Calista's Dungeon Ch. 26


Roxanne reached into Calista's bag of 'Toys' hanging from the arm of the chair. She retrieved two short chains with clamps on one end and small four ounce lead weights on the other. Calista stood stoically as Roxanne held the weights in her palms while her thumbs and forefingers opened the jaws of the clamps over the slave girl's nipples. Calista knew what would come next and she braced herself as she welcomed the feeling of impending pain. Roxanne smiled wickedly at her slave girl, just as she had years ago, and released the clamps to SNAP down hard over Calista's nipples. The slave girl cried out in deep pain as the clamps dug deeply into her nipple flesh.

She shuddered as she watched Roxanne release the weights that she held in her palms. The weights seemed to drop in slow motion to come to a painful and abrupt stop to bounce about. Calista eyes welled up in tears as her nipples were forcefully pulled and stretched by the weights while they bounced. Mistress Roxanne leaned into her slave girl to lick the salty sweet tears from her face. As she licked the tears, Roxanne tasted her nectar on Calista's cheeks. The slave girl stiffened from horrid pain at her nipples. She exhaled her breath hard from the pain at her tortured nipples. Roxanne again fastened Calista's wrist restraints to the ring on her collar and pulled Calista over her lap on her belly.

Calista realized that her former Mistress intended to spank her bottom. The familiar and pleasant feeling of her Mistress's lap against her belly swiftly returned as Calista's mind drifted back to their college days. Roxanne parted Calista's asscheeks to reveal her little pink and puckered asshole nestled between them. Roxanne gathered Calista's juices from her sopping wet pussy to coat her tight little asshole. She began to slide her finger over Calista's asshole and the slave girl moaned with delight. Roxanne inserted her finger into Calista's tight little asshole and began to move it about, to loosen the sphincter that guarded entry to her asshole.

"I'll deal with your rosebud later, sweet calista," Roxanne told her.

"Thank you, Mistress," Calista responded as she welcomed Roxanne's intrusion into her tight hole. Calista's mind returned once more to ten years ago when she was happily in this position often, to please her Mistress. She twitched when she felt Roxanne's left hand slip under her palm up, slide across her belly, over her smooth mons to her wet pussy. Roxanne placed her finger between the lips of Calista's pussy to let it lie in her slit with no further penetration. Next, Calista's body twitched again when she felt the base of Roxanne's finger press hard against her long clitoris and a burst of pleasure engulfed her. "Yes...Mistress, yes" Calista sighed as she anxiously sought the spanking that she was sure would come next.

Calista did not wait long as Roxanne raised her hand high and delivered a stinging blow to her left asscheek. Calista cried out as she welcomed the sudden burning pain on her asscheek. Roxanne paused to watch the imprint of her hand on Calista's asscheek turn a deep crimson shade. It had been a long time since she had witnessed this sight. Another equally hard swat to Calista's right asscheek followed. She paused to watch that cheek turn crimson too. Roxanne began a rhythm of alternating asscheeks as she spanked Calista's ass hard. Calista cried out in pleasure and pain from the stinging blows while the flesh of her ass turned a deep red shade from the harsh blows that fell upon it. She writhed on Roxanne's lap from the burning pain and the arousal she felt growing deep within her. Calista cried out joyfully when Roxanne began to wiggle her finger lodged in Calista's slit.

Calista shut her eyes tightly as she knew, from prior experience, that soon Roxanne would rub her clitoris with the base of the finger lodged in her slit. She did not wait long before Roxanne rubbed Calista's long clit relentlessly, as the slave girl moaned with delight and sweet pain. Roxanne knew that Calista would easily surrender and cum hard even though Roxanne cautioned her to resist orgasm. In less than five minutes the combined pain of the hard spanking and the exquisite pleasure of having her clitoris constantly stimulated, Calista's arousal began to move headlong towards climax. Her body trembled and her mind raced with images of her prior life in this same circumstance.

She moaned constantly, feeling her orgasm stir deep inside her groin. Calista fought hard to resist cumming, but she knew it was a losing effort. No one knew how to tweak and press her orgiastic buttons better than Mistress Roxanne. Calista writhed in pain and pleasure then suddenly cried out and erupted in a massive and convulsive orgasm, nearly falling from Roxanne's grip. Her juices spewed forcefully over Roxanne's hand, fingers and thighs. Roxanne ceased spanking Calista's now reddened asscheeks while she continued to rub her long clitoris throughout her orgasm. Calista responded with deep groans as she climaxed again while she struggled from the intensity of her second orgasm.

Roxanne kept up the rubbing Calista's sensitive clitoris as the slave girl shuddered through several mini after-cums. Then she gasped for air as her body became limp and motionless on her Mistress's lap. Roxanne breathed in deeply, happy that she still could produce a vibrant effect on her former full time slave girl; pleased that her own latent skills as a Mistress were still potent. As Calista fought to retain consciousness from the intensity of her orgasms, Roxanne knowingly waited for her slave girl to recover. Soon, Calista's breathing approached normal and her eyes fluttered open. Roxanne guided her sexually sated slave girl to slide from her lap to the floor of the Dungeon, holding the girl firmly to prevent her falling.

"Oh my, you naughty girl, calista," Roxanne scolded her. "Just look what you've done to my hand, thighs and legs. They are drenched with your juices because you could not resist cumming, as I told to do." Calista, still breathing heavily, looked up at her Mistress. Roxanne brought her hand to her own mouth to lick it clean of Calista's delicious juices. Calista opened her mouth to stick out her tongue when Roxanne offered her nectar coated fingers. She tasted her own juices on her Mistress's fingers and her tongue expertly cleaned them. "Now clean up your Mistress, you very naughty girl!" Calista crawled forward to her Mistress's lap. Her tongue moved over Roxanne's legs and up onto her thighs, licking up the juices.

Roxanne moved forward to the edge of her chair. She spread her legs wide apart revealing her sopping wet pussy to her slave girl. Calista's tongue worked steadily as she cleaned her Mistress's thighs, moving ever closer towards her pussy. She inhaled the familiar fragrance that wafted to her nostrils while her tongue cleansed the older woman's inner thighs. Calista paused momentarily to kiss Roxanne's pussy as though it were her mouth. Then she drew her tongue along the outsides of her Mistress's pussylips. Roxanne moaned aloud while she felt the tongue she loved from so long ago. Calista buried her nose in the soft curls of Roxanne's bush as her tongue parted her Mistress's cuntlips. She gathered the delicious nectar that streamed from Roxanne's pussy and eagerly swallowed it.

Calista avoided Roxanne's clitoris remembering that her Mistress normally would only have two orgasms during any given session of sex. She had already made her cum very hard earlier, and she let Roxanne decide if she wanted another climax just now. Roxanne's pussy began to twitch again. Her moans were deep and constant as Calista's tongue ravished her cunt. Mistress Roxanne knew that it would be all over for her if she permitted Calista to continue unabated, especially if she brought her tongue to her throbbing clitoris. Roxanne gently pushed Calista away from her pussy, bending to kiss her slave girls' lips deeply. As they kissed, Calista felt Roxanne's hands grasp her nipple weights.

Roxanne stood up and pulled her slave girl to her feet by her nipples. Calista cried out as the pain shot through both of her nipples and the clamps dug deeper into her nipple flesh. A pang of regret coursed through Roxanne as she heard Calista cry out from the deep pain. She quickly ignored the cries, realizing that her slave welcomed the sweetness of the pain just as she had done so many times before. Roxanne pulled her slave to a padded bench in the corner of the Dungeon. Calista groaned with the delicious pain in her nipples, as they walked to the bench. Roxanne placed her on her back on the bench. Her upper arms were fitted into special manacles on the front of the bench. She sighed in relief as her nipples had become nearly numb from being stretched by her Mistress.

Roxanne moved quickly to the other end of the bench. She placed Calista's heels in a pair of stirrups at the end of the bench. Mistress locked her slave's ankles into the stirrups and spread them wide apart. This gave her total access to Calista's cunt, clitoris and asshole. Roxanne pulled out a small seat at the side of bench to sit down facing her slave's legs. "Now, you naughty little slut girl," Roxanne told her, "I'm going to spank and crop your pussy until you cum hard from a pain orgasm." Calista sighed as she happily recalled the many 'pain orgasms' that Roxanne had her endure in their college days. Roxanne moved to the Implements and Toys table to retrieve the riding crop she had seen there earlier. As she held the eighteen inch crop in her hand, Roxanne noticed that the surface of the braided leather crop was made of roughly woven rawhide.

Roxanne returned to her seat and laid the riding crop on Calista's belly then raised her hand to deliver a stinging swat to Calista's cunt and long clitoris. The slave girl cried out, but she was ignored as her Mistress delivered an even harder swat to her pussy. Roxanne continued to rain down blow after blow with her open hand on Calista's now sore and aching pussy. "Oh my God, Mistress," she cried out several times as the heavy blows landed painfully on her cunt and clit. Roxanne recalled those same words from her same slave girl years ago and she continued to spank the girls' pussy. Calista felt her pussy becoming swollen and puffy and she knew that it was red from the wonderful beating it was receiving. Deep inside her Calista felt her arousal rising swiftly in spite of the pain. She knew that she would cum very soon, if Roxanne didn't stop.

Just as Calista was about to cum, her Mistress stopped and she groaned with disappointment. Roxanne smiled wickedly, knowing that her slave girl was ready to climax when she aborted it. Picking up the riding crop, Roxanne stood to bend over her slave girl. She raised the crop and delivered a controlled blow diagonally across Calista's cuntlips. The slave screamed in pain from the sharp strike of the crop. Tears welled in her eyes and Roxanne struck again across her cuntlips in the other direction leaving a red 'X' across her sore and aching pussy. Calista knew that the red marks would soon swell into painful welts that would last for at least a week. Roxanne quickly struck both of Calista's asscheeks with the riding crop, leaving a red 'X' on each of her cheeks. These marks too, would soon become welts. Although aching, Calista's cunt was leaking ample juices which ran down to coat her asshole too.

Roxanne stopped using the riding crop and placed the crop against her slave's asshole covered with her juices. She pushed the rough leather woven crop against Calista's asshole and it brought another groan from the slave girl. It parted her sphincter painfully chaffing her asshole to slide inside roughly rubbing against her anal ring as it entered. Roxanne stopped pushing the riding crop when nearly half of it was inside Calista's now sore asshole. "Don't you dare let the crop slip out until you have reached your pain orgasm," Roxanne commanded.

"Yes, Mistress," Calista groaned from the discomfort caused by the roughly woven riding crop in her tight little asshole. Even though Calista's cunt, clit and now her asshole were aching and sore, she was still very much aroused and felt her pussy throb and twitch. She waited to cum as Roxanne resumed spanking her precious pussy and clit with her open hand. Once again Calista felt the overwhelming stirring of orgasm beginning within her groin. The swats to her pussy hurt, but she knew that the swiftness with which her arousal grew that she would soon cum very hard. She did not have long to wait as the next swat to her pussy pushed her over the brink. Calista exploded in a powerful orgasm, her juices gushing as she screamed in ecstasy.

Roxanne grinned as she watched Calista raise up her pelvis from the bench as her orgasm consumed her totally. Her screams of pure pleasure and ecstasy gave Roxanne that warm loving feeling she had years ago when she brought Calista to a pain orgasm. Roxanne leaped from her seat and dashed between Calista's spread open legs, to rip the riding crop from her slave's asshole. Then she covered the girl's pussy with her mouth. Calista's eyes rolled in their sockets and she came hard again when she realized her Mistress's mouth and tongue were on her pussy. Roxanne plunged her tongue deep inside her slave's pussy, swirling it about the soft, pink, inner folds of her cunt. Calista writhed in ecstasy as her Mistress devoured her pussy and gathered her nectar.

Roxanne's nose rubbed against Calista's long clitoris and the younger woman nearly swooned from the monumental pleasure that coursed through her body. Suddenly Roxanne stopped and Calista screamed a woeful "Nooooooooooo, Mistress...NO!" She groaned with despair that her Mistress would once again deny her relief and tears rolled down her cheeks. Roxanne hurried to Calista's side then swiftly mounted her in a sixty nine position. She lowered her pussy to her slave's lips then buried her face in Calista's pussy! "YESSSSSS!" Calista shouted into Roxanne's slit, but her cries of joy were muffled by her Mistress's pussy that was spread over her mouth. Roxanne grasped the undersides of Calista's thighs as she drove her tongue deeply into her slave girls' pussy. She swirled her tongue inside the slave girl's cunt, as she extracted and swallowed the delicious nectar. Her chin rubbed her slave girls' clitoris constantly as she kissed and lapped her sweet pussy. Calista too, welcomed her Mistress's succulent pussy to her tongue. The unforgettable taste of her Mistress's succulent cunt and clit propelled her to ravish her with her tongue. Roxanne's writhing and moans fueled Calista's efforts to bring her former Mistress to a mind numbing orgasm. They inundated one another with ecstasy while their tongues 'tormented' each others' pussy. Calista, driven by her love for her Mistress, came hard each time her pussy spasmed from Roxanne's tongue. She had cum multiple times before Roxanne's orgasm finally exploded. Roxanne screamed into Calista's cunt as her body shook uncontrollably in a savage orgasm.

She showered Calista's face with her delicious juices and Calista tried to capture all of them, but could not. Both women, lost in orgiastic bliss, struggled to pleasure one another beyond any previous coupling between them. Finally, Calista could cum no more. She closed her eyes and slipped into a semi conscious state lying happily beneath her Mistress. Roxanne retained her wits about her, but the powerful orgasm also left her unable to move. They lay, one atop the other, breathing hard for several minutes as they desperately tried to recover. Roxanne recovered her senses first and slowly slid her body off of from her slave girl to kneel at her side.

Calista's eyes were still tightly shut and both women perspired profusely. Roxanne crawled on her knees to kiss Calista's lips tenderly as if to wake her from a magic slumber. Calista remained still with her eyes tightly shut for several seconds. Roxanne's lips on hers felt as though it was a dream. She realized where she was and her eyes fluttered open. Then she eagerly returned her Mistress's sweet kiss. Calista swallowed deeply and smiled weakly as Roxanne broke their kiss. Roxanne returned the smile as she removed the clamp from Calista's nipple. The slave girl groaned deeply as the burning pain coursed through her nipple when the clamp was lifted away. Roxanne quickly covered Calista's nipple with her mouth to soothe it with her tongue as the blood painfully rushed in to restore circulation to her nipple.

Calista breathed deeply as her Mistress sucked and licked her nipple until it was restored to its full hardness. Roxanne kissed the restored nipple then removed the clamp from the other nipple and soothed it too, until it was restored. Gazing lovingly upon her former slave girl, Roxanne lowered her head to lick the salty sweet sweat from Calista's small titties. The bound Domina moaned with pleasure as Roxanne licked the sweat from both of her little titties. Roxanne moved over Calista to remove the manacles from her arms. Her sweat coated thirty six D breasts grazed Calista's lips. The younger woman quickly found Roxanne's nipple. She sucked it into her mouth to lick it and pull it with her lips. As Roxanne removed the manacles and the wrist restraints, Calista licked the tasty salty sweat from her former Mistress's breasts.

Roxanne paused to let Calista enjoy her breasts for several minutes. Her breasts moved over Calista's face as the younger woman pleasured them with her tongue. Roxanne's large breasts nearly smothered Calista's face as Roxanne bent to suckle her former slave's small titties. Calista rubbed her face lovingly over and between the large breasts covering her face, remembering past pleasures vividly. Roxanne rose up and moved to release her slave girls' bound feet from the stirrups. Slowly and gently she slipped the rough rawhide riding crop out of Calista's asshole. She kneeled to inspect the welts on the girls' ass and pussy then Roxanne drew her tongue along the welts to soothe them.

She licked Calista's red ass from the spanking she had given her. Finally, Roxanne kissed Calista's asshole, swirling her tongue all over it. Calista moaned with delight as her former Mistress tongued her asshole lovingly. Roxanne continued to swirl her tongue on Calista's asshole for several minutes. She pushed her tongue on her rosebud several times, but refrained from entering it. Roxanne gave the rosebud a final kiss the placed Calista's feet on the floor. Then she moved to help her former slave and lover sit up on the padded bench. Calista grimaced from the ache and soreness of her ass and pussy as she sat up. Helped by her Mistress, they walked towards the door leading to the huge bath room and Calista's sunken tub.

Calista pressed the buttons on the tub controller to fill the tub with warm scented water. They entered the tub and waited for the water to engulf them. Soon the warm waters were caressing their bodies as they embraced one another and kissed, entwining their tongues. "Thank you, Mistress," Calista whispered in Roxanne's ear, "Thank you for letting me relive those magically wonderful times we had together." They kissed again as Roxanne sat on a submerged seat in a warm corner of the tub, pulling Calista to sit in front of her with her back against her former Mistress's breasts. Calista felt Roxanne's nipples harden against the soft skin of her back as she laid her head on the older woman's shoulder contentedly.

"No, Calista, it is I who should thank you for submitting to me again. You have no idea how many times I have thought of you and our times together," Roxanne told her. Calista smiled and nuzzled her face against her lovers' cheek happily. "I have always loved you, Calista. Even when I was tormenting you, love," Roxanne concluded. Somehow, Calista realized at that moment that when Roxanne called her by name her tone reflected an uppercase 'C' instead of the usual 'calista' to indicate her submissive status. She felt Roxanne's hand cup her little titties under the water and she moaned approvingly. Roxanne placed Calista's hard nipples between her fingers where her fingers joined her palms and squeezed them gently. Calista moaned again and turned to kiss Roxanne's cheek once again. She cuddled back against her lover while Roxanne's fingers kneaded her breasts and nipples.

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