tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 13

Castleton Ch. 13


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* * * * *

Two weeks had passed since Maureen's introduction to spanking and group sex. She had spent the time thinking about her experience, spanked by a Dominatrix, fondled by a female Slave, an oral lesbian sexual experience and fucked by a male Slave. She fondly recalled the multiple orgasms she experienced, but was ambivalent about repeating the experience. Inwardly, she wanted to go back to Florence's home, but harbored uncertainties about falling into that lifestyle. The morning after, she was sure that it had been just a lark that she would put behind her, and go on with her life. As the days passed, Maureen kept thinking of the wonderful experience she had enjoyed, and she caught herself wondering if she could do it just one more time. Neither Florence nor Gordon had called her. She had told them that she would call if she wanted to repeat the spanking and other sexual activity. So far they had respected her decision. Maureen knew, in her heart of hearts, that she must call Florence and at least talk with her.

Today was Friday, just as it had been two weeks ago. She found herself clock watching at work. Time passed so slowly, when one wanted it to hurry. She wondered if she should call Florence, but did not do so. Perhaps before work was over, in two hours, she could decide what to do. As she thought about her experience with Florence she could feel her cunt becoming moist. She went to the bathroom, to dry herself, when she ran into her boss. He asked her if she had met Gordon's boss and she told him she had. He replied that he had called Florence's office, telling them he had a financial proposal for Florence. He asked if Maureen would mind taking it to Florence, at her office. Maureen knew that her boss wanted Florence to invest, some of her new wealth with the brokerage firm. Maureen agreed to take the package.

She drove to Florence's office and parked in the basement parking lot. On the elevator ride to the eighth floor she decided to see Florence. The car stopped and the doors opened at the eighth floor. Maureen walked into Florence's office and stopped at the receptionist's desk to drop off the package. "Hello, I have a package for Florence…"

"Oh," interrupted the receptionist, "are you Maureen?" she asked.

"Yes, I am."

"Florence asked that you go back to her office when you arrived. Come this way please." The receptionist led Maureen down a long hall, to a secretary sitting outside of an obvious executive office.

"Hi, you must be Maureen. Florence is waiting for you, please go right in," the secretary said. Maureen smiled, opened the door to Florence's office and entered. Florence was sitting behind a large desk in a very large office. She rose to meet Maureen, giving her a hug as they came together. The secretary left them, closing the door behind her.

"Hello, Maureen, I'm so glad to see you. Come over to the settee and have some coffee, or a soft drink, with me, O.K.?" Maureen smiled and nodded as the two women sat down. Florence took the package and put it on her desk, then poured Maureen some coffee and a cup for herself. "Please don't let this be awkward for either of us, Maureen. I've thought about you often, since you visited us at my home."

"I thought a lot about you too, Miss Florence," said Maureen. Florence smiled to herself and was happy to hear Maureen refer to her as 'Miss Florence'. It could mean that the young woman might be leaning toward their lifestyle.

" I was hoping you would call either me, or Gordon. I'm so glad you agreed to bring me the financial package," Florence told her. Maureen sipped her coffee and chatted about being glad to get out of the office early on a Friday afternoon. She asked about how Alteisha and Gordon were getting on. "They're fine. Believe it or not, I've still not allowed Gordon any relief. He takes it well, but I know he's hurting," she laughed and Maureen grinned at the thought. "But enough about those two. How about you, what have you been doing?" she asked.

Maureen took a deep breath and said, "I've been thinking a lot. I'm undecided about what to do. I really had a wonderful time, but I'm a little unsure about the future," she paused and thought deeply about her next comment, "I would like to visit again, but I don't want to give you, and the others, any false signals that I might join you, because I'm really not sure, Miss Florence."

"Maureen, I appreciate your candor and I don't want you to take anything lightly, especially something as radical as a change to this lifestyle. After all, I understand that this lifestyle isn't for everyone. You need to be sure," she stated emphatically, "But please don't feel that you can't just come and visit, or join in the activities if you like. Perhaps that may help you to decide," Florence continued, "Maureen, to fully be a part of 'our way of life' there some rules, a regimen if you will, that you should know. These are the same 'rules' that I disclosed to Gordon before he came to live with us." Maureen nodded that she would like to learn the 'rules' so she could better decide her future.

"I'm sure you do, Maureen. Let me outline what I'm telling you. First, you must agree to submit and obey my every command,

"Second, you will suffer the whip, and other delicious torments, for even minor infractions. Some of those sessions will be very, very painful, but also very pleasurable. Sometimes you will be whipped solely for my amusement. Other times I may enjoy humiliating you for my pleasure, or my friend's pleasure. I will control all your actions,

"Third, you may not speak unless given permission. You must have permission to do anything, even to go to the bathroom,

"Fourth, you may not ever cum without permission from me, even when you are alone, traveling, fucking, being sucked, fondled or being sexually tormented,

"Fifth, you will also be subservient to Alteisha and Gordon and you will obey them completely, especially Alteisha, in the event of my absence, or for any reason. You may not refuse any request or direction from either of them no matter how much you may disagree,

"Sixth, you will serve all three of us living at my home, perform all household chores, cook and serve all meals, dress as I demand, or be naked if I so please,

"Seventh, if I choose, you will entertain us, our friends and any one else, to whom I may loan or rent you,

"One last rule, with which you are not yet familiar. Semen must never be wasted. No ones semen must never, be wasted. Semen must be swallowed, either by you, or someone else involved in our activity. Finally, you must understand that this means, Maureen, that you will belong to me and be my female Slave and maid," Florence explained, and Maureen nodded her understanding.

"Maureen why don't you think about what I've just told you. Come visit us again, to help you decide yes or no. I know it's not an easy decision," Florence smiled at Maureen and patted her on the shoulder. "If, after you dwell on your decision, and you decide to join us, I will ask you to come to my home. There, I have all of the rules incorporated in a contract that you will read aloud, so I'm sure you have completely read it then I'll ask you to sign it. If you sign, you may move in with me. If you decline, we shall always be acquaintances, and you may be a guest at my home again, from time to time."

Maureen nodded as Florence stood up, indicating that their conversation had ended. Maureen rose and walked to the door. She paused before she opened the door and looked back at Florence. "Is the invitation to visit open now?" she asked Florence.

"Yes, Maureen, it is. Call anytime and, if we're home, we'll arrange a time. If we should be out please leave a message, and I will call you, I promise, dear," Maureen smiled, opened the door and left. Florence returned to her desk to call Alteisha and Gordon and inform them of Maureen's visit. She mused that they may yet receive a call from Maureen later this afternoon, and suggested Alteisha invite Robert to visit this evening. If Maureen decides to visit, Robert would be a very useful participant. If not, Robert was always fun to have around. Alteisha told her Mistress that all would be ready, in either event. Florence thanked her and hung up.

Florence pulled into her driveway, parked and went into the house. She gave Gordon the financial package, asked him to analyze it and advise her on what to do. Alteisha entered the room naked, except for her collar, nipple and cunt lip rings, complete with the tiny bells. She greeted, embraced and kissed her Mistress then went about her household chores. Gordon took the package, locked it in his desk, and excused himself to go put on his maid's uniform. Florence smiled at him and privately hoped that he would no longer need to be their maid, if Maureen would decide to join them. She climbed the stairs to her bedroom to shower. Alteisha knocked then entered to help bathe her Mistress. She convinced Florence to take a long hot bath instead of a shower. She drew the water then joined her in the tub. The two women soaked and scrubbed each other, enjoying several long kisses and embraces. Though they each took their time in washing each other's cunt and tits, they did not linger long enough in their bath to become seriously sexually involved.

The ladies dried each other, and Alteisha helped her Mistress dress in her leather net garment and thigh high boots. Alteisha wore only her collar, rings and bells then helped Florence put on her rings and bells. Both Ladies donned their respective robes and descended the stairs to dine. Gordon was dressed in his mini-skirted maids uniform, with all of his accouterments on his genitals and in his asshole. He had prepared a baked salmon dinner with vegetables and rice pilaf with a white wine to top off the menu. He served his Mistress and superior Slave and stood a respectable distance away, ready to serve when called. The ladies engaged in light conversation, as they ate, discussing Robert's visit later that night. Each privately hoped Maureen would call, but neither spoke of it. As they finished their wine, the doorbell chimed and Gordon went to answer.

"Mistress, it is Miss Francis. She came by to see you for a short visit," Gordon reported. Florence rose and went to the living room to meet her friend. Francis was a close friend that was very much aware of Florence's sexual penchant, and had nearly gone to Castleton with her. She had backed out at the last minute, because she was afraid of what might happen to her. Francis enjoyed inflicting sexual torments, but did not appreciate anyone tormenting her. Florence respected her friend's position, as this lifestyle had many variations and permutations. She did not want to judge anyone.

"Hi, Francie, how nice to see you," Florence said, as she hugged her friend, "come, have some wine with us."

"Hi, I just stopped by to bring you the item we discussed," Francis told her, "the wine sounds nice, however." The two women joined Alteisha and Gordon in the dining room, where Francis sat at the table as Gordon brought a glass and poured the wine. Francis sipped her wine, as she undid Gordon's net cock and balls restraint to fondle his genitals. Gordon stood still, as he felt his cock grow into a massive hard on under her ministrations. She lightly drew her fingers over his cockhead, under its rim and his balls, arousing his sexual ardor. Francis opened her purse and withdrew a special leather cock and ball device, which she showed, to Florence and Alteisha. "Here it is, ladies, and it works completely!" she exclaimed. "It will prevent any male from cumming, while keeping him hard, for as long as he wears it. I've used one, on my boyfriend for hours, and I can guarantee that it works as advertised. Take it Florence, it is my gift to you. Better still, let me put it on 'Gordeeva' so you can see for yourselves. "

Florence nodded agreement as Francis grasped Gordon's cock, placed the device onto his hard on and tightly fastened the Velcro binding at the base. Gordon's cock became engorged and rock hard. Francis grasped several small leather straps that hung from the main strap around his cock base and fastened them so both balls were separated. She raised the leather straps up to his cock base and tightly fastened them to the main strap. Gordon could feel the tightness pulling at his cock and balls. Francis continued to fondle and masturbate him, as she talked with his Mistress. Several times he thought he would cum, but each time the device prevented ejaculation, without abating his arousal. Mistress Florence was delighted. The device reminded her of the device used on the Grand Master, at Castleton, during his annual service as a weekend Slave.

Florence thanked Francis and told her that she, and Alteisha, would put the device to extremely good use with both Gordon and Robert, as well as other men as yet unknown. Francis continued fondling and masturbating him while she visited. She showed them how to quick release the device, to allow immediate ejaculation, and how to make it even more restrictive, and painful, by constricting one or more of the straps. Francis tightened it, to increase the Gordon's discomfort, but did not demonstrate the quick release and ejaculation feature. Gordon's fondling torment was prolonged. Each of the women took turns rubbing, tickling, fondling and masturbating him, to experience the staying power of the device for themselves. Gordon writhed and strained with the need to cum, but to no avail. None of the ladies were concerned with Gordon's dire straits. They contemplated using the device to fuck themselves for as long as they wanted, without fear of their partner cumming, becoming flaccid and ruining their enjoyment and satisfaction. Florence thanked her friend for the marvelous gift and walked her to the door, while Alteisha continued to amuse herself tormenting Gordon.

He was frantic with desire to cum. Alteisha ignored his gyrations and pleadings, continuing her amusement. Florence returned from seeing Francis out and joined in the fun. Alteisha asked if she could mount Gordon to fully test the devices' capability and Florence gave her permission. Alteisha rolled Gordon onto his back, straddled him and fully embedded his cock in her tight cunt. She fucked him with reckless abandon, refusing to cum, while enjoying Gordon's cock and his plight. Finally, she exploded in a powerful orgasm, delighting her Mistress, who applauded her effort. Florence told Gordon not to remove the new device and told them both to go clean up. The phone rang and Gordon dutifully answered it. It was Maureen. She made some small talk with Gordon then asked to speak to Florence. Gordon placed her on hold and took a cordless phone to his Mistress. "It's Ms Maureen, Mistress."

"Thank you 'Gordeeva'," said Florence as she took the phone and waited for Gordon to leave. "Hello," she spoke into the phone. Maureen greeted her by saying 'Hello, Mistress' and Florence corrected her immediately. "No, dear. I'm not your Mistress. You must not call me that, until you've decided to serve me as your Mistress, and," she said emphasizing the word 'and', "you sign the contract we discussed. Now, having said that, I'm happy to talk to you again today. What can I do for you?"

There was a long pause then Maureen spoke. "I was wondering if you, and the others, would be home tonight. If you aren't busy, I'd like to visit again. To see if it might help me to decide, I mean."

"We'd love to see you again, Maureen. An old friend will also stop by and I'm sure you will enjoy meeting him too," Florence responded. The two women agreed to eight o'clock. Florence thanked her for calling and hung up. She called for Alteisha and Gordon, advised them of their additional guest and returned to her television show. The others knew that they should prepare for an evening's session and set about preparing the apparatus and implements that their Mistress would require. At precisely eight o'clock the doorbell rang. 'Gordeeva' answered the door and Maureen entered. She smiled at Gordon, in his maid's uniform, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. His hard on protruded from under the mini skirt he wore and Maureen brushed his cock, as she walked by him into the living room. She heard Gordon close and lock the heavy oak door, as she stood alone in the living room waiting for Florence.

Her wait was short as Florence and Robert, who had arrived thirty minutes earlier, walked into the room carrying their wineglasses. Florence welcomed Maureen with a hug and a kiss and introduced Robert. Alteisha quietly slipped into the room and kneeled next to her Mistress's chair, still wearing her Slaves robe. Florence explained that Robert was 'one of us' and she should feel comfortable with him, as he was fully aware of Maureen's status and desires.

"Mistress," began Maureen, only to be quickly interrupted by Florence.

"Maureen, as I mentioned over the phone, you have not yet earned the right to address me that way. You must refrain, until you have decided to submit to me fully by reading aloud and signing the contract. I know that this decision is difficult to make. I agonized over it for the better part of a year before I decided." Florence took Maureen by the hand and led her to a door that was closed and locked.

"Darling, this door leads to my special Sessions Room in the basement. It is not a pleasant room to view, but it provides intense pleasure to those of us who crave this lifestyle. There are some restrictions that I impose when non 'Members, Helpers or Slaves' are invited to enter. Let us go down and I'll explain the 'rules of the room' down there." Florence motioned for the others to follow and led Maureen down the stairs to the basement. She stopped at another heavy oak door, reminiscent of an old castle door. Florence unlocked the door and they all stepped inside to the dimly lit room. A small platform stood ominously in the center of the room. A padded bench, that reminded Maureen of workout benches at her Spa, stood on the platform and a series of chains hung from the ceiling. The platform and the bench were adorned with several strategically placed steel rings. Florence bade Maureen to step up onto the platform to face her and the others.

She complied and looked down on Florence and Robert seated on upholstered leather chairs. Alteisha was kneeling at her Mistress's right hand and Gordon standing behind all of them, in his maids uniform. Maureen sighed deeply and stood, completely intimidated by her circumstance. As her eyes became accustomed to the dim light, she could see various whips, paddles, restraints and other implements hanging from hooks embedded in the stonewalls. "This is the Corrections, Discipline and Punishment room. It looks like a dungeon, because it essentially is a dungeon, for disobedient Slaves. I've brought you here so that you would have no reservations about what life, as a submissive to me would be like. I invited Robert so that you might experience, first hand that, as my submissive Slave, you would have absolutely no privacy of your own. I would hand you over to others, if I so desire, for our joint amusement. Devotion, complete capitulation and service to me, is demanded from you, for as long as I own you," Florence explained to Maureen, as she stood completely alone on the platform.

"Maureen, you can only come down here once, as a 'free' person. Tonight, with your concurrence, I have planned a session for you, that you will find extremely painful, but joyful. If you agree to the session, it will be the last session you will ever receive from me, unless of course you decide to submit to me. You will have all the time you need to decide, a year or more if that's what it takes, but you will never come back to this room again, unless it is to fully submit to my will. Of course, if you want to occasionally stop by to visit, fuck or receive a spanking, you are always welcome. But you will not be invited down to this sanctuary unless you submit," Florence paused to let her words sink into Maureen's understanding then she asked slowly and deliberately, "Maureen, shall you continue with tonight's session?"

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