tagGroup SexCabin Fever Parts Ch. 07-08

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 07-08


Part 7


Dan suggested that Crystal and Joan enjoy each other and headed for a chair. I followed to another chair. He complimented my wife as he said, "She is very beautiful and she sure knows how to satisfy a man." He also said, "She has the finest pair of breasts I have seen in a very long time."

Dan inquired if this really was her first time with another woman, and I said, "Yes it is." He said, "Don't worry. Joan has done it many times and will show her the ropes." As he said this, they were in a very deep kiss. Seeing their breasts all pushed together sure made me horny, and I had just shot a load of cum into Joan's pussy.

I got up and got Dan and I each another beer and a couple of coolers for the girls. When I returned and gave him his beer, the girls had gotten into the famous "69" position. Crystal and I had talked about this very thing a few days ago, and she thought she might like to try this if it was with the right woman. Well, it looked as if Joan was the right woman. And why not? I thought she is very beautiful and such a great personality and a body that would stop traffic. And look at her grinding her pussy in lucky Crystal's face! I wonder if any of my cum has leaked out yet?

I wanted to get involved, but since this was Crystal's first time, I thought she should enjoy herself, so I just sat there drinking my beer and chatting with Dan. I found out that they come to these cabins at least once a year, so I suggested that we could better coordinate our visits and stay in the same cabin together. The girls were writhing like a couple of eels on the couch, and the moaning was awesome. Somehow, I think they are enjoying it. Moving over to the end of the couch where Crystal's head was, I get a very close look. It's an awesome sight to see your wife eating pussy and enjoying it so much. Only after the moaning subsides, I offer the girls their Black Cherry coolers. They sure looked like they needed a little liquid refreshment.

After they had their initial sip from the coolers, I took their wet cheeks and urged them into a three-way kiss, tongues going everywhere. It was fantastic! As we all three kissed, I gave each girl a squeeze on the breast, then told them that was one totally awesome show. I didn't have to ask Crystal. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she had completely enjoyed this and wanted to continue with the evening. All four of us sat around chatting and watching TV, and rested up for the long night ahead of us. I enjoyed relaxing with everyone, and especially watching the girls breasts heaving with them still breathing a little heavy. When we all relaxed and finished our drinks, Dan shouted, "The last one in the pool is a rotten egg!!"


Since we all were naked already, we didn't bother with swimsuits when Dan yelled out about going to the pool. Joan and I were the first ones in, running ahead of the guys and diving right in, feeling that nice cool water cover our heated skin. The boys took their time coming out to the pool with our drinks, which they put on the table. I told Joan, "I think they just wanted to watch our boobs and asses as we ran to the pool!" We both giggled and agreed on that. The guys came over and sat on the side of the pool with their legs and feet hanging in the water. Joan and I swam over to them and playfully splashed them, then swam to the other side of the pool.

They quickly jumped in and swam after us. Dan came up behind Joan and hugged her to him. I looked into the water at Dan and could see that he had a massive erection and was pressing it between Joan's legs from behind. I felt myself start to get turned on, watching Dan start to fuck Joan in the water, hearing her moan and pant as he fucked her hot cunt. I jumped a bit when Jake put his arms around me. He pressed his groin to my pussy and I felt his erection as well. "Mmmm that feels soo good, Jake." I whispered as he turned me to face him and lifted my legs before thrusting deep into my cunt with one stroke. He backed me up against the side of the pool, in the shallow end so he could stand, and we fucked hard, the water splashing around us with each movement.

Jake leaned his head down and took my right breast into his mouth, sucking and tugging on my hard nipple with his lips. I tipped my head back and he took my other nipple into his mouth, giving that the same attention as he continued fucking me hard. Moments later, I felt his body tense as he shot his hot cum into my pussy and my orgasm hit hard. I tightened my legs around him, not wanting to let him free of my body yet. We kissed deeply, our tongues tangling and tasting each other as our hands moved over each other's body. I glanced over Jake's shoulder and saw that Dan and Joan were still going at it, but she was on the edge of the pool, leaning back on her arms with her legs over his shoulders. I could tell that he was eating her pussy, and probably tasting Jake's cum in her as well, and my pussy started aching again, wanting to feel Jake licking and sucking on my hard clit.

I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to look at Dan and Joan. He watched them for a few moments, then lifted me up to sit on the side of the pool. He put my feet over his shoulders and buried his face in my cunt, licking and sucking and fingering me as I ran my hands through his soft silky hair and pressed his face into me more. His tongue slid deep into my vagina and I felt him licking my pussy walls, and then he started sucking on my clit, and that put me over the edge! I screamed his name and tightened my legs on either side of his head, holding his face to my pussy. Seconds later, I heard Joan cry out and say Dan's name as well, then all I heard was panting as Joan and I both struggled to catch our breath after the mind-numbing orgasm's that our hubbies just gave us.

Part 8


When I first approached Crystal in the pool, I wanted to ask to make sure she was enjoying everything, but the look in her bright hazel eyes told me she was extremely happy, to ask her was of no point. Her pussy was so wet, I easily entered her with one stroke. I knew part of the juiciness was Dan's cum, and part of it was from Joan doing oral with her. As we fucked, I kissed her, and I was sure I could taste just a hint of Joan's pussy. It only served to make me thrust into her harder and faster. I closed my eyes and I could still see her face covered with Joan's pussy and I envied her. Cumming was an experience in itself, the water was wet, her pussy was also wet, but a much slicker wet. She wrapped her legs around me in the almost weightless environment of the water, and I could feel the contractions of her pussy as she came.

As we relaxed in the water, she indicated that I should watch Dan and Joan. She had perched herself on the edge of the pool for Dan to eat her pussy. I could tell Crystal also wanted to be perched on the edge of the pool like that, and who was I to turn down eating a freshly fucked pussy! As I started licking her pussy, it was extremely wet, and the deeper into her vagina I licked, the wetter it got. Eating a pussy after I fucked it is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. It gave me a strange sensation to know that Dan had cum in her earlier, but it turned me on to think Joan had done this only a short while ago. She was holding my face into her wetness as I was stroking her clit with my nose and my tongue penetrated deep into her vagina. Then I moved up to her clit to suck it into my mouth, which always drives her over the edge.

We all rested a bit, then got out of the pool and I went to the cabin to get towels so the night air wouldn't chill us. We all dried off and sat on the table by the grill. I sat by Joan and Dan sat by Crystal. It was strange to sit and watch her sitting with another man naked and wondering what their hands were doing under the table. I think why I wondered is because of what Joan and I were doing on this side. She was stroking my cock, but she had a different way of doing it, with her thumb rubbing my head with each stroke. After we had sat and talked a bit about where we lived, it was decided that this was going to be the center point for us to meet here again soon, except next time we would get only one cabin. After all, they were two bedroom cabins. That thought made me wonder who would sleep with who. Oh well, we would sort that out later.

I addressed the entire group of us and stated, "There is one sexual thing that I haven't yet done today."

"And what is that?" Crystal responded.

I stood and spread a couple of towels on the table as I said, "I have yet to eat Joan's pussy." Joan immediately got up on the table and laid out on the towels. She put her feet on my shoulders with her ass at the very edge of the table and her head over on Crystal and Dan's side. Her pussy was displayed in front of me like a delicious dessert, and indeed it was. As she splayed her legs open, her outer lips spread open, actually even her inner lips were slightly spread. I was so engrossed in the sight, that I almost forgot what I wanted to do. She flinched with pleasure as I first touched my tongue to her vagina, then as my nose started rubbing against her clit, she moved even more.

I heard mumbling across the table and opened my eyes to see what was going on. First, Crystal then Dan would kiss her mouth, then they would kiss each other. After a few minutes of this, I saw Dan stand up and as Crystal kissed Joan, he shoved his hard cock into the mix of mouths. Soon they were taking turns on his cock, each holding it for the other. What really got my attention was that Crystal was trying to kiss Joan's mouth as Joan sucked on Dan's cock. Soon after this, Joan came very hard on my tongue. It was like her body was consumed by waves of desire. Her juices were flowing out of her wet quivering cunt and I happily licked them up.


Joan seemed to be really enjoying having Jake eat her pussy. I know that I loved sucking and licking Dan's cock with her. His cock tasted sooo good! Suddenly, Dan took my hand and had me lay down on the bench of the picnic table with my ass on the end of it. He laid a towel on the floor and knelt down on it, then spread my legs and started licking and fingering my pussy, his tongue going in deep with his fingers, rubbing hard against my g-spot. I was moaning and breathing hard, and within seconds, I was cumming all over his face and hand.

I know that Jake was watching me and Dan, even though he was busy eating Joan's pussy. I heard him groan as I started breathing harder, panting Dan's name as my orgasm hit. Dan got up and slid his hard cock deep inside my pussy and fucked me hard, as Joan and Jake watched us. I heard Joan gasp and I looked to see Jake pushing his cock into her pussy. There we were, all four of us, fucking on the picnic table by the pool, our moaning and hard breathing filling the air, until Joan let out a scream as her orgasm hit. Jake tensed and I knew he was cumming inside her. Moments later, Dan and I both climaxed as well, his cum filling my hot wet pussy. Jake looked over at Dan and said, "Buddy, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for another swim to get cooled down. These gals are just too damn HOT, and I cant seem to get enough of them. How about you, Dan? Is Crystal hot enough for ya?"

Dan smiled and said, "Yeah Jake, your wife is Smokin' Hot! We are definitely going to have to do this more often, even if we aren't here at the cabins. We could make arrangements to visit each other, since we are only a few hours drive apart at our hometowns. Joan and I have a big house and you two are more than welcome to stay with us for visits, right Joan?"

She looked at Dan and smiled, then said, "Of course! I insist that you and Crystal stay with us when you come to visit."

Jake looked at me and asked, "Well honey, what do you think?"

I thought about it for a second, then said, "Yeah, we'd love to stay with ya when we come to visit you." Then we all jumped back in the pool for a quick swim, then grabbed our towels and went inside to get a snack, since we were all getting hungry for food again after all that sex-ercise in and by the pool.

We went in and Joan and I went into the kitchen, just our towels wrapped around us, while the guys went into the livingroom to sit down. I took a lemon meringue pie from the fridge and Joan got some plates from the cabinet. I sliced the pie and put 4 slices on the plates. Joan put the plates, four forks, four napkins, two beers and two wine coolers on a tray. I took a bowl of fresh fruit from the fridge as well as a bowl of whipped cream, and put those on the tray too. Joan carried the tray into the livingroom and put it on the coffee table. The guys were watching TV, some baseball game or something. Dan was on the recliner chair and Jake was on the sofa. I sat beside Jake and handed him a beer and a plate of pie, then took my wine cooler and pie. Joan gave Dan his drink and pie as well and sat in the chair beside him. We sat there chatting and eating our pie, and watching TV until it was almost midnight.

I finished eating and put my plate on the table, then snuggled against Jake. He put his arm around me and his hand started caressing the side of my breast. I rested my head on his shoulder and soon after, I fell asleep. I heard Joan whisper that she and Dan should be going, since I had fallen asleep, and Jake must have nodded, then I heard him say good night to them and I felt two kisses on my cheek. I guess that Dan and Joan each gave me a kiss good night before they left. A few moments later, I felt Jake pick me up and carry me. I opened my eyes just as he laid me on the bed in our bedroom. He tucked me in and said, "Baby, I'll go clean up the plates & stuff, then I'll be back here and go to bed. I'll be back in a few minutes, love." I nodded sleepily as he left the room, turning off the light and closing the door most of the way. Then my eyes closed and I fell asleep.

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