tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 05

Caught by My Boss Ch. 05


After I had calmed down from my masturbation I sat in the dark in my car, sort of in disbelief. I mean I knew that I had masturbated to orgasm, but I was in denial that what had happened to me tonight had made me so horny that had to masturbate. Was I turning into a slut? As I sat there and decided that I wasn't a slut, I looked around and my mind started going. It was dark here. The streetlights were quite a ways away from my car. I could get out of my car naked and stand outside. I could lock my purse and keys in my car because I had one of those little boxes with an extra key in it in the rear wheel well. I could be outside naked and no one knew me here. So even if someone saw me why should I care?

SABINE! I screamed that in my head. Don't be so stupid. You don't want to be naked outside. You don't want to lock your keys in the car and stand out without a stitch on. That was the rational part of my brain. The not so rational part was telling me it would be fun and a turn on. It was telling me that I would like it.

My rational brain won. I started my car, turned on the lights and pulled away from the curb. As I did I started to get scared. What if I got stopped by the police? What was I going to do then? I drove so slowly and carefully it wasn't even funny. Half an hour later I pulled into my parking lot. I parked and turned off my lights and car. Then I got this sick feeling in stomach. It was a Friday night. My apartment building was full of younger people and they tended to stay up later on weekends and even week nights. They went out and came home late. I looked at my watch. It was 12:45AM. The bars would be closing soon. I had to get inside and into my apartment. And I was naked.

I sat in my car in the mostly dark parking lot at my apartment building and thought about how I was going to get to my apartment without anyone seeing me. If someone did and they knew me or knew that I lived there it would be so humiliating. I wanted to be inside right now but I was afraid to go now. There could be parties breaking up or people coming home. I decided it was best to wait for a while longer and hopefully it wouldn't be as possible for people to be in halls or leaving other apartments. So I sat for a while, waiting and watched as two cars pulled into the lot and people got out of them and walked into the building. And as I was sitting in my car the not so rational part of my brain started rolling again.

Psst, Sabine, you could get out of your car and stand outside next to it. It's pretty dark here and no one can really see you. You could be outside naked! Wouldn't that be great? You know that you want to do it, Sabine. You want to get out of your car and be naked in the lot. It'll really be fun, Sabine. Let's do it!

I looked around. There were lights at each end of the lot. I had parked towards the back of the lot on the left, farthest away from the street. There were a lot of spaces closer to the doors and more on the right side of the lot than where I was parked. I got out of my car, wincing as the interior lights came on. I locked it. I put my keys in my purse and bent over and slipped my purse under my car by the left front tire. No, I wasn't stupid. There was no way that I was going to lock my keys and purse in my car. No, I wasn't stupid. I was just standing, actually crouching next to my car, in my parking lot, naked. I wasn't stupid at all. HA!

But, as I was crouching there, I felt that little tingle deep in my belly. One of my hands went to my right boob and I squeezed it and pinched the nipple. Guess what? My nipple was erect. And God it felt good! I leaned against my car and both my hands went to my boobs and squeezed and felt a jolt of heat on my chest. I pinched both nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and fingers. I moaned. My not so rational brain talked to me.

Let's stand up, Sabine. No one is here. It'll be great fun! Besides, you're mostly behind your car.

I stood up, trembling and looking around. No one was there! I squeezed my boobs again. God it felt good! My brain talked to me again.

Hey, no one is out here but you Sabine. Let's go lean against the front of your car. Sure, it's a little lighter there, but no one is here to see you.

I stepped slowly to the front left of my car, looking about for anyone. Not seeing anyone, I stepped to the middle of my hood and leaned my ass on it. I spread my legs a little and leaned back on my arms. Look at me! Look at me, I'm naked! I felt a heat start low in my abdomen. God, I was getting turned on again! I closed my eyes and spread my legs a bit more. I felt cool night air on my pussy. It felt good! Then a flash of light crossed my closed eyes. You know how you can tell if the light is on even with your eyes closed? My eyes popped open and I glanced to my right and saw a car turning into the lot. I squeaked and hunched down right there. I started to tremble. I didn't want to stay where I was but I was afraid to move. The car parked and its lights went off. I heard people walking and talking after the doors slammed shut. I rose just little and watched two couples walking to the building doors.

Stand up, Sabine, they can't see you. They're looking away from you.

I stood up and exposed my entire body to the two couples. I felt the heat build down low in my abdomen. I was getting turned on. I cupped my smallish boobs and pointed my erect nipples at them. I watched them walk inside and I felt disappointed. My not so rational mind spoke to me again.

Let's walk down towards the street, Sabine. It's dark. No one is here with you. Look at the car headlights going by on the street. We can get closer to them than this and it will be an even bigger thrill. When have you ever done anything close to this daring? NEVER! People think you are boring, Sabine. That you never live a little. Are you that person or someone who lives on the edge?

My feet propelled me to the side of my car and I walked down it and then to the back of the parking lot. I turned to my left and faced the busy street that bordered the lot my apartment building was on. There was at least two hundred feet of grass and a few trees and bushes, then the parking lot. I stood tall and walked towards the grass. I felt good, I felt daring, I felt alive! The closer I got to the grass bordering the street, however, the less good I felt. My rational brain began to talk to me.

Sabine are you crazy? You're naked outside and walking towards a lighted street! Have you lost your mind? My not so rational mind spoke.

Just a little further, Sabine. It's still dark here. No one is out here with you. No one can see you. But I think I am getting to know you better than ever. I think you want some one to see you, just as you are. You want some one who doesn't know you to see you totally bare ass naked, don't you?

I shivered and kept walking, but slower. My rational brain spoke again.

If you are going to be this stupid, Sabine, I wash my hands of you. If you want to listen to that idiot part of your brain, be my guest.

I stepped onto the grass and my heels dug in. I walked to a bush and slipped off my heels and stood bare foot in the cool, wet grass. I shivered again.

Let's go Sabine! I didn't think you had it in you! Isn't this great!

I walked towards the street and the lights along it made it lighter where I was. I kept going and before I realized what I was doing I was standing on the sidewalk right next to the street! I was in complete view, the lights bathed me and the sidewalk in a yellow glow and as I began to think this was a very bad idea a horn honked, scaring me shitless. My head spun towards the sound and I saw a car passing by on the other side of the street with laughing faces staring at my naked body. I hunched down and thought you stupid fucking girl! I had to get moving back! I turned and began to run across the grass almost forgetting my heels. As I remembered them and slowed to find them I had a horribly strong need to pee.

I clamped my urethra tight and scrabbled in the darkness for my heels. I found them but I had to go, I had to go now! I squatted down and opened my legs and pee gushed out of me. I had had the piss scared out of me! Now all I could do was squat and finish, but all I wanted to do was to get inside, now! I felt like I peed for ten minutes but I knew it wasn't that long, just too long for comfort. When the gush turned to a trickle and then stopped, I grabbed my shoes and slipped them on. I was right by the parking lot. I hurried down the back of the lot to my car and alongside it until I could squat again and get my purse and keys. I stayed down and looked around. No one was outside with me that I could see. Now that I had walked naked to the street and been seen by passersby, I was scared again. I still had nothing to wear and I still needed to get to my apartment. I scuttled along until I was hiding in the first row of cars in the lot. I looked all around and seeing no one I hurried across the drive next to my building and hustled through the door and into the stairwell. As I entered the stairwell, my heels made a clattering sound and I stopped dead because it seemed so loud that anyone could have heard me. I slipped my heels off and clutching them with my purse in one hand and my keys in the other I ran up the two flights of stairs to my floor. I slowly opened the door and looked both ways down the hall to see if anyone was out. I didn't see anyone and I crept through the door, closing it carefully and then quickly rushed to my apartment door. I unlocked it and leaped inside, shutting the door behind me and slumped against the wall.

I found it hard to believe that I had been so stupid to walk to the street naked. But now that I was safely inside I began to picture myself walking there naked and my abdomen started to heat up again. I dumped my purse, keys and heels on my kitchen counter and walked hurriedly to my sliding glass door. I stood there for a moment and then pulled my drapes open. The moon cast a pool of light on the carpet and I sat in the middle of it. I was so hot all over again, just like in my car. My legs fell open and my right hand went right to my pussy and I started to rub my clit again. My left hand squeezed and cupped my boobs and I masturbated to another orgasm. When I came, my upper body fell back on the carpet and I twitched and shivered through my orgasm and the aftershocks, not caring that my drapes were open and anyone looking at my glass door from the building next to mine would be able to see me. I don't know how long I lay there but I know it took a long time for my breathing to be normal again.

I finally got up and went to my bathroom and cleaned up a bit then I went to my bedroom and put on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and went to bed.

I had dreams all night of being naked in front of others, people that I knew and people that I didn't know. I took off my clothes, was told to take them off or was stripped by others for every dream that I had. I woke in the morning, exhausted because I didn't sleep through the night, but kept waking up. When I got out of bed I showered and didn't bother to put on any clothes. I did turn up my thermostat, though. And I left my drapes open, feeling alternately scared and nervous and very naughty. I spent the rest of the weekend naked in my apartment, thinking of having to play strip poker and lose and about Diane spanking me and how hot I got after that and also how stupid I was. Yes it was daring, but it was also foolish and I could have gotten into more trouble than I had with Diane and my job. I could have been arrested! I also thought that I needed to have something to slow down these urges that I had to be naked and risky. I vowed to take care of that on Monday.

So when Monday morning came around I showered and put on my makeup and then my stockings and heels. I had my suit for work in a plastic bag on a hanger. I put on my trench coat and went to my car and drove to work. I was late, again, since I didn't like waiting at my desk for Diane to come in wearing a trench coat. People, I was sure, were starting to wonder. I hung my suit in my closet and went into Diane's off ice and waited for her to tell me to take off my coat. She did and I did and handed it to her and then when she told me to go get dressed I went back to my alcove, carefully looking to make sure no one was there. I hurried into my skirt and jacket and rehearsed. After a half an hour I timidly walked to Diane's door and asked her if I could speak to her.

"Come in Sabine. What is on your mind?"

"Well, this is hard for me, Diane. After I left your place, after, ah, you spanked me, I, ah, stopped my car and masturbated. And, ah, when I got to my apartment I, ah, walked to the street by it before I went in and I was, ah, seen by some people."

She snickered.

"You mean you masturbated in your car?"

I felt my face heat up.


"And then you ran around outside naked?"


"And people saw you naked?"

My face felt even hotter.


"Well, you have been a bad little girl, Sabine, haven't you?"

"Yes. And, ah, I would like, I mean, if you would, ah, kind of, ah, help me."

"Help you how, Sabine?"

"Well, if you, ah, oh God, Diane, I am afraid of what I might do. I mean, ah, I stayed naked in my apartment all weekend and I had my drapes open. I need, ah, someone to, ah, God, I don't know what I mean."

"Let me see if I understand this, Sabine. You are afraid that you might do something stupid like running around the office naked and maybe some discipline may help you with keeping that stupidity under control. Is that about it? Or do I have something wrong?"

By now my face felt like the worst sunburn I had ever had in my life.

"No, I mean, yes."

"Would a little dose of humiliation be in order too?"


"Go to your desk and let me think about this."

I went back to my desk and sat, trying to do some work but wondering what she had to think about. I heard her on the phone and in about twenty minutes Mr. Wilson walked in, smiled at me and walked into her office. He shut the door and in about fifteen minutes Diane came to the door and called me into her office.

"Well, Sabine, I have thought about your little problem. I will take on the responsibility of trying to help you keep it under control. You will accept my decisions on how to best do this, correct?"

Oh sure, like I had a choice here. If I defied her, now that she was going to help me, she could hang me out to dry.

"I guess so."

"It's either yes or no, Sabine, not I guess so."


"Just so we fully understand each other, Sabine, You have asked for my help with, shall we say, a little problem you have and you are will to accept the methods I choose to provide that help. Is that correct?"

I was just starting to realize that I may be even more fucked than before.

"Um, yes."

"Good, we have an understanding then. Go and close my door, please."

I turned and for the first time really saw Mr. Wilson sitting on the couch next to her door. If anything my face felt hotter. He had listened to the entire conversation. Diane took one of her side chairs and turned it so it was at right angles to the couch and sat on it. She motioned me to come and stand next to her, between her and Mr. Wilson. Without another word one of my arms was grabbed and I was pulled down over her lap and I realized what was going to happen. I started to struggle and she swatted me right on the middle of my ass.

"Be still!"

She had my arm twisted in the middle of my back, just like on Friday night. The only difference was that she didn't hold my legs with hers. And just like on Friday night she spanked me relentlessly and even through my skirt it hurt. She kept spanking me until my legs started to kick and then she stopped. She still had my arm twisted into my back and she felt for my skirt button. I felt my eyes pop open. She wouldn't! The button came loose and she pulled down the zipper. I started to kick harder and all Diane did was lean harder on my arm and let me kick as much as I wanted. I felt her fingers slip under the waist of my skirt and she began to tug at it.

"Diane, please NO!"

"Sabine, you have already agreed to this. Don't make it any worse for yourself."

Diane had played me once more and I was stupid enough to let her. I deserved what I was going to get, but she was going to have to tear it away from me. She kept pulling from side to side on the waistband of my skirt until I felt the top of my ass come bare. I squirmed and kicked and did everything I could think of and she just lifted one of her knees until my ass rose up and she reached under me and found the waistband again and tugged some more. My skirt, in short order was below my bare ass and Mr. Wilson was seeing it and knew that I didn't have any panties on. As soon as my ass was bare, Diane began to pepper it with spanks, alternating cheeks until both were red and hot as hell. She let me kick and squirm all I wanted and all that happened from that was my skirt ended up around my ankles and Mr. Wilson had an unencumbered view of me naked from the waist down. I only barely managed to keep from screaming while she spanked me, just barely and I totally forgot about him. But it didn't stop me from crying. God, she could spank hard! Diane finally stopped and pushed me up. She stood up and looked at me, grinning.

"God, Sabine, your nose is running. Let's get this off so you don't soil it."

I didn't realize what she meant until she unbuttoned my suit jacket and pushed it off my shoulders and helped slide it down my arms. It fell on the carpet behind me and I was naked for all intents and purposes.

"Why don't you ask Bill for a hankie to wipe your nose, Sabine?"

Diane grasped my shoulders and turned me so I was facing Mr. Wilson dead on. I was absolutely humiliated! Now he was seeing me totally naked.

"M-m-may I h-have a h-h-hanky, p-p-please?"

"Of course, Sabine."

He held one out to me and I had to step toward him to reach it, and in doing so I stepped right out of my skirt. I took it and wiped my eyes and then my nose, sniffling and beet red. I handed it back to him when I was done with it. Diane had turned the chair back so it faced her desk again. She took my arm and pulled me up to it. Then she went and sat on the couch next to Mr. Wilson.

"Her ass has a nice color to it, doesn't it?"

"It sure does, Diane."

"Sabine, bend over the chair so we can see the coloring better."

I wanted to start crying again, but this was kind of what I wanted or at least I thought so at that moment. I eased my feet a little further apart and bent over at the waist. I knew exactly what Diane and Mr. Wilson were going to see. A bright red ass with the cheeks spread slightly and just below it a lightly furred pussy. I shivered and closed my eyes. I stayed bent over until Diane told me I could stand upright.

"Sabine, please come here and thank Mr. Wilson for keeping this a little secret."

I turned and took two steps closer to them. I felt my stomach start to quiver and heat in my pussy.

"Thank you for keeping this a secret, Mr. Wilson."

"My pleasure, Sabine. My pleasure anytime."

Of course it was. He was seeing me naked. I was totally humiliated and embarrassed but surprisingly accepting and it didn't hurt to have the feeling deep down in my belly that it was sexually good for me too. Diane ignored me and talked with Mr. Wilson for a bit and without her permission to dress I had to stand there in front of them. Mr. Wilson seemed to pay attention to her, but his eyes never left me. His gaze made my nipples stand up hard and erect and the heat increase in my pussy. I was afraid I was going to start leaking down my thighs. Finally he got up and with one last long look from my boobs to my pussy, Mr. Wilson left.

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