"I'm sorry, Kimmy, to put you through this."

"Dad, stop!"

I pulled out a large glob, held his one knee and smudged the jelly around his opening. I gently worked my index finger in his anus and I could feel a lump right at the opening. It felt round and hard like a rock. I carefully forced my finger around it lubricating and stretching his opening slowly.

His penis began to enlarge. It went from lying on its side to pointing at his navel. The thrill of it exploding earlier that day replayed through my mind and now I was sticking a finger in my Dad's asshole. I had to remove my snickering smile. I circled my finger deeper and deeper until he squirmed a bit.

"Try pushing a little bit."

I could see his muscles flex and his hole widen slightly. I decided right then and there that I wanted to be a nurse. I've never actually seen a bowel movement before but then again there's a lot of things I have never seen. I guess my gross curiosities get the best of me.

I grabbed the jug and trickled hot water at the base of his cock. He squealed a bit. It ran down around his scrotum. I used my other hand to dam it up so his anus would feel the heat. Hot water always made my bowels move. He moaned a little more but sure enough I could see his muscles flex even more and his opening began to dilate.

"Push, Dad," I told him, "Push."

As he did a large tennis ball shaped poop plopped out and I won't say what followed. The important thing is that he was relieved instantly, it seemed like, as he moaned and groaned and awed.

"I'm so sorry, Kimmy, I know this is embarrassing for you. Me too."


"Oh, my God. Much better," he exclaimed.

I used the remaining water to clean his butt hole then removed everything. It actually wasn't that bad. I made him lie there for a few minutes to dry off, covered him with the quilt and left him there to wash my hands.

I went back to check on him. He looked anew and refreshed. He was so grateful, he even smiled, "Thank you, baby."

"It was my pleasure," I replied with a naughty grin and raised eyebrows.

"You're such a retard," He chuckled as did I.

He rolled to his side with his back to the backrest, straightened up, stretched and patted the cushion for me to lie next to him as he adjusted the quilt.

I know he expected me to turn my back to him but I had a different notion. I lied down facing him, kissed him on his forehead and asked, "Do you feel better?"

"Yes, you are such a dear."

"Good," I replied. "I'm here for you, Bob."

He actually laughed, "You better stop."

"Stop what, handsome?" I instigated.

"Your shenanigans."

I smiled, grabbed hold of his hand from under the quilt and kissed his knuckles. Then I said, "Let's get some sleep."

I methodically snuck his hand back under the covers, placed it on my inner thigh and held it there. He closed his eyes with a comfortable look and gently squeezed my thigh. A huge ping went right to my vagina. I so wanted him to go for it.

I closed my eyes for what seemed like a minute. I heard his voice, "I have thought about it, Kimmy."

I opened my eyes and I was sure, just a short time went by except The Late Night Show was ending. Dad was staring at me. "I can't sleep," he said.

He looked jubilant, well, attractive; like Dad. His hand was still between my legs as was mine. It seemed unlikely that he had it there the whole time. Did he move it and put it back there? I entangled my fingers in his and did a sleepy arch with my body making sure my pelvis pressed against his wrist.

"I have too," I muttered.

"You have? Like what?" he asked nervously.

"I've always been curious. You're gorgeous, Dad. I think it's only natural to be curious. Not to mention you walk around here half naked all the time."

"Well, it's not easy for me either. Some of those outfits you wear and your skimpy pajamas."

"Auh!" I teased.

"You're turning out to me a beautiful woman, Kimberly."

"I get it from you."

"Your mother was very beautiful."

"Do you miss her?"

"Not as much as I use to."

"Do you miss sex?" I asked, searching his eyes for the truth.

"Wasn't it obvious?"

I giggled. We were quiet for a spell.

"Mostly, rubbing my hands on your body," I said out of nowhere.

"What?" he squinted.

"When I think about it... you."

"Oh," and he looked up at the ceiling puckering his lips to the side. "My mind mostly just envisions your body. I mean, on its own. It's not like..."

I put my finger over his lips to hush him, saying, "I know what you mean."

We really had broken through some unchartered territory. I found it exhilarating. "I've thought about sneaking in your room," I elaborated.

"I know it's weird but I've thought about spanking your naked butt when you made me mad but when I do, it's very gentle.

We laughed. Our quiet voices and the subject matter made for an exciting conversation. I could tell it was escalating into something. I felt no shame and hoped his was disappearing.

He tried sinking his butt deep into the crook of the couch. I thought he might be getting a hard-on, trying to hide it.

"I need to give you your birthday present before it's too late," he surprised me.

"Awe, Dad! I thought you forgot," I chirped.

"Are you kidding? You have been so incredible through all of this. So helpful. I'd buy you the world if I could."

"Well what is it? Where is it?" I prodded with a huge smile.

"Right behind you, under the table."

I slapped him on the shoulder playfully. I threw the quilt at our feet, sat up on the couch and reached for it. The box was wrapped and everything. I tore right into it, looked over my shoulder to smile at my dad, excited. I flipped the lid open to reveal a beautiful black dress.

"Your Aunt Susie picked it up."

"Dad, it's gorgeous!" I exclaimed, picking it up high so that it hung.

Just then the perfect thought occurred to me. I stood to face my dad holding it up to fashion it for him, pressing it tight against myself. His smile was gleaming. I hung it over my forearm, reached for the top button on my pajamas.

"Don't look," I said temptingly.

Dad put his hand over his eyes and then peeked through his fingers. I laughed. The room was dimly lit only by the fireplace and the TV.

"Thank you for the dress, Daddy. You're peeking," I smiled.

"You're welcome, sweetheart."

"It's okay. I want you to see. Make your visions come true."

He removed his hand from his eyes and propped his head up with his hand and elbow. A somewhat serious look became his handsome face as I unbuttoned the last of my top. I swung it open, unveiling by breasts with a small bounce to them.

"My God, Kimmy. Those are spectacular."

I giggled and set the dress on the table. Then I ran my thumb along the inside of my pajama bottoms to tease his imagination, exposing my hipbones and my lower tummy. His eyes glistened. His smile was tight. I turned to the side a bit so he wouldn't be able to see my tiny triangle straight on and pulled my bottoms down as I bent at my knees.

"Wow! You are a sexy little creature."

I smiled big and curtsied my shoulders cute like. My bottoms dropped to my feet while I turned to face him and managed my feet from the pajamas.

"Is this what you had in mind?" I asked.

"It's far better," he replied.

I spun around for him to see the entire me then reached for the dress. I scrunched it up, snuck my hands in the shoulder straps and wiggle it over my head. It fit perfectly as I pulled it down and straightened it out.

"How's it look?"

"Magnificent! Happy Birthday."

"I love it! Thank you," I said and spun around again for him to see.

"It's awesome, Kimmy."

"So are you, Daddy."

I scurried to my knees next to the couch and gave him a gracious but quick little kiss right on the lips. He actually kissed me back. I was so happy he was feeling better.

I stood and hiked up the dress just a couple feet from his face. I turned my back to him and reached over my head to remove it completely. I tossed it on the table. I turned once more to face him.

He had sat up. His robe was wide open. His cock, hard and long. His look was desperate. He grabbed my waist, pulled me close and started kissing me on my belly. Blood rushed through me and to my crotch. I turned wet instantly.

He was working his way up to my breasts so I started to squat, slowly, so he wouldn't have to get up. Dad lipped, tongued and caressed my tits with passion, pressing, pulling and twisting them.

I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head while he had his way with me. My pussy was burning with desire. My butt perched on the coffee table. His shame was nowhere to be found.

"It's okay, Daddy. I've thought about this too," I confessed.

"So have I, Kimmy. I'm sorry," he confessed, kissing and pecking at me.

I ran my hands down his sexy back, his V shaped muscles, his dark skin appeared as I worked the robe down his back. He snuck his arms out without pausing his molestation.

"Oh, Daddy!" I cried out. "Tell me you want me. I want you to want me."

"I do want you, Kimmy. Please!" he groaned.

I pushed his shoulders back until his head reached the backrest. I kneeled between his legs and wrapped my hands on his thighs. His beautiful cock just inches from my mouth. I took him in with a satisfied moan.

A couple of inches and then a couple more and then all of his nice cock was jammed into my mouth. I didn't even gag. He was rock hard and he was delicious. He withdrew and then he pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled.

My first real blow job. This gift was even better than the dress.

I twirled my tongue and drooled down his shaft, wet and sloppy. I grabbed hold with my hand to assist as I stroked and sucked him.

I looked at my dad. He was in ecstacy and then he breathed, "Oh Kimmy, I want you now."

I pulled him towards me so that he had to kneel on the floor with just his head resting on the cushion. I knelt on the couch for him to prime my pussy because I knew it would be difficult for him to enter me.

I shoved my cunt in his face and pounced. He licked and poked his tongue up my vagina. He kneaded at my clitoris and flicked it with his tongue. My body shook as my orgasm built.

I grabbed his hair with both hands and greedily, but respectfully, banged his face on my mound until it all hit me at once. I moaned and awed, "Oh god, Daddy, I never... had... an orgasm... like this." I panted and screamed out loud. My hips bucked in his face. The sensation was filling me. My clit became sensitive and I wanted him in me immediately.

My pussy had swelled. I stood on the floor, grabbed him by the armpits and pulled him up onto the couch, with his help of course. I knelt over his raging hard-on, took hold of it and lowered myself onto him with hope that it would slip into me easy enough.

His cock head probed at my opening. Dad spit on his fingers, reached down and lubricated the tip of his dick. He took charge and directed it at my hole. He pushed it, pressing in a little. I gasped. He pressed in some more and it pinched so good. He pushed harder. My pussy stretched to meet his needs. My juices came into play lubricating his cock even more as he pulled back and pushed in.

I ratted his hair with my fingers hugging his head wanting him to pound my pussy and we were almost there. I pressed down and up and down until his cock was gliding smoothly.

"Now Daddy. Fuck me hard. Harder. Oh God!" I cried.

To this day, I know in my mind, it was Johnny that took my virginity but my dad was my first real fuck.

I pounced on his cock. He grabbed my hips to assist. I buried his face in my tits and rode him. Another orgasm was building in me. It surged and surged until I shook uncontrollably.

Dad started pumping me faster and faster. Another feeling occurred. I didn't know what it was. Pressure at my opening was building quickly. I lifted myself off of my dad and liquid sprayed from my vagina all over him. "Oh my God!" I cried out.

For a second I was embarrassed but realized immediately that this turned him on even more. He tossed me to the side like nothing and got on top of me. He thrust himself back into my pussy, pressed his weight on me and kissed me with an open mouth.

Our tongues twirled randomly. I was breathing so heavy I had to release and could only gnaw at his lips with pleasure. He fucked me harder and harder and harder. We were sweating and wetness was everywhere.

He pulled out and worked his way towards my head that lied on the armrest. With his one foot on the floor and one knee on the couch he straddled my head. He urged me to take his cock in my mouth and I did with enthusiasm wanting to taste myself. It was excitingly delicious. He forced his cock down my throat and held it there and pulled back and shoved it in again, repeating this over and over.

I was totally getting laid by my dad and I thought soon I would want this to be over, wanting him to cum already. He stopped and I thought he was going to cum but he didn't. He flipped me around so my face was on top of the backrest and my ass facing him. I clawed at the cushion for dear life. He jammed his cock in me again from behind and it hurt somewhat but good sensations soon took over. I yelped and panted as he pumped me full with his cock. Harder and faster.

He spun me around as I sat on the couch. Then Daddy shoved his dirty cock in my mouth and ejaculated down my throat. He held it there as his cum filled my mouth. It spewed from the sides. He throbbed and bucked his hips. I held his balls gently and sucked him. He moaned with pleasure which was making me feel satisfied.

Satisfied that I was able to please him. I felt not shame, but useful, loving and intimate. I could only hope that he felt as comfortable with this awesome experience as I did.

I pulled him deeper into my mouth while his cock softened and I moaned with sheer pleasure. I swallowed most of his salty cum.

I thought, If only he could get healthy, we could continue our shenanigans. At least until he could find someone. My dad deserves to be happy. I love my dad. He has always taken care of me and now I'm caring for him.

His breathing settled as did mine. It was over and I knew the next minute or so would say a lot about all of this. Would he accept this as justifiable somehow or think we crossed a line and be ashamed and or furious?

I let his sensitive dick flop from my mouth. It hung below my chin when I hugged him at the waist not wanting to look at him, afraid to learn the truth. He ran his fingers through my hair once, turned away from me and found the couch to lie on while swinging the quilt over himself covering his head and everything without a word.

My heart sank. Tears filled my eyes. I rubbed his calf once and said, "Good night, Daddy." He didn't even respond. I was mortified. The shame that hit me at that moment felt like the world on my shoulders compared to what happened earlier in the bathroom. I was okay with all of it but he obviously was not. I left him and went to bed.

I lied in bed not being able to sleep realizing it wasn't shame I was feeling but simply that my feelings were hurt. I didn't have regret at all but he certainly did. I mean, it's not like I wanted to fall in love with my dad and I know what we've done is considered taboo to the masses but I didn't care about that. It made me wonder if I was just this evil temptress leading him away from his beliefs or morals right into the gates of hell. We've never been very religious. Was he feeling fear of being exposed? Did he genuinely feel it to be wrong? Was it the cancer? I was very confused. I finally felt sleepy after replaying what we had done through my head. It was fucking awesome. It gave me purpose and totally fulfilled my sexual wants and needs. Mmmm, my dad.

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