Camilla Ch. 071


"De rien, mon dieu païen."


On Sunday at Mass, Father Josiah's homily was about sacrifice. While Agape paid close attention, Camilla just sat there, bored.

"Jesus tells us, 'Those who want to save their life will lose it; but those who lose their life for my sake will save it," Josiah quoted from Luke. "We mustn't cling to the pleasures of this world. We must let go of our attachment to them, and love God instead, with all our heart."

The priest was saddened to see Camilla so uninterested in what he was saying, for he so desperately needed her to hear him. When he first knew her, he felt a contradictory mix of mere lust for her body and Christian concern for her soul; but his feelings had now grown to those of love and pity for her. He sensed the pain and spiritual struggle she was hiding behind her lewd giggles and blithe sinfulness, unaware that it was Nigrovum that was giving him this insight. He was also beginning to feel that emotion that was much more dangerous than the deadly sin of lust. He was falling in love with her.

"'No man has a greater love than this,'" he continued, quoting the Gospel of John. "'That a man may lay down his life for his friends.' We say we love those we care about; but do we, really? Or do we just idolize them, loving a mere image of them in our minds? What would we give up for those we love? Jesus loves us so much, He died for us. What about you? What will you do for those you care for?"

Still, Camilla showed little interest in his words; she just smiled lasciviously at him. He was full of conflict: he wanted her, but wanted to serve God; he wanted to win her soul to Christ, but if he didn't sleep with her, she'd never even be in earshot of him, let alone heed his words. The closest he could come to having her in a Christian way at all was to quit the priesthood, something that would break his heart, and make his mother cry from heaven. After making such a sacrifice, he could hope--however feebly--to get her to agree to marry him; then he could make an honest woman of her, and make this lost sheep come back to the Catholic fold. Thus would he redeem himself for his recent sins. Still, one thing made this hope a non-existent hope: she liked him only as a priest.

He was willing to die for her, but only Christ was fit for that sacrifice. In his temptation to despair, he felt like he wanted to die, for his sadness was weighing him down in a way he'd never felt before. He tried to use his Christian faith to prop himself up, but her challenges to it--sexual as well as intellectual--had shaken his faith, too.

O, wretched man that I am! he thought.


On Monday night, Camilla was in her green dress with the flower pattern, the one she wore in Club Ritz when she stripped for Dr. Lee. She was walking around the York campus, looking for him, when she sensed that Asian stalker behind her. She looked back, and saw the frumpy, overweight girl go to hide behind a nearby tree. Camilla walked over.

"Who is that?" she asked. No answer. "Come on, show yourself. I'm getting tired of being followed."

The girl came forward.

"Akemi?" Camilla asked. "Is that you?"

"Yeah," Akemi said timidly. "Sorry I follow you. I study in York, too."

"Yeah, I remember you saying so before. Why didn't you just come up and say hi?"

"I too scared."

"Am I so scary, Akemi?"

"I'm afraid you reject me again." An eerie heaviness seemed to be weighing down on the Japanese-Canadian girl, a heaviness Camilla could psychically feel.

"Oh, sweetie," Camilla said. "Don't think that; I won't reject you." Then she walked up closer to Akemi and stroked her hair. With a lewd smile, she asked, "Wanna lick my pussy again?"

"Well, yeah, but--"

"OK, let's go somewhere private; or do you wanna do it in public?"

"I don't want just sex, Camilla," Akemi said, her face welling up with tears. "I want you love me, like I do you."

"Baby, I can't. Sorry."

"Why?" Akemi asked, audibly sobbing. "I fall in love with you."

"Because I...I'm in love with someone else. I'm so sorry." Camilla was choking up herself, in compassion for the poor girl.

"Oh, no hope!" Akemi yelled, running away and crying loudly. As she ran, she felt that heaviness slow her down, the heaviness of Nigrovum-intensified depression and despair. Camilla could feel it, remembering how she sometimes felt it when she was depressed about something. It was obvious that she'd passed Nigrovum on to Akemi when they'd had sexual contact back in Luvlee's. The desire she'd felt for Camilla had grown stronger, and now her heartbreak was stronger; Camilla knew there was a danger the girl would lose her will to live, and that Nigrovum would kill her. She ran after Akemi.

As she was running, Camilla saw Dr. Lee walking by; suddenly, she felt her emotions change. Her compassionate warmth was quickly, and inexplicably, heating up into lust for him. Even as little as two months ago, she could control her nymphomaniac urges when something more important had come up. Between her experience in the Satanic mansion and her coming to Toronto, she'd had very little sex, sacrificing gratification for the need to be constantly praying for God's protection from the Satanists. Now, when she could feel Akemi about to commit a desperate act, Camilla just let that problem go, as if she were 'not sweating the small stuff', and for what? To fuck.

She ran up to Dr. Lee. "Hi, sir," she said in her uninhibited 'Kitty' persona.

"Oh, hi," Dr. Lee said. "Your hair is getting darker and--"

"Where ya going?"

"To my office."

"Can I come with you?"

"Oh, OK," he said with a mixture of arousal and worry about what she obviously wanted from him. Though he wanted to resist for the sake of his wife, he could feel something stopping that resistance. Camilla's Nigrovum.

They went into his office and she locked the door. She took off her jacket as he went to sit at his chair. Then she stood before him, unbuttoning the front of her dress.

"Wait, Camilla. I'm married, remember?"

"Oh, come on, let's have some fun, sir," she said in her 'Kitty' voice, letting her dress fall to the floor. She was wearing the same white bra and panties she'd worn when he saw her at Club Ritz, and he could see that.

"You wore that tonight on purpose, didn't you?" he asked as she danced in her underwear.

"Of course. I wanna please you." She took off her bra, and brushed her breasts against his face.

"Are you sure you're not just doing this for yourself?" His erection was a pointy bump in his pants.

"Come on, sir, you know you want to fuck me," she said, pulling down her panties.

"You are very exciting, but--"

"But what?" She pulled her feet out of the leg holes of her panties, then kicked off her high heels. The naked girl bent over and brought her face up to his.

"But I'm--" Before he could finish his sentence, she kissed him hard on the mouth. Using Nigrovum to break his resistance, she slid her tongue inside his mouth. She sat on his lap, facing him, and put her arms around his shoulders. He put his hands on her ass, gently squeezing her soft buttocks. She put her hand on his erection; since he was wearing loose pants, she could wrap her fingers around his cock and gently jerk him off as if he were naked. He started fingering her anus.

She stopped French-kissing him. "Wanna put your finger inside my butt, sir?" 'Kitty' asked.

"Yeah," he said, pushing his index finger an inch inside her asshole.

"I know how much you like putting things inside there," she said in remembrance of the twenty-dollar bill, insouciantly allowing him to probe her rectum.

"Yes, I do," he grunted.

"Would you like to put your phallus in there?" she asked, squeezing his erection particularly tightly.

"Wait. Uh..."

"Let me get my purse," she said, getting up. His finger slid out of her asshole as she walked over to get her purse, which was by the door. She got out her tube of anal lubricant and handed it over to him.

Taking it, he said, "I shouldn't. N-no, Camilla, I-I don't want to." His hands were shaking.

"If not, then why aren't you giving me back my tube of lube?" she asked with an inscrutably calm, but lewd, grin.

"W-wel, I--"

"Come on, sir," she said, getting down on the floor on all fours with her ass pointed out at him so he could see her pretty brown anus. "You know you want to." She now put her fingers on her asshole and stretched it open for his hungry eyes to see. "You want to put it in my poo-poo hole." She then giggled like a little girl.

"No, Camilla. I-I love my..."

"Come on." She used Nigrovum to visualize his cock coming straight at her ass; and indeed, his pointy erection was pulling him from his chair and bringing him to the floor behind her. He knelt there, just inches from her ass, and the painful pressure of his dick pushing against his pants forced him to unzip them and pull out his cock. "That's a good boy."

He lubed his cock, then her rectum, all mechanically, because it was more her influence than his own lust that made him do it. "I can't believe I'm doing this," he said as he pushed his knob against her welcoming asshole. "I really can't."

"I can," she sighed as his cock went in an inch. "Oh!"

He pushed in another few inches, or rather was pulled in by Camilla's psychic control. Finally, just like Alex, Dr. Lee simply resigned himself to being an adulterer, and pushed in the rest of the way himself. "Unh!"

He reached forward and grabbed her tits. "That's the spirit, sir! Oh!" she groaned.

"What's going on in there?" a female voice from outside the office said.

Shit! Camilla thought; I forgot to take care of the outside people. She had to think fast, and the pleasurable sensations she was feeling were a distraction to her concentration. She simply decided to use the expelling power she'd used in her dream with Miles, Dr. Davis, and M. Larre to push all the people on that floor out of earshot of her and Dr. Lee. As she enjoyed his cock massaging her rectal walls, she synchronized the feeling with a visualization of everyone on their floor being pushed through the hall, by a giant, invisible dick, towards the stairs and elevator.

"What the fuck?" the woman's voice was heard to say. "What's pushing me?"

Two other voices of surprised and confused people were heard saying similar things as they were all pushed down the hall toward the elevator, which Camilla brought to their floor, opening the doors. The three people were pushed in, the doors closed, and the elevator went down to the ground floor.

As Camilla continued gleefully receiving Dr. Lee's cock in her ass, she fingered her clit. He was still fondling her tits. While normally her moans got higher and higher in pitch with the increase of her arousal, now they were almost the opposite: they sounded eerily hoarse and low-pitched. If one were to see her from the front, one would be shocked to see the wild look in her eyes. Her hair was getting darker, and individual tresses of it were sticking out, as though someone had put his hands in her hair and messed it up.

"Don't come in my ass," she said in her increasingly grotesque voice, the one she had when she attacked Miles's wife in the bathroom. "Shoot it on my butt-cheeks."

Scared at the sound of her voice, he pulled his cock out. She reached back, briefly jerked him off, and he came first on her anal cleft, then on her left buttock, then on her right buttock, and finally on her left buttock, along the gluteal sulcus.

He put his spent dick back in his pants and zipped himself up. Then he looked at her disheveled hair.

"Camilla," he said in astonishment. "Your hair. What happened to it?"

She got up and looked in a mirror he had by the door. He watched his come dripping prettily off her buttocks, but quickly got some Kleenex and put it on the floor to prevent a stain.

She got a brush out of her purse and brushed her hair back into place. "What's wrong with my hair?" she asked, her voice coming back to normal. "It's beautiful. My daddy's gonna love how I look."

"But you were a dirty blonde before."

"That's me: a dirty little bad girl."

"How did your hair change so suddenly?"

"What's the big deal?" she asked in her normal voice, turning around. "I like my new look."

"And your eyes!"

"So?" Though her voice was back to normal, her change in looks wasn't going back.

"You were a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl."

"Don't you like my new look?" she asked. Daddy's gonna be hot for me now, she thought, grinning.

"It's not a question of liking; it's just so supernatural. How'd your hair and eyes suddenly turn all black like that?"

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