tagInterracial LoveCathy's Black Adventures

Cathy's Black Adventures


Cathy's Introduction

Cathy was a 19-years-old prime cunt. All over America, younger girls were having sex, visiting clubs, and dancing on stage or in live sex acts. Everywhere the new sexual revolution was taking hold.

She had sucked off two football players at age 18. She liked the thrill of sex and the taste of cum. She derived pleasure from giving pleasure.

It was exhilarating to her to feel a cock grow in her hand or her mouth. She loved the tingling feeling she got when her bare tits pressed against a man's bare chest. She let them feel of her natural 32C tits and play with her swollen, larger-than-usual clitoris. It could grow to two inches when she got really hot.

Cathy's submissiveness, very white skin, and blonde hair made the black men try harder to fuck her. Word got around to D'Andre about the hot 19-year-old blonde who loved to suck and fuck.

D'Andre caught her at a teen club. He walked right up to her and asked her to dance. She loved to dance.

Cindy was wearing a black micro-miniskirt with a black taffeta petticoat that caused it flare out. Her legs were clad in blue hose. The strappy black sandals with six-inch heels made her legs look very long and slender.

They started dancing. D'Andre put his hands on her hips taught her few moves and sexy movements with her hips. Then they danced close. She let him pull her body close to him, and she pressed her C-cup tits against his chest. She loved it. She loved his scent and all of the sensuality he exuded.

He took her hand and led her outside to his car. It was dark. He got in the back and motioned for her to go around and sit down. Once inside he put his arm around her and drew her close. She had never had a man take her and manhandle her in such a way. She moaned as his thick lips touched her lips.

She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to snake inside. She sucked on his upper lip. His mouth was so wet. She moaned. She loved the taste of his mouth.

The kissing got very frantic as Cathy became very aroused. He pulled out her tits and started sucking her nipples.

Cathy pulled down his zipper. His 10-inch cock popped out and stood up. He broke his kissing.

"Suck me, baby!" he said.

Her mouth had to stretch to close around. It was only the beginning of Cathy's body being stretched to accommodate her lovers. Her head started bobbing up and down.

She will need some training at sucking cock, D'Andre thought.

"Oh! D'Andre! I have never seen a cock as big as yours," she moaned.

"Let's do something," D'Andre said.

"Do what?" Cathy asked.

"Here, lay back."


D'Andre pushed her skirt up and pulled her hose and thong off. She spread her legs as he lay down between her warm smooth thighs. He took his cock and slowly moved the head up and down over her hungry, wet cunt slit. Cathy kept her cunt shaved. Her cunt lips were swollen and her pleasure tunnel was dripping wet.

He pointed his cock at her love hole and pushed. Cathy's wet cunt released and then squeezed down hard as D'Andre's cock pushed inside.

"Oh Shit! Baby! Fuck my cunt. Make me cum baby," Cathy cooed.

"You going to get the full load, baby," D'Andre hissed.

"That's right baby. Send those swimmers inside my cunt. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me! Make me your momma," she said.

He fucked her for 30 minutes before he released a huge load.

"Oh shit! Baby! That was so hot," he said. He pulled out and watched his cum gush out of Cathy's tight cunt when she sat up. She looked at her first ever creampie and looked back up at D'Andre and smiled.

"I know a club that you would like better," he said.

"Ok!" she agreed. Cathy was hot for D'Andre. She went down to fellate as he drove.

D'Andre wanted to get her worked up before he made another play for her hot white cunt.

They drove to the club which as all black. About a third of the girls were white. They were all dancing with black men. D'Andre bought her a drink and encouraged her to down it quicker than she would have.

She felt hot and sexy. She felt sexually aroused. She stagger backed, but D'Andre caught her. She started dancing with D'Andre and then another man broke in, and she started dancing with him. Hands started groping her. Her tits were pulled out of her loose top and manhandled. Fingers rolled her nipples between their fingers causing her to swoon.

Someone pushed her over and dry-humped her ass. She could feel his hard cock on her tiny ass crack. He lifted her skirt. She felt his cock play with her clit before pushing inside her sopping web love tunnel. Cathy came. He pushed in and out for a while. Soon she felt the thick hot cum splash against her silky cunt walls. He stood her up and kissed her deeply. They broke up.

D'Andre took her hand and led her to the back. He opened a room which was small and had a bed in the middle. D'Andre directed her to use a bidet in the room. They kissed as D'Andre undressed her. He laid her back and took off his clothes. She started sucking on his cock. D'Andre lay back and enjoyed the hot sucking. He encouraged her to go deeper and deeper.

"Suck it harder, baby! Oh! I love it. Let it go deeper. I love to feel your throat, baby. Suck it, baby. That's it!" he coached her on.

He pulled her mouth off of his cock and kissed her for about 10 minutes. His kissing went down to her neck, leaving large red whelps. The whelps were a precursor to the body art she would soon get. He kissed her tits, sucking her nipples hard and squeezing her breasts hard, too. He kissed and sucked her breasts, leaving more large red whelps.

Cathy moaned.

His body crossed over hers until he was on top. He was careful not to put his weight on the tiny girl.

Cathy looked down. She could see a space between their bodies. His cock was pointing directly to her face. His balls were dangling down, just touching her pubic mound. They looked heavy with cum. A clear drop of pre-cum dropped down onto her clitoris. They started kissing. His tongue pushed deep into her mouth and over her tongue. She tasted his juices.

She felt something touching her cunt. It has warm. It made her body tingle. D'Andre sensed her arousal and reached down and rubbed his cock head over her cunt and clit. She was super wet. Cathy came hard.

"Oh! Shit!, D'Andre that feels so fucking good. Baby! Keep it up!" she moaned. D'Andre kept rubbing his cock on her clit. He could feel her clit growing and growing. She had an unusually large and long clitoris. He concentrated on her pussy lips. Her cunt was dripping with womanly wetness.

"Hold my cock," he whispered. Cathy Ann reached down and held his fuck tool.

"I'm going to push. Guide it in, baby!" She did as she was told. It was just like guiding her vibrator into her cunt. She knew how to do that all right! Their kissing continued as D'Andre pushed. She felt her cunt open and a wonderful feeling overcame her as her love tunnel opened up for his fuck tool. Her heightened senses focused in on his cock head sliding up her baby passage. She squeezed down with her cunt muscles. It only heightened her pleasure.

Cathy came again. Her orgasm was harder this time. D'Andre started the in and out rhythm of raw animal fuck love. Cathy's cunt was pouring wetness coating his cock head and leaving a slick sheen up his shaft.

She looked up. The ceiling was mirrored. She saw his black body with her tiny, white arms and legs attempting to encircle him. It's looked so forbidden ... so taboo, she thought. Cathy had no regrets. That thought only enhanced her approaching orgasm.

His fucking got deeper, but stayed at the same speed. Soon he hit bottom. His cock was pushing against her cervix. Cathy could feel his nut sack slapping just below her cunt and ass. She had no idea anything could go that deeply into her tiny body.

Her senses were overloaded with the feeling, sight, sound, and smell of love.

He increased his speed. Cathy instinctively starting thrusting her hips up to meet D'Andre's hunches. Her cunt had a natural squeeze. D'Andre could feel his cock being squeezed tightly. He felt his pressure building. He had to strain hard to keep from depositing his nut in her cum bank. He slowed his pace to prolong the pleasure. He wanted to keep near a release without actually climaxing.

"Oh! Baby. Fuck me. I love it. Fuck me baby. I want you, baby I've never felt anything so good. Fuck me harder, baby. Oh Shit! I'm Cuming," Cathy moaned.

Her cunt squeezed D'Andre's cock harder. She started trembling. A wave of emotions, centered on her clitoris spread out over her body. She felt that she was caught up in a vortex of emotion. It was the deepest orgasm she had ever experienced!

D'Andre could not hold it. His cock exploded. Hot sticky jizz flooded Cathy's hungry cunt. Cathy came once again, sending her to new heights. Her orgasm started in her clit and spread out all over her body. It was the most wonderful sensation she had ever felt. Her skin tingled. Her back bowed up. Her hips tighten causing her cunt to squeeze tightly around the pleasure tool in her body. She felt the semen splash against her sensitive, wet cunt walls. He kept squirting hot cum in her. Some oozed past her cervix and got inside her womb.

He collapsed on top of her. He wanted to let his weight pin her down. It was his way of asserting his dominance over her. They lay there for a while savoring their afterglows.

He pulled out. Cathy looked down. His cock was coated and dripping with his white cum. She could feel the hot jizz pouring out of her cunt onto her asshole. A small amount stayed in her womb. The swimmers began spreading out looking for her egg to fertilize. It was the first time she feel the sensual feeling of cum in her cunt. She loved it.

"Hey, baby! Your cunt is full of my love jizz. Do you know that?"

"Yes, baby!" Cathy said. She was thinking about how good it felt. It was her introduction to hot black sexing. She was hooked!

"Come here and suck-clean my cock," D'Andre ordered her. She got up and went to her knees and sucked his cock clean while her eyes looked up at his face. Cathy enjoyed D'Andre's cock with the taste of cum mixed with her cunt juices.

Cathy cleaned her cunt in the bidet in the room. He pulled out an enema apparatus. He filled it with warm water. He bent her over his lap and plugged it into her ass. He never asked her if she wanted it. Cathy was submissive and did not resist. He filled her until she could no longer stand the tightness in her tiny tummy.

"Now take a shit," D'Andre said. He repeated the procedure twice.

"Get dressed!" he ordered. She quickly dressed.

"Don't wear colored hose. I want to see your white legs. I'll keep the panties, too. If you do wear underwear, only wear a thong. I love to see your hot ass," he told her.

Cathy started to fix her hair. Her hair was a mess, but he stopped her. D'Andre wanted her hair to show that she had been fucked.

D'Andre took her hand and led her back to the open club. This time D'Andre walked away and left her alone. But she wasn't alone for long. A man started dancing with her. He kissed her and pressed his cock against her wet cunt.

Cathy responded by reached down into his pants and grasping his cock with her little hand. She started stroking it.

They began kissing passionately. His hands grasped her orbs and squeezed. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

They began dancing again. He turned her around and pushed his cock against her bare ass.

Another man broke in and started sucking down her neck. His mouth went to her breasts. He sucked each nipple until they were hard and wet.

He turned her around and bent her over. She felt his cock enter her cunt. He withdrew and the first black man pushed his cock in her gaping wide cunt.

"Oh!" Cathy swooned. He fucked her a while and stood her back up. He turned her around and kissed her. Then he led her down the hallway to the same bedroom. When the door closed he held her and kissed her deep. Their mouth exchanged the hot wetness of oral love. He undressed her and placed her in the doggie position.

The black man, who was a complete stranger, put his cock on her cunt and pushed. Her cunt released and allowed him to shove all the way in.

"Oh! Fuck me, baby!" Cathy cooed. She loved the feeling of a cock in her cunt. He started a rhythm of in and out strokes. Cathy came. Her cunt squeezed down on the man's love tool. He came in her cunt. He pulled out, leaving her cunt gaping open and dripping white hot jizz. He fell back on the bed exhausted.

Cathy basked in her warm afterglow. It was not as warm as the afterglow she had with D'Andre. She cleaned up in the bidet and went back to the club.

She danced and kissed the men. Four times she walked to the back room. Four men fucked her one at a time, and they came in her each time. Cathy came each time.

When she got home around 5 a.m., she could still feel the warm glow of cum oozing out of her womb. She thought about the possibility of a pregnancy, but the thought of being pregnant caused her body to tremble. She was a natural-born breeder.

Cathy's 18-year-old sister, Marci, came into her bedroom. She crawled into bed with Cathy, who told her about being fucked eight times.

"Did they cum in you, Cathy?" Marci asked.

"Yes! Here look," Cathy said showing Marci her cunt.

"Let me taste it," Marci said.

Cathy spread her cunt and let Marci taste the black jizz seeping out.

Marci rolled over so Cathy could reciprocate. Cathy and Marci sucked and stroked their clits until they fell asleep.

Cathy's Mom, Norma

Cathy's mom, Norma, was divorced and quickly learned she had no means to pay the taxes on her mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans.

She started dating and soon the hot mom was going out with black men. They introduced her to black sex. Then she met Roy. He became her pimp. She was good at whoring and quickly made enough money to buy a Mercedes Convertible and sexy clothes, pay her taxes, and fix up the mansion in that order. To Norma black whoring was more than sex. She loved and craved the black love stick.

Norma would often come home with two or more black studs and fuck them until dawn. She made no effort to hide her lifestyle from her daughters, Cathy, then 19, and Marci, then 18.


Cathy knew that it was OK to come home at 5 a.m. after a date. Since her first date at age 14, she always stayed out until early morning.

Norma spent time with her daughters talking to them about their sexuality.

"Sex is the most wonderful experience you will ever have," Norma said. "The size of the penis matters. When you feel a black man's penis enter your pussy, you will know it is much, much better," she said.

"A woman is made to fuck and give pleasure," Norma said. "A man's hormones in his semen will be taken into your body and make you into a woman." Norma smiled and lit a cigarette. She crossed her legs letting her bare cunt show.

Norma didn't mind showing her cunt which kept hairless with a Brazilian.

"Don't be afraid to let your man put his semen in your cunts. That's the best way to go — bareback without condoms," she said.

Cathy and her sister, Marci, often were awake all night listening to Norma moaning, laughing, and taking black cum. The girls often saw their mom fucking one or more black studs on the patio or around the pool. Cathy even walked in on Norma on her knees sucking an enormous black stud in the kitchen.

Fucking black was normal to Cathy and her sister.

Her mom's studs hit on Cathy and Marci often.

"I love to see them hit on you girls. You will be fucking black soon," Norma said. She was right.


Cathy and D'Andre met again and again. She often spent the night with him. He continued to fuck her and cum in her hot cunt. She never asked him to use a condom and D'Andre never offered to. He introduced her to his friends. She started dating every black man she met. She preferred the older men in their 30's. She went out on dates four nights a week.

She got pregnant. She wasn't sure who the father was. She didn't care. She was slightly apprehensive at first, but then she never expected the reaction she would get. Her mom was happy and proud of her.

"Oh! My baby! You are pregnant! I am so happy for you. This is a wonderful time for a woman. Your body will be changing, and you will feel so sexy," Norma said.

Marci was curious and wanted to talk about it.

"How did it feel when he came in you?

"It felt wonderful!" Cathy swooned.

"Did you know the moment you conceived?" Marci asked.

"It's all about the risk when you believe you will get pregnant," Cathy said. Cathy explained all about pregnancy risk sex and how wonderful and sensual it was.

Cathy Ann's boyfriends congratulated her. Her girlfriends, who had been fucking black men, hugged her. They told her how much they envied her. Cathy loved the attention and respect she got. She had reached a new level of being a black cock slut.

She loved the feeling and sexuality of being pregnant every day of her pregnancy. She was craving cum and getting more cum than ever. The male hormones lingered in her body. She was absorbing them; and in turn, the male hormones were changing her in other ways, too. She became addicted to male hormones. Her momma hormones made her feel great. She loved the changes coming over her body. When word got around she was pregnant, the men flocked around to fuck hot the pregnant mom, Cathy.

Cathy started walking around the mansion nude. Her belly was beginning to develop a nice momma pooch. One of Norma's boyfriends caught her in the kitchen late one night.

"Hey baby! I heard about you been black bred," he said. He put his hand behind her head and drew her face close to his face. He kissed her passionately and deep. Cathy started trembling and moaning. He turned her around, bent her over and shoved his cock in her cunt.

As he fucked her, he rubbed her pregnant belly.

"Hey baby. That young cunt is so fucking tight. That's right! Squeeze my cock with that tight cunt, now! Fuck my fuck stick, you little bitch whore!" he said while pounding her cunt.

He dumped a large load in her cunt.

She loved the attention. She was hornier than ever. In her fourth month, she went to a clinic and did what she had to do and got a checkup for STD's. She was clean.

After that, Cathy never had the slightest fear of pregnancy risk sex. The pleasure of bareback unprotected sex was overwhelming to her. That feeling of knowing that her womb was fertile and the sperm she was taking would make her momma egg grow was exhilarating to Cathy. Pregnancy risk was the greatest sexual rush of all.

She quit school and took a job in a liquor store in the black section of town. She wanted to be closer to her favorite club. She drank, smoked, and bought skimpy, revealing, sexy clothes. She met some of the dancers in the nearby sex clubs. They gave her pointers on sexy clothes and moves and turning tricks. Cathy wanted to be a dancer, too.

She started getting sexy tattoos on her pretty white skin. She paid for some of them and fucked for more sexy skin illustrations. She got some sexy piercing, too. She soon found out those black men loved women with hot illustrated and pierced white skin. She wore clothes to show off her skin illustrations, too.

Cathy meets Tyrone

Tyrone looked at Cathy walking into the club. She was looking back at him. She walked up and stood at the bar. The bartender waited on her immediately. She turned to play a game machine on the bar. She wiggled her ass as she played the machine.

Tyrone doubled back to hit on the hot blonde.

"You like to play games?" It was Tyrone. Everyone called him Ty.

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