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Catwoman / Huntress: Eros Risen


Author's note: Catwoman and Huntress are TM and (C) DC Comics. Their use here is a work of parody, is not meant as a challenge to their trademarks, and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

This story is a sequel to my first ever fic, The Eros Formula. I hope it satisfies those readers who've been asking for a follow-up.

Voting and feedback is always very much appreciated. Thanks!


Dr Preston McGregor woke up choking, the snap crack of a bullwhip stinging his ears.

"Wake up, fucker," Catwoman hissed in the darkness. "And explain exactly what you did to me."

As he lay in his bed asphyxiating, every muscle and vein in his body straining, one thought occurred to Preston.

Why had she taken so long?

He'd been waiting for this for months now -- ever since she'd broken into his lab to try and steal the Eros formula, only for the both of them to end up getting exposed to it and...all that had followed.

He had known it would only be a matter of time until his path crossed Catwoman's again. They'd had far too big an impact on each other for it not to. The fact that she was strangling him, however, came as a bit of a surprise.

He coughed hard as he struggled for breath, the whip going slack just at the moment he thought he might black out.

"W-what do you...you mean...?" He asked, his face bright red.

"What do I mean?" She repeated. "I mean, you bastard, that ever since you exposed me to that goddamn drug of yours, I've been having...dreams. Feelings. And while I'm all for female sexual liberation, this is more than I signed on for! So speak. Explain yourself! Or, I swear, you're going to know what it's like when auto-erotic asphyxiation experiments go tragically wrong."

She made her point clear by jerking the whip tight again, causing Preston another bout of coughing.

"Y-you're right!" He said. "The drug...it was too powerful...what we experienced...told me that...it won't be getting released...not in th-that form...B-but...!"

"But what?" Catwoman snapped.

"But it doesn't---doesn't cause you to do anything you wouldn't want to do! It j-just lowers your inhi---hih!—bitions! We wouldn't have had sex...if we weren't attracted to each other---!"

The whip, while still coiled around Preston's throat, remained slack. Now that he wasn't struggling for breath, he could focus enough to see her through the darkness.

The beam from the street lamp outside was filtering through the half-closed blinds of the window, spilling over Catwoman's body in a zebra pattern of light and shade. He'd almost forgotten how exquisite her body was; it was so perfectly proportioned, so horribly addictive.

The other thing that occurred to Preston as he stared up at her in the monochromatic light, the other thing that made his heart skip and his loins pulse...was it possible? Was she naked?

"Nothing you wouldn't want to do, huh?" She said, her eyes flashing in the dark.

"Uh huh." Preston said, trying to pull the whip from around his throat and having no luck. If she noticed him struggling, she gave no sign of it. Instead she remained towering over him, her alluring silhouette motionless.

"All I've wanted to do..." she said finally, the shafts of light from the blinds spilling over her thighs, her navel, her breasts...her nipples. "...is this."

She moved with sudden and precise grace, squatting down, mounting his face, smothering him with her thighs, her ass, her pelvis, and in that moment he knew it to be true -- her bare, sizzling slit pressed against his nose and his lips.

She was already so wet that the liquid was streaming from her pussy, dampening her thighs.

Preston reacted without hesitation. He started lapping eagerly at her cunt, tasting all she had to offer to her cooing, mewling delight.

"I've been dreaming of you!" She said as she pushed down, forcing her clit between his eager lips. "So many dreams...so much wanting..."

Her thighs squeezed the sides of his face as she rode his mouth, his tongue snaking up inside her. She cried out at the feel of it.


Preston's hands found her beautiful ass, which he grasped as he lapped hungrily at her, licked her as if his life depended on it...and in the back of his mind, he wondered if it really did.

Outside, the wind blew through the Gotham streets with a building intensity. The night was dark and dawn was a long way off...


Helena Bertinelli, aka the Huntress, entered the building via the rooftop after picking the lock with one of the many instruments she kept in her belt. She descended the stairs silently, like a floating shadow, and exited on the fifth floor.

She stalked through the dimly-lit hallway until finally coming to apartment 5D, to which she had the key. No one saw her as she let herself in.

The apartment was empty save for an array of surveillance equipment set-up by the large window in the living room. A video camera was affixed to a tripod and pointed quite precisely out the window, feeding its broadcast to a small colour monitor that sat beside a desk chair.

The Huntress took a seat, pulling her night-vision binoculars from her belt as she did so. Looking through the binoculars at the apartment directly opposite, she detected no signs of movement.

Placing the binoculars down, she picked up the controls to the video camera and scrolled through the vision from the past 24 hours.

She'd been tracking Catwoman for well over a fortnight now, ever since she'd first spotted her by chance during one of her nightly patrols. It had been a hell of a job tailing her, given how fast the cat burglar ran and how acrobatically she moved, but Huntress was no slouch herself.

She'd tracked her to the studio apartment across the street and had watched as she'd rendezvoused with an unknown male. At first, Huntress had assumed the guy to be some kind of contact -- a fence, a client, a fellow criminal.

But when Catwoman had dropped to her knees and started sucking the guy's cock, well...Helena had known there was more to it than that.

She had considered busting in on them and arresting Catwoman then and there. Red-handed from jerking the guy off as she was, however, it was hardly like she was in the midst of a crime.

So Huntress had elected instead to tail Catwoman, waiting to catch her in the middle of her next job. What she found instead, however, was Catwoman sprinting across the city skyline every night to spend every hour until dawn fucking her mystery man, disappearing once the sun started to come up.

Huntress had found the empty apartment and set up the surveillance equipment on the off-chance she might catch them plotting something. Or at least, that's what she told herself, just as she told herself that the only reason she'd broken into the guy's place while he was out for the day was to plant bugs to record the audio of their plotting.

As she popped the headphones on now, however, and watched the playback from last night, she heard the furthest thing from plotting.

'Arrn ffuck me! Fuck me with your monster cock! Make me cum! Uooonhhh!'

The audio came back crisp and clear as Huntress watched the couple on the screen screwing in night-vision green. She watched as the mystery man -- his name revealed as Preston, his body revealed as chiselled and spectacular -- fucked Catwoman like the exotic animal she was.

But then Huntress noticed something out of the corner of her eye that made her hit the pause button and grab her binoculars.

She had felt disappointed before when she thought the apartment to be empty. Instead it seemed she'd been looking in the wrong place. There was motion in the apartment opposite as Catwoman and Preston stumbled into the light of the main room, up against the bay windows, presumably having moved from the shadows where the bedroom was...

They were hungry for each other, hands and mouths moving rapidly, seeking each other's lips and bodies. Preston spun Catwoman round in his grip, his chest on her back, as he grinded his bare cock against her supple rear, his mouth hot and wet on her neck.

Catwoman was naked, save for her mask, gloves and boots. It struck Huntress as the kinkiest kind of roleplaying, blurring the line between the stature of one's role in the super community and the fantasy that the role represented. That was if she was to get analytical about it, which she refused to do...

Huntress stood. She checked her crossbow, made sure it was in working order, made sure she had enough bolts for it.

Tonight. If she was ever going to do it, it would have to be tonight...


Preston had Catwoman bent over the breakfast table by the window, pumping her from behind with all he had. Her long, black curls jostled around her face, her tits bouncing on the surface of the table.

"Unnnnwwhhhh!! FUCK!" Catwoman screamed as she thrust back at him. "Fuck me!"

It had been two glorious weeks of this -- sex better than anything he'd had in his life, wild and wet and free, with the most incredible woman he'd ever met. She never told him where she was going as the night ended, never told him if she'd be back, but every evening she returned to him, her appetite as insatiable as his own.

"I'm -- I'm so close!" He grunted, his cock thick and pistoning in her simmering cunt.

"Uunnnhhh, you are, are you? You're gonna cum? Unnh! You'll cum on my boots, you whore!" Catwoman hissed, speedily fingering her clit. "You fucking slut, you'll cum on my boots and you'll fucking like it! Uuaaaunnh!"

They were so lost in the desperate frenzy of their fucking that they didn't notice her at first. Not until she cleared her throat.

Catwoman reared back and whirled around, Preston's sloppy cock slipping from her throbbing pussy as she pivoted, pushing Preston out of the way. She went to lunge for her whip but was stopped in her tracks. Preston looked in confusion at what could possibly intimidate Catwoman into freezing.

It was the Huntress, and she had a loaded crossbow pointed straight at them. She was enshrouded by the darkness on the other side of the apartment. All that was visible was her masked face and the glint of her arrowhead.

Neither Catwoman nor Huntress spoke. It was as if the first one to say something, the first one to blink, would somehow lose. Instead they stood quiet, motionless, sizing each other up.

The only noise either of them made was the heavy breathing that escaped from Catwoman. She was still sweaty and panting from the fucking Preston had been giving her only moments ago.

Her hands were raised, showing she had no weapons nor the intention of grabbing for one. It left her breasts dangling free but firm, beads of sweat running down between her cleavage.

The sight of Catwoman's bare body like that was hypnotic, even in this precarious situation, and Preston glanced away from it just long enough to see that Huntress seemed just as mesmerised by it as he was.

Maybe it was that incredible sight that inspired the Huntress's next move.

She took one step out of the shadows. Two. Just enough for the light to strike her body, so that when she reached for the zipper of her costume and started to pull it down, both Preston and Catwoman knew exactly what she was doing.

They looked at each other in confusion, then back at the voluptuous vigilante as she pulled the zip all the way down the length of her torso, exposing her ripe cleavage, her firm, defined abs and her flat, tanned navel. Preston could just make out the top of her pubic hair as she finished unzipping.

She stood there a moment, the middle of her torso exposed. Without looking away from Catwoman's body, she used her free hand to pull aside the left half of her costume, exposing one full, hefty breast, the other still trapped in her clothing.

Catwoman and Huntress stared at one another as if magnetically locked onto each other's gaze. Catwoman's tongue flicked out to lick her lips as she watched Huntress pull down the other side of her costume, exposing her full rack.

Her breasts looked to be C cups, maybe Ds. They weren't as big as Catwoman's but they were breathtaking nevertheless. They swayed alluringly as the Huntress left her top to hang from her waist, dangling against her tight pants.

She glanced at Preston a moment, staring deep into his eyes as she reached up again to unclasp her cape. The purple cloak fell heavily to the ground. She stood now completely topless, wearing her mask, her gloves, her pants and boots, and still pointing her crossbow at the two of them.

Preston grew worried for a second as her gaze shifted from his eyes to his crotch, where his hard cock surged at her attention. He felt concerned that, with a weapon in her hand, she might get some kind of crazy thought when looking at his dick.

Luckily for him, she did.

Lowering the crossbow to her side, Huntress walked with slow determination over to Preston, her heels clipping on the floorboards. She stared unflinchingly into his face as she grabbed hold of his shaft, sizing him up.

She stroked his dick and squeezed his balls, her face so close to his that he could feel her warm breath on his lips. With his shaft still in her hand, she looked over at Catwoman, who had herself drawn in nearer to them.

"I've been watching you for a while now. You've been a very luck girl," she said, emphasising her point by giving Preston's cock a swift tug, making him groan. "But it's time to share."

A smile of sinful delight slid across Catwoman's lips, her eyes flashing with predatory cunning.

"I don't know..." she said. "I don't share well with others."

"...Please?" Huntress said in a voice suddenly small and girlish, her face so close to Catwoman's now that she was able to plant petite, pleading kisses on the villainess' chin. "I'll do anything you want me to. Anything."

Huntress punctuated her plea by pressing her lips full and firm against Catwoman's, her tongue sliding out just enough to take a sliding lick. Catwoman moaned throatily as she returned the kiss, breaking it off by taking a tiny, nipping bite of Huntress's bottom lip.

"You want to be a bad girl, huh? You want to be dominated?" Catwoman whispered, her tone dark but still inviting. "Is that what you want...Cuntress?"

Huntress visibly bristled at her name being twisted in such a way. Preston wondered if that was enough to snap the heroine out of whatever lapse she was currently experiencing.

But instead, her eyelashes fluttering, she bowed her head.

"...Yes..." She said.

"Yes, what?"


"Good," Catwoman said. "Now get on your knees and suck my cream off his cock."

Huntress stared at Catwoman for a long time, her expression inscrutable. Catwoman merely smirked at her in response, as if defying her to refuse.

Slowly, haltingly, Huntress sank to her knees.

Preston stood in utter shock. As if all the events leading up to this hadn't been strange and unexpected enough, this surely took the cake. For a split second he wondered -- was this the Huntress acting completely of her own volition? Or had she been affected by the Eros-laced pheromones given off by his and Catwoman's fucking?

His train of thought was completely derailed, however, by Huntress's warm, wet, willing mouth as it parted to accommodate his hard, dripping cock.

"Awwh shhheeeezzzuus!" Preston slurred, his hips bucking forward to push the head of his cock up against her tonsils.

"Goooood girl," Catwoman whispered, running a hand through Huntress's hair as the superheroine's head moved up and down on Preston's dick. "That's it. Suck it good. Swallow all those cunt juices."

Huntress grunted and groaned around Preston's cock, shifting her gaze between Preston's pleasure-ridden grimace and Catwoman's sharp, sparkling eyes.

"You're a talented little cocksucker, aren't you?" Catwoman said, watching with rapt fascination as Huntress stroked Preston's balls, pumped his cock, tonguelashed the swollen head. "You deserve a reward."

Catwoman sank into the darkness, the only giveaway of her presence being the sound of her stiletto boots as she sauntered over to the small leather bag she'd brought with her and had left on Preston's bed.

Huntress's eyes went wide when she saw what Catwoman had returned with.

With one hand, the villainess was toying with her pussy, stroking her folds and teasing her clit. In the other, she held a hefty vibrator. It was purple and black - her signature colours -- and easily ten inches long. The head of it was thick, bulbous, and from the shaft sprang a second prong, designed to stimulate the clitoris.

The sight of the vibrator had excited Huntress enough to intensify her sucking of Preston's cock. She was squeezing him firmly with one hand as she looked aside, staring at Catwoman, her lips pressed tight around the thick shaft that throbbed in her mouth.

"Open wide." Catwoman said with a sinister grin. She clearly wasn't referring to Huntress's mouth as she parted the heroine's thighs and sank two gloved fingers in her steaming cunt.

"Aauuwh!" Huntress yelped at the suddenness of it -- a yelp that turned into a low, throaty moan as Catwoman spread her pussylips open and pressed the thick head of the vibrator against the entrance.

"Say 'Ah'!" Catwoman said, chuckling with dark satisfaction as she switched the sex toy on and watched the Huntress light up like a Christmas tree.

Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv!, the vibrator buzzed.

"Ffhhuuuuhhh!" Huntress spluttered around Preston's dick as Catwoman pushed the vibrator into her pink, yielding pussy from behind, stroking and spanking her ass as she took inch after sinking inch.

"Hhhnnhh! Uuunnnhhhh!" Huntress panted, the vibrations rippling from her slit through every nerve in her body, making her tremble. The deeper the vibrator went in the more Huntress felt it -- and the more it went in, the closer the second prong grew to her clit.

When finally the small attachment pressed up against her erect nub, Huntress practically exploded.

"Hhfuffuh! Hfhfhfuuuunnh! FFFffuuuckkk!" She finally cried out, Preston's soaked cock popping from her mouth. Vvvvvvvvwwwuuunnnnnnhhhhhh!, the vibrator continued.

"Uh uh uh!" Catwoman admonished her. "Don't cum just yet -- we have so many more speed settings to go!" To demonstrate her point, she hit a button on the handle of the vibrator, its buzzing intensifying.


"Shhhit! Shitfuckshiiittt!" Huntress responded, pushing her hips back and forth against the device, wanting more but unable to take it, as Preston's dick went unattended.

"Shame on you! Letting a perfectly good cock go to waste," Catwoman said, lowering herself to her knees alongside Huntress, her hand still on the hilt of the vibrator, which she twisted and thrust in Huntress's sopping cunt, much to the heroine's shuddering delight. "Inexcusable!"

Catwoman snatched at Preston's cock, pulling it free of Huntress's grasp. Preston braced himself as Catwoman wasted no time in gobbling it down, pumping the shaft in her iron-fisted grip as she slurped loudly on the head, spitting and slobbering all over it.

"FFck!" Preston grunted through tight lips. Huntress was gripping onto his thigh as Catwoman slid the blitzing vibrator in and out of her oozing cunt, pleasuring both her and Preston so intensely at the same time with such effortless ease.

Huntress, panting and eyes screwed shut, pressed back hard against the vibrator one more time and then, as if propelled by the gut-wrenching tremors, launched herself at Catwoman's lips and Preston's cock.

She parted her lips to kiss the cat burglar hard and deep, their tongues melting together around Preston's quivering dick.

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