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Carol's Gifts


Authors note: This is the third story featuring characters introduced in "Carol's Christmas." In this installment Carol give's Jack his Christmas gift one night late with the help of Irena, "Marcia" and several well hung younger men. The sex action in this story is unrestrained, and since the tags are at the bottom of the page, I will issue the following mild warning: in addition to BDSM, this story deals with open marriage, group sex, interracial sex, "Big Beautiful Women," forced feminization, bisexual behavior on pretty much every character's part and a whole lot of cum. If that's not your thing go in peace and read a story more to your tastes. If you are still reading, please enjoy the final holiday installment in this little series. Future stories will follow the consequences of the events you will read about presently.

Everything in the Master bedroom was made festive. Irena had taken great care decorating the room in the trappings of yuletide. The four poster bed was strewn with merry garlands of gold beads, dried cranberries and popcorn. Mr. Jack Carson was cuffed to all four posts with fuzzy red and white lined fur cuffs. Carol and Irena were about to give the lucky cuckold a show he would never forget and after some fun play give him sweet relief together.

Irena's voluptuous nude body tantalized the well-built lawyer's short, stout cock to full erection. The plump Latina was sorely tempted to ride her Mistress' husband right then, but that would anger her owner. Mistress Carol had taken her husband from her and made the shy, overweight yet gorgeous woman her fem-cuck and housewife. Irena's horse hung husband Tyrone was now Carol's boyfriend when he wasn't busy playing the field. Irena's sex life consisted of satisfying Carol's need for a submissive lesbian lover and being a handy fuck toy for Jack when he wasn't in chastity. Tonight she would be receiving HER gift as well, as Carol's studs would be satisfying her as well as her Mistress.

"Come on, Irena! Let's have a little fun just you and me. I won't tell Mistress. It will be just our little secret!" Jack's tone was conspiratorial and cajoling.

"Shhhhhhh!" Irena warned. The round bodied cuckquean was sorely tempted, but she chose to control her desire to impale her fertile cunt on Mr. Carson's member and chance becoming pregnant with his child which would go strictly against Mistress Carol's orders. If Irena ever hoped to touch Tyrone again she had to follow Carol's orders to the letter.

Irena was to be bred with a black male's sperm. The resulting infant would then be raised as the child of Irena and Tyrone; who was still her legal husband. Once she gave birth the corpulent Irena was to be milked like the dairy animal her Mistress said she resembled. Breast milk cheese was becoming a chic delicacy in the fetish circles in which Carol held court. Irena's duties were evolving. The full figured, dusky skinned woman had a small orgasm as she contemplated her future.

Irena's arousal at her fate was conflicted by her growing feelings for her Mistress' husband. Irena was beginning to forget about her own husband and fall deeply for Jack. His steely blue eyes penetrated her soul in ways Tyrone's long penis never could. Her desire to make love with the prone Mr. Carson was only overridden by the passion the voluptuous woman felt for her Mistress...HER hotwife...the incomparable Mrs. Carol Carson. More than anything Irena ached for a woman's touch. She ached for a specific woman's touch. More than anything else that could be said, Irena was in love with Carol.

"Please Irena!" Jack pled with the luscious Latina bombshell. "My balls are boiling and it's all for you my beautiful Irena! Please baby ride me. Just our secret I promise," the handsome lawyer laid on the little boy charm as thick as he could muster to no avail. Carol had Irena by the heartstrings as surely as she had Jack himself. Irena also had a woman's wisdom and knew she and Jack couldn't hide the aroma of coitus from their savvy hotwife.

Soon Irena and Jack's moment of temptation was interrupted by Carol's arrival with her sissy maid Marcia on a pink leather leash which matched the collar around the silly young thing's neck. Irena barely recognized the former Marcus with that girlish blonde hair and the pink and white cheerleader uniform in which the eighteen year old had been gussied up.

The sight of his smoking hot cuckoldress in her sheer black dress and the sexy cheerleader with her sent Jack over the edge and his cock twitched and squirted a copious amount of pre-cum. The boy he'd given his wife was now an undeniably beautiful girl. If clothing and makeup had done this, Jack could not wait to see how the girl would bloom after Carol administered the hormones the lawyer knew his wife planned to inject into the young sissy's bloodstream. He was going to really enjoy watching Marcia grow breasts and become a young woman.

Carol pulled Marcia over to the bed by her leash and ordered the sissy cheerleader, "Lick up my husband's trickle, bitch!"

Marcia licked up the clear drops of sticky pre-cum like a kitten licking up cream. Cum was a drug and Marcia was hooked.

"Do you like the taste of my husband's cock, Marcia?" Carol asked in a voice full of amusement.

"Mmmmmm! Yes Mistress, so delicious!" the pretty blonde replied enthusiastically.

"Good! You will get a nice mouthful later," Carol promised with curt satisfaction. She turned her attention to Jack and Irena Carol cleared her throat and made an announcement.

"Tonight Irena and I will take an anonymous gangbanging as you and Marcia watch. The boys will be going bareback and Irena is off the pill." Carol addressed her bound husband. "After that we will play with you sniveling pathetic worms, won't we Irena?"

The exact nature of the gang bang was news to Irena, but she had some idea of the night Carol and she planned for Marcia and Jack after their nameless breeding party. Jack would eventually be allowed to fuck like a man, but first he would have to face a fate not unlike Marcia's. Irena hoped Jack's cum would be in the mix. She wanted at least a chance of bearing Jack's baby.

Carol produced a chain which hooked to the girly boy's collar. The pink and white clad cheerleader was restrained at the foot of the bed and would be required to watch along with Jack as Carol and Irena were gang banged by the young studs soon to arrive. If the sissy was lucky there would be a spare cock for him to service.

Their time waiting for the horny guests was hardly inactive. Carol disrobed and took Irena on the chaise lounge. The two stunning women kissed deeply and passionately, tongues entwined as they drank of each other's spit and spirit. Carol's sizable breasts were dwarfed by Irena's copious bosom. The two embraced, tongues still locked, and became as one flesh.

Carol spread Irena's plump legs and teased her way up her dimpled thighs and working her way to her cleanly shaved pussy. Carol's tongue parted the tender labia and snaked inside Irena's fecund cunny. The auburn haired woman savored the faint oceanic tang of her submissive housewife's womanhood. Lovingly she lingered over her lover's brown body. Carol's long elegant fingers made sensual love to the wondrous globes of soft flesh on Irena's chest as she drove her tongue deeper into Irena's boiling snatch.

Her tongue retreated from deep inside and sought out Irena's clitoris. The fat woman's long black curls snaked in the scented air and she let out a deep moan as Carol found the tiny tip of Irena's horny clit. Carol penetrated Irena's pussy with two fingers, and massaged her G spot. The crash of orgasms literally shook the room as Irena's dimpled body shook all over and she wailed like a banshee. Carol sucked Irena's clit into her mouth and gently nibbled it causing the corpulent Goddess' eyes to roll up in the back of her head as she bit her lip hard.

Carol easily slipped in a third finger then her pinky. All that remained was for her to insert her thumb and slide deep. Irena breathed in short pants as Carol worked her thumb and hand into the woman's brown fuck hole. Once she had gotten all the way in to the wrist Carol slowly made a fist. Irena wailed like a cat in heat being bred by every Tom on the block at once. Carol grinned at her blissed out cuckquean as she fist-fucked her rhythmically. The deep thrusts of Carol's feminine fist drove the robust Mexican woman into a world of orgasm so deep she kissed the black velvet hemline of the void.

They heard a car roll onto their street with a powerful stereo system booming, Carol gently worked her arm out of Irena's birth canal and kissed the voluptuous Latina tenderly on the cheek. The dominating beauty felt genuinely tender towards the most important woman in her life. "We need to pull ourselves together," Carol intoned almost blankly, "our guests should be at the door any moment now."

Sure enough, the intercom buzzed and Carol greeted the boys electronically and bid them enter and come upstairs. Laughter, hard footfalls and chatter made their way up the ornate staircase. With inelegant fanfare ten tall black guys Marcia recognized as members of the Basketball team from the local College entered the spacious master bedroom. The ballers were helped out of their clothes by the sexually entranced Irena.

The chubby brown skinned woman was dizzy with lust as a forest of ebony trees sprung to erection and aimed at her fleshy deliciousness. To Carol's mild frustration her small army of lovers seemed to be insane with desire for the voluptuous Aztec goddess with the massive backside. In no time her jealousy waned as she was entered from behind with what had to be at least twelve inches of smoldering man meat.

Irena moaned deeply as two studs plunged into her soaking pussy; each took a massive brown globe in hand and chewed on the large dark brown nipple attached. From behind a third massive member entered Irena's tight brown asshole and she let out a scream of pleasure/pain. That was soon stifled as the fattest cock she ever saw plugged her mouth and drove down her throat easily. The first thing Mistress Carol had taught the bovine beauty to do was suppress her gag reflex and swallow cocks.

Carol repositioned herself so that she was riding the gigantic deep purple prick that had invaded her up and down while her puckered ass was defiled by one of his buddies. Carol's deep red painted lips wrapped around the elegant member of the only player in the room under 6'2". Her world became a whirlwind of tastes, smells and powerful multiple orgasms.

One stud remained unattended and looked over the blonde sissy chained to the bedpost. The boy was frankly ugly; with a sloping forehead and bulbous nose. What he had going for him was a true monster of a cock. Majestically arcing upward, the shaft alone was a foot or more in length and as thick as Marcia's forearm. The cocoa colored tree was capped with a dark brown mushroom shaped head that was close to the size of a softball. The horse hung brute stared at Marcia and licked his full lips.

Marcia swallowed hard and mouthed the words "fuck me" at the horse hung basketballer. The slope browed jock's eyes flashed dim awareness and he lumbered to a place behind Marcia and entered the sissy's well fucked anus without lube. Marcia howled in pleasure and pain as the massive cock rammed his horny but unlubricated hole without mercy. "Take dat dick bitch!" the slope browed youth grunted thickly. It troubled Marcia how right this treatment felt. It was why the effeminate young boy/girl had been born. Marcia was nothing more than a cum dumpster for real males.

Sissy Marcia was no male. God or nature or who or whatever put a tiny penis and pea balls on Marcia had made a serious mistake. The blonde cheerleader cried partly because she was being violated with an unlubricated monster but mostly because she didn't have a vagina with which to take these ebony cocks. She envied Carol and Irena their ability to be fucked in two holes as much as she envied their bountiful bosoms.

Hot squirts of semen jutted from Marcia's caged mini-dick as her massive mate slammed into her so hard his oversized balls were banging her belly. Marcia cried loudly when she felt the freakishly huge cockhead grow even bigger inside. The monster cock in her bowels twitched and Marcia moaned with pleasure. The black leviathan erupted in multiple streams of thick semen up into Marcia's now sore asshole. The creamy goo soothed the hurt of her deep violation and Marcia felt warm and content.

Irena lowed deeply as her vulva was shredded by the two fat black cocks. The stud that had plowed her ass went and washed up and the cock had been pulled from her mouth to prevent the wasting of its spunk. Irena was not merely being fucked for pleasure. The large and lovely lady was being fucked with an aim to breeding.

Irena's mind raced to the future. She saw herself in the Carson's kitchen; her massive milky jugs bared and at the ready. In her mind, Carol tweaked Irena's chubby nipple and squirted her milk into her morning coffee. The thought gratified Irena. The deeply entranced brown skinned woman let out a little "moo" that passed as just another sexual noise in the heat of the orgy.

Carol was also bare fucking, but would not become pregnant. Long ago Carol had chosen her career and unrestrained swinging over family life and had her tubes tied. She rode the massive black cock under her like a bucking bronco as the cock in her tight asshole exploded its juices deep in her bowels. The guy she had been orally pleasing took his spent buddies place in the married cougar's gorgeous ass.

Irena lowed, mooed, squealed and moaned as she received a fucking women usually only dream of. She felt the men in her widened pussy twitch and blast sperm up into her womb. The guys groaned as their cocks were milked by Irena's spastic cunt. When she had drained every drop from the first two cocks, two more penetrated her. "Yes! Make me pregnant!" Irena begged, "Breed me with your cum, papis!"

Carol felt the cock in her boiling vagina blow up like a balloon and pop its salty load. The huge cock twitched and squirted for several minutes, soaking the striking older woman's insides. The cock in her snug ass twitched and creamed so much it squirted out of her hole with a "sploosh". Carol took the spermy cock that had been stretching her asshole in her mouth and sucked it to complete satisfaction. She swallowed the bubbling cum like it was the water of life.

Jack nearly creamed hands free watching his women behaving so scandalously. His hungry eyes drank in every moment. The finale was afoot as the last two cocks were drained together by fat Irena's thick pussy. Jack had had her hole to himself for the last three years. He doubted she'd ever be able to feel his cock again and the thought thrilled him. His cockhead tingled maddeningly as he contemplated his inadequacy when compared to the athletic black men favored by his wife and now the woman who had been more of a wife to him until now with regards to sexual fidelity. Jack's mind orgasmed without his body's effort. Soon his balls would be emptied. He could wait a little longer.

It didn't take much pumping at Irena's wildly orgasmic pussy for the two studs inside to shoot their baby batter deep in the womb of the plump housewife. She wailed as they drained every last drop into her pulsating box. With a plop the boys pulled their shrinking cocks out and everyone enjoyed watching Irena's cunt pulse and return to its normal un-dilated state.

The drained jocks were seen out without a whole lot of ceremony. They knew what they were being used for and were likely off to smoke more blunts and repeat this scene with another married white woman. This was a time for Carol to be alone with her worshipful submissives. This was not a time for Jack to feel intimidated by his wife's lovers. This was a time for Jack to enjoy his creamy rewards.

Carol lovingly straddled her husband's handsome face and pressed the vagina he had worshipped from the day he first saw it onto his loving mouth. She opened up to the tongue of the one man she truly loved and let the contents of her well fucked cunt drain into his willing mouth. Jack eagerly cleaned the spunky goo from his Goddess of a hotwife's uncommonly beautiful pussy flower. He didn't stop when she was void of semen. Jack Carson made love to his wife using only his mouth and easily gave her more orgasms than she had had over the course of his week long, protracted cuckolding. Joyful tears filled both Carson's eyes as their long reconnection began.

Jack was released from his bondage. He stood up and stretched. His cock was screamingly erect; standing out at a full five proud inches and fat like a chub of salami. Carol unchained Marcia and snarled at the sissy "I want you on all fours facing my husband and you better give him the best blowjob you ever gave anyone!"

"Oh yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress!" Marcia groveled to his Goddess and complied joyfully with her command. The blonde cheer slut slurped Mr. Carson's fat dong in a wave of pure bliss. To the sissy's delight Mrs. Carson strapped on her dildo and crammed the big toy right up the poor creature's oversexed fuckhole. Carol fucked the cum out of Marcia as Marcia sucked Jack's horny cock. When Jack grabbed the sissy's head and crammed his cumming cock deep, Carol crammed her toy all the way in driving a thick stringer of spunk out of Marcia.

Marcia was pulled out the greatest orgasm of all time when the girly boy felt a sharp prick right in the right butt cheek. Some fluid entered Marcia's blood stream and the young sissy suddenly calmed. The room felt somehow cooler. The throbbing left Marcia's balls and realization washed over the youth like sweet summer rain.

"I'm sorry if I startled you, Marcia. That was your gift." Carol explained. "I injected you with a mega-dose of female hormones. You will begin to grow breasts, your testicles will shrink to almost nothing, you skin will become as soft as Irena's, your voice will rise by nearly an octave in pitch and you will begin to feel and think," Carol paused for dramatic effect before continuing in slow, deliberate tones, "just -- like -- a -- woman."

Marcia's nipples were harder than they ever had been and were already bigger. The blushing transsexual maid hugged her Mistress' muscular thigh. "Thank you Mistress Carol! I never dreamed I could really become a girl." the sissy cheerleader spoke through hot tears of joy and relief.

"Merry Christmas, Marcia! Mistress told you it's better to be female, now I can really show you why." Carol stroked her young maid's blonde hair and kissed her on her forehead. She'd be so beautiful after a few more months of blossoming and some facial surgery to remove the remaining traces of masculinity. Soon enough "Marcus", his pea balls and his baby dick would be nothing but a memory.

Jack got his second wind just thinking about Carol's promise that her husband would be given the honor of giving Marcia's surgically created vagina its first fucking. She was going to be absolutely perfect with those slim, shapely legs and that bubble butt. His stiffening cock was soon the center of attention for three tongues. Marcia, Carol and the cum filled Irena licked Jack to full attention.

Irena took Jack's cock in her hand and looked up at her Mistress. "Please, Mistress? May I feel your husband inside me tonight?"

Carol smirked at her housewife, gave a melodious laugh and crowed, "Jack always loves to slop around in other men's cum; don't you my studly little cucky boy? Very well Irena, but if you have a white baby you get to explain our lifestyle to your family."

Irena knew how Jack loved to fuck her. She bent over the side of the bed and pushed her massive buttocks high in the air. Marcia orally pleasured Mistress Carol as she witnessed her husband with the obscenely voluptuous Irena. Jack hopped over with glee and mounted the big beautiful Latina. The opening to her cunt had contracted giving Jack quite a thrill. He squeezed his fat cock in and was plunged into a hot ocean of spermy jizz. Jack groaned as he plunged further into Irena's cum saturated depths. The corpulent woman lowed like a frenzied heifer as her Mistress' husband masterfully plowed her. Jack and the sumptuously overstuffed Irena reached a thrilling climax together, and Jack added to the genetic soup in the brown woman's womb. Jack rolled his lover around and he kissed her full mouth deeply and passionately. They lingered a moment then Irena arose and worshipped her Goddess Carol.

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