tagInterracial LoveCasual Carpool Cravings Ch. 01

Casual Carpool Cravings Ch. 01


Reggie looked impatiently at his watch as he stood at the bus stop. "If no one offers me a ride soon, I'll just take the damned bus!" he muttered to himself. A 6' 2" former athlete turned business executive, he'd just accepted a position at a West Coast firm. With his furniture and cars still en route he'd taken his new assistant's suggestion of trying casual carpooling. She explained that people that didn't know each other often rode together. By carpooling drivers avoided paying bridge tolls, riders got to their destinations quicker and the environment was spared pollution with fewer cars on the road.

"It sounded good in theory" he grumbled "but no one has offered ..." His complaint was interrupted by someone tapping a car horn. As he looked towards the sound he heard a soft feminine voice "Are you going to the financial district sir?"

"I am indeed, Madam! May I ride along?"

"Of course! That's why I asked!" she said smiling broadly. While her smiling face seemed attractive enough, Reggie's eyes were drawn to another part of her anatomy – her long shapely legs. As he walked down the sloped sidewalk towards her car, all he could focus on was the exposed skin on display beginning at her knees and sweeping upwards almost to her lap.

She put even more of herself on display as she leaned across to move her purse from the passenger seat to the back of her blue Mini Cooper. Reggie tried not to be obvious but was sure that she was aware of his gawking. She sat upright as Reggie slid in and tugged at the hem of her skirt in a failed attempt to pull it down to her knees.

"Don't want to be flagrant and show him too much but damn it feels good to know my legs caught his attention!" she thought smiling as she did.

"How did you know I might be headed to the financial district – good guess?" Reggie asked.

"That sharp Italian suit, the nice tie and ostrich skin shoes are dead giveaways!" she said as she gave his 6' 2" 220 lb. ebony frame an appraising once over. "I'm in the fashion industry and can always tell."

"You've got a good eye and must be clearly successful at what you do!"

"Hi, I'm Rene" she extended her hand while continuing to assess him "I don't recall seeing you before."

"I'm new to the area and to carpooling as well" he replied in his rich baritone voice "My name is Reggie" he said surrounding her soft ivory fingers with his strong ebony digits, "It's nice to meet you Rene."

"I'm sure I'd remember if I'd seen you before and that voice – wow, it makes a lasting impression!" she said as her loins reacted to his touch. "He's got HUGE hands ... does that mean the same for his cock?" she thought and felt herself begin to moisten.

"You're kind. Where are you headed?" Reggie asked.

"My office is in the garment district but I'm headed to the Financial District today to meet some prospective clients. I was hoping to find a rider to avoid paying tolls and still make my meeting on time."

Reggie's eyes took in his chauffer for the day. She was a fortyish blond with a stylish haircut, keen features, dancing blue eyes accented by slight crow's feet and appeared to be quite tall given the length of her gams.

It was Reggie's turn to take in her outfit. Clearly a designer suit, it was a mauve colored fabric, with slightly squared shouldered jacket. The skirt was probably knee length but had ridden well up her shapely thighs as she drove. Her ensemble was completed by knee high boots of a slightly darker hue and a matching necklace and bracelet. It was Reggie turn to be inquisitive.

"Gucci or Chanel?"

Rene's head turned abruptly towards him. "Close but how did you know? You must be in the rag trade too!"

"No I just have an appreciation for well-made clothing, especially when it's worn so nicely but such an attractive lady!"

"That's so sweet of you to say! Actually it's a Rene – my name! I designed it using Gucci and Chanel as prototypes. I'm hoping that I make an equally good impression on the folks I'm meeting to get them to sign on the dotted line."

"If looks are the key you can plan to cash a big check!"

"Better be careful! If you keep up the compliments, I might just pitch my wares to you!" Seeming to catch herself and blushing slightly after her double entendre, she commented. "That didn't quite come out like I intended."

Reggie chuckled before she could change direction and interjected "Hmmm ... that's an offer I'd gladly take you up on either way!"

She glanced in his direction, smiled brightly and said "I wish!" and then pulled into the car pool lane. She asked Reggie where he worked, where he lived and when he'd arrived in town. He responded and asked similar questions of her. He learned that she and two friends recently started a design boutique and usually carpooled together. However, both were traveling pitching other prospects. They'd been classmates in design school and after three failed marriages, had decided to pursue a dream they'd put on hold.

The advantage of carpooling became obvious as they whizzed through traffic, reached downtown quickly and took the exit for the Financial District.

"Now to find a place to park without paying a king's ransom" Rene commented. "As a startup and we're pinching pennies."

"Where is your meeting?" Reggie asked

"On Montgomery near the bank headquarters but I want to avoid paying the $50 a day rate to park there."

"My office is on Montgomery too so I might have a solution for you."


"I have a parking space in my building but since my car hasn't arrived yet from the East Coast you're welcome to use it – no charge!"

"That would be GREAT! Which way should I go?"

"Make a right at the next corner and a sharp right into the driveway with the blinking caution light." Reggie said and fished in his computer case for his gate opener.

The gate raised and Reggie said "Drive slowly, its #51 but I haven't used it before so I don't know exactly where it is."

"Ah, I see it!" Rene commented "But it looks like it might be a tight fit. Someone parked halfway into your spot."

"Good thing your car is small. Let me out before you pull in to make sure you can get out on your side."

He slid out and watched as Rene maneuvered into his spot then stepped forward to assist her out.

Her skirt rode even further up her thighs as she struggled to get out. A support pillar hampered her exit giving Reggie a great view of her spread slender thighs. As he held the door, she lunged to exit causing her skirt to fall completely to her crotch, giving Reggie a clear view of the mauve panties and thigh high hose that complemented her outfit.

"That's a nice way to start my day!" Reggie thought to himself.

"Not the most graceful of exits!" she blushed as she pulled her skirt down to her knees.

"Maybe not graceful but appealing for sure!" Reggie smiled.

"Typical male!" Rene smiled and punched his arm. "Show me the way out of here."

Reggie gestured the direction of the elevator and said "Here's my card. You'll need to call me when you're ready to pick up your car. My assistant or I will come down to let you out. I'll also let the guard know just in case we're not here when you return."

He watched her stride across the lobby as she headed towards the door. She swayed gently as she walked causing Reggie to sigh. "Boy what I could do with that body!" he thought. Almost simultaneously, she paused at the door, turned and sent a smiling wave in his direction. Reggie sighed again knowing he'd probably not see her again and made his way to his office.

As she stepped out into the pedestrian traffic, Rene thought to herself "I'd gladly end my celibacy with him! Ahhhh ... but I can't break the honor code!"

His day slogged by and he was finally wrapping it up, thinking of taking a cab home when his phone rang.

"Hi, its Rene! I'm finally here to pick up my car" she said almost breathlessly. "Oh, hi Rene!" he said "I thought you'd been here and gone by now. I was just about to leave, I'll meet you in the lobby."

She was positively beaming when the elevator door slid open.

"A good meeting?" Reggie asked.

"It ABSOLUTELY was – It was long but I got a great order!"

"Congratulations! I knew you'd do it!" Reggie said grasping both her hands in his for a celebratory squeeze. Rene was having no part of his tepid congrats – "Don't just squeeze my hands, squeeze ME – I need a big hug!"

Without waiting for his reaction, she grabbed his hands spread his arms wide, molded her body against his and closed his arms around her back. As his strong arms encircled her, she nestled against him and sighed. "A little kiss would make your congrats perfect." Wanting to be accommodating without creating a public spectacle in the lobby of his new employer, Reggie pulled her closer and brushed his full lips against her thin pink pursed lips. He was surprised to feel her tongue fluttering against his mouth but quickly returned the affection.

"That was a nice surprise!" Reggie whispered as he released her.

"Maybe I needed to thank you for being my good luck charm! Can I give you a ride?"

"There you go again making enticing offers!" Reggie quipped "But I'll accept the ride home and you can tell me how you had them eating out of your hand."

"OK but I've gotta jot some notes first. My head is swimming and I don't want to forget any details and then I have to call my partners!"

"You can sit on one of the benches in the reception area or you can feel free to use my desk."

"Your desk would be better 'cause I've got to spread out my papers!" she said excitedly "Then I can think about getting some pictures they requested. We haven't put together a portfolio yet."

"WOW!" she said as Reggie opened the door to his office "You must be some kinda big shot to have a corner office like this!"

"It just goes with the territory." he replied "Have a seat and we can both get to work."

When she looked at him quizzically he explained "I'm something of an amateur photographer and have a camera that I used when I was looking for a house to buy. Get to work and I'll see if I can manage to take a few shots of a business woman at work for your portfolio."

"A quick question first" he said as he looked into her lap as she sat "Do you always wear boots with this outfit?"

"See I told you that you have a great eye for fashion. This proves it! The boots are worn only to walk from the bus or your car to your office." Turning the chair in his direction, she lifted one leg high to unzip her boots one after the other. Her movements caused her skirt to slip towards her lap. Not bothering to pull it down, she bent forward, retrieved some mauve pumps from her bag and looked straight at Reggie's groin. "OMG!", she thought "He's HUGE!"

She thought she saw it twitch slightly when she unabashedly exposed her crotch by lifting her leg higher than necessary to slip on her pumps. When she repeated the action with her other leg, she was sure Reggie's cock responded.

Feeling his loins responding to her display, Reggie played it off - "Just forget I'm here and I'll try to get some good shots."

Rene turned to her briefcase withdrew sheaths of paper and sat down. Looking pensive, she began furiously scribbling notes as Reggie discreetly took shots.

"She's better looking that I recall" he thought as he eased around her taking shots of a woman at work. At one point, she shrugged off her jacket and hung it on the back of the chair now seemingly oblivious to his presence. Her full chest, easily 36D's Reggie thought, made him even more aware of her femininity. "Damn what knockers!" he thought as he took a few profile shots. In her excitement, her nipples had hardened and were protruding as if inviting him to capture them in all their glory – which he did."

Her task seemingly completed, Rene pushed back from the desk once again exposing her fabulous legs. Reggie took multiple profile shots showing her long exposed legs, hard nipples and her now smiling face as she realized what he was up to. "No fair being sneaky like that! I may be a bit over exposed in those last few shots."

"A beauty like you can never be overexposed – you are gorgeous!"

"Thank you kind sir! Flattery will get you anything you want!" pausing as if gauging his reaction, And one last request if I may?"

Can I use your phone to make a conference call to my two partners?

He showed her how to connect multiple parties and excused himself to go to the rest room as they began talking excitedly.

"Three sets for each of their stores!!!!! Do you believe it???" Rene gushed as Reggie closed the door behind him.

A few minutes later when he returned her tone had changed dramatically. "Yes he's tall dark and handsome!" Rene said in a conspiratorial tone seeming unaware that Reggie had returned. "In fact he's black!" she continued. "And I can see the outline of his long thick cock through his slacks. I may just unzip him and suck it dry!"

Reggie grew hard again upon hearing her comments, slowly unzipped his slacks and walked stealthily behind her. She was still unaware of his presence and jumped as she felt his smooth warm cock being rubbed on her cheek.

Turning her head quickly in his direction caused her lips to brush the purplish mushroom head of his meat. Her mouth flew open in genuine surprise and her wide eyes looked hungrily at his. "Oh my!" were the only words she could manage before he slid his rigid pole between her lips and began pressing his hips forward. He began slowly pumping his cock into her quickly filling mouth. "Ummmph, Ummph" was the only sound she could utter.

He heard a voice on the other end of the line – "Rene, Rene are you there?" Undeterred, he continued pumping his thick veiny cock into her mouth. "Ummmmph, Ummmph, Ummmmph" was all she could manage before finally wrapping one hand around his thickness, drawing her head back and whispered breathlessly into the phone ... "Gotta call you back!"

Reggie returned the phone to its cradle and began humping her face in earnest. "So you want to suck me dry? You've got a lot of sucking to do then 'cause I've got plenty of man milk for you to drink!"

Rene could only nod in response as she gripped his cock with both hands and started wantonly pumping him into her mouth. With her lips curled over her teeth to avoid scratching him she made urgent mewling and slurping sounds as she literally tried to consume him. She slid down into the chair as he stepped over to straddle her causing her skirt to hike up to her waist putting her soaked thong on full display.

Reggie pumped his cock into her mouth deeper and more vigorously until she gagged when his thickness reached the back of her throat. Tears formed in her eyes as each thrust poked slightly deeper. When her gagging became stronger, Reggie decided to switch holes shifting his attention to her nylon covered pussy that was feverishly humping the air.

He grasped her tiny waist and easily lifted her and sat her ass on the edge of his mahogany desk. She looked down and marveled at the sight as his mahogany cock pushed her soaked thong aside and slipped between her engorged vulva. "Oh ... Oh ... so big, SO GOOD!" she murmured excitedly as he began to fuck her slowly. "Deeper Reggie, shove it all in me!" He was intent on doing just that but the awkward angle left two to three inches outside her furry blonde snatch.

He lifted her again, quickly turned her to face the desk and pressed her full chest to the desktop. Intent on ramming her hard, he grasped the waistband of her thong and started pulling it down. "No please I need to leave my panties on!"


"I need your cum to stain them so I can prove to my partners that I went through with it and fucked you!"

"I don't know what you and your partners are up to but I'm gonna give you more than enough proof!" With that comment he grabbed the camera and began taking more shots. He took a close up of his wet glistening cock seesawing her pink pussy. He made her turn her head in his direction and took a shot of the telltale grimace of a lady being pounded. He slipped out of her briefly, pushed her to her knees and took a few shots of his cock filling her mouth as her cheeks hollowed in passionate sucking. Pulling her back to her feet, he again pressed her tits to the desk and began pounding her needy pussy in earnest. Unknown to her he'd switched the camera to wide angled movie setting and she'd having living proof that she'd been taken.

"Oh damn, I'm gonna cum!" she gulped as Reggie gripped her waist and repeatedly plunged into her vagina. "I'm cumming Reggie .... Oh damn I'm cummmmming .... It's been so long!"

Reggie continued stroking and she began thrusting her hips back onto his meat matching his rhythm.

"Again! I'm cumming again!" she wailed as her arms trembled and began to give way. Her knuckles turned white as she tightened her grip on the edge of the desk to maintain her balance.

The rippling of her vagina pulsing around his cock set his loins afire and he growled "Take my hot cum baby! I'm gonna fill you up until my cream runs down your legs!" With a last single powerful thrust he erupted inside her. "I feel it! I feel your hot cream squirting into my snatch! Make me yours Reggie! Take all of my stretched pussy!"

Panting, he held himself deep inside of her until they regained their breath then began to slowly withdraw.

"Wait, pull out slowly so I can cover my snatch with my thong!"

Reggie complied and as she cupped her hand over her now dripping pussy, he flipped the camera off.

Recovering from their sizzling session, they made themselves as presentable as possible and headed for the elevator. When they reached the garage Rene asked him to drive because her legs were too weak. They'd barely made their exit when her car phone rang. Her hands were still shaky and she accidentally switched on her speaker phone.

"Hello" she said feebly.

"Well, did you suck that big black cock? Did you let him fuck you?" one of her partners demanded.

Stunned Rene replied "Dammit Helen – you're on my speakerphone!"

"Oooops!" her partner stammered "Sounds like you've got company – call me later!" and the line went dead.

"I'm starting to feel like a pawn in a game where I don't even know the rules." Reggie said.

"I'm sorry about that Reggie" Rene apologized "But I'm dealing with really mixed emotions right now. I'm simultaneously embarrassed and ecstatic! I'm embarrassed that you feel like a pawn in a game played by three horny women but I'm ecstatic that you play the game so well!"

"I'm not into game playing so maybe you can fill me in."

"Let me buy you a drink and I'll try to explain, OK?" Rene said sounding vulnerable.

"OK, I'm curious and I want to look into your eyes as you explain" Reggie said and patted her reassuringly on her exposed thigh.

"Take the next turn and then a right into the parking lot. Joe's Pub shouldn't be crowded yet so we can get a table in the back while it's still quiet."

Reggie guided the car into a parking space and walked around to help Rene out. "I'm not used to being around gentlemen anymore I guess. Do you always help your ladies out of the car."

"I always do but I'd do it for you even if I didn't. Those long legs of yours beckoned me from the first time I saw them this morning."

Chuckling, Rene said "True confession, I wanted you to see a lot of them this morning but had no idea you'd actually be between them by the end of the day!"

"No parking lot confessions gorgeous lady! Let's get a drink so I can hear it all from the start."

They were soon settled, selected a bottle of nice wine and taken their first sips in silence. "Now where were we, at the bus stop this morning?" Reggie asked.

"No, it goes back further – much further." Rene replied.

"Helen, Barb and I were classmates in design school and dreamed of one day opening our own custom boutique. However our plans fell by the wayside when we got married. Helen married and divorced twice while Barb and I divorced a couple of years ago. We decided to pursue our old dream but, being three horny women, weren't making any progress. After several failed romances and a couple of affairs, we agreed to focus all our energies into getting the company launched. We each pledged to remain celibate until we closed our first deal. Then the person who closed a deal was free to get her brains fucked out by a tall, dark and handsome gentleman. This was just a general description, not meaning a black guy but boy did you ever fill the bill. I was embarrassed because I felt you might think I picked you up because of your race."

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