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Café Society


I watch as she fools with her pretty young girlfriends -
Their leader - a tough little girl in her teens;
Pert pointy titties in black-lycra t-shirt
Sexy, and knows it, in tight faded jeans.
As soon as I see her I lust for her body,
I picture her tongue lapping hard at my clit;
Can't wait to undress her and fuck those pert titties,
Possess her and feast on her hot creamy slit.
Her eye catches mine as I unzip my jacket -
My belly is bare and I tighten my abs
To show her my six-pack, defined to perfection,
Symmetrical, deep-cut, cast-iron-hard slabs.
She's hooked - I can sense it - her eyes are on fire,
I know in an instant that I am in luck;
Her hand at her crotch, quite ignoring her girlfriends,
She leans back and drawls: "Sexy lady, let's fuck!"
She comes to me, licking her lips with her tongue tip,
Her friends lock the door like they've done it before;
Just us in the cafe - the blinds are all down now,
I take off my jacket, they whistle in awe.
My body is ripped - only days from a contest,
I flex for them, pump till my hard body gleams
With sweat and exertion, I'm hotter than hot now,
My pussy's on fire in my tight latex jeans.
She stands right before me and takes off her t-shirt,
Then shucks off her jeans and her black leather thong;
Her hard little body is animal-sexy,
The smell of her sex irresistibly strong.
I pull off my shiny black racer-back tank top,
Unbuckle the broad studded belt at my hips
Then slide down my jeans, stepping out of them neatly,
And undo my thong by its two metal clips.
She takes up a bottle of oil from the table,
And pours it, then rubs it all over her skin -
She glistens and gleams from her head to her toenails,
A wicked young vixen more sinful than sin.
She hands me the bottle, I oil up my body,
As smooth as soft satin, yet strong as hard steel;
I pump and I pose, all my muscles on fire,
Redoubling the power and the lust that I feel.
I pull her towards me, our slick bodies blending,
We slither together in sinuous bliss,
The girls in the gang, standing round in a circle,
Breathe out sighs of delight as we hungrily kiss.
Then lifting her easily, higher and higher,
She sits in my hands as I pump up my pecs;
I raise her still higher, legs over my shoulders,
And bury my face in her hot, oily sex.
She squirms and she shrieks as the ecstasy hits her,
I lap up the torrent that spews from her hole;
She climaxes, screaming, in uncontrolled spasms
That well up from deep in her innermost soul.
Now my turn - I lower her onto a table,
Pull open my cuntlips and straddle her chest,
I quiver with lust as my clit hits her nipple;
And my pussy clamps down on her hard oily breast.
The gang have their hands in their tight little panties,
They wank as I titfuck the dirty young slut
Who squirms underneath me and moans in sheer pleasure
As my finger slides deep in her tight girly butt.
I'm trying to hold off the critical moment -
It's no use - the floodgates cannot be denied;
I howl in abandon, erupting in climax,
I'm so hot I feel like I'm melting inside.
Now the cafe's alive with enticing young girlflesh,
The gang's all stripped off for a share of the fun;
Their hands, lips and tongues weave their spell on my body -
I realise the action has hardly begun . . .

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