Car Trouble


Ania was standing in front of the mirror brushing her long hair and admiring herself. She often thought she was slightly round as she was 5ft 4in tall with 34C tits. As she turned sideways she looked at looked in the mirror as she ran her hand along the curve of her arse. It's too big she said to herself. I walked in and said it's not too big and gave I a slap as I walked past. That's what it's great for pulling her onto my lap and giving her a kiss. I wondered down stairs to watch the news as she got ready to go to our friends for the evening.

A few minutes later she came down wearing her jeans and tee shirt. The jeans showed the contours of her shapely body, and the tee shirt showed of her tits beautifully. It was a warm evening so there was no need to wear anything else. We jumped into the car and drove of towards our friends. As we drove down the country road we listened to some music which we both sang along to. We weren't driving fast when all of a sudden we turned the corner and there in front of us was a car with an guy under the bonnet. As he heard us coming he waved us down to stop and help him. We stopped and I got out to see what I could do. This car is past repair he said and slammed the bonnet down. He asked if we could you give me a lift to the farm down the road. No problem I told him, as he walked over to the car. Ania got out and said sit in the front and direct us, it will be easier. I could see the guy looking at Ania as she got out. He told us his name was Gavin, Ania introduced herself and said my name was Robert. We chatted as we drove down the lane to the farm where he said he lived.

As we got to the farm we pulled up outside and as he got out he said would you like a drink for your trouble, Ania asked if she could use the loo please. Of course up the stairs the door on the left. She went in undid her jeans and sat down. On the wall was a large mirror, she thought it was strange as it seemed too large for the size of room. As she finished she got up and stood in front of the mirror to do her jeans up after smoothing her thong to prevent any lines in her jeans.

What she had not realise behind the two way mirror was Gavin's brother, Robin and his black friend James, there are both healthy 18year olds. They nudged each other while they watched Ania in the bathroom. Ania heard Gavin shout out if she was OK, of course she answered. I got out of the car and was wondering around just looking at the land and farm buildings.

As Ania came out of the toilet Robin and James came out of the room and stood in her way, she walked up to them expecting them to move so she could get past. They didn't they just stood there and each held an arm and pushed a dirty rag into her mouth. She started to struggle but James produced a knife and told her to stop or he would cut her. They dragged Ania into a room, quickly tying her to a chair and going down stairs. The left the house by the back door and made there way behind me. They grabbed a wrist pulled them behind me and quickly tied them together. There is no point shouting Ania is OK and no one will hear out here. They pushed me into the large front room where they had a video camera set up, lights and various ropes hanging from the ceiling. The pulled me over to a frame, untied my hands, spread my arms and legs and tied me to it.

A few seconds later I saw Ania slung over James' shoulder, as he walked into the room. He put her down in the middle of the floor and told her not to move. Ania looked over to me with terrified look in her eyes. Gavin said that he had been asked to make a video of a young woman being bound, beaten and raped and it looked as tough Ania was going to be the lucky one. If you do as asked you will walk away with some money, a video for memories and maybe a sore back, cunt and arse. Of course as insurance we will send a copy of the tape to your work place and have someone come around and fuck you again, and again, and again. One girl tried to tellteh police and ended up whoring for us, tied up when she wanted to sleep and fucked the rest of the time.

"OK untie her and set the camera rolling and let's start." Gavin said. James started the camera and the 3 of them circled Ania and started to touch her, pinch, slap, and lift up her clothes. Ania was getting scared and tried to make a run for it. "Get her James" Robin said. James had his arm around her waist and with the other hand grabbed the top of her tee shirt and ripped it down. Exposing her large tits. She thrashed about with her arms so Robin held them both in one hand and slapped her across the face, jarring her head to one side. Then with the back of his hand slapped it again. Getting the knife he slit her bra, spilling her tits out. Robin asked if she was going to be good and Ania spat in his face.

"Just what I like" he shouted as he moved the knife around her nipple making a small incision but enough for her to feel it and see the blood start to run down her body.

"OK" Ania screamed, "No more, please."

They let her go and started to cut her jeans off of her. When it came to her thong James was standing behind her and he started to pull it tight. He then ran his fingers up and down her crack, into her cunt and he was amazed at how wet she was. They left her standing in the middle of the room while they walked over to me.

"Get his clothes off" Gavin said " cut them off it will look better on the video." Within seconds I was naked. James grabbed Ania's hair and pulled her over to where I was tied. As Robin loosened a bolt I realised I was tied to a wheel. They swung me upside down and proceeded to tie Ania in a similar manner. He clit was by my face and my now hardening dick was poking her closed mouth. James held her nose she opened her mouth and my dick was fed into the waiting hole.

While this was going on the camera was moved to the side of us and another which I hadn't seen behind Ania. Gavin came back with a selection of whips and canes, and a gruesome looking plastic object. He smeared some lubricant onto the shaft walked behind Ania and pushed it towards her cunt. She bent over to make it easier Gavin laughed and made a comment. He shoved it into her cunt pushed it in an out a few times and pulled it out. He then slipped it between her cheeks found her puckered hole and slowly pushed it into her arse. All the time Ania could not scream as she had a mouth full of my now hard dick and James had tied her head in place.

Gavin stood back and admired his handy work smiling to himself. He went over to the table where all the whips were picked up one with a short handle and5 or 6 long leather strips attached. He swung it through the air and let it comedown on Ania's back. This went on for ages with wheals appearing everywhere, her thighs, legs, back and of course her arse. I thought she was going to bit my dick off but the opposite happened, she sucked harder and harder with every strike of the whip or cane. James came over to Ania and untied her head. He gripped her hair and forced her face onto my dick and forced her backwards and forwards making my dick go down her throat.

"Untie her and bring her over here." Gavin said. James did as he was told but when he released her she fell on the ground. James grabbed a leg and dragged her over to sling hanging from the ceiling. I could not make out what it was until they picked her up and forced her into it. She had a stirrup for each legs, supporting her just behind the knees; one across her waist and her arms and one for her head and neck. They then pulled some ropes until she was suspended above the ground at about 3 feet. The slings on her legs were lifted making her cunt and arse open up for them.

Gavin laughed when he saw the dildo still embedded in her arse. He pulled it out a tossed it across the floor. Ania was starting to get wetter because she knew what was going to happen next. She was going to get fucked by a 3 of them. James walked around to her head dropped the sling allowing her head to drop back. Ania watched upside down as James slowly stripped off his clothes. Ania gasped as she the size of his black dick. He held her head and fed his dick into her mouth and slowly face fuck her. In this position it was easy to take the full length into her throat without any problem. He just fucked her face and twisted her nipples but every so often stop with his dick all the way down her throat. He just liked the feeling of her throat contracting on his dick.

Robin was between her legs and licking her out, she was enjoying it but it made her jump when he pushed his tongue up her arse. She had never had his before.

"OK move away and rush at her and make it look like a rape. She is enjoying this too much." Gavin said. They backed off and moved in on her. James grabbed her hair and forced his dick into her mouth and right down her throat in one move. Robin was at the other end. He walked between her legs held onto her pubic hair and smashed his face into her cunt and sucked her. At one point he bit down on her clit making her thrash around. This gave Gavin the moment to start to whip her tits with the small leather whip. Robin stood up grabbed her hips and drove his dick into her cunt ball deep in one go. This made her swing backwards and force James' dick into her throat. They fucked her like this for ages each time Ania moved Gavin whipped her. They all changed places a few times.

"I'm fed up with pussy I want her arse hole" James said. They pulled over a mattress and James laid down with his long black dick sticking up. Ania was lowered down onto his dick each time she said anything they slapped her arse and pushing her down cruelly onto the dick. When she was impaled they took the sling away Ania tried to get off but was held in place. Robin got between her legs and drove his dick into her cunt. Gavin walked to her head grabbed it and fed his dick into her mouth again. They had obviously done this before as the get into a rhythm quickly and soundly fucked Ania. As they came they got off of her, James just pushed her off and she rolled away. The video was turned off and they 3 got dressed. Robin came over to me and untied me. Gavin got some overalls and tossed them over for us to wear home. I got Ania dressed and helped her out to the car. The 3 guys came out and said that she was the best they had ever fucked and if she ever wants to come over just for a good fuck just turn up.

We got into the car started it up and drove back down the lane. Not speaking to each other but I stroked Ania and asked if she was OK. She just smiled and nodded. We got home parked the car and went upstairs and ran the bath. I got Ania undressed and helped her into the bath. I got undressed and started to bathe her. As I reached over to get the soap I felt Ania licking my dick and finally take it in her mouth, as I softly soaped her cunt and tits. I came in her mouth got her out, dried her and put her to bed. As I got in I snuggled against her, she felt my soft dick put her hand behind her and got me hard and finally put my dick in her cunt and I slowly fucked her. Harder she moaned as she neared her climax.

We still go that way when we visit our friends.

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