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Caribbean Cruise Ch. 06


Warning: This story is largely incest-orientated. If this genre is offensive to you, I strongly recommend that you do not continue any further. Please ensure that you have read the previous chapters of Caribbean Cruise before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of those postings. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy!



It was Day 4 of their so far extremely memorable holiday voyage through the Caribbean, and they had taken on all the food and supplies that they needed for the last leg of their 7-day voyage. Andrew and Rick conversed quietly together once they were all back on board the yacht and were underway - the younger man filled the Collins family leader in on all the details of his encounter on the beach with Andy's youngest daughter, sparing no detail.

"Well, I guess I should hardly be surprised by this, Rick... now you've fucked every Collins female on this cruise!" the older man said with a wide smile, thumping Rick good-naturedly in the back. This was not the usual way one would expect a father to react to the graphic descriptions of his youngest girl being sexually ravaged, but then Andy Collins had, of late, acted upon a very un-fatherly attraction towards the two older children traveling with him on their holiday voyage.

He was intrigued to hear that Connie, the last of his daughters Andrew had not conquered himself, found watching him fucking Kimberley and Ashley the day before to be quite hot... that was something to work on. It was good to know that she hadn't immediately freaked out, also.

"Yeah! Well, you're not doing too badly yourself I've must say... three out of four! Would you have dreamed that this trip could get so crazy and wild, when you look back on it?" Rick asked with a chuckle.

"Hell no, Ricky... I've screwed my two daughters from my first marriage, for Christ's sakes, and loved every sinful, Goddamn moment of it! Fuck it all, hey... might as well go out with a bang," Andrew said.

Rick winced just a little bit when Andy made an oblique hint at the fact that he was dying, and didn't have all that long to go - the more time he spent with the old warhorse, the more he came to like the other man. There was something strong and determined about Andrew Collins, something infinitely likable in his loyalty and companionship, which Rick found refreshingly clear.

He wasn't like so many other people Rick had known over the years - there was no hidden agenda or secret interest that he had to watch out for. They were just a couple of horn-dogs, enjoying the sun, sea, sand, and snatch... living it up in the Caribbean lifestyle.

"Okay, so where does that lead us?" Rick asked, looking around their location up on the deck, quite a-ways from the others, to make sure that they weren't being overheard. "Basically, Kim and Ash are happy with the two of us fucking either one of them, and seem to get a big kick out of the group sex and the incest angle. Connie and I screwed yesterday afternoon, and she assures me that she is very interested in joining us in our kinky fun... so, that only leaves Billie out."

"Billie? She'll be quite easy to convince, I'm sure of it," Andrew replied with a confident grin. "Billie loves me, and has stayed faithful to me on an emotional level, but over the years we have been pretty consistent swingers, so the idea of multiple partners isn't new - but then, you know this firsthand, Rick, so I'm not telling you anything new here! I don't really think it's that big a jump from group sex to incest, but leave it with me..."

"Okay... she's your wife, man. I just hope that you know what you're doing," Rick replied, dubious about getting all the ladies together at the same time but intensely aroused at the sheer notion of it.

"Trust me," Andrew Collins said with a broad, confident smile.


Connie caught a moment alone with her father as he was trying to prepare a barbeque out on the aft deck of their yacht for lunch. Everyone else but Rick was below-deck - he was sun tanning on one of the recliners up near the other end of the vessel. But then, Rick really wasn't anyone Connie had to be concerned with...

When he saw his youngest daughter walking slowly towards him, dressed in a very sexy, thin light-blue T-shirt and G-string panties, Andrew knew instantly just what Connie wanted out of him, and his cock stiffened readily to attention. Oh Christ... he thought to himself. He had three real sexy hell-kittens for daughters!

"Well, hello there, Daddy..." Connie cooed seductively, stopping mere inches away from her father's energized, straining body. "What'cha doin'?" The 'little girlie' lilt in her voice almost caused Andy to blow his load right then and there.

"Umph... uhhh, I'm cock- co... cooking us all some steak 'n sausages."

Connie grinned broadly at her father's ill-intended slip-up, but let it go by. The mischievous glimmer in her eyes though told Andrew that his mistake hadn't gone unnoticed, and that made him blush quite strongly. "Ohhh, I love sausages, Daddy! Big, thick long sausages, especially juicy ones!"

Andy could hardly keep standing by this point. His young minx of a child was a real cock-tease, and it was driving him insane. The middle-aged man's prick was straining out against his board-shorts quite noticeably, and there was little he could do to hide it from his baby-girl's hungering stare.

"Do you now, sweetie...?" he croaked. Andrew was about to turn back to the BBQ, and to what he'd been doing before Connie had arrived to distract him - making sure the food on the cooker didn't get burnt - when she reached out and touched his shoulder lightly.

Her fingers felt like searing hot metal pressing against Andrew's flesh, burning with intensity... yet, underscoring this was a deep sense of arousal, of soothing tenderness, as she started to caress her father's shoulder.

Andy Collins groaned softly as Connie's touch began to turn decidedly sexual, and before he even realized completely what was going on, she had turned him back to face her and was running both hands up and down his bare, tanned and toned chest.

"What are you doing, baby?" Andrew asked, playing the' clueless father' role. He wanted to seem just a LITTLE reluctant with all of this.

"Oh, please, Daddy... I saw you with Kim, Ashley and Rick," Connie shot back, leaning in for a moment to run her tongue over his right nipple. Andrew gasped out loud and let out a low groan of ecstasy. "What's good for Kim and Ash is good for me, Daddy - you can't fuck them and not let me have that lovely cock of yours!"

"Ahhhh, darling... well, if you're sure about this..."

Constance Collins had done with the talking - she wanted ACTION, and wasn't going to waste another moment before taking what she desired. She tilted her head up to her father, grabbed hold of the back of his neck, and pulled him down to kiss her on the mouth.

The kiss was hard, passionate, and full of thrashing tongues... Andrew found himself carried up in the moment, more than he would have expected.

This was his youngest child coming onto him, his daughter Connie - she was his baby-girl, his angel...the apple of his eye. And now, she wanted SEX from HIM!!! Andy could hardly believe it, but it was what he wanted deep down beneath it all, and the dying ex-SEAL turned successful business magnate was not going to deny himself any pleasure.

As she kissed and licked her way down her father's smooth, muscular chest, taking time to slide her tongue around each of his erect nipples in turn, then bite on them lightly, Connie breathed lightly on the skin of Andrew's chest, watching with glee as the skin puckered up with gooseflesh. She needed to get to his big, fat cock, tenting out the front of his board-shorts...

Connie reached down with one hand and tugged the elastic strap of his shorts down over the straining hard-on her Dad had sticking straight out, releasing his cock from its confines and quickly grasping hold of it's firm, throbbing length. She began to work the foreskin back away from the cock-head and forwards over it - backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards Connie worked it, giving her father the hand-job of a lifetime.

"Oh Christ... baby-girl, if you keep that up much longer, Daddy's gonna cum all over the deck and make a real big mess!" Andy croaked out, finding it a bit difficult to speak because his mouth had suddenly gone very dry.

"Ohhh, now we can't be having that, now can we, Daddy?" Connie whispered huskily to her father, slowly slinking down onto her knees on the deck in front of Andrew.

He let out a loud moan of orgasmic pleasure when his daughter leaned forward and gave the slick, bulbous tip of his dong a little lick. Then she breathed on it lightly, causing Andy to almost drop to the floor himself in intense, agonized joy.

Beads of sweat began to form on his brow, and run down the sides of his face, as Connie took her time with him, teasing and tenderly caressing her father til it drove him mad with lust, and he at last begged her to take him into her mouth...

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit..." Andrew Collins kept on muttering to himself as Connie worked his balls with her left hand, and slid the fingernails of her right hand along the thick, firm rod sticking right out in front of her face.

Then she opened her mouth just a bit, took the bulbous mushroom-shaped knob in to suck back on lightly, and began to flicker at the pee-slit straight away. Connie swallowed back her father's pre-cum, with a hungering intensity that had him seeing stars. Andrew had no idea that his youngest daughter was such a ravenous-slut, but with little prompting on his part, Connie was soon bobbing her head up and down on his full, rigid prick.

It was driving him insane with lust, and, before he knew it, Andy felt his balls tightening up in arousal. He needed to climax desperately, but did not want to take Connie by surprise and just shoot off in her mouth without warning. But he was afraid, as well; that if he warned her, his 'darling little girl' wouldn't let her sick pervert of a father blast his jizz down her throat...

Andy really wanted to spurt his baby-batter down his sleazy slut-girl's gullet. He felt the churning lust gripping his stomach, and knew that he had to do something soon, or nature would just take its course and he'd cum regardless!

"Connie, I need to cum... do you want me to pull out of your mouth?" Andrew asked his sexy youngest child. She just moaned loudly and sucked on his prick more desperately than ever!

He took that for the sign of permission he was looking for. Andrew grabbed hold of a thick handful of his daughter Connie's hair, and really got 'down 'n dirty', to coin a phrase - he fucked her face brutally with his hard, straining prick, 'til his balls beat a regular tempo against her chin and the saliva was pouring out of the corners of her mouth.

Connie was getting into the rough, no-holds-barred oral sex with her 'Daddy'. She had her right hand jammed right down into the front of her G-string panties, vigorously frigging her steaming-hot pussy, as she tried desperately to relax her throat and open her mouth up just a little more, so she wouldn't gag.


Connie moaned loudly and finger-fucked her dripping snatch brutally hard, her own body shuddering in orgasm as the swelling prick in her mouth began spurting out thick, gooey cum. The jizz shot straight back into her mouth, striking the back of her throat. Connie instinctively started to cough and gag on the dick-drink she was being given by her father, but through force of will, she let the hot, sticky spunk slide down her throat and into her churning gut.

She felt very good though, after drinking back the last jetting shots of her Dad's load. Connie felt like she'd passed some big audition, some huge test - she felt like she'd pleased her Daddy to no end, and that, above everything else, was what she had wanted to do.

Connie leapt onto her feet from off the deck and kissed her Dad hard on the mouth. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and swirled it around his own, pressing her firm, smallish breasts into his chest, reaching round with both her hands to squeeze and cup both of his butt cheeks.

Andy moaned with desire into his daughter's mouth, and tasted traces of his own cum on her lips and tongue.

He was sure, actually, that a little of his jism had actually been passed over from Connie's mouth to his own, as he could taste it more strongly now on his tongue... strangely, though, it actually turned him on for Andrew to taste his own semen.

Especially when he knew that, just moments earlier, his youngest girl Connie had been drinking so much of it like a real slut, like the bitch-in-heat she really was!

Ah well... he doubted that he could get back up into the ballgame, as it were, for a-whiles yet. Connie had done a real thorough job of draining her Daddy's big fat balls dry of cum. He was hardly complaining - far from it. It was just that he so desperately wanted some of that gorgeous young pussy.

He yearned to slide his prick right up into his youngest child's hugging tightness - Andy wanted to pound his daughter 'til she screamed with joy, to give her something no father ever really should give one of his own children... sexual utopia.

When she pulled back from the kiss at last, Connie Collins smiled meekly at her father, and looked down at his limp, slightly swaying cock. Her grin broadened as she looked back up into his eyes.

"Seems Daddy isn't ready to hit the big leagues quite yet..." she said with a light giggle. "Oh well, there's always next time! Now, where has Ricky gotten off to...?"

Andrew laughed along with his daughter, but he felt a little hurt by what Connie said. But then, quite seriously, she whispered, stepping close and opening her arms for an embrace from her Dad, "From now on, Father, you're the only man in my life. From now 'til the end of time, you are my heart, my soul... I am yours, and you are mine!"

As he held Connie tightly to his chest, lifting her up just a little bit off the deck of the yacht, Andrew Collins cried silently, in mournful sorrow. Oh, what an angel... we had only just found each other, too!

And now, he knew, their love was destined to die, as he died... the only thing that he hoped was that Connie could somehow move on with her life quickly after he passed on, so she did not suffer too greatly. But those were really issues he could hardly affect, or change in any way even if he'd wanted to.

No - Andy just had to live for the moment, and enjoy every second that he was granted with the special women, that were all now so intricately a part of his life, inseparable from himself.

Behind him, the sausages and steaks continued to sizzle... they were all VERY well done, beginning to approach the point of being burned to a crisp. Andrew and Connie could hardly care - they had found a new, entirely taboo and intense level of father-daughter love, and were looking forward to future moments of 'exploration' together.


Rick Chaplain had been watching his latest sexual conquest and her father getting down and dirty with each other by the barbeque for about two minutes, and found it all to be one of the most incredible things he had ever seen in his entire life. At the end, too, the touching words of true, devotional love Connie had spoken to Andrew really touched a cord with him - especially when Rick knew, all too well, just how short a time Connie now had to truly know her father's passion for her...

Suddenly, a loud smashing sound well back behind him snapped Rick's focus right back into the present, and he spun around to see whom or what had made such a ruckus.

Way back near the doorway that led down below deck, to the cabins, kitchenette and toilet, stood Andrew's gorgeous, elegantly youthful-looking wife Billie, trying to keep a number of glass drinking cups in both of her arms. She was having quite a difficult time of it, and had already had one glass slip out of her grasp, to smash onto the deck right at her feet!

Rick rushed to her aid as quickly as he could, ever-mindful of the glass shards that could easy have cut deep into his feet if he wasn't aware of the danger for but a moment.

"Oh Rick! Thanks so much!" Billie Collins said with a warm, honest smile, looking straight into Rick's eyes as he helped her take some of her difficult load and made sure that she stepped safely around the broken glass on the deck. "Christ, what a mess! I'll have to get Andrew to clean up this mess for me. Hey, I wonder how he's going with the barbeque..."

He wondered for a moment if he should try to deflect Billie away from the BBQ area, so as not to let her catch Connie and her husband in a potentially compromising situation... but then suddenly, like a heaven-sent flash of divine inspiration, he had a perverted idea.

Rick was confidently, almost arrogantly assured that his plan would draw Billie at last into the incest-fold, and they would all be able to live and love together without fear, in passionate exuberance.

And his idea was bold, forceful, and direct. Billie had to be shown what her husband and his daughter Connie were up to by the barbeque...

He led the way over towards the smoking barbeque, to Andrew and Connie... as he approached, Rick could see that the older man had his daughter propped up onto a nearby bench and had his head jammed right in there between her legs, munching away ravenously at her dripping snatch.

There was no ifs, ands or buts about it - Andrew and Connie Collins were in an incestuous relationship. And now, Billie, standing right there beside Rick in totally frozen, stunned inaction, knew the truth.


Andrew Collins had always loved sweet, dripping young snatch - and his youngest daughter Connie had the best pussy he'd EVER tasted! It was truly an exquisite feast. He would be a very happy man indeed to just lick and suck away at his 'little angel's' twat all day long, but then, he wouldn't be able to give her the pleasure of his straining cock sliding in and out of her drenched passage...

Connie grasped a thick handful of the hair on the back of her father's head, and urged him to slide his tongue deeper into her throbbing wet gash. "OHHH SHITYEAH, DADDY. TOUCH ME RIGHT THERE WITH YOUR TONGUE...AHHHHH FUCK!!!"

Andrew felt her squirming around, then start to grind her pelvis into his face, quickly building up in earnest intensity, until she was bucking and thrashing wildly about like a madwoman.

He let the forefinger of his right hand slip into the crack of his daughter's ass just a little bit, worming it around her tiny butt-hole for a short while before pulling it out of there. Andy pulled back from munching on Connie's dripping cunt to sniff at the butt-slime covered digit, taking in the full-bodied odor of the sexy young woman's dank anus.

He took the time to savor the not-too-unpleasant smell of the finger. After a short moment's reverie, Andrew Collins opened his mouth and stuck the probing finger straight in there, then sucked back on it as vigorously as he could manage, tasting his little baby-girl's asshole and relishing in the sheer depravity of the action.

When he was finished, Andy paused for a moment before carrying on, savoring the rich tapestry of varying tastes on his tongue. The prospect of tasting more of his youngest daughter's ass filled him with an overwhelming rush of excitement.

But now, focusing his attention back onto Connie's sweet, soaking pussy... he just loved the taste of his child's copious girl-cum. It was becoming addictive.

Andrew needed more - and he knew how to get it out of her, too, while in the process making her orgasm like she never had before in her life.

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