tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 06

Cemetery Summons Ch. 06


It was seven in the morning before Jack woke up after getting home from the hospital. His alarm clock blared in his face and he groaned with annoyance. He sat up, but his right side was weighed down. Rolling his eyes, he pushed Elassa off his shoulder and swung his legs out of bed. From his doorway came a few footsteps.

Jack got out of bed and Elassa grabbed the rim of his boxers and groaned something incomprehensible. She yanked his underwear down to his ankles and he stepped out of them as he walked to the door. He yawned noisily and Fain hugged him tightly to her body. Jack was so much taller than her that her head only came up to his chin.

"Master, I have prepared breakfast for you. I think you will enjoy it."

"Uh, thanks Fain. Why're you so awake this morning?" he asked, still tired. Elassa fell out of bed behind him and pulled herself upright.

"Holy damn, baby. You sure have a sex drive like a fucking truck," she jeered. Jack rubbed the sleep from his eyes with all the lethargy of a sloth. He really didn't want to go to school. Elassa's libido had kept him up all night again. And that hospital had done hundreds of fucking tests on him in the course of a single day. Fain tugged him into the kitchen nook and kissed his cheek by standing on her tiptoes.

"Master, eat please," Fain insisted, pointing to the box of doughnuts on the countertop. Jack looked at them and then to Fain.

"How did you get those?"

"What do you mean master? I retrieved them from the store at which they were sold."

"No," Jack said, putting his hand to his forehead. "How did you get them? You don't have any money to buy them with." Jack watched as Fain gave him an innocent smile and grabbed a doughnut out of the box. She held it up to him, back arching so that he could get a clear look at her deliciously-curved ass.

"Open wide and say, ah!" she said playfully. Jack bit down on the chocolate-filled doughnut and Fain giggled like a giddy schoolgirl. A drop of chocolate fell upon the side of her mouth and she smirked.

"Like that, master. The boy working there was more than willing to pay for the box himself. I did not steal it, if that is what you are implying," she finished. Jack ate the rest of his doughnut and Elassa appeared beside them and looked up at Jack, a tired and bored expression on her face. She blinked at him and then at Fain.

"Oh look, chocolate," she said boredly, licking the drop off Fain face. She brushed her tongue over Fain lips and they both moaned. Jack raised his chin to keep out of the growing intimacy. Fain let go of him and draped her leg over Elassa's hip, keeping it in place with the swell of her backside.

They became locked in a full-blown kiss and Jack grabbed another doughnut on his way to the laundry room and put on a fresh pair of boxers, shorts, and a Led Zeppelin shirt. He scarfed down the doughnut and pulled on a pair of socks after licking the chocolate off his fingers. Upon returning to the living room, he found the succubi on the floor and with bodies locked together. He couldn't deny that they were a sight that made his loins want to reach for the sky.

But now wasn't the time. He didn't need to take a shower this morning because Elassa and Fain had both 'cleaned him off' in the shower last night, but he was still going to be late for school is he lollygagged around here for long. He grabbed his backpack and put on his shoes. He stopped at the door and turned his head to give the succubi a warning.

"You two. If you tear this place up, then I'll kill you. You won't get any more from me, not one single drop. Understood? So be careful." Jack didn't think they heard him when Elassa moved them to the couch and grabbed Fain's ass with both hands, kneading the bountiful flesh roughly. Jack grabbed his jacket and left the apartment before his self control ran out.

How did they know how to tempt him like that?


Jack sat down in Mr. Jacobi's English class and rubbed his eyes. It was colder outside than usual, and his jacket could only block out so much before it got to him. Rob poked him in the arm a few times and Jack inclined his head towards his friend.

"Hey, where have you been? It's been two days since anyone's heard from you at all," he said worriedly. Jack grinned at him widely.

"I'm fine. I've just been in the hospital for getting cut up at the pool."

"At the pool." Rob deadpanned. Jack nodded. Rob rolled his eyes and Mr. Jacobi slammed the door and strode to his desk. He surveyed the room and glared down at Jack from his desk. He cleared his throat and grunted as he sat down in his creaking swivel chair.

"I see you've decided to return to class, Mr. Archer. Might I ask where you were?" he asked sarcastically. Jack didn't reply as he pulled out his book for class. Mr. Jacobi arched a brow. He sat back in his chair. "Any reason why you're not talking?"

"Frankly, Mr. Jacobi, I don't like you, at all. I'm sure you don't like me either, so let's try to avoid interactions for the rest of the year," Jack quipped. He opened up his notebook and pulled out a pencil to do his work. Everyone was looking at either him or Mr. Jacobi.

"Well that's going a bit far to say that I dislike you, Jack. I'd like to know where you were, since you were gone for two days. You weren't sick, were you?" Mr. Jacobi insisted that Jack speak to him. The teen shrugged.

"I was in the hospital."

"For what?"

"I cut up my back when I slipped up at the pool. Happy now?" Jack growled. Mr. Jacobi chuckled to himself and wrote down the class's work on the board. Jack began his work with Jonathan silently sitting in front of him. Rob had little to say, but he wore a grin on his face. Jack got most of his work done fairly quickly.

They were reading a short story about some kind of space station being unable to harbor all of its occupants for the year, so its higher order had gathered to decide who was going and who wasn't going to be thrown out into space.

Some of the order gathered said that a ship would arrive to take the extra people on board, others argued that the ship wouldn't take two hundred extra passengers away from them and leave them in the same situation, while even more said that the ship wouldn't arrive to help them in time. One said that they should take those that had no use and dispose of them. And another group said that they should make a random selection to see who was going to live or die.

The bulk of the story was about the decisions they had to make, and what they ended up doing: a random selection. It turned out that when they posted a list of names up on various screens around the station, the names consisted of only those who had decided upon it. They were in shock, because their names had been left out of the selection.

It turned out that a mechanic and a mistreated communications worker had consorted to take care of the corruption in the station, and the mass expulsion of its hierarchy for unjust treatment of the workers allowed the station to become stable again.

And what happened after the only people who knew how the keep the station under control were killed? The station went into chaos and when the supply ship arrived to give the station mechanical engineering plans and machines and whatnot, the station was almost empty, and filled with corpses.

The only two people left with their sanity were the mechanic and the communications worker, who were taken away to explain the situation. The story ended with the stations guns leveling on the supply ship as it was pulling away from the space dock.

Jack was through with his summary and answering the book questions in a short time and flipped his book closed. He turned to Rob, who was already done and looking around boredly. He caught Jack's glance and nodded.

"You didn't really slip, did ya?" he asked in a low whisper.


"What really happened then? Where were you?"

"Well, Elassa and I were at the pool, and she got my back with her nails," Jack replied in an equally low voice. Rob's grin grew wider.

"And you have scars?"

"Oh yeah."

In the locker room, Jack had his shirt ripped off by Tom, and the larger senior stared in awe of the stripes of pink, scarred flesh across Jack's shoulders. After that ordeal had been over and done with, Jack and Tom walked out to the gymnasium where everyone was getting a day off because of a new student.

They met Samantha in the big room and the three sat on the bleachers talking until Tom noticed the new student walking into the gym with Mr. Kell. The class was called over and everyone stood up and moved to the other side of the bleachers near their teacher. Mr. Kell checked something on his phone before gesturing toward the new student, a girl with brown hair and green eyes.

"Alright everyone, this is...sorry if I mispronounce this, Cyrindil? Is that right?"

"Yes it is," the girl replied, scanning the student body idly. Mr. Kell drew his fist back and grinned. He quickly put away hi phone and clear his throat.

"She's from Romania. Be nice to her, or you'll be running ten laps around the track today," he warned. And with nothing further to say, he returned to the fold-up table at the other side of the gym to text on his phone again. He was worse than some of the students when it came to phone addiction.

Immediately, Brandon made a move to hit on the poor girl. Jack was close enough to hear every word of the conversation. He convinced Tom and Samantha that it would be more interesting to hear this play out than to talk about his recent stay in the hospital due to sex-related injury.

"So, you're from Romania? You don't have an accent," Brandon said.

"I travel a lot," Cyrindil replied dismissively, walking down the length of the bleachers. Brandon followed her, apparently not put off by the fact that she was trying to get away from him.

"I know you know who Count Dracula is. Did you know that he came from Romania?"

"He came from Wallachia, and he was a king, not a count," she snapped, turning her head toward the top of the bleachers. Brandon seemed put off now. But he didn't give up.

"Sorry about that, my mistake. So, my name's Brandon. I'd like to show you around the school after class."

"I am familiar with the school, Brandon. Thank you though," she said, almost as if she were obligated to do so.

"So, do you play any sports?"

"Yes, I enjoy soccer and volleyball," she replied. Brandon had apparently found something that piqued her interest.

"I'm the quarterback for the football team," Brandon said.

"That's lovely," replied Cyrindil sardonically.

"I know just about everyone in the senior class, so feel free to ask me about anyone," Brandon said. Cyrindil arched a row and pointed up to where Jack and his friends were sitting. She inclined her head to Brandon.

"Tell me, who is that?" she asked.

"Oh, that big guy is Tom. We've been trying to get him to play on the football team for a year now, b-"

"Not him," Cyrindil snapped. "Him."

"Who? The one in the middle?" Brandon asked, rolling his eyes. Cyrnidil nodded. Jack let a grin make itself present on his face. Brandon really hated him, and now he was going to be forced to explain to this girl who exactly the object of his dislike was.

"That's Jack. He thinks he's the coolest person alive and creates trouble for everyone he doesn't like."

"Oh really? What else can you tell me about him?" Cyrindil pressed. Brandon groaned, but went on anyway.

"Well, he pretends to have a hot girlfriend pawing all over him at home."

"He what?" the girl asked flatly. Brandon smirked and gave Jack a smug look, as if he had just found a weak point or something. Brandon whispered something into Cyrindil's ear and her eyes went wide. Her gaze shot up to Jack and she narrowed her eyes.

"Looks like the new girl doesn't like you very much already," Samantha jarred playfully.

"I don't really care. It's not like anything could get me down after dealing with Elassa's libido at home."

"Now that's a subject I could enjoy listening to," said Tom, poking Jack in the side with his elbow. Samantha put her elbow on Jack's knee and her chin in her hand. She purred a question.

"What exactly does Elassa do?"

"What do you mean: what does she do? She lives with me."

"No, does she work? She can't just be around to have sex with you," she followed up. Tom, seeing that the conversation was leaning a bit more towards the personal level, had left to talk to some of his other friends somewhere else.

"I have no idea Sam. Why?"

"Because I'm worried," she answered.

"Sam, I was in a hospital for two days. I think I, and three doctors and a few machines and a team of nurses, would know if I had AIDS and hepatitis."

"I mean hurt you emotionally. What if she just up and left one day? What if she hurts you Jack? I'm worried," she whined. Jack snorted.

"If she left, then I'd be out of a screw, so what? Why are you so worried?"

"Because all the rest of your friends are guys, and all they think about is the fucking part of this relationship. I'm worried about you. I don't want you to get hurt again, Jack. I'm...I don't know. It's like, like this voice in my head keeps telling me something's off about this. People don't just find you and decide to fuck you from sunrise to sunset with no ulterior motive Jack. It just doesn't happen."

"Well, Sam, you see..." Jack tried to formulate an argument in his head, but he couldn't. He couldn't tell her that Elassa was a sort-of demon. He couldn't tell anyone. And they most certainly couldn't' know that Fain was in his house now. Then they'd know that something was up.

"I'm waiting," Sam said impatiently. Jack shrugged and put a hand on his forehead.

"I dunno, Sam. You want me to kick her out or something?"

"No, I want you to be careful. Learn a little about her. Don't just lose all your self-awareness around her. Keep your eyes open, know what I mean?" She jarred him in the ribs with her elbow and gave him a forced, weak smile. Jack nodded and put both hands on her head.

"Jack, don't!"

"Oh yeah! Balloon dance," he said, grabbing all the hair he could and running his hands in circles all over her head. She grabbed his wrists, but only managed to slow him down. When he stopped, he raised his hands from her head and moved them around, hair sticking to his palms like it would to a balloon.

"There, happy? God, you guys did the balloon thing in third grade, Jack. Third grade! Fuckers never grew up, I knew this would happen," she said defeatedly. Jack grinned widely and then wiped his hands on his shirt while Sam began to brush her hair down with her hands.

"I still remember the first time we did that to you, me and Rob. With that balloon, remember?"

"Yes, Jack, I remember. You remember how much I cried? Or is that gone and replaced with how mad the teacher was at you?" she replied with a smirk. Jack paled at the thought of his enormous third grade teacher, Mrs. Harper. Jesus, that woman had been the scariest thing Jack had ever been witness to. And even more so, considering the fact that Jack had been a three and a half foot seven year old.

"Alright, I give. And I'll keep my guard up, Sam. Don't worry. I got away from the cops on Saturday. I think I can handle one woman," he joked. Sam grabbed his shoulder.

"Just be careful. All these other guys live with their parents, so they have nothing to worry about. You're not the same." Sam changed her expression when she was done, trying to change the mood with it. Jack was suddenly reminded of why he didn't live with his parents, or his grandfather, or anyone 'human' for that matter.

"I'll try not to get shot by a jealous husband, okay?"

"Works for me!" she said cheerily.


At home, Jack was met at the door by Fain, who was covered in sweat and purple and pink kiss marks, the kind that one gets after being kissed by someone wearing lipstick. Jack groaned and set his backpack down next to the door. He looked through his apartment and found Elassa in the bathroom, her face glued on the mirror.

"Elassa, don't tell me you-"

"Don't I look sexy, Jack?" she asked, turning to him with her lips ready for a Hollywood kiss. Jack rolled his eyes and closed the door. He turned to get his car keys off the countertop, but Fain appeared before him.

"Master, I would request that you begin another set of orgasms with me," she said in her usual, esoteric voice. She pulled one of his hands to her breast and he grabbed his car keys with the other.

"Sorry, but I gotta go to work. Fuck, I need my uniform. Elassa! Can you go to my closet and get my uniform?" he yelled. She appeared before him with said thing in her hands.

"Surely you don't plan on leaving us alone all night like you left us this morning?"

"Surely you don't plan on getting me kicked out of my apartment by lack of rent payments?" Jack returned mockingly, taking off his clothes. He set his uniform on the table and pulled his wallet out of the back pocket of his shorts.

"Master, please don't leave me with her again. She does things to me," Fain pleaded, pulling on his arm. Jack's brow knitted.

"You're a succubus. Your only reason for coming here is to have sex with me, and you're complaining about Elassa touching you? Really? Honestly, did you even think about that?"

"But she is not you, master!" the succubus whined. Jack pulled on his pressed pants and looped a black belt on it, putting the end through its Fleur de Leif buckle. He began buttoning up his shirt when Elassa walked in with a rolling pin in her hands.

"Oh Fain, master is busy. Let's you and I return to bed and have sommore fun," she said, smacking the rolling pin against her palm. Fain glanced up at Jack nervously.

"Master, help me," she begged. Elassa put a hand around her waist and pulled Fain back into Jack's bedroom.

"Elassa, if I come back to find cops waiting for me, it's on your head," he warned. Elassa returned to the living room, dragging Fain by her sports bra. She was apparently knocked unconscious.

"Where do you work anyway?" she asked.

"At the Espèce Sonnante et Trébuchante. It means the coin of the realm or something in French. Look, I have to go. Don't get Melissa down here, okay. I can't explain you two to anyone at the moment, and I need help doing that later this week. Fuck, just don't draw attention to yourself." Jack tied his tie and clipped the fake gilded chain from the inside of his coat pocket to the pocket of his black vest.

He checked himself in the bathroom mirror and put on his dress shoes Elassa had brought out as well. How he hated his uniform. Everything had to be pristine and exactly in order, or his boss would have a fit over it and curse at him in French. Jack grunted as he finished with the needle-thin laces and checked himself over again to make sure he didn't' forget anything important. He stuffed his wallet into his pocket before leaving.

The drive to work wasn't bad, except for the idiot on her cell phone that wouldn't move at the green lights, all three of them, until Jack honked at her. He was on time for work, but just barely. Monsieur Benoît was busy directing one of the chefs when Jack arrived.

The Monsieur, as the staff often referred to him as, was not a very tall man, nor was he very nice to say the least. He was five three at best, with black hair and a thin, curled mustache like the stereotypical Frenchman. He wore the same mild blue suit every single day, with the same green tie and the same white shirt. His accent wasn't horrendous, but Jack still bit back a laugh every time the man talked.

"Ah, Jacques, you have arrived finally. Go do your job, eet ees getting busy een here," he snapped. Jack rolled his eyes. At the front of the fancy restaurant, he rubbed his eyes and yawned lazily. Next to him was Stacy, the greeter who handed the waiters and waitresses all of their menus and stood there with a smile all night.

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