tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 17

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 17


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Mistress Calista answered the door to see Margi anxiously waiting to experience her second session. She wore a black satin robe and stood barefoot at the entryway door. Mistress Calista suspected that Margi was naked under the robe. "Welcome back, sweet Margi," Calista greeted her.

"Thank you, Mistress," Margi replied.

"Please strip naked, enter and kneel down before me, sweet one," Calista ordered her. Margi pushed the black satin robe off her shoulders to stand naked outside the entryway door. She dropped to her hands and knees, crawled over to her Mistress and kneeled at her feet. "Oh Margi, you're so beautiful," Calista told her as she looked over Margi's firm and lovely body. Margi blushed shyly, happy just to be kneeling at her Mistress's feet again, in awe of Calista's beauty. "Stand up, Margi," Calista commanded her.

Margi rose to her feet gracefully. Mistress Calista walked around her, drawing her fingernail very lightly over Margi's skin. Margi felt a shiver follow the trail of Calista's fingernail as she walked around her. Mistress Calista stopped behind her slave to kiss her neck tenderly. Margi moaned softly tilting her head and baring her neck for Calista's kiss. Tenderly, Calista nibbled Margi's earlobe as her hands cupped her slaves' magnificent breasts. Margi leaned back against her Mistress for support, feeling the rush of arousal wash warmly through her body from Calista's touch. Mistress Calista's thumbs rubbed Margi's nipples as she gently kneaded her slave girls' breasts. Margi felt her firm breasts respond to Calista's touch, a tingle of excitement surge through her body right to her clit.

Calista pulled her slave back against her and her hard nipples traced along Margi's back. Margi moaned in delight when she felt Calista's soft breasts with hard nipples press into her back. Calista turned her slaves' head slightly to kiss her tenderly on her mouth, as her hand grasped her asscheek to press it tenderly. Margi turned into Calista's kiss, her lips parted and her tongue dances erotically with her Mistress's tongue. Calista's other hand found Margi's pussy and she drew her finger between the swelling cuntlips. Margi's deep moan of arousal escaped her lips as Calista's finger slid over her aching cunt. Calista's fingers were drenched in Margi's cunt nectar. She brought her fingers to both their mouths, so they could jointly lick Margi's sweet nectar from Calista's fingers.

Margi swirled her tongue over her Mistress's fingers, touching Calista's tongue as she licks her own juices. Mistress Calista kneeled behind her slave and licked her asscheeks, drawing her tongue down the cleft of Margi's asscrack. Calista's tongue found Margi's rosy asshole and she licked it lightly. Margi shivered when she felt the air rush over the cool wet trail Calista's tongue left on her bottom. Margi trembled with arousal when Mistress's tongue played over her rosebud. Licking hard at her slave's asshole, Calista reached up to rub her nipples and knead her breasts. Margi couldn't believe Mistress was doing this to her, wishing that she could be doing it to Calista instead. Strangely, Margi was embarrassed to have her Domme licking her asshole.

"Patience, sweet little one," Mistress Calista whispered to her, "don't be embarrassed, Domina's like to make love too." Calista rose to grasp Margi's nipple and pull her toward the stone steps leading to the Tower Dungeon. The slave girl cried out at the sudden assault on her nipple. Groaning, she followed her Mistress up the stone steps. As they ascended, Calista twisted and pulled the nipple repeatedly, causing Margi to screech with pain as tears flowed down her cheeks. Reaching the top they entered the dimly lit Dungeon to stand near a padded bench under a bright spotlight.

Calista grasped her slave's hand to lead her to the padded bench in the center of the Dungeon, and laid her down on her back. Margi felt the cool leather against her back as Calista fastened her wrists to shackles on the front legs of the bench. The slave girl felt the cold metal clamps around her wrists, securely trapping them in place. Mistress Calista placed Margi's legs in shackles on the ends of two widely spaced chains hanging down from the ceiling. Her legs were pulled up and back over her torso, fully exposing her cunt, clit and asshole to her Mistress's whims. Margi whimpered, as she realized that she was totally helpless. Her legs spread apart and dangling from the chains, her privates fully exposed.

Margi felt exposed and vulnerable as Mistress Calista knelt between her slave's legs to suck a cuntlip into her mouth, suckle it then bite it hard, leaving her teethmarks. Margi squirmed, writhed and wailed, pulling on the chains that held her tight as Calista's teeth sank into her cuntlips harshly. Her Mistress did the same to the other cuntlip then sucked in her slaves' clit, licking, sucking and biting the clit hard. Margi screamed in pain when the teeth sank into her sensitive clit, leaving it aching and throbbing. Releasing the clit, Calista moved to her table, returning with two elastic cords with a loop on one end and a clamp on the other. Margi gasped nervously when she saw the cords in Calista's hands.

Mistress Calista placed the loops over Margi's big toes and stretched the cords to her sweet titties, clamping her nipples tightly. Margi cried out when the clamps bit into her nipples, feeling pain tug at her nipples with every movement she made. Margi's nipples were pulled up harshly toward her toes overhead, and stretched very tight. Mistress Calista twanged each cord a few times sending sharp jolts of pain through Margi's tits and nipples. Margi screamed with intense pain when her Mistress pulled on the cords.

Calista moved to the table again, selecting two Velcro straps with a clamp on each strap. Whimpering, Margi watched carefully, dreading what her Mistress would do with those horrid looking straps. Calista fit the Velcro straps around Margi's upper thighs, fastening the Velcro together securely. The Domina pulled Margi's left cuntlip to the clamp on her left thigh and clamped it securely, doing the same to the right cuntlip. Margi felt the straps tighten around her thighs then cried out in pain as the clamps bit into her cuntlips, sending deep waves of sweet pain throughout her lovely body.

"Oh Margi, you sound so wonderful 'enjoying' your 'pleasure'," Calista mocked her slave. Margi gasped and panted, trying to control the pain coursing through her nipples and cunt lips, every breath causing a new tug on each of the clamps. Mistress Calista moved to Margi's head and buckled a leather collar securely around her neck. She brought out another elastic cord with a hook on one end and an alligator clip on the other. Calista hooked one end to a ring in the slave's collar as she kissed her deeply. "Umm, your lips are so sweet and wonderful," whispered Calista to her slave girl. For a blissful moment Margi lost herself in the kiss. Margi desperately tried to hold still to keep from tugging on the nipple and cuntlip clamps.

Calista pulled the cord, stretching it between Margi's breasts down to her hard erect and throbbing clit. Margi's eyes widened as she screamed, "Oh God no…no…Mistress, please!" Margi realized Calista's plans and cried out in futile protest. Ignoring her slave's pleas, Mistress Calista knelt between Margi's legs to suck hard on her clit, causing it to engorge even more then clamped it securely with the alligator clip. The metal teeth pf the alligator clip sent searing hot waves of pain into Margi's clit while she screamed. Calista left the tip of Margi's clit sticking out from the alligator clip. She licked it as Margi 'enjoyed' the alligator clip on her clit. Finally, Margi sobbed and whimpered from the intense pain while Calista's tongue soothed and aroused her throbbing clit even more.

Calista poured herself a glass of cool Chablis and sipped it as she strummed all of Margi's elastic cords to amuse her self. Margi whimpered and sobbed while Calista played with the cords, each twang sending fresh waves of searing pain through Margi's trapped and vulnerable body. Mistress Calista selected a long braided leather buggy whip and placed it between Margi's cuntlips as she continued to sip her wine. Margi felt the cool leather warming to the temperature of her heated flesh, as it lay on her stretched open cunt. Kneeling at her head Calista lifts Margi's head to give her a sip of the cool wine. Margi gratefully sipped the wine, feeling it bring welcome relief to her parched lips and mouth.

Grasping the whip by its handle, Calista raised it high while she kissed Margi's sweet lips again. Margi lifted her head to kiss her Mistress deeply, not caring that it pulled on her nipples, cuntlips and clit. As they kissed, Calista brought the whip down hard between Margi's cuntlips to welt the pink inner folds of her cunt. Margi's juices splattered as the whip struck her pussy. Screaming into their kiss, Margi's body convulsed as the fiery hot flash of pain burned into her cunt. Calista delivered whip strikes to Margi's cunt again and again, welting it from her inner cuntlips to her mons and perineum. The pain was so intense that Margi became mute trying to scream. Margi jerked and writhed in pain as her Mistress slashed at her cunt over and over. The slave girl's body was so awash in pain that she nearly lost consciousness.

Mistress Calista stood up and moved to Margi's side, swinging the whip to strike her tit flesh just below the nipples. Striking the top of her slave's tit, she paused for effect then struck her tits on top and bottom, leaving lovely deep purple welts on both breasts. Margi let out a blood-curdling scream as the whip sliced at her breast, unable to hold still, the clamps and clips pulled savagely on her nipples, cuntlips and clit. Calista kneeled to lick and kiss each tit welt then licked the tips of Margi's nipples. Calista's mouth covered the hot welts she had placed on Margi's breasts soothing them.

Mistress Calista pushed the handle of the whip into Margi's sore aching pussy to leave it there as she returned to her table. Margi felt the handle push into her gaping and aching cunt, welcoming her need to be filled. Mistress Calista returned with a strong rubber band. She placed one end of the rubber band on Margi's nipple tip and held it with her thumb. Margi looked at Calista, her eyes pleading for mercy as she watched the rubber band. Calista stretched the rubber band away from the nipple as far as it would go and released it to snap brutally onto Margi's nipple tip. Margi screamed in pain as the rubber band snapped cruelly against her already sore and tortured nipple.

Mistress Calista snapped the rubber band several times more on each nipple as Margi sobbed and wailed in 'pleasure'. Margi thrashed her head from side to side, not even realizing nor caring anymore how her movements tugged on the clips and clamps. She began to lose all control of herself as she groaned, shuddered and trembled. Mistress Calista moved between Margi's legs and knelt down. Placing the rubber band on the inner folds of Margi's sweet and aching pussy, Calista stretched the band and snapped it hard. Margi heard her screams echo off the Dungeon walls as her body spasmed and convulsed in pain from the snaps of the rubber band.

Calista continued to snap the rubber band all over Margi's inner cunt folds raising small, welted nubs inside it. Mistress Calista kissed Margi's cunnie and placed the rubber band on the tip of her clit, stretched it back and savagely snapped it. Margi sobbed and whimpered, feeling the pain overwhelm her, nothing existed now but the sensations Calista sent through her body. Margi felt the snap of the rubber band on her clit and her body erupted in an earth shattering orgasm of pleasure and pain, jerking and rocking with wild abandon, only the chains holding her prevented her falling. "You may thank me now, slave Margi," Mistress Calista told the slave girl.

Breathlessly, Margi rasped out, "Thank…thank You Mistress." Calista marveled at Margi's magnificent pain orgasm and covered her convulsing cunt with her mouth, sucking up her wonderful cunt nectar, swallowing it eagerly. Margi felt her body continue to shake and shudder with pleasure as Calista's mouth covered her aching cunt.

"You're welcome, sweet one," said Calista as she filled her mouth full of cunt nectar and moved to Margi's head. She kissed her slave girl deeply, giving her a mouthful of her own nectar. Margi gasped for air as the spasms slowed and she gradually recovered. She gladly accepted her own juices into her mouth and kissed her Mistress passionately, wanting to give back all that Calista had given her. Calista pulled the whip out of her cunt, leaving her empty, gaping and fiercely needing to cum again.

"Please, Mistress…let me cum again…please…I need to sooo badly," Margi begged her Mistress. Calista teetered on granting her slave girl's wish when Bruno appeared at the rear entrance to the Dungeon. Calista left her slave to 'enjoy' her torments a few minutes more, while she spoke quietly with Bruno. She listened intently, grinned, nodded her head affirmatively and returned to Margi's side.

"Now, sweet Margi, I want you to meet another female slave of mine named, Sarah. She will be trained with you. You'll love her, she's from New Zealand," Calista told her slave.

"Yes, Mistress, whatever you want, Ma'am," Margi responded.

"Here she is, Margi,"

"Gi'day Mistress," Sarah greeted her Mistress, "Hi Margi," Sarah said as she kneeled to kiss her Mistress's cunt and steal a lick. Calista grinned at the impropriety of slave Sarah to steal a lick as well as pay homage with a kiss. She decided to ignore it, for the moment, and exact payment later if she so chose.

"Hello Sarah, my, you look so good. Stand up, please strip for us and come back to me love," Calista told her. Sarah smiled at her mistress, seductively stripped naked, and crawled to her lovely Mistress, Calista.

"Hello…Sarah," Margi managed to blurt out, her body wracked with pain.

"As you can see, Sarah, Margi is a bit preoccupied now," Calista said smiling.

"Mmmm yes, but she looks positively lovely and delicious, M'lady," Sarah replied

Margi sighed as Calista directed Sarah to straddle Margi's head with her thighs and lower her pussy to the bound girls mouth. Sarah eagerly complied, her pussy wet with anticipation. Margi opened her mouth to receive Sarah's cunt and began to lick and suck the succulent pussy. Calista decide to welt Margi's inner thighs and asscheeks as she serviced Sarah. Margi gulped nervously as she saw Calista take up the whip. Calista struck quickly, landing a welting blow on the soft tender flesh of Margi's inner thigh. Margi screamed into Sarah's cunt and felt her thigh jerk to pull on the clamp attached to her cuntlip. Again and again Calista placed deep red marks on Margi's inner thighs, which quickly arose into lovely purple welts.

Without stopping, Calista whipped Margi's inner thighs and asscheeks, landing several hard blows on both asscheeks. Margi felt her body jerk and writhe as Calista struck her inner thighs and asscheeks over and over. The welts burned deep into her flesh. Each movement of her body pulled and tugged on the clamps and alligator clip. Sarah grinned while Margi cried out in pain as Calista lashed the burning marks into the flesh of her ass and thighs. Sarah sat down lower on Margi's head, to muffle her cries and sobs by covering her mouth totally with her sopping wet pussy.

Sarah stepped back as Mistress Calista approached Margi's head. Calista placed her knees on the bench, on either side of Margi's head, awaiting her tongue. Margi lifted her head to eagerly lap at Calista's pussy, not caring that she was also tugging at the clip on her clit. Margi's tongue hungrily lapped up her Mistress's juices. Sarah kneeled behind her Mistress and spread her lovely asscheeks and tongued Calista's asshole, tongue fucking it. Calista squeezes Margi's head with her thighs as she drove her Mistress absolutely wild with her tongue. Mistress sighed and moaned with pleasure of Sarah's tongue fucking her asshole. Margi swirled her tongue deep into Calista's steamy hot pussy, twirling it deep into her, sucking the juices from her.

Mistress Calista laid her head back with eyes closed, enduring the wonderful movements of her slave girl's tongues on her cunt, clit and asshole. Margi slid her tongue onto Calista's clit and swirled it around and around before wrapping her lips around the clit and sucked it into her mouth, to suck it like a starving baby. Sarah drove her tongue deep into her Mistress's asshole as she reached around to rub and gently pull Calista's nipples. Breathing hard and sighing with pleasure Calista resisted the urge to cum to enjoy their magnificent tongues.

Margi felt her clit and cuntlip clamps removed, as she sucked her Mistress. Calista moaned with ecstasy, feeling Margi's tongue slathering her cunt and clit. Margi flicked her tongue over the tip of Calista's clit as she sucked it into her mouth, screaming in pain as the blood rushed white hot, back into her clit and cuntlips, unable to control herself, her teeth clamped down on her Mistress's clit hard. "Umm, I love it," Mistress Calista gasped, feeling the teeth on her clit.

As Calista is being ravished, by her slave girls she unclamped Margi's nipples and rubbed them as the blood painfully rushed back into her nipples. Suddenly, Calista could no longer resist her body and she erupted into a massive orgasm. Her cunt and asshole clenched Margi and Sarah's tongues as she spasmed through another devastating orgasm. Calista laid her hands on Margi's tits to keep herself from falling onto her slave as she slowly recovered from her orgasm. Sarah withdrew her tongue from Calista's asshole and rushed to kneel between Margi's legs to lick her cunt. Margi released Calista's clit to slide her tongue down to her Mistress's wet puckered asshole and reamed it teasingly.

"Ahhhh, you know what your Mistress loves, you sweet little cunnie," Calista sighed as Margi drove her tongue into her asshole. Margi gasped delightfully as Sarah's tongue licked and sucked the 'hurt' from her cuntlips and clit. Sarah moaned as she worshiped Margi's cunt.

Margi felt her cunt juices flowing heavily as Sarah expertly kept Margi below her cum threshold to prevent her from cumming too early. Mistress Calista, satisfied with her wonderful orgasm, moved to sit in her armchair to watch her slaves. Calista rang a bell and her male slave, Bruno, entered the Dungeon. Bruno's cock was immediately aroused by the odor of sex permeating the Dungeon. He looked at Calista as she pointed to Sarah. Bruno moved to Sarah and kissed her asshole and cunt.

His long tongue slipped out to lick Sarah from her clit to her asshole in a single lick. Again and again his tongue licked and probed at her pussy. Bruno licked Sarah's juices as they flowed heavily from her cunt running down her thighs. The huge male slave licked up the juices on Sarah's thighs then thrust his tongue deep into Sarah's cunt, licking and lapping her juices. Margi raised her head and gasped when she saw the huge male slurping at Sarah's cunt. Sarah's eyes are rolling in their sockets as she reveled in Bruno's maddening tongue. Sarah projected total and complete pleasure and surrender to her lust for the male slave.

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