tagLoving WivesCalli's Interest Payment

Calli's Interest Payment


"You know we can't pay you right now, right?" Calli asked. Calli and her husband had come up to Doug and his wife's farm to get feed for their animals. They were the perennially broke couple with too many mouths to feed and never enough money to pay all the bills.

"I know." Was all Doug answered. There had already been a discussion between Doug and his wife about the situation. He was well aware of their plight and had encouraged his wife to tell them to come get what they needed. The two couples had been friends long enough to understand and help each other out. Calli and her husband always got debts paid; just sometimes it took a while. While Doug and his wife were not flush with cash right now either, they had plenty to get their animals through the winter.

"They always get things paid, and besides," Doug had told his wife, "we will need help next spring and he can always come help out if they are still short on cash. I don't mind helping a guy who tries hard and is willing to trade labor for hay."

So here were Calli and her husband getting a load of hay to take back to their farm. Doug told them to go unload and come right back for a second load as he would be around all afternoon. His wife and kids were gone to visit her sister and therefore he would be home alone to tend to the farm. As the truck and trailer left with the second load of the day, Doug headed to the house. While they had loaded, Calli had grabbed the guys a beer out of Doug's frig and he was taking the empty bottles back to the house. He opened the door and found Calli's purse setting in the entryway. "Damn," he thought, "she is going to need that if they are going anywhere before Monday." He picked up the purse and moved it to the chair next to the door. "If either one stops by and I am out in the tractor, they will find it here." He told himself and went on about his afternoon work outside.

Several hours later, Doug came in the house for the evening. The day's work completed, it was time to find some supper and relax in front of the television. He found something to eat, showered and plopped down in his chair with a cold beer and heard a rattle at the door. Calli walked in with a loud "hello" like friends always do. Sitting up and getting out of his chair Doug responded in kind. He told her where to find her purse, asked if they got unloaded and everything taken care of at home. While they chit-chatted, Doug grabbed Calli a beer. She thanked him and told him she could really use this one.

They talked about all the usual small talk friends gab over and then Calli got to the point. She had left her purse intentionally so she could come back to talk to Doug. She began to unfold a story about how broke she and her husband really were right now. It seemed they had maxed out all forms of credit and had no hope of getting the bills paid off for a couple years. She hated it. She was embarrassed. She wanted to let Doug know it would most likely be a long time before they could pay him for the hay they had gotten today. Doug let her know it would not be a problem for him to carry them as long as needed. He was not worried one bit about the money and friends help each other out in hard times.

Calli knew Doug meant every word. She had other plans. "If we can't pay you the money we owe you, maybe I can at least keep the interest paid off for a while," she cooed as she drew a line down across her covered breast with a finger. "Maybe I can do something to help you out personally while we try to get caught up on bills. It could be a long hard time before the money ever comes through you know."

"Calli, are you suggesting we screw to keep the interest paid on your bill!!" Doug practically shouted.

"No, "Calli responded, "I am offering, not suggesting."

Doug sank back in his chair trying to figure out how to answer his friend. It wasn't like he hadn't thought about her naked a few times. Calli was thirty-eight, red headed, had a nice pair of "C" cup tits that kids and time had brought down a bit. Her ass was the kind you see on movie stars- tight, perfectly formed. As long as she wore a bra, the only hint of the two kids she had given birth to was the small tummy she couldn't get exercised away. But dammit she was a friend of his, his wife, the kids were friends. He had to think fast and come up with an idea. Then, it came to him. He could shock her back to her senses.

"Ok, Calli. If that is what you think you want- do it right. Get up, strip naked in front of me, and crawl hands-and-knees over her to beg me for it. If you want to be a whore, sex slave, concubine, whatever for me- you will be just that. My whore. My sex slave. Do it know, that is an order. You will do exactly as I say, when I say. You will not have a mind or a will of your own when it comes to sex with me. I will fuck you how and when I want, starting now."

"Yes master," was all Calli said as she got up and began to disrobe. Doug about fainted. Calli slid out of her jeans and T shirt to reveal a lacey white bra and matching white boy shorts panties. Her hands trembled a bit as she slowly pushed the panties down to reveal the nicely trimmed, flame red bush behind them. When they reached the floor, her hands moved up to unhook her bra. In less than two minutes, Doug's old friend stood before him completely naked. Her tits sagging slightly, but the nipples still pointing straight forward. Her toned legs carried her part way to his chair before kneeling down, falling to her hands and crawling across the floor. He was stunned speechless.

When Calli got to Doug's chair, she began to slide her hands back and forth across his thighs. A pleading look in her eye, she rubbed his crotch and asked permission to lower his pants. Doug got to his feet and pulled her up to her feet. He asked her if she truly wanted this and was ready. "Yes master." was the reply he received. Doug led Calli to the bedroom where he slipped out of his own clothes. Placing her gently on his bed he ran his hands all across her body. When his hands slid down and back up her legs, he noticed how wet she was getting.

He could not believe it. Not only was she fully committed to being his whore, she was incredibly turned on by it. Doug's hands continued their gentle assault on her skin-sliding up her sides, across her breasts and back down her tummy to the soft wet curls where her legs met. Pushing Calli's legs apart, he moved his face between her thighs. Spacing kisses every inch, he worked his lips closer and closer to his goal. Calli's breathing was already deep and fast by the time his lips touched her crotch. He could smell her arousal and when he parted her outer lips with his tongue, she quivered. Achingly slow her traced up and down across her slit, opening it up and getting very close, but not touching her clit. He raised his eyes as his tongue once again came right up to her clit and stopped short. Her nipples were hard and extended, her eyes closed, and a red tint had spread out across her chest. With her breathing coming in rasps, and her hips pushing up into his face, he closed his lips around her clit and sucked. The moment his lips closed around it, Calli's clit sent a shock through her entire body. Her hands flew to the back of Doug's head and mashed his face harder into her. She was cumming.

Her whole body shook and her eyes rolled back in her head as the orgasm took over. She cried out. She begged him to keep sucking her clit. Her already wet pussy gushed as her body rode the waves of her orgasm. Doug stopped moving and let her hold his head where it was. When her waves seemed to slow to a crawl, he flicked his tongue across her again causing her to plead for him to stop. The orgasm may have been subsiding, but her clit was now so sensitive she could not take it.

When Calli's breathing returned to normal and her muscles all relaxed, Doug slid his body over hers. Stopping only to cup her tits in his rough hands and giving each nipple a long nibble and suck, Doug kept moving up and on top of Calli. She leaned her head up for a kiss, but he pushed her away. "No," he said, "you are my whore and I will decide if you get a kiss or when you cum." Her eyes showed she understood. This had been her opportunity to cum and she was grateful. Now she knew it was time to pay him for the kindness he had shown. Without warning, she felt he pussy spread open buy his thrust. Had it not been for the lube her body had supplied during her orgasm, his thrust may have been painful. As it was, he slid all the way into her in one smooth rush forward. It still took her breath away.

Doug began to pound each thrust into Calli's well lubed pussy. He had no intention of being careful or loving. He had given her an orgasm and now he wanted his own. Each thrust was an individual act. He would pull slowly out until he felt the outer lips of her pussy, then slam into her all the way. It took nearly all of his will power not to just quickly hump in and out of her until he came. But he wanted her to know he was in charge. And he wanted himself to know he could remain in control of his own body.

What Doug did not know was how this was feeling to Calli. As he kept the pace of slow out and slam in, Calli was reaching ever closer to another orgasm. Doug was at the right speed, the right angle and the way his dick was just touching, but not hitting her cervix was driving her crazy. She knew he was working toward his own orgasm, but her second was about to explode. "Master!" she moaned," permission to cum again sir?"

Cum again? That was not what Doug was thinking. He was riding her this way for his own enjoyment. Not hers. "No! You will not cum again you whore. You will hold it in until I tell you that you may cum again." The question and the answer were enough to damn near make Doug explode, but he held off.

But she could not hold it. As the second orgasm shook Calli's body, Doug exploded inside of her. She cried out, he moaned with the release. Doug thrust a few more times into that wonderful pussy and filled it with cum. She felt his spurting inside of her and it made her squirm even more. They lay that way for a minute after the mutual gratification. Then Doug pulled out of her. Getting to his wobbly legs he quietly moved to the bathroom and returned with the belt from his robe.

"I did not give you permission to cum again yet Calli." He told her. And with that he tied her hands together. Helping Calli to her feet, he told her, "Now you must be punished for not following orders. I had hoped I wouldn't have to do this." He led Calli to the bedroom door and threw the clothes off of a hook there. Draping the short bit of belt over the hook, he left her standing there. Hands tied together, and held up by the belt over the clothes hook. Doug returned to the bathroom and closet for the other items he had in mind. He spread a towel on the carpet below her and turned her head to face him. "A good whore knows how to hold off her orgasm and when to do as told Calli. You must learn these things if you are to hold your end of the deal. Isn't that correct?" he scolded.

"Yes master," she replied as the cum started to run out of her pussy and down her leg. She could easily have stood on tip toe and unhooked the robe belt from the hook on the door, but chose to stay as he placed her. She was not sure what he had in mind, but was already starting to tingle at the thought going through her head. Since she was a teen, she had fantasized about being tied and used. She hoped that was exactly what Doug had in store for her. Her only concern was "how and I going to keep from cumming again until he gives me permission?"

Doug held her head to face him and showed her the leather belt in his hand. "I am going to spank you for your disobedience now. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Or anything you wish to beg me for? Like mercy?"

"No master. I deserve to be spanked. I deserve to be punished in any way you see fit."

Then the belt found its mark on Calli's ass. She screamed more in shock than pain as the first lash landed. Doug wasn't sure he ought to do this, but figured he would give it a try. The second lash landed and Calli cried out again. He wasn't swinging hard, hell he had paddled his kids harder and been spanked with a belt a whole lot harder when he was you. He continued to spank Calli with the belt just hard enough to turn her ass cheeks a rosy color. Her screams quickly changed he noticed. She was no longer crying out as in pain by the four or fifth lashing, but moaning as if she liked it. He asked her if she approved of his using the belt this way.

"Harder, please master harder" was the husky reply from her.

Doug was now unsure whether or not to keep slapping her ass with the belt so he stopped. He dropped the belt and moved behind Calli. As he had spanked her with the belt his dick had hardened again and was now fully ready to slide into her again. From behind he grabbed her hips and pulled them to him. He guided his rock hard dick into her dripping pussy causing her to moan even louder.

"Yes! Fuck me hard master. Fuck me hard! Punish me! "

Doug did just that. He hammered in and out of her pussy as hard as he could. When he took his hands off her hips, she moved back into him with each thrust forward he made. He reached around and grabbed her tits. Squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples harder than he intended she asked him suddenly.

"Master may I cum again?"

"No my whore, hold it in for a bit longer." He replied. As he spoke, he pulled out of her pussy and just stood there still for a moment. Reaching under Calli's crotch, he rubbed his fingers through the mixture of their cum leaking out of her. Spreading her ass cheeks with the other hand , he smeared the greasy mess across her anus. Wiping more from her dripping pussy, he worked some into her ass with first one finger and then two. "I am going to cum in your ass Calli. Is that ok with you?" he asked her nonchalantly.

"Yes master. Fuck my ass and cum deep inside of it if you wish. May I cum while you fuck my ass, master?" was her reply.

"Yes my whore. You may cum while I fuck your ass." And with that he forced his dick into her tightest hole. Slowly at first to let her body adjust, then deeper and faster. Soon he was slamming into and out of her ass as he had been her pussy. As he fucked her harder with each stroke, he ran his fingers around and found her clit. Rubbing her clit as he fucked her ass, he was soon ready to cum again.

Calli was moaning and pushing back into his thrusts. She was desperate to cum and did not think she could hold on much longer. When Calli felt Doug begin to shoot his cum deep inside her ass, she let go. She shook. Her knees buckled. She cried out and pulled against her tied wrists. Held up by the belt around her wrists and Doug's still shooting dick in her ass, she let the waves of her third orgasm race through her body. When he finally stopped squirting his seed inside her and withdrew, she felt some of it run out of her and roll down her already coated thighs. "Please master, untie me," she begged. As he released her from bondage she collapsed on the floor; a sticky trembling mess.

Doug walked again to the bathroom and started a shower this time. He carried her to the shower and gently soaped, and rinsed her. When done he brought her clothes to the bathroom, dried and dressed her. Walking her to the door, he handed the forgotten purse to her and said, "I guess you better remember your purse from now on when you stop by."

Calli drove home thinking of how and when she could see Doug again for another "interest payment."

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