Cajun Voodoo


I went home and slept like a dead man for 23 hours.

When I awoke, my body was still on fire, tingling, almost humming like something radioactive. A little voice far in the back of my head was alarmed, but I loved what was happening too much to care.

Apparently the rest allowed my body to respond to Madeleine's milk even faster. Checking out my measuring tape, my cock was over 12" now. Looking in the mirror the guy looking back could have passed for Arnold S.


I put back on Madeleine's Cajun shirt, though it wasn't as loosely fitting as it was only 24 hours ago so I only buttoned the first couple of buttons up to my abs. The slacks I put on now looked like spandex, they were so tight fully displaying my 12inch cock snaking down my thigh.

As I entered the offices, Jeanine was on me like a dog on fresh meat. She wore a painted-on hot pink number designed to clearly show her hard nipples and even her belly button.

Her blue eyes bulged with lust and her hands quickly were all over my chest, abs & shoulders. "WOW!! Miss Madeleine's magic really worked in you didn't it?" she said.

A week ago I would've been cumming in my shorts with all this attention by this sexy broad. Now it was like noticing a fly on my bologna sandwich.

Several other women in the office stood up gasping, open-mouthed staring.

"Oh my God! Is that thing real?" Jeanine said breathlessly, first running her tiny hands then her long red nails up and down the full length of my semi-soft 12 inch meat.

The commotion brought Madeleine out of her private office. She looked incredible. She had on a loose fitting kimono type thing cinched at her tiny waist opened at the top displaying her full cleavage. For the first time I got to see her long, thick jet-black hair loosely framing her beautiful face. Her very serious face.

Hands on her hips, exposed chest heaving with lust, dark eyes staring at me, even from across the room I could tell this woman was in big time heat.

Unceremoniously dismissing Jeanine with the back of my hand, I walked deliberately to my lover, drinking in the sight of the sexiest woman imaginable.

Her tongue was out of her mouth before I reached her and was snaking into my mouth hungrily. Long nails drew blood down my back and deep into my tight ass cheeks. She bit my ear and hissed "Fuck me now, I need your meat deep inside me!"

She pulled me into the office with both hands hard on my dick. Clothes disappeared as mouths and hands were everywhere. She'd quickly gotten me on my back, both hands feverishly stroking my huge dick.

"YES! This is the Man Meat I need!! It is HUGE and so beautiful!" I'm certain she would've said more but she was too eager to impale her mouth on my enormous dick.

Madeleine was able to get about 8" of cock down her throat and she stroked the remaining 4" with one hand playing with my swollen balls with her other hand. I was in Heaven.

I don't think this lasted more than a few minutes before Madeleine jumped up, again squatting over my stiff rod. Madeleine's beautiful face was contorted in lust. I could see her pussy was so wet it was dripping, drooling on my cock.

Suddenly Madeleine let her leg muscles go, all of her body weight dropping down on my cock. She took all 12 inches in one hard thrust. Her shriek was animalistic. Her entire body was finally shuddering in climax. Milk was shooting straight out from both of her full, swollen boobs like firehouses.

Madeleine didn't move on my cock for at several minutes, until her magnificent body stopped shuddering. Then with her dark eyes open wide staring at me, her mouth opened wide, soundless, she slowly began lifting and dropping herself onto my swollen meat. Her pussy was so tight it was excruciating ecstasy.

Madeleine lowered one fully engorged boob to my mouth and I sucked hard, hungrily devouring her hot magic liquid, obeying the unspoken command.

It didn't take long before her cunt grinding on my meat caused my swollen log to erupt in a cataclysmic orgasm. My burning cum poured into her demanding pussy, Madeleine's ear piercing scream was more animal than human. She had climaxed again. The orgasm seemed to last forever.

We did come back to earth somewhat but Madeleine continued riding my still swollen cock, her pussy not willing to let my huge dick go.

I was somewhat aware of the office door opening and two figures entering. Rene' and Jeanine quickly disposed of their clothes.

Last week Rene's body looked fantastic. Now he looked small next to my swollen muscles and 12 inch dick. Jeanine's beautiful body was always on full display but her body also was wanting next to my beautiful Madeleine's womanly curves.

Madeleine suddenly gasped and I felt additional pressure along the length of my cock. I realized Rene' had taken the opportunity to shove his 8 inch rod up Madeleine's exposed ass. The additional pressure on my meat was electric and Madeleine obviously liked the double penetration, her boobs started shooting hot milk at me again.

Jeanine needed to join the spectacle so she thrust her wet pussy on my available mouth. I could hear her babbling "OhMyGod,OhMyGod,OhMyGod!!" She hadn't expected my tongue to also have grown obscenely. My 6" snake was giving her cunt a router job like she'd never experienced before.

Dare I say we all climaxed. Thunderously.

Spent. We lay on the carpet panting. Sexy bodies glowing with swet, gasping for air.

My Madeleine was the first to regain composure.

Calmly sitting on the plush carpet, the nails of one hand digging into Rene's testicles and the long nails of her other hand firmly digging into Jeanine's jugular, Madeleine simply said "That was lovely darlings, but touch my man again and I will feed you to my dogs."

We believed her.

I moved into Madeleine's home. The business thrived. My body continued to grow for about a week then settled down when my cock reached 14 inches.

10 months later we had baby Madeleine. When she was weaned, Madeleine's wonderful breasts, although still a firm & full FF, stopped filling with milk.


Life is good!

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