace me into this Master?" She heard His hearty chuckles as His fingers teased her nipples and then His hands moved to her waist and slowly turned her around.

Standing there between His legs, she felt Him place the corset in place and begin the lacing. When He was done, she turned again facing Him. His hands grazed the side of her body, following the curves of her flesh. He loved the look of her in this bit of fabric, with her breasts swelling over the top, the flare of her hips at the bottom, and the tightly cinched waist. She leaned forward and kissed Him, thanking Him, and then slowly walked across the room to sit on the edge of the bed.

She picked up one silky stocking and gathered it in her hands, placing her foot in it and slowly eased it up her calf, over her thighs and fastened it to the dangling garters. She heard His quick intake of breath and smiled as she reached for the other stocking and repeated the process. He crossed the room and ran His hands over her silk clad legs, tantalizing her with His touch, and then stopping at the edge of the stocking. He trailed His hands back down to her foot and then He picked up one red heel and placed it on her foot. She sighed, He smiled. He repeated the process with the other foot, and then took her hands and pulled her to her feet. His hands cupped her ass and squeezed, as he said, "I think it's time for an after dinner coffee, Love."

He added a log to the fire while she fixed their coffee and then He was there beside her. Smiling, she turned to Him and He whispered, "Let's go outside on the deck for our coffee, L." She smiled and reminded Him the night air was quite chilly. He grabbed His jacket and then a long coat for her. He held the coat for her and she slipped her arms in it, knowing even without the coat, she would follow Him out into the cold air.

They snuggled together on the lounge chair, enjoying the beauty of the autumn night, the reflection of the full moon on the pond, the rustle of the leaves from the breeze, the cool night, and the stars twinkling, as they sipped their coffee and chatted. Certainly His hands strayed as they talked, slipping under her coat, teasing her. She turned to Him and whimpered as His hands toyed with her nipples. He leaned toward her and took her lower lip between His teeth, nibbling on her as she moaned against His mouth. Slowly He kissed her as His hands explored her lush body, traveling down to her pussy, delighting in the moisture there, feeling her body thrill to His touch. When He opened the coat and slid it off her body, she never felt the cold, He had heated her body and she was warm and wanton.

He led her to the railing and leaned her against it, kissing her deeply as she moaned and whimpered, whispering her need to be taken by Him. He smiled and pulled out the ever present rope and bent her over the rail, positioning her so her pussy and ass were both open, vulnerable, and available. Her legs were spread wide and He tied them to the railing. That pulled the garters tight, into her flesh. He took her arms and spread them out as well, tying her tightly. Her breasts swayed and jiggled as she struggled against the ropes to no avail. She was His.

He stood behind her, His hands roaming freely, biting at her neck as she moaned and whimpered and begged Him to fuck her. His fingers found her nipples and rolled them, pinched them, pulled them taut as she moaned and begged. His hands traveled again to her pussy, and seeing how wet she was, He plunged His fingers in and twisted them, moving them in and out as she strained against the ropes, begging for more. He could smell her arousal; He pulled His fingers out and held them to her mouth as she sucked greedily at them. Then, suddenly, He stepped back and stood there, enjoying the sight of her.

His hands came to her ass and He slapped her, smiling as she moaned deeper. He spanked her until her ass was a nice rosy red. Then he brought His fingers to her dripping pussy again, trailing the juices to her ass. Yes, this was how He would take her tonight in the cold air; the moon shining on her bound form. He slipped out of His jeans and placed His cock at the entrance of her ass and eased in, loving how she moaned and begged Him to fuck her ass, to make her His. He pushed into her ass and began fucking her hard as His fingers toyed with her clit. She begged and pleaded for Him to let her cum.

What could He do? He was, after all, her Master, and a gentleman. He began to thrust harder and deeper as she moaned and screamed out His name. He felt her orgasm and He began to pump his load deep into her nearly limp body.........His slave, His woman. "L" moaned as he came in her ass. His body shuddered. Gawd, how He loved her. He pulled his wet cock from inside her. He looked at this sensual, erotic woman as he said, "I`ll return in a moment love."

He went inside, and returned with an anal plug. "I have a little more fun in store for you this evening, my love." Her ass was still slick from his cum as he slid the plug in her. She moaned as her sphincter muscles closed around the bulb at the base of the plug.

He untied her arms from the railing and guided them behind her back. Placing her hands palm to palm, He bound her wrists. Then He wound rope around her arms just above her elbows. As the rope was tightened, her breasts were pushed outward.

He untied her ankles, and turned her around so she faced Him. He looked into her eyes and smiled. 'Such a wonderful slave,' He thought. He kissed her lips. He buckled a leather posture collar around her neck. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and pulled them taught. He clipped vibrating nipple clamps to each nipple. "L`s" head went backward as she whimpered and moaned.

He stepped back to admire His lover, so erotic in her corset and heels. His cock was hard at the sight of her. He attached a leash to the collar and led her into the house. As "L" entered the room, her eyes widened as she saw the sybian sitting by the fire. It was mounted on top of a small bench that was about 3 feet tall. There were leather straps attached to the side of the bench. He guided her to the device and lubed the dildo on top of it. "L" smiled with a twinkle in her eye. He guided her leg over the sybian, and watched the dildo slide deep into her pussy. The straps were positioned so her ankles could be pulled up and backward along the side of the bench and strapped in place. A second strap went around her leg just above her knee.

There were hooks on top of the bench in front and behind the sybian. He tied a rope around her bound wrist and attached it to the rear hook. Then He tied a rope around her waist and tied it to the front hook. This would prevent her from lifting herself off the dildo.

He kissed her lips just before he put the ball gag in her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head. She moaned.

He reached down and turned on the vibrating nipple clamps. "L" moaned into her gag. He then slid a dressing mirror in front of her so she could enjoy the view. He sat across from her in a comfortable chair and took the sybian controls in His hands. He so enjoyed bringing joy to his woman. He turned on the sybian and smiled.

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