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Cabin Fever


We were tired of being stuck in the house all winter. It was one of the warmest days of spring and my wife and I both had the day off. It was the middle of the week and no kids at home. Things were getting horny right from the get go. We decided to get up, take a shower, get some breakfast, and go for a ride.

We got up and showered together soaping each other up teasing, pinching and pulling at each other. We've been married for almost 20 years and our sex life gets better all the time. Mostly in part that we are both willing to try new things with each other. I'm usually the adventures one but am usually able to convince her to go along.

We both knew this was going to be a frisky kind of day so we dress to make it easy. She wore a T-shirt and baggy shorts with no panties. I wore a T-shirt and my bibs with no underwear. Although this does not sound like sexy dress we both know what we wanted. Easy access!!!

While at breakfasts we teased each other with sex comments and you should see her eat a sausage link with syrup dripping from the corner of her mouth. It's enough to give me a hard on.

We talked about were we where going to ride to but I had a place in mind already. We were by it last year but she would not stop for a quickie because of a road crew work just down the road. So we headed down the road sun shining in warming our bodies, radio cranking out some rock and roll and a fresh breeze rolling across our bodies.

I got things started by running my hand up and down her leg. Further and further up her leg till I reached her soft smooth mound. She keeps her pussies shaved smooth and I love it that way. Nothing turns me on more then eating her bare pussy. Smooth, soft, and no hair in your mouth makes my mouth water just writing about it. I continued to work at her pussy and she helped by pulling her short to the side to expose her bare pussy. I've learned from past experiences in the car to move the rearview mirror so I can see what's going on. It's easier then turning your head for a look and safer.

By now things are warming up and she's beginning to touch her pussy and run her fingers along her pussy lips stopping to flick her clit with her finger nail. Once I get her going she gets right into it.

My cock is hard and trying to poke through my pants. She reaches over and unbuttons the side of my pants. Reaching in my pants she grabs my cock and starts stroking it. That's one good feature of bibs room for roaming hands. She's stroking and pulling at my cock and with a flick of her finger she has the front of them unfastened. She flops down the front of them and my hard cock is exposed. She works her hands over my cock and balls while playing with her pussy. One thing that excites us about this is the cars you meet have no idea what you have in your hand. Your heart does beat a little faster when you pull up along side a big truck that could look inside but what the hell they have probable seen everything already. When there's no one approaching she leans over and sucks my cock into her mouth. I love getting a blowjob while driving down the road. Today I don't let her make me cum because I want to save myself for our final destiny.

We pull up to this little wayside. There's a picnic area with rocks and boulders in the back ground. I already know what I want for my picnic. We wonder around hand in hand as I lead her to the rocks. Half hidden behind the rock we start kissing and petting increasing the excitement. Pulling at her shorts I get her to let me slide them down and let them drop to the ground. I can't keep my hands off her ass and pussy. She unfastens my pants and they drop to the ground releasing my trapped cock as it springs loose. She goes to her knees and begins suck on my cock. After awhile I raise her up and sit her on a rock. I raise one of her legs so I can get at her pussy. Licking and sucking on it, her clit responds and gets hard sticking out from her pussy. I suck on it like I was nursing on her nibble. The warm sun shining on us add to the erotic adventure. She leans back on her hands rolling her head from side to side.

With her pussy wet and my cock as hard as the rock she is sitting on I move her into position so I can slide my cock inside her. I slide it as far as I can holding her feeling the warmth on our bodies, the sun, and the rocks. We slowly start fucking each other till there's no turning back. We hold on till we can orgasm together and both break into and incredible orgasm. Totally exhausted we lay on the rock soaking in the heat and catching our breath. The sound of a car coming brings us back to your senses.

We slide down the back of the rock and get our clothes on. As we walk from around the rocks we notice and older couple standing at there car stretching. As we get to our car they wave and smile. As I'm get in I notice my suspender on my bibs are crossed and my shirt is sticking out. While I fix my suspenders and tucking in my shirt I look over to the couple and older man gives me a smile and a thumbs up. By the look in his eye I take it he has had a few spring days on the rock.

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