tagAnalCase of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 02

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 02


Two? Internal Guilt

I'm married, still lusting for my wife after ten years, with only vague yearnings for a new pussy or a never before fucked ass.

She was standing in line at the local pool and gym. Right in front of me, a scantily covered ass separating a slim, gently arched back from smooth, shapely legs. She was young and had never carried any extra weight if the smooth skin inside her thighs were any indication. All in all the rear view was nice. Then she shifted her hips and moved her right leg forward, resting her weight on the left leg. Something about the way her cheeks slid together inside the fabric of her bikini was getting to me. Then, with another small shift of her hips the right side of those bikini bottoms slid into her crack. With one perfect cheek exposed I was ready to cream right there. She casually reached back and hooked her thumb inside the material and slid it down toward her leg, covering her ass.

I said nothing, and she paid her fee and turned away walking to the Women's locker room. I let out what I thought was a polite and private sigh and she turned suddenly to look me right in the eye. I got a quick glimpse of her face, pert breasts and tight stomach before I looked away. I was slightly embarrassed and next in line. I paid my money and went about my usual workout. After an hour of light weights to keep the muscle tone I usually did a half hour of laps for the aerobics.

The girl stayed in my mind. That shot of ass cheek wouldn't leave me.

After the fourth lap I watched for the edge of the pool to make my turn and saw a pair of small, shapely feet hanging from slim ankles dangling in the water. I got close and could make out the shins and knees and they looked pretty good. Then I got to the edge and brought my head out of the water and put a hand on the concrete. I was within an inch of the bikini clad pussy lips. I looked up into a face that was really not that special but young and sweet, with that glow of youth that knows just enough about sex to be forward but unspoiled. She said nothing but the look in her eyes left no room for doubt.

For some reason this young girl wanted me. I'm going on middle age. The hair is getting grey and so is the beard. The body started out long and skinny but strong. When most men my age were running to fat, I was just starting to put on a younger man's weight. My face is distinctive but by no means handsome. Yet, a number of very good looking women had found something in me that turned them on, including the one that finally caught me at a time when I was ready to settle down.

The girl lifted a foot to the edge of the pool and lifted herself up. For a moment the scanty bikini revealed a pink, plump pussy lip and a fluff of blonde, curly hair. She walked slowly to the Women's locker room while I stared with awe at the play of her cheeks.

I wasted a little time wondering if I was really going to cheat on the woman who had been my sexual delight and bosom companion for so long. Yes I was. Something told me that this was going to be fantasy time and I was going to live it.

She was in the parking lot next to an older car and as I walked up she got in and reached across to unlock the passenger door. She lived in an apartment not far from the pool. She never said a word on the way or even after I was standing naked, facing her exposed asshole and pussy, about to become a depraved sexual animal.

After dinner that evening I was in the bathroom trying to figure out how to hide my mangled dick from Alicia until it healed. I'd heard Vitamin E oil was good for raw skin and I found some that we had used once for massages. I rubbed some in and started thinking of what I had done with a girl whose name I didn't even know. I caught myself rubbing the slick, cool oil into my aching dick and it was rising, filling out with a drop of watery cum hanging from the tip. I marveled that I could get it up again but it also hurt like hell so I stopped and calmed down.

My wife was already in bed when I got in. I leaned over her in the dark and kissed her goodnight. Then I lay there thinking. When I had gotten home this evening I wondered if Alicia would read my guilt in my face. Not being one to keep things to herself I knew she would confront me. But she said nothing, just our normal chatter while getting dinner ready and eating.

I found to my surprise that I acted normally. My behavior wasn't strained and I was comfortable in the company of my wife. I felt guilty at this apparent lack of guilt, but I understood that nothing had changed in the love I felt for Alicia, even the desire for her familiar, sweet body that I was in no shape to satisfy. If I had succumbed to a stranger and the fucking was average I would have felt bad. I had done things to that girl that simple respect for my wife would never allow me to do. I had lived a dream and that was that.

After a few days my pucker poker was back to normal and I was in need of my wife. At the dinner table I gave her my look and she gave me her smile. I got that old feeling in my balls and finished the meal. After cleaning up and watching a little TV in companionable silence, we got up and headed for the bedroom.

We got in the shower where she washed off my dick and ass and I did the same for her tits, pussy, and ass. We got on the bed with me on my back. She lay next to me with her leg draped over my dick. I played with her tits while we kissed and her nipples swelled. The kissing got hotter and our tongues played over each other. My tit rubbing got heavier while her leg caressed mine. I shifted on to my side facing her and she lay on her back. I licked her left nipple and kneaded the soft flesh of her firm globe. Her moans got into the audible range as I changed breasts and licked harder. My teeth scraped her nipple and she arched off the bed. I worked my tongue down her belly until I got to her crisp black bush.

Her belly was getting a little heavier than when we met and her ass globes weren't quite as tight. But she still kept in pretty good shape and I loved the feel of her. I rubbed my nose into her pubic hair and spread her legs with my hands. Working down to her pussy lips I spread them with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down the slit until the juice started to flow.

I swung my leg over her head and dangled my hardening dick over her face. She laughed between her moans of pleasure and reached up to take my prick in her hand. She started rubbing the shaft while licking the glans. She took the tip of her tongue and got it right into the hole at the end of my prick. Meanwhile I was scraping her clit with the tip of my tongue then going lower to cram it as far into her cunt as I could. I swirled it around in her juices and scraped at her cunt walls while she craned her neck to get my pecker in her mouth. I lowered my hips so that she could lay back and fucked my dick in and out of her hot mouth. She made a tight O with her lips as I slid past her tongue and down her throat.

One of the things that had kept me coming back to Alicia before we married was the way she would slide my stiff pole down her throat until her lips were buried in my cock hair. She grabbed my ass cheeks and held me deep in her throat. The sensation of her swallowing action around the head of my throbbing pole was unbelievable. With my tongue buried in her pussy and my dick rammed down her throat I started to rub lightly at her bunghole with my stiff middle finger. She jerked against my tongue and ran hers up and down the dick stuck down her throat.

The finger at her asshole was dry so I wetted it in pussy juice and slid it just inside her tight anal box. Raising my hips up and down, fucking her mouth and twisting my finger around in her ass, Alicia started to come. I tongued her clit as hard as I could and put two fingers up her snatch. I fucked her asshole and cunt with my fingers while she sucked like a demon at my hard hot dick and I knew I was about to soak her throat with that old salt spray.

I started to boil up from my nuts and she started to stream juice out of her pussy so I jammed my finger as far up her ass as it would reach and swirled it around like a mix master. Even as we rested I kept my hands moving all over her body, spreading her slick cunt juice down the crack of her ass and massaging it into her belly button. She played with my semi?hard dick, keeping it oiled with the lube from her box. I rolled over to my stomach and spread my legs. She lay between them and kissed the cheeks of my ass. My pole was stretched out on the bed between my legs. I shivered as her tongue ran up and down the tender skin of my pole. She tongued my nuts, taking the sack in her teeth. The skin between my nuts and asshole was given the same caress of tongue and lips. I knew what she was going to do and the anticipation was making me harder and hotter. Finally she spread my cheeks exposing the hairy crack and my own tight pucker. She stiffened her tongue and jabbed at the ring of my asshole, slipping just inside. The sharp pain quickly turned to ecstasy as she swirled her tongue in my ass, then poked it in and out.

I was ready to come again so I pulled away from her probing and got off the bed between her widely spread legs that were hanging to the floor. Turn about was fair play and I loved the taste of her clean pucker. I spread her cheeks and feasted my eyes at the sight. She sighed and raised her hips off the bed, urging me to get to it. I slid my tongue down her crack, licking up the juice my fondling had left there.

Just before I got to her puckered hole I moved up the side of her cheek and skipped over to the other side. On the way I gave a blow of air against her bunghole. It quivered as I passed over and worked my tongue up the other side. I came back down her crack again and she raised her ass off the bed. I let my tongue touch her butthole with a feather light touch and blew around it. She groaned and raised her ass higher. Without further playing around I rammed my tongue deep into her asshole. She yelled and came up off the bed even higher, wriggling her ass, trying to get my tongue deeper. I lapped in and out of her tight box and she spasmed on my tongue. She reached a hand under herself and I knew she was rubbing her clit with short, hard stokes. Just when she started to come I pulled my tongue out of her asshole. Quickly moving up I grabbed my dick and put the tip into her pussy. Slowly but firmly I moved up into her slimy hot box.

She got her knees up under her and I got to my feet. My dick was lifting up inside her cunt, pressing the space under her bunghole until it wrinkled up to half the normal distance. I grabbed her cheeks, spreading them and working the flesh with my fingers. I was buried up to the hilt and my dick was throbbing with the slick, hot feel of her tight cunt. I pulled back until just the head of my dick was still in, then raised up so that I stretched her cunt lips and pushed the underside of my dick head tight against the yielding wall of her fuck hole. Scraping the underside of my dickhead tightly against her creamy tunnel I thrust home again and again.

Her asshole was starting to throb with the pressure of my dick in her cunt at that high angle. She was pushing back against me as I dropped back in line with her cunt and kept up a steady hard full length thrusting that slammed my hips into her soft ass cheeks. We worked at each other until the sweat ran and her asshole was wet with it. As we got closer to coming I slowed down. Spreading her left cheek I took my right thumb and rested the tip against her pucker. Slowly, making sure that it picked up plenty of sweat I eased my thumb to the bottom knuckle in her butthole. She bucked back against me and I started moving my thumb and dick in at out at the same time.

The cunt was tighter and I could feel my thumb through the thin membrane separating her pussy from her asshole. She was working her clit with one hand and reaching back to spread the other cheek. I worked my dick in and out at a lower angle to increase the pressure on her clit and I could tell that she was about to explode again.

My own need was building and I pumped in and out of her as fast and hard as she could take. I left my thumb buried in her ass and twisted it and bent the knuckle back and forth. She screamed my name and I could feel fresh hot juice in both hot holes as she came in one long shudder. My own juice oozed from the fiery tip of my thrusting pole. I was about to explode. I jerked out of her pussy and juice gushed out to drip on the sheets.

Pulling my thumb out of her ass with a sucking sound I grabbed my dick and rammed the whole slick, hard length to the hilt in her bowels. She came unglued, ramming back against me as I kept my long, thick pole buried in her bung. With a cry I felt the come boiling up and out. I started pumping her hole while she squeezed her sphincter muscles, trying to hold me in place. The jiz kept spurting and I kept pumping and she kept her hand busy at her cunt. Once she reached up to grab my nuts as they slapped against her pussy. I stopped cramming dick and she kneaded my balls right up to the point of pain. I pulled out of her tight hole and slid back in again.

This was real life. I had finally married Alicia as much for the ass fucking as anything else. A good bunghole is hard to find. I was fortunate that she also was my love. Knowing that she would come once more even if I didn't make that third one before she wore out I fucked her ass with long, slow strokes.

Sometimes I would pull all the way out and watch as her hole gaped for a moment before it closed up. Then I would shove into her hard, slapping my hips into her cheeks. There was no question that this was great. My wife and her sweet tight ass were always ready for me and, best of all, I knew she got as much pleasure from anal sex as I did. She came in a long, slow spasm that pulled and kneaded at my pounding pole. I fucked into her until she begged me to stop. I was pretty close to coming again. But I stopped and rested in her until she relaxed and my dick softened. She moved forward until I slid out.

We lay next to each other after turning out the light and, still touching each other's sex, went to sleep.

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