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We were finally on our way. The Westjet 727 climbed into the clear October sky beginning the four-hour journey to Cancun.

Rick and I had just been married in a small ceremony including about a hundred of our friends. The honeymoon trip to Mexico had been a gift from Rick's dad, Joe.

We had a choice of Caribbean destinations and Rick had chosen The Moon Palace resort in Cancun. It was a hedonism resort and he thought it would be ideal for honeymooners.

At eighteen I was a naïve shy girl with little self-confidence in my body. I was a nicely developed, large breast if maybe a few pounds over my ideal weight, a pretty face and alluring red hair. I knew guys found me attractive but I did not have the nerve to flaunt it and tended to dress fairly conservatively. This was the innocent bride Rick was taking to naughty Mexico.

It was shortly after noon when we touched down at Cancun and we were met at the airport by the Moon Palace van that whisked us off to the resort.

It was Justas beautiful as it had looked in the brochures, white sand, clear blue skies surrounded by the azure sea. It promised to be a week in paradise.

We were quickly booked in and assigned our cabana on the east side of the resorts, away from the mainly trafficked area. The accommodation was everything promised with an unobstructed view out over the water.

We hastily unpacked stuffing our belongings into the abundant drawers and closets provided.

My choice of holiday clothes had been the subject of much discussion as we prepared for out honeymoon. Of course I favored clothing that I would be comfortable wearing whilst Rick urged me to be more daring and buy some risqué items I would not normally wear. The bikini had been a big part of my condescending to my new husband's request.

I do not have a bikini type figure; I have a bit of a potbelly that a bikini does nothing to hide. My breasts are too large for a bikini also; I have to constantly check to ensure they are not spilling out into view. I just don't feel comfortable in a bikini but please my husband I chose one that almost covered my attributes.

Rick had also convinced me to purchase several flimsy summer tops that were designed to draw attention to my breasts rather than conceal them, and I had been forbidden to bring any bras along with me.

I felt naked as we left the cabana to get something to eat. I was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a ridiculously flimsy bit of sheer nylon for a top. I might as well been topless as Rick was wearing only shorts.

I quickly found out how unnecessary my fear was when we passed an old guy walking towards the beach. The gray hair tanned all over gentleman was completely nude, his penis hanging between his legs as we passed. Politely he bid us a good day as if there were nothing out of the ordinary.

Rick laughed seeing me blushing. I hadn't realized what a sheltered life I had lead, naked guy had hardly looked at me when we passed.

My brief encounter with the naked guy did not prepare me for what I saw when we arrived at the snack bar. Of the approximate dozen people there almost all of them were naked.

Men and women alike wore little more than sunglasses and maybe a cap. Most of them had allover tans from spending hours naked in the sun. Everyone was going about as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.

"See?" Rick said, "We look like the jerks with clothes on."

Jerks or not, I was not ready to parade nude in front of a bunch of strangers.

"Just take your top off at least." Rick pleaded.

"Forget it!" I snapped. Eighteen years of a strict upbringing was not about to disappear in one afternoon.

We sat in a corner eating shrimps and drinking some kind of a Tequila cocktail watching naked people come and go.

I was just getting comfortable in the new environment when Al approached our table.

Al was a burly Italian looking guy in his forties and was totally naked. I couldn't help looking at his long thick cock.

Al introduced himself telling us he was spending a month in Cancun with his wife Dora. He invited us to join them at their table.

Rick eagerly accepted his invitation anxious to meet some new friends. Dutifully I followed the two men across to a table where an also naked blonde was sitting smiling in our direction.

"This is my wife Dora." Al introduced us as were sat down.

We all exchanged names and where we were from and Rick announced we were on our honeymoon.

Al looked at me with a lustful grin and congratulated us.

"How come you are wearing clothes?" Dora asked.

"My wife's kind of shy." Rick explained.

"No need to be shy here, everybody had seen everything!" Dora laughed.

I noticed Al was watching my reaction to public nudity.

"I just need a while to adjust." I apologized.

Al told us he owned a fleet of trucks in Detroit and he and his wife spent a month in Cancun every year. Obviously they were not hurting for a buck and Al took Rick under his arm as his guest during our stay.

Rick was in seventh heaven being befriended by the trucking tycoon. I couldn't help thinking it was me Al was interested in and not Rick by the way he kept looking at me.

"No! I am not going nude. If you want to that's up to you." I told Rick emphatically.

After meeting Al and Dora he was more determined for me to take my clothes off to impress his new found buddy.

Rick kept whining on how it was only for a week, we would never see these people again when we left for home. I did not want to spoil our week so finally I agreed to go topless which satisfied Rick's demands. Rick knew Al would be duly impressed seeing my bare boobs.

We had arranged to meet at the shuffleboard court the next morning. Optimistically we set off, Rick completely naked and I wearing only the tiny bikini bottom barely covering my pussy and leaving most of my ass bare.

Al's eyes light up when he saw us approach. My large bare breasts were jiggling unrestricted in the sun. Very few had seen my breasts bare and I was super conscious of my nakedness.

Although they are large my breast still maintain a pleasing shape unsupported and my large pink nipples were magnets to Al's eyes.

"Hey, great to see you!" Al laughed.

I thought I detected a slight stirring from his cock but put it off as my imagination.

Dora was completely naked as usual and she cheered as my husband came closer also naked. Jokingly she grabbed his hanging cock and gave it a playful tug. Rick laughed but was mortified.

Everyone seemed in a much better mood since I had partially submitted to his or her wishes. I noticed how closely Al watched my bare breasts sway as I took my turn shooting my discs down the court.

Rick and Dora were pretty well absorbed in each other and Dora was becoming overtly more daring in spite of our presence. She was constantly grabbing Rick's cock and each time she held it longer before letting him go. Rick being normal was semi erect!

Al seemed oblivious to his wife's shenanigans, so occupied was he with the free movement of my unfettered breasts.

As the sun approached midday Dora suggested I accompany her to the spa. She had booked a massage and she was sure they could accommodate me as well. It was her treat!

I had never had a massage before in my life but everyone pressured me to try it.

The spa was quite elegant, decorated in a pastel pink complete with a waterfall and palm trees.

There were several female clients having their hair done and receiving manicures and pedicures, all were naked.

The attendants were all males attired in skimpy loin clothes concealing their manhood.

Dora went to the reception desk and arranged our massages. We were ushered through to a private room containing a pair of specially constructed massage tables.

"You have to take your bottoms off." Dora advised me as she climbed on one of the tables to lie on her stomach.

Not wanting to argue I slipped off my bikini bottom and got on the other table just as our masseurs entered.

"I am Miguel and this is Pedro." The taller one announced as they prepared to treat us.

Miguel was going to be my masseur. He seemed rather young, perhaps not as old as me but seemed quite confident in his duties.

I closed my eyes as he began.

His fingers were magic dancing across my back and arms working out the tension. As I fell under his spell his hands worked down to my buttocks. Without hesitation his fingers worked embarrassingly into my butt crack and forward into my wetness. I moaned softly as he found my clitoris and gradually his fingertips entered my passage to find that sweet spot that triggered my orgasms.

I didn't know what had come over me; I was getting off with a stranger finger fucking me!

It was a beautiful orgasm releasing days of tension. I did my best not to moan too loud to alert Dora that I was cumming.

As I sat up on the table Dora saw my natural bush of ginger rd hair.

"We will have to do something with that," she said.

I had noticed that most of the females had shaved their pussies and those that hadn't had trimmed their bushes into closely cropped "vees" or "landing strips". Mine was just an unruly tangle of pubic hair.

"Miguel, can you do something with my friend's pussy?" Dora boldly asked.

"Certainly madam." Miguel answered.

I was humiliated, this young man who had just given me an orgasm was about to continue to work on my pussy.

"Would madam like Brazilian wax?" Miguel asked.

"No, my husband admires a red bush, just trim it Miguel." Dora ordered.

I was about to have my pussy groomed to suite her husband's taste!

Dora gave Miguel and Pedro generous tips as we were leaving. She had convinced me to make my "debut" with my new look.

Rick couldn't believe his eyes when I walked up completely naked. Al's face glowed with delight as he scanned my nudity.

"Wow!" was all my husband could say.

Dora invited us to drop around to their cabana that night for a cozy night in. It was day two and time for me to be defeated.

I was still getting accustom to the absence of clothes when we knocked on our friends' door later that night.

Al answered naked of course and invited us in.

He poured us a drink of something with Tequila in it. It seemed like every drink contained Tequila here. The fiery liquid helped me deal with this strange world where nudity was an accepted custom.

Dora entered from the bedroom also naked and freshly made up. For an older gal she was remarkably well preserved and still possessed an inviting body. Countless lovers had only honed her spell over unsuspecting men.

Dora put Phil Phillip's "Sea of Love" and invited Rick to dance with her. I sat sipping my drink watching my husband in a nude embrace with thus wanton vamp.

As they danced they occasionally separated enough for me to see Rick was fully erect and his cock was pressed tight against Dora's bare mound. It was only a matter of time before his cockhead found its way into her waiting opening.

Al watched me as I watched my husband fucking his wife before our very eyes. Seeing my look of awe he came and sat beside me on the divan.

Casually he took my right hand and placed it on his cock, he was also erect. Expecting he wanted a hand job I wrapped my fingers around his shaft. My husband was fucking his wife so the least I could do was jerk him off.

Al's cock grew harder and bigger in my grip. As I jacked him he filled his hands with my breasts and begin sucking on my nipples. All the while Rick and Dora were fucking in the middle of the room.

Just when I thought Al was about to cum he suddenly lifted me over his lap and dropped me onto his raging hard on. His cock found my entrance and IK was hopelessly impaled on his about to discharge cock before I could avoid it.

"Oh my God, he has no condom on!" was all I could think as he begins to fuck me.

It was too late; Al emitted a low guttural moan as he ejaculated into me.

I panicked and looked up and saw Rick with his cock half way down Dora's throat. My husband was getting his cock sucked while another man was cumming in his wife.

The Tequila was taking effect and Al's cock was feeling good in me. He was thicker than Rick's and there was something about the way it moved that pleased me. Al had his hands full of my tits as he drained his sperm into me.

I did not try to escape but sat on his erupting cock as it finished emptying his seed into me. When he stopped I wiggled my ass signaling I wanted more.

Al immediately sensed my acceptance of his cock.

"Fucking is fucking. All it takes is a cock and a cunt, any cock and any cunt." Al whispered.

There was no need for him to whisper; Dora and Rick were lost in their world of debauchery.

"Fuck me Al." I found myself pleading.

Al was all to happy to grant my request, firmly grabbing my hips he began stirring my passion pit with his resurrected cock.

It was the sweetest fuck of my life, more intense than any I had enjoyed with my new husband. Al moved in me with the skill of a seasoned lover, his cock finding places that Rick's had never visited. I felt my orgasm approaching and I embraced it.

"Oh my fucking God!" I screamed as I was hurled into an abyss of ecstasy.

My cry was so startling that Dora and Rick interrupted their wickedness to look up in time to see me receiving another load of Al's seed in my vault.

Al and I fucked more than Rick and I had on the first night of out honeymoon. Orgasm followed orgasm as my crotch glistened with Al's spilt sperm. For that night I was Al's slut.

The remainder of the week flew by with the four of us spending most of our time in an endless orgy. We melted into a homogenous foursome of fucking and sucking in virtually every combination imaginable.

Al bred me again and again; each time I eagerly accepted his seed.

When they dropped us off at the airport we promised to stay in touch. Detroit was not that far away.

The following summer we made out first visit to Detroit so our son could meet his Uncle Al and Aunt Dora. It was a bittersweet reunion and gave us a chance to reaffirm our special bond.

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