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Camera Action


You've gotten me excited now
With all the things you say
You want me to make love to you
In a completely different way
You want to start slowly
Maybe a grope and kiss
Paying attention to how I react
Make sure there's nothing that you miss
Then you'll blindfold me and tie me up
Tell me whatever's near my mouth I have to kiss or suck
First it's your mouth then your nipple
Finally it's your hard cock what luck
You facefuck me 'til you're rock solid
Run your fingers through my hair
Suddenly you pull out of my mouth
Like you weren't even there
It's all gone quiet then I hear it
It's repeated over and over a click
I'm tied to the bed blindfolded
You're taking my pic
You pull at my shirt roughly
Letting the buttons fly
Clicks; then you move my skirt down
Revealing my white thighs
Click down come my panties
Way past my knees
Click click this opportunity is sweet
Too sweet not to seize
You slowly slide inside me
Clicking over and over making me squirm
With delight and excitement
Feeling you getting so firm
You lay your camera down
Telling me that it's filming us
As we fuck we rock harder and harder
I can smell our sweet combining musk
Your hands find my nipples
You twist them so very tight
I scream in agony and pleasure
I try to put up a fight
But my arms are tied right back
Tightly to the back of the bed
You fuck me harder and faster
Little if no words are now said
I swear and thrash about
As I feel my orgasm growing within
I can just about hear another voice
Above the loud din
So I am quiet there's someone else here
But I can't see them at all
Suddenly the guy fucking me is replaced
He's got a bigger dick and I'm taking it all
Suddenly I can smell my juice
There's a cock pushing at my lips
Now I'm fucking two of them
There's a pair of hands holding my hips
Down. Now I'm coming hard and fast
I can feel it exploding on both my sets of lips
I start convulsing in ecstasy
Then the weight rests on my hips
That's not the end though
The clicking starts again
I'm lifted and rotated on the bed
Told to expect some pain
I'm now on my hands and knees
My butt sticking out in the air
Someone starts spanking my arse
While another pulls at my hair
Still the clicking continues
So many hands and mouths probing me
I don't know who they all are
No one can I see
I am their little plaything
To touch fuck and caress
'We're not going to stop fucking you
'til you're in a right old mess'
I can hear men masturbating
Hear them moan and groan
Feel their spunk covering me
I pull at my tethers and start to moan
Now there's someone licking my pussy
Whilst caressing my butt and thighs
Flicking across my clit rapidly
Which is growing painfully large now in size
I'm covered in spunk surrounded by men
Who seem intent on having their way with me
I scream loudly that I cant take it
I god damn need to see
What's going on, who's fucking me
Someone slaps my arse burning my cheek
I am being gangbanged
I love being this freak
They take it in turns to all fuck me
Twisting and turning me
In all positions you can imagine
And in missionary
All the time taking pictures
Evidence of what they did to me
Eventually I pass out exhausted
Unable to see who does what to me
I wake a little later on
Released from the tight handcuffs
I am covered in sweet cum
With a well exercised muff
Next to me is my camera
I turned it on and pressed play
It was full of pictures and film
With a myriad of men in disarray
All of them fucked me
One after each other
I was licked, fucked, tied up
Blindfolded and slightly smothered
I ache now when I move
So much pounding dicks I've had
I would never have agreed to this
But I'm far from mad
I enjoyed every single minute
Of my first ever gang bang
Now I must go and shower
Get rid of all this muck
Then I'll watch the pictures and film
That you kindly left me
Relive every moment of tonight
All that you introduced to me

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