Can You See Me Now


Charles led her into the risqué store and she saw that the ads were not lying. There were five very busy and very nude ladies attending to customers. Not surprisingly, about half the people in the store were guys, most making no attempt to even look like they were buying anything. Numerous women customers were trying on this and that piece without bothering to use a changing room. There was a subdued aura of sexuality in the air. It was clear that the order of the day was fun.

Apparently, mall security had decided to ignore what went on inside the store. Ads covered all the windows and displays shielded the doorway from the nudity inside. It seemed that as long as the 'festivities' stayed out of the main mall, they would be tolerated by the management (the potential for sales at other stores played a part as well). Then a familiar voice sounded out.

"Valerie, Charles. How wonderful to see you here!" Fred and Daphne, dominants that had bought Valerie at her first slave auction at Mephisto's, came over.

Daphne picked up where her husband left off. "Charles, that is so cute, overdressing Valerie on this, of all days. Pray tell, is she going to stay this way?"

"Oh, I think she'll be more appropriately dressed by the end of the day. How is your new slave working out?"

"She's such a doll. Can't stand to be with a woman, so of course, we insist on a regular basis. I'm not sure if the tears she sheds are from distress or joy. What to you think Val?"

Fred was well aware of Valerie's own discomfort at lesbian sex, a problem that she still had with anyone except Sally. "Master Fred, Mistress Daphne. I suspect that it's a little of both. That's what it was for me. I hated it and loved being forced into it."

Daphne reached up and stroked Val's face through the leather, causing her to shudder. "Yes, I remember that so well. Would you like that experience again?"

Val took a deep breath, gulping. "Yes, if Master permits."

Charles responded to the exchange, "Perhaps a weekend trade in the near future?"

"We would love to. We should make sure our slave is trained properly before then. How about we give you a call in a couple of months?"

"I look forward to it. Now, Valerie, you are a little overdressed. Remove your gloves." He unclipped her hands to allow her to do so.

"Yes Master."

Val eased the gloves down under her wrist cuffs and took them off. Her hands glistened with a sheen of perspiration. Her hands began to cool as the air washed over them. Her hands were clipped again. They took their leave from the couple and left the mall, returning to the car. The drive took them across town to The Castle Superstore. Valerie brightened at the chance to see her friends Rachael and Giggy. The store looked even busier than VS was.

Inside, the place was packed. It soon became apparent that, while the lesbian couple was here, a social call would be out of the question. While no one was naked in the store, many were in various shades of near nudity (Castle's policy was firm, even on this day, to avoid any chance of being seen as a low class sex shop). Most of the business was centered in their lingerie area, allowing Val and Charles to browse the fetish section.

"What do you think of these, Val," Charles asked, holding a pair of clover style nipple clips.

Valerie had never experience these before, though she had seen them on Surmi's nipples. Designed to tighten with pressure, they left impressive marks. "They look very painful, Master."

"Yes they are. Would you like to wear them for a while?"

"I... whatever pleases you, Master."

"Ah, straight answer Val. Yes or no. Would you like to wear them?"

Valerie sighed, caught. "Yes, Master, I would." Valerie did not like pain, but loved submitting to it. She would constantly push her limits when it came to pain.

"Very well. Take your jacket off."

She removed the jacket with some difficulty, since her hands were left bound this time. The zipper connection had to be undone with tension from undulating her body. The resulting moves were incredibly sexy and drew several stares by the time she had finished. She had to continue the gyrations to slip the jacket's tight leather over her shoulders, fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch. By the time she had the jacket off and hanging on her arms, blocked by the cuffs, a dozen people had come over to stare openly, another two dozen looking more discreetly from a distance.

Valerie understood what was going to happen now. Over the course of the day, she was to be revealed more and more. As it was, the vicious scars on her back, the result of a safe word violation, were drawing stares and whispers. Outside of the BDSM community, few ever saw them in their entirety, though their presence had been part of her outing nine weeks ago. They proceeded to the checkout and encountered Rachael there.

"Val, Charles. Good of you to come in. Is this all?"

"Yes. Something new for my little submissive."

"Val, you're going to love to hate these. Giggy begs for mercy every time I pull them out."

The large woman at the other register looked and then nodded her head vigorously.

After they had paid, Charles released the wrist cuffs just long enough to free the jacket, led Val out and they took off for the next destination. He drove them to the downtown area, straight to the parking facility for Branford and Gashune Agency, Valerie's former work place. She smiled at this choice, actually looking forward to flaunting herself at her former employers. They had fired her the day after she had been outed, in spite of her superior skills as an ad exec.

"Master, can I remove my pants here?"

"No, I don't think so. Do remove your boots, though. I need to see someone here. There's something I have been waiting to do for nine weeks. Come, I think you'll enjoy this."

Leaving the clover clips, they exited the car and walked to the lobby. Valerie stood straighter, prouder, displaying herself, especially her scars, for all to see. Lilly Amberhurst was there, working her temporary job as main receptionist until the regular girl was back from maternity leave. They exchanged waves, but continued on to the elevators. He pressed the top floor and Val realized that they were going to see the president of the company. She could not hide her smile.

At the top floor, Charles went over to the secretary's desk and announced, "Charles Vanquil to see the president. I have an appointment. The secretary seemed to not be able to see Charles, as she stared at Valerie's indecency. Charles gave a loud, "Ahem."

"Oh, sorry. Yes, I'll let him know you're here. If you'll just have a seat."

"Val, kneel at my feet. When we go in, crawl on your hands and knees. Make sure he knows just what you are."

"Yes Master. With pleasure."

Valerie truly was proud of being Charles' submissive and slave. That she was fired for just that reason was all the more reason to flaunt it in this building. She wanted to let the man who fired her know that she had no regrets.

He attached the leash to her collar and waited.

"He will see you now."

"Come, Valerie," he said, tugging at the leash.

"Sir, she will have to stay out here," the secretary said.

Charles' voice took a tone that Val had heard only twice before and hoped to never hear directed at her. He simultaneously rebuked her and dismissed her as unimportant. "My slave will accompany me anywhere I wish and in any manner I wish. Do not interfere."

He led Val, smiling, into the office beyond, leaving the lady behind them in shock. The president looked up to say, "Welcome Mr. Vanquil, what can I..." He stared at Valerie. "Miss Burbon?"

"Miss Burbon is not here to see you, I am." The president looked up sharply at the rebuke in Charles' voice. "She is the reason I'm here, or rather, your treatment of her two months ago is the reason."

"I don't understand."

He pulled an envelope from his suit pocket and handed it to the president. "Effective immediately, all accounts with your firm by any of my companies are terminated. I cannot condone doing business with a firm that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation."

"We don't discri..."

Charles did not let him finish. "You fired Ms. Burbon, my slave, solely because of her involvement in domination and submission sexual activities. Prior to her being publicly outed as a submissive, she had an impressive record with your firm and had even uncovered fraud on the part of a former employee, saving the firm millions of dollars. D/s is a sexual orientation in my book and her participation in that type of sexual play was not grounds for termination. Hence my decision. Come Val, we're leaving."

"Yes Master." The pleasure she had in saying that phrase was intense.

As they left the office and approached the elevator, Charles asked, "Val, would you like to remain on all fours until we reach the front door?"

"Yes Master. Very much."

"I thought so."

"May we talk with Lilly before we leave?"

"No, I don't want to endanger her position."

"I understand Master."

They left the building, Val standing as they reached the front doors. In the car, Valerie had a question.

"Master, thank you for letting me be here to see this, but won't you become publicly known as a player? I mean, my research back when I was thinking about submitting found no trace of your involvement. You had worked hard to keep it a secret."

"First, you deserved to see his humiliation. Knowing that his reaction and prejudice towards you has cost his firm one hundred million dollars in business will be a barely suitable punishment. As for my secrecy. It's time for that to end. I'm not doing the community any favors by hiding. I, of all people, can stand the scrutiny. Going public will allow me to better serve the people we have come to care about. Now, let's continue our Nude Day celebration. Next stop the park."

Comstock Park was located in the heart of downtown. It was a favorite relaxing spot for the harried businessman and businesswoman. During the summer, on days such as today, it saw a lot of children and parents. It was about a hundred feet wide and almost a mile long. They drove down one length. Valerie thought it curious that there were no children present. While it was a relief to know that no kids would see her partial nudity, she was curious about why this was so.

"Master, why aren't there any children?"

"Hunter's Emporium is hosting a children's festival at Glass Top Park."

Val smiled in understanding. Charles was a major investor in that local children's store. Likely there were lots of free activities and food, ensuring that only adults would be at other parks in the city. She relaxed, a little, at what she was sure was coming.

Parking at the north end, Charles removed the ankle cuffs and pointed to a bench nearby.

"Val, I want you to sit on that bench for at least ten minutes. Then, walk through the park until you reach the Longhorn barbeque booth at the other end. Take your time. Somewhere during your walk, remove your pants and replace the cuffs on your ankles. You must be in the open when you do. Do you understand?"

Valerie gulped. Knowing what is coming and having it arrive were two separate things. "Master, I understand, but I'm frightened. No, actually, it's nervousness and embarrassment."

"I know, that's the point. I want you to reach a point where your comfort with your nudity is equal to your comfort with your submission. You will be under observation, so there is no danger, beyond the embarrassment."

"I understand Master. Thank you for making me stretch myself."

"Oh, and Val, don't hurry. Take at least thirty minutes to make the walk."

"Yes, Master."

Val got out and walked to the bench, sitting down. Charles backed the car up and drove it to the other end of the park. There, he waited twenty minutes and ordered both of them lunch from Longhorn.

Val sat the ten minutes and then stood up (there was a prominent clock tower in the park). She had thought about what her Master had said and how to best comply. By the time the ten minutes were up, she knew what she had to do. She immediately removed her pants, snapped the cuffs back on her ankles, and started the walk through the park.

As she expected, people stared. From the front, it was the sight of a woman in her underwear that drew the looks. From the back, it was the scars. She could feel the heat of a blush that covered her entire body starting. She could not see it, but the increasing redness highlighted her scars even more, given that they did not blush with the rest of her. Halfway through, she realized that she was going too fast and walked over to a bench to sit for a while.

She had been sitting there for five minutes when a deep voice behind her caused her to jump. "So, little slave, what does your Master have you doing?"

Turning, she saw Master Damien, Erica's Master, leading another slave on a leash. She was taller than Erica and dressed in the skimpiest swim suit that Val had ever seen. Her skin showed unbroken tan coloration and was topped by blond hair hanging loosely down her back, stopping at her shoulders. There was not a sign of inhibition at her clearly displayed body or submission.

"Master Damien. It's so nice to see you. Master has me celebrating National Nude Day with a gradual public stripping."

"Why are you blushing. You should be as proud of your body as Michelle here is."

"I'm... I have less... It's just embarrassing for me, sir. Master is still training me."

"So, where is Charles?"

"He is waiting for me at the Longhorn, sir. I have instructions to not hurry and take at least thirty minutes to cross the park. I was walking too fast and was letting some time pass."

"I see. Michelle, would you like to help put Valerie at ease?"

"Master, I would love to help a sister slut and slave."

"Remove your bikini."

"Yes, Master." Michelle, as if she was in the privacy of her room, casually removed her bikini, revealing the small remainder of her body to the entire park. It could now be confirmed that there were no tan lines at all. Once nude, she stood tall, placed her hands behind her head, thrusting her chest out, as if for inspection.

"Michelle, you are so beautiful. Master Damien is a very lucky Master."

"Yes, I am. Would you be kind enough to show Michelle your back. She was not at the handfasting."

"Of course sir."

Valerie stood and displayed her back to the blond submissive. She heard Michelle gasp at the sight. "May I," she asked. Val nodded. Fingers traced the scars, tentatively at first. Michelle whispered in shock, "Master. It's so..."

"Yes, it's terrible. But it's lovely as well. These were inflicted by a friend lost in pain, and Valerie remains her friend, in spite of the cruelty that was done to her."

Michelle hugged Val from behind and whispered, "You're very special. I see why Erica speaks so highly of you. Take care of yourself."

"Come, Michelle, Valerie has her orders to follow."

"Yes Master. Shall I remain as I am or dress again?"

"As much as I enjoy seeing you naked, I don't want you to spend the day in jail. Put the suit on again, for now."

Valerie started walking again, not quite as nervous as before. She was still a nice shade of red, but not as bothered by it. Her leisurely pace took another ten minutes to reach Charles. She joined him at the table he was at, sitting beside him when he patted on the bench.

"How was the park?'

"Beautiful, Master. I ran into Master Damien and his slave Michelle."

"And how is the pain slut?"

"Very beautiful Master. He had her strip completely and she didn't even look the slightest nervous. I wish I could do that."

"You will. Michelle has been with Damien for many years. I don't doubt that after so long, you will be equally eager to please, thinking nothing of any command I give you."

"I'm honored by your confidence, Master."

They finished their lunch and returned to the car. It was well into afternoon and people were starting to head away from the business district to the suburbs. Charles put the top down on the convertible and headed out to the freeway.

"Val, remove you bra."

"Yes Master." Valerie unclasped the front clasp and opened the bra, letting her breasts escape the confinement they had been in for almost twenty-four hours. He reached over at a stop light and unclipped her wrists so she could finish removing it. At his command, she put her seat back. He clipped her wrists to rings in the side of the seat, preventing her from covering herself. He drove onto the freeway and got into the passing lane.

From there, he spent the next hour driving up to SUVs, trucks and other large vehicles and slowing to pace them. Again and again, people, both men and women, were given an eagle eye's view of Valerie's exposed body. Most of the unexpected, sensual tourists seemed quite pleased at the unexpected scenery and made approving gestures. Her body spent the entire hour flushed red in embarrassment. Yet, her nipples were hard and erect and there was a very visible stain on the front of her panties.

"Master," she asked after the hour, "would you touch me, bring me to orgasm?"

"No, not yet. You will have to cum publicly sometime today. I want it to be spectacular."

He pulled off into a rest area and parked at the far end. Several semi rigs were parked there, as well as a few cars. Charles quickly determined that no children were present.

"Valerie," he said, holding the new clamps. "Walk to the ladies room. Put these on your nipples. You may only spend one minute in the restroom, so you will have to do it in front of anyone there. Then, leave and walk to the other end of the lot. I'll wait for you there."

After a, "Yes Master," Val took the clamps and started walking. Once again she was red as a beet and not a little scared. She could imagine the signals she was putting out and feared that someone would assume she was available for the taking. As she approached the blockhouse that was the restrooms, she saw a face she had seen once before. Lee, from Murphy's bar. He had stopped someone from accosting her when she had been dressed as a prostitute. Feeling safer knowing he was here, she walked the rest of the way and entered the lady's room. There was a woman there, clearly a trucker.

"Fuck, lady! Put some clothes on."

Valerie ignored her and placed the first clamp on her left breast, wincing as it pinched into her flesh. The trucker stared at her, open mouthed. Valerie put the second clamp on, drawing in a sharp breath, tears coming to her eyes. She could understand why Giggy pleaded to not wear these.

"You stupid bitch! Why would you do such a thing to yourself?"

The total lack of tact on the trucker's part got under Val's skin. She turned and answered, her voice full of disdain for the woman, "Because my Master told me to. Why else?" She spun on her heel and left the facility, walking with boldness in her step towards the other end of the lot. Several appreciative comments later, her mood had softened. At least the men she passed let her know they liked what they saw. Knowing you could inspire lust was a nice feeling.

At the car, she was asked, "Any problems?"

"Just a rude woman in the bathroom, Master."

"Some people just can't help themselves."

Her seat was put down again and her hands pinned to her side. In the reclined position, the clamps were not as painful. Another hour of being displayed to various drivers passed before they entered the city again. He turned towards his house. The sun was dipping low, there being an hour of daylight left. A mile out, he pulled off to the side of the road and removed the clamps, drawing another gasp of pain from her.

"Val, in the glove box are a pair of flip flops. Take your panties off and put the flip flops on. I want you to get out and walk the last mile to the mansion naked. I will be following you about a quarter mile back. When you reach the gate, there will be a box with some items in it. Use them to bind yourself on display for anyone who might drive by."

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