Casting Kate


'I'm her agent,' I said, standing back -- which was a lie, I wasn't an agent at all, I was her Mum's friend. We'd gone to school together, her mum and I. Messed around a bit in our early days. But the only way her Mum was going to let Kate be here at all, was if someone -- an 'adult' -- was along to look out for her. Kate was not about to bring either of her parents, so I was the nominated choice.

I was Kate's 'Uncle Bob'. No relation of course, but 'uncle' as in family friend. Kate, just turned nineteen, has always wanted to act, and here was her chance (she said). 'Auditions for next season's blockbuster presentation by R. W. Arnold.' -- the ad in the newspaper said. Which is why we were here.

'Turn around,' said R.W. Arnold. A rather moth-eaten looking guy of some fifty years with an assistant that might have been his son. Kate turned around. 'Lose the jacket,' snapped Arnold, then, 'Jimmy, take the girlie's jacket off.'

I thought to object to this, on the grounds that he hadn't explained why he needed her jacket off, but remembered what Kate had begged in the car: 'You need to be my agent. Just my agent. Not my uncle. Not my parent's friends. Not someone looking out for my interests. Just my agent, so your only interest is me getting the part. Can you do that for me, please?'

'Got that, Hon,' I'd replied.

Kate and I are pretty good mates.

Truth be told I have lusted after her foxy young body since it started getting foxy -- around fifteen, or so. Now she was shapely as hell. (But I had never let my lust come between us!)

'I can do it,' said Kate, quietly, to Jimmy (behind her).

'Let him do it,' snapped Arnold.

Okay ...

Kate let him take off her jacket. A grey box jacket to go with her neat grey skirt and loose white blouse ... and charcoal stockings. Jimmy made a show of unbuttoning the buttons one at a time, (and getting his groin against the youngster's pretty ass; and brushing her breasts with his knuckles). Then it was off.

'Jimmy' retreated.

Kate stood straight, shoulders square, legs long, (the mounds of her breasts looking good). Me -- her 'agent' -- sat back, kinda enjoying Kate's embarrassment at being treated like a slab of beef.


I crossed my legs.

'Lose the blouse,' said Arnold.

I uncrossed my legs, sat up, about to object ...

Kate's fingers flicked in my direction: 'Sit back. I can handle this,' her fingers hollered at me. I swallowed my concern ... and sat back: after all, this was her show. I was here to promote her, not frighten them away. And if R.W. Arnold needed to see his aspiring actresses without their shirt on ... who was I to argue? I tossed in an agent-like quip: 'Built like an angel,' I said, sounding like she was a statue.

Or a painting.


(Got a dirty look from Kate.)

'Let Jimmy do that,' said Arnold when Kate raised her fingers to the buttons of her blouse. Kate dropped her hands. Jimmy -- back behind her -- slipped his fat hands slowly round her side. She lifted her arms out from her body so he could reach the front her blouse. Jimmy glanced at me and winked. As his fingers sought a button his fat palms found her breasts. I played the detached agent -- I smiled, and winked back. 'Go for your life!' my expression encouraged, as I felt an agent might. Kate's eyes stayed on the boss, R. W. Arnold. She even managed a confident smile ... as Jimmy now and then cupped a feel of her breasts and loosed the buttons of her blouse ... and thrust his groin in her behind.

And I watched.

'There's some heavy petting involved,' said Arnold, his eyes on the opening blouse and Jimmy's hands, and what was beneath, and I thought to myself: 'Time to take my young charge and get the hell out of here!'

'Ahem,' I started, by way of exiting explanation ... But Kate cut me short. 'I have experience of acting in erotic parts,' said Kate, quickly, cutting across my burgeoning objection. And I stopped, and thought: What experience of acting in erotic parts? She's just out of school, for Chrissake! I narrowed my eyes, but shut up. I knew she was making it up, about 'erotic parts', but as I watched Jimmy (now tightly pressed against her rear) I noted his hands were making the most of the erotic parts in the middle of young Kate's pretty chest, pretty well. His fingers might have been on the buttons of her blouse but his hands were all over her tits. And Kate has excellent tits. I raised an eyebrow to myself. And folded my arms. And the blouse came off. As soon as Kate let Jimmy draw it down her arms it came as no surprise at all to me to hear Arnold say, 'Let's lose the skirt as well.'

Kate, with commendable calm, asked Arnold: 'Shall I take it off, or would you like Jimmy to do that too.' Which made Arnold smile, and with an unhealthy glint in his eye he replied,

'No, sweetie pie. I'll do that.' And with a beckoning finger he indicated that she should come over to the large stuffed chair in which he sat. I shall give Kate her due, the way she moved from the middle of the carpet to between Arnolds legs was pretty damn impressive. 'Closer,' Arnold urged, so Kate moved into the angle of his legs until her knees were clearly touching his crotch (not that he seemed to mind). I stayed where I was, looking agent-like.

Arnold reached up to Kate's skirt and using the flat of his hands felt around her until he'd located such things as the catch of her skirt, and the zip, and her hips, and her buttocks, and the flat of her stomach, bulge of her pubis, cleft between her buttocks (and other little things that resided in that area of Kate too numerous to mention). I thought I should look away, but at that moment Arnold turned to me, with one hand cupping the kid's left buttock, and the other on the inside of her stocking-clad leg, and said, 'You would recommend your client for this part?'

What could I say -- I didn't even know what the part was! -- so I tried to ignore the hand on Kate's leg -- the fingertips of which (as I tried not to notice) were hidden up her skirt -- and replied, as I felt she would wish me to, 'I believe she has all the attributes the part requires,' and left it at that.

His hand disappeared, in its entirety, up her skirt. 'And what do you think, Sweetie?' he said to Kate, his hand in pussy zone, fingertips clearly engaged. Kate's hands were clenched, her face was clearly at war with itself (but these were the only signs that she was uncomfortable with this stranger's hand up her skirt, and maybe only I noticed this -- an 'uncle' would, I suppose). But she mastered the moment well:

'I believe I have all the attributes anyone could require for this part.' She kept her chin high (and her legs conveniently apart) throughout her little speech, which I thought was rather well said.

'We'll see,' said Arnold, giving (presumable) her between-leg area a parting caress, then running down the zip. The short skirt dropped in a mound around her ankles. She left it there. Her legs remained apart. Awaiting further ...

Instructions? I wondered, watching.

But instead of any instructions, I watched -- open-mouthed, I suspect -- as this past-the-sell-by-date sort-of- guy reached out and began to run his hands over her now lightly pantie-clad thighs. Her stockings began some inches below the satin-covered pubis I watched him gently finger. Feeling the neatly tended hair within, I felt, as his other hand stroked her behind, behind. I wondered how erotic this part Kate wanted was. I had thought it was a Jane Austin adaptation. How much adapting could you do to get as intimate as this?

'What do you think, Jimmy?' asked Arnold.

I looked from Arnold, my friend's daughter between his legs, his hands between her legs; to Jimmy, who was already on his way to her half-naked rear; to Kate, who's face was void of expression -- in fact it looked kinda vacant. Then Jimmy was there, and my young charge was the filling in the sandwich. Jimmy got Kate to raise her arms out to the side again so that he could stretch his hands around her ... and cup her breasts.

I bit my lip. I kept my legs and arms tight crossed. I searched Kate's eyes for submission signs. But she let them touch what they wanted, and stared straight ahead. The price of stardom, I guessed, uncomfortably rearranging myself on the settee, flicking my eyes to the carpet then back up to the 'auditioning' three. Kate had her vacant little smile back on. And her legs apart, with Arnold's fingers tracing little foray's in between. And her breasts in the fondling hands of Jimmy ... 'Have you kissed her?' Asked Arnold, surprising me.

'No,' I said, before thinking it through. And got another dirty look, from Kate.

What was I expected to say, for chrissake?

"Duh," she said, head turned to me. "Bob, baby," (Bob -- Baby!!!) "What about the rehearsal for Candy, how many hours did you spend with me?"

What was she talking about?

But I got the message. She wanted me to lie.

"Other than professionally, of course," I stuttered. "Professionally we kiss a lot." I waved my hand in the air, as if that might help to explain ... whatever it was I was explaining.

'She any good?' asked Jimmy, large hands moving dreamily on Kate's pretty breasts.

'I think so, yes,' I replied, my eyes going from Arnold, whose forefinger appeared to have found Kate's clitoris, and was eagerly urging it to life, to Jimmy, who, as I say, was playing with her breasts. Kate's little smile was askew.

'Show us,' said Arnold, forefinger flicking to and fro, eyes looking lazily at me. I glanced a look at Kate who, although doing her best to accommodate the work they were doing on her body's more tender spots, was looking just a tiny bit fazed by all this! I came to my feet.

'I can try,' said Jimmy, to Arnold, sounding hurt.

I stopped where I was.

Arnold looked up at Jimmy, whose head was peering over Kate's smooth left shoulder, at Arnold, legs spread, Kate between. Everything stopped ... except the fingers and hands on Kate (they kept going). 'Okay,' said Arnold, bringing his eyes back to Kate's panties, no more than two inches from his nose. 'Guess you've done it already,' said Arnold, to me, raising the spectre of agent/actress intimacies to a level that made me take note, in case this film career blossomed. I lowered myself back into my seat.

'Kiss him,' said Arnold, not taking his eyes from Kate's panties-covered snatch, nor his fingers from the part he was working up as best he could ... which, judging from the growing flush now climbing Kate's pretty neck, was not too badly at all. I crossed my legs. Again. Then crossed my hands on my lap. Kate clearly wasn't sure how she could keep her lower parts within easy reach of the director, while making her lips available to his help, now at her back, to carry out the instruction that she kiss him.

My glance at Kate said: 'Well? Enough?'

Her glance back said: 'Give me a chance here, will you!'

Okay. I shrugged. Leaned back.

Jimmy reached around her for her chin, and moved it left, then pushed his face around her shoulder from the back. The two of them somehow joined mouths. I watched, and tried not to show surprise as the girl's pretty cheeks bobbed and rolled then bulged as a thick invasive tongue went exploring inside her mouth. The big hand went back to her breast. It casually pushed up the bra, took captive the naked result, fingertips teasing the nipple then hand devouring it whole. I watched, starting to get concerned at how much further this was going than it should, when Kate's back arched, and her neck stretched further left, and she got her mouth in under Jimmy's.

'She's pretty good,' said Arnold, his eyes appreciatively on the way Kate had squirmed around, an arm thrown back, a hand in Jimmy's hair. He stared at her lips, angled back, wide on Jimmy's. The way that his tongue in her mouth caused her lips to swell, then roll, as if there was an animal in there. The way her back was arched, her shoulders turned, yet her pelvis obediently forward. Forward and open to Arnold, whose finger still deftly and eagerly worked on the bulge in her pants ... a bulge which I knew included her clitoris and most of the rest of her pussy. It was a clitoris now well erect. I recognised the signs, and they were clear, young Kate was seriously aroused. How did she expect to control it?

I didn't see how she could. Did she expect me to step in and help? End things now? I hadn't a clue. But I had no wish to be accused of 'ruining her career' before it was past first base. Which was probably why I didn't step in and stop it right there. Besides, I almost felt she had had it coming to her, something she needed to learn about life ... and I wasn't sure she'd learned it yet.

When she called 'Help!' she'd have learned it!

I looked away as a gasp from Kate came out with the slobbering sound they were making with their mouths. Her hips had angled left. Arnold had slipped her panties to the right, baring pussy and the bits further round, and now he was stroking what he'd bared. And Kate was reacting. Her knee climbed briefly ceiling-wards, then eased off towards the left, and then she gasped again.

Was it time to step in and halt this, I wondered?

She was clearly in distress.

But starting to look just as juicy as hell!

Arnold's middle finger disappeared inside young Kate, and her hips flared, and her knees seemed to give, and I watched as she seemed to collapse into his lap. The kiss, as the female party to it sunk into Arnold's lap, was brought to what seemed, from the expression on both party's faces as soon as their lips were apart, to an earlier conclusion than either had expected. Kate's mouth opened wide. She seemed to be searching for air. Oxygen, perhaps. Arnold put his hand around her waist and drew her close to him. The other hand was still between her legs, and judging from the way Kate now sat, and the rather glazed look in her eyes, I guessed that Arnold's finger, or maybe even fingers, was inside the girl. I watched her pelvis curl. Deep inside, I guessed. She looked across at me. "Okay?" my eyes now said. Now that this is down and dirty, sweet Kate, have you learned your lesson? Can we go?

She closed her eyes.

This was becoming absurd.

I looked at Jimmy, licking his lips, wiping his hands on his jeans, eyes all over my charge. I looked at Kate, adjusting herself in the older man's lap, an arm around his shoulders, a breast an inch from his mouth, the bra askew, the legs apart, the eyes without focus. I looked at Arnold, and his hand between the youngster's legs. There was no pretence to it now, no attempt at concealment or guile, her briefs were pushed off to one side, his hand was over her pussy, middle finger clearly inside, and as I watched, gulping back my surprise, I saw the glistening finger slowly brought out ... then pushed back in ... then eased back out (Kate's eyes tight shut) ... then pushed back in ... Kate gasped ... then eased back out ...

'She's really very good,' said Jimmy, to me I suppose, then pushed it back in.

'Nicely tight,' said Arnold, and as he said it his thumb rolled the prominent button of Kate's clitoris, causing her pelvis to buck and her knees to rise and her eyes and her mouth to drift open ... he ease his finger out of her, added a second, eased the two back in. Kate arched her back, and lifted her pelvis ... then thrust ... enveloping the fingers with ease. She groaned, long and ... well, I suppose.

'What sort of parts has she played?' asked Arnold, absently lowering his mouth to the Kate's breast and licking the nipple.

'A variety, really,' I said, not sure what she'd want me to say. Unable (at the moment, her eyes being closed and her expression being one of deep distress) to find out from her. Her face was screwed up as if in pain -- but it wasn't pain, I knew. The fingers were back, deep inside her. Arnold was licking her nipple. Jimmy was kissing her neck. 'Any porn work?' asked Arnold, the question slightly muffled by the bit of Kate's breast which he had in his mouth.

'Pornography?' I asked, keeping it casual. Arnold merely nodded this time, his mouth now filled with Kate's right breast -- still quite a lot of it left, I noted, with what may have been surprise -- that Kate was so stacked -- as Jimmy somehow wrestled off her bra. This involved pulling Kate's acquiescent arms first one way, then the other, then pulling it over her head -- her eyes briefly opened, then sleepily closed, and she gasped, as the fingers eased back, and her pelvis eased forward, and her pretty legs spread -- then the bra was off.

(Jimmy had his talents here, clearly.)

What would they do with her now? What would she let them do with her now?

'Not as such,' I said, feeling that was safe.

'Surprising,' said Arnold, his face now away from Kate's breast, a hand now active in his lap.

'Fucking amazing,' said Jimmy, his hand now eagerly cupping her breast -- the breast which had, until very recently, been deep in Arnold's mouth -- as Jimmy's other hand, now on Kate's chin, was coaxing her face round to his. It meant more curling around for Kate, more stretching and turning her neck. But she seemed quite good at it now and soon Jimmy had what he wanted, a pliant breast to play with, a compliant mouth for his tongue, soon hard at play, back in the sweet girl's mouth, forays going deep down her throat ... so it seemed. Certainly the noise she was making was indicative of something down her throat. Not just the groans she was making.

'No disease, nothing like that?' asked Arnold, his eyes on mine, his penis out his trousers, his trousers round his hips. His softly stroking fingers and his penis, now erect, between Kate's legs. I could see it clearly from where I sat. 'I won't catch anything, will I, is what I mean,' he added, by way of explanation, nodding at his hand, and its equipment, and the spread of female legs. It was clear he felt the two should be together. And he didn't mean her legs.

The question caused Kate to pay attention.

Her hand, the one that was deep in Jimmy's hair, came out from where it was, and slithered to his chest. Their mouths were limpet locked and their tongues -- not just Jimmy's I suspected, Kate's as well -- were still much engrossed on their travels. But Kate started pushing with her hand. And then brought another to the cause. And soon she was pushing quite hard.

'Why do you ask?' I asked, playing for a modicum of time. 'I mean about the Porn,' I followed up, not really wanting to get into a discussion about disease.

Kate and Jimmy broke. A count of five. Then Jimmy wanted to resume, his arms going round the now glistening girl, his face moving back close to hers, but with what looked very genuinely like considerable reluctance, Kate resisted his advances. Pushed him hard on the chest. Said,' No, Jimmy. That's enough.' More than once. Then put her open hand to his cheek, and stroked him. Affectionately I would almost have said, had I not known of the circumstances. Then Kate looked at me. Then she noticed Arnold.

Arnold had his penis in his left hand, and was absently stroking it up and down as his right went back to Kate, between her legs, and found her clitoris. It was standing very proud. (Kate's clitoris, I had noticed, became very pronounced when aroused. And I mean very pronounced. Like a small penis, in fact.) He stroked her small penis once, then twice. This caused Kate to start, and arch her back, then close her eyes and moan, then lift her knees in the air. But then she reached for the torturing hand. And gritting her teeth and frowning quite hard, she eased it away. Then she took his hand in both of hers while Arnold's other hand, continued on his glistening penis head.

'Arnold,' said Kate, quite firmly.

Then she noticed her breasts. They were heaving, and flushed a deep red, and glistening with much more than sweat. It seemed to surprise her -- Where was her bra? Then she seemed to get over the loss. Returned her attention to Arnold. (Though made no move to move from his lap.) 'I won't be involved in porn,' said Kate, closing her legs, but finding in doing so his hand and ... thing ... became trapped between, so left them apart. 'I'm an actress,' said Kate, flipping some hair from her face. (A lot was over her face. Tendrils stuck to the sweat that her recent endeavours had caused.)

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