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Cake for Fat Kids


Author's note: This is my story, I wrote it, stealing is lame. If you do not like it, do not read it. Thanks for any feedback (good or bad) and favorites (special shoutout and thanks to the die hards - you know who you are). All characters are over eighteen. Hope you enjoy.

Leopold was not the one: Not even on a day as hot as this; definitely not the one for public swimming pools, under any circumstances, since Leopold could not tolerate the taunts of the children:

"Mommy! Look! His boobies are bigger than yours!" or "Do you need jelly for those rolls, mister" enough to keep him away.

"As a point of fact," his head reminded itself, "they are called pectorals, and I only have one roll, and it's when I hunch." Leopold's mind was also telling him to learn Japanese, because no one makes fun of the sumo.

Leopold, though, was definitely the one for the sand bottomed and spring filtered pond. This was a nice private spot hidden by an endless grove at the back of the farmsteads the area was known for - and on a hill. Through the grove in the other direction brought you to the local eyesore they called a 'condominium development' - wasted space full of expensive cars and ignorant people.

The insanely cold water washed the thoughts of urban encroachment from his mind as the air of the day was forced from his body, glad for the wooden dock to leap off of instead of the overgrown edges.

"That's the ticket," Leopold spoke as he spit clean fresh water from his mouth. The spring beneath his feet continually filled the large shaded pond and created a stream which eventually ran past the development - via a tiny overspill of a waterfall - and continued on the length of the counties beyond.


"You're not the least bit curious?" Shannon could not look away from the idea.

"Ab-so-lutely not." Paula went back for another sip of her third margarita before she spoke again, one hand flailing. "Why would I want to walk across a field full of bugs, and then go into a forest - full of bugs as well, by the way - and then probably get kidnapped by some yokel farmer?" Paula readjusted herself on the lounger on the raised deck around her small above-ground pool in the backyard of her condo that looked strangely like a landscaped row home.

"It's a grove, not a forest." Shannon retorted smugly.

The pool, deck, and privacy-fenced-in yard were easily seen from the back windows of the attached condos; the buildings appearing to be aliens, or mushrooms sprouting, in the center of lush rolling valley. Had the women not been neighbors, Shannon would have thought twice as many eyes were watching her on the lazy summer Saturday.

There were few reasons why a person would not watch women like this. These were two young and wealthy professional women, with bodies that told of the gyms in their basements and that fit the expensive sedans they drove.

"Grove, glen, garden... What-ever, still not going." Paula's jaw was hanging, mocking, the gesture appearing strange from her glass covered eyes as she accented the last word.

"Seriously? We've lived here for like what, two years now?" Shannon flicked her sunglasses down and looked over at her best friend. "I drive forty-five minutes to work in the city, then forty five minutes back. If we go out, we drive forty-five minutes to the city, then forty-five minutes back. That's an hour and a half per trip." Shannon took a sip of her light beer with the lime in it, her first of the day since it was barely noon and she was skipping the extra coffee.

"Still not going to do it," Paula laughed out, slick and shiny and tanning in the sun.

"C'mon! I mean look at that!" Shannon's vision turned and fell upon the rolling hill behind that particular row of back yards. She used her hands to accent the statement - like a dictator - presenting the opportunity of the unknown expanse to her friend, beer in hand. "I have this in my backyard, but no-oo. Instead I drive." Shannon rolled her eyes to the phrase, "I've never stepped past my own back fence."

They both laughed at the hypocrisy of the situation, sitting quietly for little time.

"It's like I bought this place for no reason." Shannon momentarily felt stupid.

"Then go," Paula stated to her friend, shielding her glass covered eyes from the sun and turning to look at Shannon's fit bikini'd form under the umbrella.

"By myself?! What about kidnapping rednecks?!" Shannon went false-aghast. Her breasts shook without control from her flustered movement, actually having to use a hand to calm the cleavage of the overly round B-cups.

"Just go all Billy Blanks on them." Paula's words caused them to laugh in unison while she made false Karate moves to assault the atmosphere. "Besides, you're going to be alone later anyway. I've got that date, remember?" Paula dropped a slack-jawed dumbface.

"Oh yeah," Shannon had totally forgotten. "The one with the cheap little business suit," rolling her eyes yet again.

"Oh he's not that bad... You're the one who likes beef," Paula batted to her friend.

"I do.." Shannon absently licking the mouth of her bottle for just a moment, "but he only wants your tits, honey."

"Well he should. They were expensive." The two were laughing again, Paula's breasts did not ripple with her laughter, not like the overflowing cups of her best friend.

"You think I should go?" Shannon had already determined to go, but she was leaving the when up to Paula.

"Sure, you could be up that hill and back before dinner," tossing her head in the general direction of the grove. "Just bring a snack, and your pepper-spray."

"Rednecks have guns, Paula, and they put pepper-spray on their food," Shannon speaking as if her friend was a child.

"Well fine, how 'bout if you're not here when I get back tomorrow, I'll call the president." Paula had put her arms behind her head, looking up at the sun.

"Oh-My-Gawd! You're going to sleep with him?!" Shannon almost spilled her beer in a party foul.

"Of course I am!" Paula was smiling wide, warm as well from thoughts of sex and not just the sun.

"But he's so short!"

"Well he's got a tight little body on him," Paula licked her lips at the thought.

"You mean skinny..."

"You know, if you got a little more action, you wouldn't be thinking of nature hikes," Paula dug at her friend, both smiling still.

"Well it's better than getting a dog." Shannon managed to utter through contemplations.


"Definitely," Leopold thought to himself, he could tell someone was watching, it made him feel the same sensation as changing in a locker room.

Slowly he continued to float; carefully watching the shape of the nearby trees as he casually lay on the surface of the water. He had come here often since before the start of summer, always alone, always down to his jockeys.

Leopold had dove in, only moments ago, so whomever was watching had also witnessed him strip down to his skivvies.

...and then he saw dark blonde - Maybe light brown? - in the quickest of flashes. It had darted out from behind a tree, and then right back behind another. He used his hands to casually stop his spinning, waiting for something, and off angle from where the hair had last flashed.

Blonde-ish flashed again, slightly off to his right and directly in his peripherals; this time with part of a lightly tan and mostly bare shoulder. It was a woman.

"I can see you, you don't have to hide," he said to the trees in a volume that carried without yelling; only crickets and softly splashing water - with the occasional chirp - answered his words.

"Does Old Man Johnson know you're here? He prosecutes trespassers you know." Leopold was still floating, slowly paddling himself to the location behind which the blonde hid. His voice was calm, despite it's depth.

"It's no big deal, it's just there's no sense in pretending anymore." Leopold was treading water just off of the dock, and just out of the sun filled center, staring at a tree.

He was right, being a voyeur and squishing her backpack against the tree was kind of stupid. Shannon huffed a breath, soon after spinning out from behind the tree as if she were dodging a tackle.

After a few steps, she stood with one arm across her chest holding the other along her side. The extended arm ended in a figgity clenched fist tapping at her thigh, hoping she was hiding her erect nipples and her bikini top behind the other forearm.

She stared at the end of the dock in front of her, and almost at his nearby pile of clothes, all while digging in her toe where the grass met the wood. Her sneakers looked new, but they were absolutely filthy, not that he would notice, not yet anyway. Such things did not really matter to Leopold when he could stare at her expertly crafted legs.

"Hi," was all she timidly said, softly swaying in her busted embarrassment.

"Wow," came Leopold's instantaneous and immediate reaction, and he had no clue that he had said anything at all. Shannon snapped her gaze up to look his way.

Leopold was still in the act of treading, but now used his effort to keep his mouth from being submerged: He could only gawk at her form as slow ripples began to cloud most of the slow moving water.

"Hello?" Shannon began to relax with his jaw-dropped stare. It had became obvious to her that this man was entranced.

She decided to enjoy this; she dropped her backpack onto the dock and lifted her arms, slowly twirling in her baby blue top and short black spandex shorts; she was dancing on her tiptoes, and only the edge of her ankle socks were visible.

Leopold was rock hard in the ice cold water from the moment he saw her. The sight of the fit body before him was almost too much, and his mouth went dry at her defined torso and stunning bubble butt while she spun for his visual pleasure.

"Boys," Shannon said to herself; Leopold was still silent, this was on her. "Shannon," she said aloud, "Shannon Madison."

Something in Leopold's head was trying to pay attention. When whatever it was heard her name, it snapped the rest of him back to reality.

"What?" His face was all confusion.

"Shannon Madison, nice to meet you. ..And you are?" Shannon stood with a hand on her hip, head cocked, and one of her knees bent while holding all of her petite and quite miniscule weight on the other.

"Oh, right," Leopold spoke before swimming up to the end of the dock in the equal depth of the water. He held out his right hand to her as the left used the wood to lifting part of his substantial weight out of the water to a slight creaking sound. "Leopold Winters," she took his hand quickly as she knelt down, the action causing her to flex every well trained muscle.

Shannon did not want to let go, his arms and massive shoulders were turning her on. Leopold's bicep was not defined by a gym workout: Instead, he owned a fat turkey leg for a forearm; where a normal man had a shoulder, he had a ham hock; where other men had a chest, he had slabs of power. This was her kind of man: Tall, wide, round - built like a barrel full of concrete - and not one of the mouth-breathing jigglers with the double chins.

She managed to let go, but only by force: To Leopold, she had a hell of a handshake for being such a pretty little thing.

"So Leo.." she was still leaning down, but she instead she rested and sat on her left foot, comfortably, propping her chin onto the right forearm resting on the up knee, "sorry about trespassing and all..."

"S'ok, you seem nice.. Even if you are a creepy stalker type lady." He began to smile wide, "Just don't tell the rest of those condo people 'bout it, k?" She could feel his eyes making her hotter than the thick summer breeze.

"What do you mean?" Turned on or not, she was curious at his words, not knowing which meaning to imply.

"I mean to say you may be from around here, but you ain't no local, Sugahpie." Leopold pushed himself back into the water, his smile wide with his hands going behind his head to float once more. He had to get away from staring at her body. "Women built like that do not like men like you, silly," his brain said to itself.

He had forgotten about his erection

Shannon giggled, "Do I give myself away that easily?" She loved to flirt; she changed her position and laid her head on her arms while she sat on the dock, arms crossed over her up knee, eyeing his mast.

"It's the sneakers," Leopold had put his sun glasses back on from their position on his shaggy black hair, slicked back in the water, "anyone else would have just taken a quad." He pointed, with the hand that adjusted his glasses, to his all-terrain vehicle tucked into the trees before returning it to his head.

"It was kind of a long walk.." her understatement obvious.

"Just over a mile, Sugahpie." He stole a glance at her, she was watching his crotch. He turned slightly red, but this was unnoticed through his tone - as well as despite the chill of the water.

Leopold began to tread instead of float.

"That far, good lord, it doesn't look thatfar..." Shannon suddenly felt only tired, hot, and sweaty.

"You must be beat, care for a swim?" Leopold offered the water to her with his hand. "Heck with it" his mind said to itself, "it can't hurt to try."

His words, soft and deep, made her flutter, suddenly alive and willing. "Absolutely."

The big man, the dream like scenery, and the clear water were all making her wet while she stood on the dock. Shannon pulled of her black spandex shorts, facing away from him, bending slightly, and giving him a show of ass that he would not soon forget when she stuck out her rump. Her bikini top had been tiny; the bikini bottom was more so; Leopold easily saw the shape of her lips below the damp fabric during her performance.

She kept her sneakers on when she leapt from the dock - cannonball style, the same as he had - into the ice cold water. Her face, as she surfaced, was priceless.

"HOLY FUCK THAT'S COLD!" Shannon had not anticipated the change to be so eerily similar to brainfreeze. She brought her hands to her eyes, on top of the hair on her face, pressing her fingers - and some hair - to her eyes in an attempt to stifle the maelstrom in her head.

"Yeah.. I probably should have said something," Leopold laughed out, "but it's not everyday I get a chance to do that."

Shannon had regained her composure before he spoke, and in response after, she smoothed her hair back and spit water at his nearby form - hitting him in the face.

Without effort, far easier and more quickly than he should have been able, Leopold reached out and dunked Shannon's head into the water, laughing as he swam away while Shannon quickly popped back up.

"Meany," she said as she coughed, laughed, and wiped the water from her nose with a playful smile.

"Hey, you started it," Leopold shrugged his shoulders before returning to randomly swimming and rolling in the water, oddly mirroring a cetacean.

"I did. My bad." Her grin was turning devilish; Leopold noticed. "So you're a local?" Shannon would have been shivering had she not constantly tread with both hands and feet; the water temperature seemed to constantly drop, but in actuality she was losing temperature, something her thin body could not resist even with constant movement.

"Yes'm. My stead's the next one over," he cast his eyes in the grove, in the direction of his home on the other side. "Johnson's my neighbor. I work on his equipment."

"O - w - h.." Shannon jaw was about to chatter, moving fast but not yet smacking teeth. She hugged herself while she only kicked her legs furiously, and her sneakers were starting to sink with her feet in them.

Leopold had turned to look at her wavering speech; it had been nearly three minutes and she did not have the weight to stave off the fierce cold. He smiled with understanding even though he had not realized ahead of time; Leopold moved the short distance to face her, almost gliding over, and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"You have green eyes," he said as he pulled her close, his hand easily able to palm the size of her hip.

"Nn-n-now Iyi n--n-kow wwww-why p-peoppple sssay k-kw--quick dip," Shannon tried to giggle while shivering and being turned on by his proximity all at once. All she managed to do was fold into his warmth and wordlessly beg for more.

Holding her with one arm - at his right side and above water - Leopold swam to the dock once again. Upon arrival, he gripped the low hanging wood with his left hand, releasing her from his right side.

Just before the chilling water stole her down, his right hand planted on the majority of her bottom, throwing her weightlessly out of the pond and into the air 'cruise-missile' style onto the dock - bringing buckets of water along.

Shannon squealed, landed on her feet, almost lost her balance, spun, bent her knees, and came to rest smoothly on her bum with the dock cooled and moistened just before her body settled; hands back, legs spread, and dripping wet. It was almost like she planned it.

She was facing him with wide eyes and hard button nipples: Cold but losing it on the outside and gooey in the center when he hefted his weight from the water. Doing so showed her the things she knew to be true, massive shadows moved beneath his dark skin, muscles of strength, of power.

The small wave of ice water he brought along did little to stop her rising fire; Shannon had forgotten she was ever cold in the first place. The dock swayed, giving off a groan as Leopold settled onto his feet, dripping and mostly erect in the short undergarment.

His thigh was the size of her torso; she began to wonder if this place was mythical.


"Maybe this was a bad idea..." Shannon said to herself as she stopped and turned, swatting another giant leaping grasshopper from her field of vision.

She missed.

She was in the center of the moist hill; she stared at the distance to her condo, huffed, and then turned to the stream before longingly looking at the grove equally as far away.

Shannon, never the quitter, clenched her fists and trudged on, knowing her sneakers were ruined every time the tangled grass squished.

She was hot and glistening perspiration through her sun block and bug spray, running Paula's words through her head before hearing a motor off in the distance and in the direction of the grove.

Shannon almost stopped, thinking of Deliverance, before fingering her pepper spray hanging off of the shoulder-strap of her backpack; she only relaxed as the rumbling sound faded into that of the babbling of the brook cutting a path to her right.

Her mind went back to Paula's words about getting some action, wanting it more with every step, as well as thinking she should have brought a hat.

By the way she felt when she arrived at the first of the trees, and into the shade, Shannon might as well have been hearing a chorus of angels.

...but then there was a harsh snapping sound, followed shortly after by another. In turn, it was followed by the sound of tumbling lumber.

Shannon's curiosity could not be satiated as she went sneaky and hunched, ducking from tree to tree in search of the source of the random and obviously man-made noise. The closer she went towards the artificial along the growing stream, the more the natural sound - of what could only be a waterfall - increased.

At the same time she caught sight of the pond, she caught sight of the brute. He was huge, three times her size, probably more, and he carried the fallen wood with ease, and he was quite handsome. His calves were angling harshly; his forearms, almost equally thick and solid, were rubbing off chunks of bark; step after step he labored in the thin but dense grass while he walked to the permanent wood pile.

Wood was purely an understatement, as would be a downed limb, because he carried what appeared to be log towards a pile of similar logs. He was cleaning the area up while Shannon twisted her nipples to his strength and mass.

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