tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 04

Caught by My Boss Ch. 04


I spent the next four days in a state of fear, thinking of all the things that Diane could do to me. Mr. Wilson didn't come around again, thank God, but I was still being told to come to work in just heels and stockings. Diane had me bring an outfit for each day and every morning when I arrived I was told to hang it up in my closet. Then I had to go into Diane's office and take off my coat and give it to her. Only then could I go back to my closet and take my outfit out and dress.

I was certain that someone was going to walk by and see me but to my knowledge it didn't happen. I felt half naked each day, mostly because I wasn't allowed to wear underwear or a blouse. Every outfit I was allowed to wear was a jacket and skirt combination so everyone who saw me knew I wasn't wearing a blouse. Thank God that they had no idea that the jacket and skirt was all I had on.

Late Friday afternoon Diane called me into her office.

"Sabine, I had to meet with Kate this week. I spoke with her about you. Now before you get upset, she has no idea about the cd that I have. But she is suspicious. I had to tell her something so she would keep silent, but I have made arrangements for you to go to her apartment for a party. Kate thinks that you are trying to loosen up a bit and she is going to help you with that. There will be some of her friends there, and of course she will be also. She is going to propose something for the party and you will go along with it. Do you have any questions?"

"Ah, well yes."

"Go ahead."

"What is she going to propose?"

"I think it will be better if you aren't aware of anything. But, you will be on your best behavior, won't you?"

"Diane, this is not making me feel very good. Kate doesn't like me. She'll try to do something nasty to me. Besides, I am quite a bit older than her and her friends. We wouldn't do things together."

"Don't worry about that, Sabine. Just be cooperative. You'll most likely enjoy it in some way."

I sat in one of Diane's side chairs and thought. What's the worst that could happen to me? I didn't really want to think about it. But I did and a lot of things ran through my mind. None of which I liked to even think about. Did I have a choice? Yes, I did. I could say no, but Diane would most likely turn me in. That would most likely end with me being terminated. Not an option for me at all. I sighed.

"Fine, I'll go to her party and feel stupid."

"Oh, I don't think that you'll feel stupid, Sabine. You'll feel something, but I can promise you that stupid won't be it."

I got up and went to my desk. In a few minutes Kate walked up and before long I was invited to her party.

"Sabine, I want you to come to my apartment for a little get together tonight."

"I know. Diane already let me know."

"Good, good. And she told you to be cooperative, right?"


"Good, that's great. It's going to be fun."

I highly doubted that, but my choices were pretty few in number. I got her address and telephone number and she told me that everything was going to start at 8. I asked about dress and she told me a top and slacks would be fine or a skirt if I wanted to wear one instead of slacks.

Before much longer I was in Diane's office surrendering my clothes and putting on my coat so I could go home. Diane walked out with me and walked with me to my car. She stood beside the door as I got in. I was going to start my car but...

"Sabine, open your coat."

I was going to say no, but thought better of it. I undid the buttons and slowly, looking around to make sure no one was near. I opened it. Diane looked me up and down, smirking.

"I'm glad to see that you are not arguing with me every time I tell you to do something, Sabine. Now just remember to be cooperative tonight."

I had that sinking feeling low in my stomach, but kept my mouth shut. Diane ran her eyes from mine down my chest to my pubic hair and back up again. I flushed. She smirked and then walked off to her car. I hurriedly pulled my coat together and buttoned it up once more. I could feel that my nipples were hard once more.

I drove home wondering what all this cooperative stuff was and I wasn't feeling too good about it, but I was sort of in a corner with no way to get out of it. At home I took off my coat and put some clothes on and made dinner. I ate, even though I wasn't very hungry and then I picked out a reasonably nice outfit. One of my good silk tops and a pair of nice slacks. I put on serviceable underwear and found a pair of low heels that sort of matched the slacks. I got dressed in that and put on some tasteful make up so it appeared that I was trying to look my best. Then I sat down and waited for the time to come for me to drive to Kate's apartment. It took me about twenty minutes and I parked and went up, knocking on her door. She let me in and introduced me to her friends, none of which I knew. They all were about her age, at least 8 years younger than me.

Drinks flowed during the evening and the conversation was much younger than what I was used to with my friends. I didn't have all that much to drink, since I don't normally but they all seemed to drink quite a bit. Younger people, I guess, do more drinking.

Eventually it got around to party games and we played some stupid stuff, although I did enjoy a couple of the games. I wasn't having that bad of a time, actually. Kate asked me at the end of one of the games to join her in her small kitchen.

"Having fun, Sabine?"

"Actually, Kate, more than I thought I would, although your friends are a lot younger than me."

"That's good. We're going to play one more game and Diane wanted me to tell you to be cooperative. You do understand what she means, right?"

I was suspicious.

"I guess. What game?"

Kate smirked at me.

"Well, I am going to tell everyone that you want to play strip poker, Sabine. And being cooperative means that you are going to lose every hand. And you should know that the loser is the only one who takes something off. So, I am sure that you are going to find the game most interesting."

She looked at me and giggled. I looked at her in shock.

"Kate, you can't be serious. I won't do that."

"Sabine, Sabine. Think of how disappointed Diane will be that you weren't cooperative. You don't want to disappoint her, do you?"

I walked out of the kitchen and got my purse. Then I went into her bathroom. I took out my cell phone and called Diane.

"Diane, this is Sabine."

"I thought that you might call me."

"I am not doing this, Diane."

"You are not doing what?"

"You know exactly what I mean, Diane."

"Actually, no I don't. Enlighten me."

"Kate is telling me that she is going to tell her friends that I want to play strip poker and that I am supposed to lose purposely. I will not do that, Diane, I won't do it."

"I guess then you are not planning on being cooperative. That's too bad. I suppose that I will have to speak to Mr. Prescott."

I winced. If she was going to talk to him she was going to tell him about me and then probably show him that damn cd.

"Diane, I don't want you to talk to Mr. Prescott."

The old bastard would fire my ass if he saw that cd. I knew he would.

"So then you will be cooperative tonight, right?"

"Diane, if I do this Kate will be insufferable. She'll take every opportunity to she can to make my life a living hell. She hates me because she thinks she should have gotten my job."

"Sabine, Kate and I have talked. It won't be as bad as you think."

"That's what you think, Diane. I know better. She's already told me that she wants my job with you. If she has this on me she'll take every opportunity to humiliate me until I quit."

"Sabine, I will tell her on Monday morning that she won't be getting your job. Now just do as you are told. I am telling you right now that what she wants is what you are going to do. Unless of course you want me to meet with Mr. Prescott on Monday instead."

God damn it! I was so screwed! If I did this I was going to be humiliated. If I didn't do it I was going to be fired. SHIT!

"Now do you still want to say no?"

"I want to say no, but.."

"You'll cooperate."

"Do I have any choice?"

"If you want your job after Monday, no, you don't."

I hung up on her. I leaned on Kate's bathroom counter. I dropped my cell phone in my purse. I opened the bathroom door and walked back into her kitchen. Kate was still there.

"Well, Sabine, what's the story?"

I sighed.

"I'll do it."

"Tell me exactly what you will do, Sabine."

"I'll play strip poker with your friends, Kate. And I will lose. Satisfied?"

Kate smirked at me. Then she giggled.

"This is going to be great!"

Kate motioned me to walk in front of her. She followed me out to where her friends were.

"Listen everyone. Sabine wants to loosen up a bit. She suggested that we play strip poker"

The guys, all four of them, thought this was a great idea. Two of her girlfriends didn't and one did, the one that had had the most to drink. Kate offered to play also so there were seven of us. The other two girls sat back and watched.

First we had to have rules. Everyone had to have the same amount of clothes on so no one had an advantage. Then it had to be decided how many losers for each hand. Of course Kate got her way which meant only one person was taking something off each hand. Then it had to be decided who dealt first. All this time my stomach was doing flips. I ended up having to take off my shoes before we even started. The first hand was dealt. I looked at my cards. I had absolutely nothing. When it came around to me I just kept my cards. I lost and when I showed what I had...

"Jesus, girl, do you want to lose?"

"No, I don't really understand poker."

The guys all looked at me like I was an idiot. I felt like one.

"Well, you lost so you have to take off something."

I lowered my eyes and thought. Then I slipped off my slacks. My blouse still mostly covered my panties. I noticed that even the girls looked at me when I took off my slacks. My face got hot and I knew it was red. The next hand was dealt and I had a pair. When it was my turn I threw the pair away and took two cards. I had nothing again. I lost again. I did the girl thing this time. I reached behind my back and undid my bra, then slipped the straps down my arms and out the sleeves of my blouse. Then I reached under my blouse and pulled my bra out.

The guys were grinning now. Two hands and all I had on was my blouse and panties. It certainly looked to every one that was sober that I was going to lose and lose fast. My nipples were hard once more. SHIT!

The next hand was dealt. I got three of a kind and just closed my eyes. I threw two of them and ended up with two pair. I didn't lose, one of the guys did. Kate looked at me. She got a good stare at me. I wanted to tell her that I did not plan it, but I kept my mouth shut.

The fourth hand was dealt. I had a pair and dumped it on the draw. Surprise, surprise, I lost again. I very carefully pulled my panties down and off. I tucked my blouse under my butt and kept my legs together. Kate was smirking at me. The guys high fived each other. I was feeling sick to my stomach.

The fifth hand was dealt. I got nothing again. I tossed two of the cards so I wouldn't look like at idiot again and got a pair. Kate's girlfriend lost this hand and removed her blouse. She was in a skirt and a bra now. I was feeling worse.

Hand number six was dealt and I had a pair. I seriously thought about keeping the pair and then thought about Kate saying something to Diane about me being uncooperative. I dumped the pair. I ended up with a smaller pair. I was afraid I was going to not be low hand and I was afraid I was going to be low hand. Everyone started to show their cards. I was second and when my pair showed Kate glared at me. It didn't matter. I lost again.

All the guys cheered and Kate giggled. Her two soberer friends giggled too. The drunken one who was playing didn't have a clue. I looked down after I turned my cards over and didn't know who had won or lost until....

"Well, Sabine, looks like you don't have any luck at all."

I closed my eyes and then looked at Kate. She was smirking at me. My face was burning up.

"Get it off loser!"

The guys were leaning forward as my hands went to the top button of my blouse. I was shaking just a little as I undid the first button.

"She's going to do it!"

I undid the second button. I couldn't look at anyone there. I undid the third button. Just three more to go. I was shaking harder now and it took me a while to get the last three buttons undone. Finally I was sitting with my blouse completely unbuttoned but I was holding it closed. Kate looked at me.

"It was your idea to play, Sabine. Take off the blouse."

I fixed her with a glare. My idea my ass! I tried to keep my boobs covered while I slipped the blouse off, but I couldn't do it. When it finally slid down my arms I covered my boobs with my left arm and kept my legs clamped together. I got my right hand out of its sleeve and replace my left arm with my right to get my left sleeve off. Kate walked over to me and picked up my blouse and the rest of my clothes. The guys were staring at me. The drunken girl I think had finally realized that I was naked. The two sober ones were whispering together and smirking at me. Kate took my clothes and put them somewhere.

"All right, Sabine. You need to show everyone. You lost fair and square."

I looked at her. If looks could have killed...if I could have killed Diane just then I would have. I stayed sitting with my legs together and my arm over my boobs.

"Just stand up, put your hands at your sides and turn around."

I was angry right now and feeling pretty embarrassed. My face had to be beet red and unfortunately my nipples were erect. I certainly didn't want to stand up and lower my hands or turn around. Kate looked at me harder. I was fucked.

I stood up and lowered my hands. The guys all cheered again. All eight eyes were right on my pussy. The two sober girls snickered.

"She doesn't have very much in the boob department, does she?"

I was so humiliated! Not only was I naked, but they were making me fun of my boobs! I wanted to start bawling but kept myself from crying. I didn't want to give them the satisfaction.

"Turn around, Sabine."

I sighed and turned around so they could see my bare ass too. When I was back facing almost everyone I made to sit down again. Kate was having none of that.

"Just stay standing, Sabine. I don't think everyone has gotten a good enough look yet."

So I ended up standing in front of them, naked.

"Look at her. Her headlights are on!"

It took me a moment to realize that he was talking about my erect nipples. I was so humiliated it wasn't funny.

"I think she likes it. Does it turn you on to be naked, Sabine?"


"I think she protests too much. I think she is turned on."

Everyone laughed. My face was red, my nipples were hard and my stomach was getting a really warm feeling way down. Mentally I was hating this, but my body was saying something much different. I couldn't believe how my body was reacting. I couldn't be enjoying having to take off all my clothes in front of strangers, could I? The only good thing was that my pubic hair was covering me somewhat. I certainly couldn't hide my nipples.

"Kate, may I please have my clothes. I need to go home."

"Sabine, come on. It's early. Stay for a while longer."

"No, I need to go home, Kate."

"Fine. Do one last thing. Get everyone drinks and serve them. Then you can go."

It wasn't the best thing, but after I was done I could leave. I went into the kitchen and got beer for the guys and brought them each one, embarrassed as hell. Their eyes played across my nipples and then down to my pussy. As I bent over to hand them their beer, the girls giggled behind me. I had no clue. The girls told me what they wanted and I went in the kitchen and made their drinks for them. I walked back into Kate's living room and served the first two.

"Holy shit!"


I turned my head to look at the guys, wondering what they were talking about.

"What? What are you two talking about?"

They all smirked.


I went and got the other two girls drinks and walked back and bent to hand their drinks to them. Kate grinned at me.

"They were talking about how your pussy shows when you bend over. I guess they can say they've really seen it all now, Sabine."

I was so embarrassed and humiliated! I wanted to die, but the heat increased in my belly. I wanted to touch myself so bad! I straightened up and only by will kept my hands from covering my butt.

"Kate, I did what you wanted. Please get my clothes so I can go."

She grinned at me again and walked away. She came back with my bra and panties.

"I'll bring the rest to work on Monday."


"You'll be fine, it's late and no one will be the wiser. Except for us."

I grabbed my underwear and put it on. I was so pissed off at her. I got my purse and pulled my car keys out. As I was walking to her door.....

"This was fun, Sabine; we'll have to do it again sometime."

In a pigs eye! I was never going to her place again. Surely Diane would understand. I left and slammed the door closed and then winced at the noise. I scurried down the hall in my underwear and peeked down the stairs. No one there. I almost ran down the stairs to the main floor and out to the parking lot. I unlocked my car and jumped in, closing the door behind me. I started my car and for some reason I took my cell phone out and looked at it. I had a message. I checked it and it was from Diane. She told me to come to her town house when I left Kate's apartment. She even had directions for me. I was also to call her when I arrived. So I drove to her home and parked in her driveway. I dialed her and she answered.

"Diane, this is Sabine."

"I assume you are here."


"Good. Take off all your clothes and come to my door and ring the doorbell. Oh, and bring your clothes with you."


I squirmed out of my underwear and with it crumpled in my hand I scurried to her door and rang the doorbell. The light came on, bathing me entirely in it. I almost screamed. She made me stand there for while and then opened the door. She burst out laughing when she realized that all the clothes that I had was my bra and panties.

"I guess Kate had a little fun with you."

I said nothing. I was fuming, angry as hell.

"Well, come in. We need to talk."

I walked inside and she closed the door. She led me to her living room. She sat down. I went to sit also.

"No, you can stay standing. Drop your underwear and purse."

I did as I was told, still fuming.

"Now, we have talked about you arguing and not being cooperative, haven't we?"

I was not having a good feeling. My anger melted away almost immediately. I said nothing.

"Silence usually means agreement. I am going to help you understand that I mean it when I tell you to cooperate and not argue. Come here."

I hesitantly stepped towards her. She grabbed my left wrist and pulled me over her lap. I squealed and ended ass up on her legs. My arm was bent behind my back and she trapped my legs with her right leg.

"You'll either learn the easy way or the hard way, Sabine."

As soon as she said that her right hand smacked me right on the middle of my ass. She didn't say anything further, just smacked me, alternating cheeks until I could feel the heat bubbling off of them. I was too shocked to do anything and she had me trapped over her lap. But I could yell and scream and I did. She ignored me and kept spanking me, harder and harder until I started to bawl. I wasn't screaming or yelling any longer, I was bawling like a baby. It hurt like hell after a while. It really hurt! Diane gave me a flurry of spanks and then at the end she let go of my arm and just pushed me off her lap. I slid off of her and landed on my ass on the floor. I yelped and rolled over until my ass wasn't touching anything.

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