tagBDSMCamping with the Guys

Camping with the Guys


A story of a discovery about myself that occurred once one a camping trip.

It had been a great weekend camping with two friends. We had hiked miles into a relatively secluded section of National Forest and camped beside a beautiful little trout stream. There had been plenty of fishing, sitting around the campfire telling stories, and of course all of the sex that any of us could want. Ted, Chuck (or C.K. as he preferred to be called), and I have known each other since before high school. Somewhere along the line we all discovered that we liked boys as well as girls, and later found out that we weren't the only one in the world who felt that way, and this discovery added another and deeper dimension to our friendship.

Ted and C.K. are both fairly dominant in both their gay and hetero activities, while I tend to be very submissive. This works out well because for example they get off on tying and torturing me while I get off on them doing it.

It was early afternoon when the experience I'm going to tell you about began. The day had begun as do most of the days on any trip we take; I had sucked both C.K. and Ted's early morning wood until they had shot their first load of the day. After a leisurely breakfast it was out fishing for our lunch. It took a few hours to catch enough for a decent meal so it was near lunch time by the time they were cleaned, a fire built, and the fish fried. They were delicious with just a little salt and pepper, and devoured with fresh berries and a few apples from a tree about a half mile away, plus cold clear water from the stream. After the few minutes of cleanup the simple meal required the three of us relaxed.

It's usually about this time that the real fun for the day begins, and I knew that the wheels were turning in both the heads of both other men. Pretty soon C.K. gave me a kick and said simply "Strip". I hastily slid out of my shorts and tee shirt and from experience knew to kneel in front of the men. No sooner was I kneeling than I was commanded to get up and fetch the spare tent pegs, mallet, and some cord.

When I returned to my masters with the required items I was pushed down onto the sand and staked out spread eagled with one stake at each hand and foot, one attached to the collar they had locked on me as soon as we left the city, and one ominously between my legs in line with my now fully erect cock. After unhooking my collar from it's stake C.K. knelt over my chest and grabbing my hair pulled my mouth onto his dick. I again licked and sucked his manhood until his rapid breathing told me he was about to cum. As he began shooting he pushed my head back off his cock and let his hot jism spray my face. As soon as he was through, and had used my mouth to clean himself he got up and was replaced by Ted. While Ted was using my face as a fuck hole C.K. fashioned a noose out of another piece of cord. Before Ted finished he had snugged the noose around my ball sack and used a bungee cord to hook it to the stake between my legs, pulling my balls out tightly and making my cock even harder and me more desperate to climax.

Ted soon finished and sprayed another load onto my dripping face. As he got up he bent down and "twanged" the bungee cord, stretching my balls even more and violently shaking them side-to-side as the cord vibrated. Both men returned to the shade and relaxed, watching me and doubtless thinking of what to do next.

Events took an unexpected but exciting turn at this point when a couple of other hikers came out of the woods about 20 feet upstream of us. They were a man and a woman, both about our age (mid 20's) and both were in shape and attractive. After a word between themselves they turned and joined C.K. and Ted in the shade.

After a few words that I couldn't hear the girl came and stood over me looking at me completely dispassionately. After a few moments she slid out of her shorts and settled herself onto my cock alternately lifting herself until only the head remained in her wet pussy and then grinding herself all the way down until I thought the extra weight would actually pull my balls off. This went on for a minute as she obviously got more and more excited. Before I could cum she stood up, looked at her partner, and said simply "Fuck me." Quickly he slid out of his shorts and pushing her up against a tree buried his cock into her pussy. They fumbled each other's shirts off as he thrust into her, and soon I could see his seed running down the inside of her thighs as he pistoned her twat.

As soon as he pulled out she returned and squatted over my head, commanding me to clean his cum out of her. I eagerly lapped up his spunk along with her juices, cleaning her hairless pussy thoroughly.

She stood over me once again, and slowly lit a cigarette. As she smoked she looked thoughtfully at me. She squatted beside me, and as she smoked she pinched and twisted my nipples, watching my reaction to the pleasure / pain she caused. Then without warning she leaned over me and touched the glowing end of her cigarette to the head of my cock. I yelled in surprise and pain as the agony seared thru me along with an entirely unexpected rush of pleasure and release, and I don't know who was more surprised when the first huge gob of cum shot out of my dick and hit her squarely in the face! I continued to shoot wad after wad despite the pain and had what was probably the strongest orgasm of my life as I lay there spread eagled beside the stream with an angry red welt growing on the end of my dick.

The five of us played more that afternoon and evening, and my mouth and ass were used and abused wonderfully, but nothing compared to the climax I had just experienced.

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