Can You See Me Now


"Yes Master. Master, this is very hard."

"Yes, I know it is. It is supposed to be. You can expect to be on display for quite some time."

"I understand Master."

Following his instructions, she removed the panties and put the flip flops on. She exited the car and began to walk the last mile to the gated mansion. Charles turned the headlights on and kept her illuminated. From a quarter mile back, the headlights provided enough light to call attention to her from either the front or back. Unlike the first time she had been bound on the gate, the road was not closed down. Cars passed them in both directions, slowing to look at this strange site. One car actually paced her, the passenger rolling the window down.

"Miss. Are you all right?"

"Yes, thank you for asking."

"Do you need a ride, something to cover up with?"

"No. I'm fine."

"Uh. May I ask why?"

Valerie thought for a moment and then answered, "I'm a sexual submissive and my Master, back behind us, has ordered me to do this."

"Did he give you those scars?" There was a harsh edge to his voice and she could see the driver's hands tense on the wheel.

"No, that was someone else. I do appreciate the concern. It's reassuring that chivalry is not dead."

"Okay, if you say so. Where are you going?"

"Just to the entrance to the grounds up ahead."

"Bye, You are very lovely."

"Thank you. That's very kind."

They drove off, though she would soon discover that they stopped at the turn off to wait for her. When she arrived at the gate, she nodded at the car and went over to the box sitting at the center of the gate. Inside were five D-rings, the eye covers to her hood and the gag attachment, this one a penis shaped gag. She turned her collar around so that the leach ring was facing behind her. The gag went in and was secured in place. She put the eye pieces on their Velcro seals, but not over her eyes yet. She attached the first two D-rings to her ankle cuffs and snapped them onto the bars of the gate, trapping her legs in place, spread about three feet apart. They were also below a cross piece, preventing her from raising her legs much. She placed two more D-rings on her wrist cuffs, waiting to lock them to bars as well. The fifth D-ring locked her collar to a bar so she could not move her head from side to side. After locking her left wrist to a bar, above a cross piece, she placed the eye pieces over her eyes, cutting off all sight. Finally, she locked her right arm into place, completing her spread eagle binding.

After a couple of minutes, she heard car doors open and close. Steps on the gravel approached her and she heard another car turn into the drive. She could tell that she was illuminated by someone's headlights. The voices from the car were whispering to one another.

"I don't believe it. She locked herself up."

"Why would she do that? I mean, anyone could rape her and she could not stop them."

"There must be someone watching her."

"You would hope so."

Charles' voice interrupted them. "Yes, she is being watched and is very safe."

"Do you know her?" one of them asked.

"Of course, she is my slave, my willing slave."

"She is doing this because you asked her to?"

"No, because I commanded her to. She will do anything I tell her to do. Isn't that right. Val?"

Valerie nodded her head as much as the D-ring would allow. Her pussy was dripping and tingles of pleasure were running through her as she was talked about so openly. She knew that the men could clearly see her arousal, and this served only to turn her on even more.

"Look, she's dripping. She is hot to trot. I'll bet she would cum in a minute if someone were to take her."

"Valerie is not to be touched by anyone, not unless I say it's okay. Valerie, would you like to cum?"

Valerie nodded and made sounds through her gag that she hoped were recognized as assents.

"Not yet dear. I want a bigger audience."

Valerie moaned at both the delay and the thought of even more strangers seeing her helpless and writhing under his touch. Little did she realize what was in store for her. The men waited, talking amongst themselves for a while. Another car pulled up and people got out. There was more whispered conversation that she could not pick up. Her body craved attention and she occasionally wriggled in her bonds. A third car pulled up and more people climbed out. She heard a woman's voice approaching.

"I think it is? Yes! It's that lady from the news, Valerie Burbon, I think. Are you Valerie Burbon?"

Valerie nodded her head, not sure where this was going.

"I so wanted to meet you. You don't know what you've done for me," she gushed. From the tone of her voice, whatever 'it' was, was a good thing.

Charles had come back and asked, "What did my little slave do for you?"

"Oh, you must be her Master." Charles nodded. "She, it was so wonderful, she went public. Sex was always such a drag for me. I knew I wanted to be owned, mastered, but didn't now how to let my boyfriend know. Then she was in the news!"

"And that gave you an opening?"

"Yes, I talked about it with him and was able to tell him that I craved that kind of sex too." Her voice took an unhappy turn at that point.

"I take it he didn't take it well."

"No. He called me a sick slut and we never went out again. But, my best girlfriend," pointing to her companion, "she said that he was the sick one, trying to make me someone I wasn't. She said, 'Joyce, I don't know why you would want to be some man's slave, but if you do, then you do. Just promise you'll do it safely.' Then she told me about this club, called Mephisto's, and I've been visiting there, seeing what goes on there. It was a little overwhelming at first. But there are so many nice people who are willing to explain a lot to a novice like me. I'm thinking about the auction this Saturday."

"That's how Valerie got her real start. You'll have a good time, and it will be safe as long as you don't leave the club."

"She did? That's so cool. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you Valerie for giving me the courage to let my desires out."

Val grunted a. "you're welcome," through the gag.

"You know, you look like you need to cum. Is she going to be able to cum soon?"

"Yes, I think it will be very soon," Charles said. "In fact, I think you could help her, if you wanted to."

"Me? How could I help?"

"If you're willing and are dressed appropriately, you can finger her to her orgasm."

"Oh my God! Me? Finger her? Get her off? Oh my God! Oh my God!"

Another woman's voice approached. "Joyce, what is it? What's wrong?"

"Nadine, he says I can give her an orgasm, if I dress appropriately?"

Suspicion tinged Nadine's voice. "Dress appropriately? Just what is that?"

"Well, it's National Nude Day, so she should be nude," Charles answered, nonchalantly.

"You want my friend to strip, in public, and finger a strange woman to climax, in front of all these people? What are you, some sort of pervert?"

"Well, I have it on good authority, that, yes, I am a pervert."

"So you think this is funny?"

"Yes, your whole reaction is funny. I'm not ordering your friend to do anything, I'm offering her an opportunity. If she doesn't want to, I'm sure one of these gentlemen would be willing."

There were several confirmations from the distance. Val was not certain how many people were there, but it sounded like a lot. There was even a female voice from the back that indicated her willingness to do it. They were drowned out by Joyce.

"I'll do it."

"Joyce! No! You can't."

"Nadine. I'm going to be stripped bare, sold to a bidder and used who knows how in two days. The person who wins me won't even ask what I want, will they Sir?"

"No, probably not."

"If I'm going to be doing things I may not like in two days, why shouldn't I do something I want and like tonight. I'm doing it."

Val could hear the sounds of someone removing her clothes. There were appreciative comments and sounds from the watchers as she did. Valerie was beginning to shudder as the prospect of a strange woman bringing her off approached. She moaned in a combination of distress and desire, the two feelings that warred within her at times like this. There was a moment of silence from Joyce's position then contact.

A finger touched Val's breast. Her body jerked in surprise. It touched her again, tracing along the underside of her left breast and to the topside of her right breast. It continued around, slipping below the right and crossing to the top of the left, completing the figure eight. Valerie, already highly aroused, writhed under the gentle touch, thrusting her chest out and groaning into her gag. The D-rings rattled against the bars of the gate as she shook her body, trying to get more sensation.

Joyce kept up the one finger assault, having had Charles whisper to her that she could only use one finger. The finger traced random figures over Val's breasts until every square inch had been touched more than once. Valerie's nipples, already hard, became painfully so, with every pore and protrusion on the areolas sticking out like a miniature nipple of its own. By now, Val was thrusting her hips out, trying to entice the finger to descend and relieve the tension and need for touch residing between her legs.

Joyce had seen enough public scenes at Mephisto's to grasp the idea behind delayed orgasm, and she was putting this principle to good use. Her other hand was duplicating the motions she did on Val on her own body. Her decision on when to descend to Val's cunt was being made on Joyce's needs, not Val's. With Val having such a head start on arousal, She was being tortured mercilessly. Valerie's moans were so loud in her own ears, that she was unaware of the desire and arousal that Joyce was causing in herself.

By the time that Joyce brought her finger to Val's pussy, the bound woman's inner thighs were wet down to her knees with pussy juice. The gaping emptiness in her cunt was well nigh unbearable. She had thrust her hips out as far as they would go, desperate for any contact of any kind. When the finger traced its first line across her lips, Val screamed into the gag and froze in place, trying to egg an orgasm right then. It didn't come, but not for lack of trying.

Now her pussy was subjected to the same light feather touch as her breasts. Valerie was out of control, pleading wordlessly through her gag for more and more. She was thrusting her hips lewdly as the emptiness in her grew and grew, as the result of stimulation without penetration. The rattle of the bars was constant and a light breeze wafted the scent of two aroused women over the crowd. Valerie was oblivious to the fact that two more cars had stopped and that she was being watched by over a dozen people. Nor would she have cared at this point.

Then the finger left. She screamed into her gag and started sobbing as her hips thrust again and again. She could not believe that someone with no D/s experience was playing her so well. Joyce was a quick study and had watched play at the club for weeks, going four and five nights a week. In the years to come, she would become an accomplished switch, taking up the whip and holding up under the whip with equal ease. She only made Val wait for a minute before returning her finger and plunging it into Valerie's cunt. Joyce had only to hold herself still while Valerie fucked the finger, thrusting against it over and over, groaning all the while.

Joyce herself was nearing climax when Charles bent down and whispered, "Saturday will be much better if you don't cum yourself, trust me."

Recognizing the truth, she bit her lip, withdrew her finger from herself and tilted the finger that Val was fucking just enough so that Valerie's thrust brushed her clit across the knuckle. Three brushes of her clit later, Val came. A wail uttered forth from behind the gag and her body began to shake as the explosion in her pussy tore a swath through her body, leaving no nerve ending untouched. Again and again, four times in all, she strained against her bonds, leaving indentations in her wrists and ankles. When it finally passed, there was a single voice heard as Val sagged in her bonds, helpless to do anything more.

"Wow! I want one of those." The awe in Nadine's voice was naked, as she reconsidered this strange lifestyle that she had rejected out of hand. "Joyce, I'm going to watch you on Saturday."

Charles spoke up. "I want to thank you all for your presence and your arousal. Valerie would thank you as well, if she could find the strength. We should break up and head home before the police feel obliged to check on why the road is partially blocked. Drive safely and don't do anything Valerie and I wouldn't do." The last provoked a chuckle or two as footsteps could be heard, followed by cars starting and driving off.

Charles took Valerie down from the gate and helped her to the car. Opening the gate with his remote, he drove her to the mansion and got her up to the bedroom. There he removed the last covering from her head and sat down on the bed next to her.

"You can sleep here tonight. Francine brought a change of clothes for you to wear to work tomorrow and the alarm is set for five in the morning. You did very well today and I am very pleased."

"Thank you Master. I enjoyed myself. It was a perfect way to spend National Nude Day. Are you going to bid on Joyce on Saturday?"

"I think I will. She has the makings of a good dominant and submissive. She may be an even better switch than Sally is. Would you like to play with her, or go up for auction yourself?'

"Oh God, that's a hard choice. I enjoy the uncertainty of the auction, but she has a gift for sensual torture. What I'd really like to see is her as part of our little group. I think she would fit in nicely. Can you ask her?"

"I was thinking the same thing. I will. And you, my little slave, will be serving someone you don't know Saturday. So get lots of rest and no more orgasms until Saturday. Oh, Damien asked if he could have a video of your submission today. One was made. Do you have a problem with him and his slaves seeing it?"

"No Master. I'd be honored to know that they are enjoying me. I've learned a lot from Erica and Michelle is so much a natural, I envy her."

"I've played with Michelle, and I think you will be even more a natural than she is. Don't let her example get you down. She has one issue that I worry about, or would, if Damien was not as good a master as he is. She has never used a safe word and is proud of it. Some day, that could hurt her. Now get some sleep. I may come to visit you before five."

"I would like that Master."


Thank you D. for the wonderful editing job.

To my readers, I love feedback, so please tell me what you think. This is a contest entry, so please vote.

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