tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 11

Cemetery Summons Ch. 11


The next ten days went horribly. Mr. Jacobi was especially angry at the class and Jack was loaded down with homework that would last him the next month. Science sucked; more homework. Last weekend had been full of warring over pointless crap. And gym had ended today with Cyrindil backhanding him across the face and crying. Well, the fact that Jack's last two dates with Alina were canceled due to a few favors that she needed to repay wasn't as bad. They could go out some other time, and she was already going to hang out with him today anyway.

He was already in deep with four women, and Alina would make five if she decided she wanted to be his girlfriend. The strange thing about it was that while Jack had three women at home and one in another dimension, he still wanted to go out with Alina. He had enough of his plate at the moment. Why did he want to pile more on?

He'd have to ask Elassa when he got home. And when he unlocked the door to his apartment and went it, he dropped his stuff on the floor and went immediately to his room. Inside, he found Elassa holding Niaf's arm behind her back and pinning the blue-eyed succubus against the wall.

"You wanna say that again?" she snarled, baring her long fangs.

"Oh hell yeah. Master fucked me so hard last night, I nearly passed out. Moaning someone else's name was the least of my problems. I thought I was gonna melt," she snickered, pushing her fingers against her ass.

"Wait 'til he gets home, Niaf. You just wait."

"I can't take this. Not today guys. Straighten out, now," Jack growled. Elassa smirked.

"Oh, now you're getting it," she said.

"Oh yeah, fuck ya, cunt!" Niaf retorted, ramming her foot into Elassa's knee. Both succubi fell to the floor and began fighting, pulling each other's hair and punching and kicking and screaming. Jack turned back around and slammed the door in his wake. He grabbed his backpack and heard something flop against the ground.

He saw that the door had split in half and had fallen to the floor.

"Fuck!" he thundered. "Anathane, fucking get me out of here," he whined, a lump forming in his throat. The ground came out from under him and he fell into a cold void. Not long afterward, the ground rose to meet him and he fell face first against whatever floor had put itself in front of him. His backpack hit him and he got to his knees, angrier than ever.

He grabbed his backpack and tossed it as far as he possibly could. He suddenly realized that this was not such a good idea, seeing as whatever room he was in stretched on for as far as he could see, and every wall was red lined with gold. His backpack flopped to the ground almost thirty feet away, and split open at the seams.

He let out a silent scream and curled up on his knees, letting his forehead touch the warm floor. He put his hands behind his head and shut his eyes.

"You have to be fucking kidding me. Anathane, where the fuck are you?"

"Jack? Oh no, you hit your head!" Anathane's copper hands were suddenly bringing Jack upright and her worried eyes scanning his face for physical punishment. Jack grabbed her and hugged her tightly. He buried his face into the crook of her neck and breathed heavily, trying to push down the lump in his throat.

"I've had the worst day, Anathane," Jack moaned into her tanned skin. Anathane wrapped him up in her arms very gently and lifted him off the floor.

"It's alright, Jack. Just sit still and I'll start a bath for you," she cooed in a motherly tone. She set Jack down on the floor next to his backpack and picked up one of his books. It was his literature book. She flipped it open and began reading it curiously, looking at Jack's barely-started homework assignment. Jack tried to control himself. Why did he have to cry? Why couldn't he just get over it all? Fuck.

"You have a lot to do in two nights, Jack."

"No shit, I was completely unaware that I had six plays and summaries to read by the end of the week. And I was ignorant of the fact that I have to summarize four shot stories by Monday! Fucking hell," he cried. Anathane looked down at him with pity.

"If you'd like I can do all that for you." Jack's eyes opened.

"You what?"

"I can do the summaries for you. I can do other things for you as well," she offered, closing the literature book. Jack glanced at her from the ground, and then grabbed his science book out of the pile of books lying next to his torn backpack.

"You any good at science?" Jack asked, blinking away tears. Another Anathane appeared on her knees next to him and snatched the thick book away, a grin on her face.

"Does the Krebs Cycle take place in the Mitochondrion?" she replied cheekily. Jack let out a long sigh and soon the pile of books was dispersed between five of Anathane's copies. The 'original' Anathane stood before him, smiling.

"Would you like a bath?"

"Are you sure that's safe? I mean, the only liquids that you've ever shown me either burn me of electrocute me," he said suspiciously. The floor suddenly turned wet and Jack fell into a body of water the size of an Olympic swimming poll. He felt something push him up above the surface and he coughed as water went down his throat. Anathane still stood, unfazed by the sudden change of the state of matter.

"I'm fairly sure it's safe enough for you, incomplete boy," she chided.

"Are you trying to drown me on purpose?" Jack continued coughing until everything was out of his system, and then groaned. "Great, now everything I have on his soaking wet. Great job." The water rose suddenly and collected beneath his shirt. The button on his jeans came undone and his arms were behind raised.

He resisted, but soon realized that this was Anathane's weird way of undressing him. His shirt came off, followed by his shoes and his socks and his pants. And then his boxers came off, leaving him naked. He was released back into the pool and splashed noisily to stay afloat this time. He realized that he could stand, and did so. He wiped his face of water, feeling silly.

"Do you feel comfortable? Or would you like the water to be warmer?" Anathane asked as if she were a hostess in an expensive resort hotel or something. Jack frowned.

"At least warn me when you're about to drop me."

"I'll take that as a warmer." The water was instantly warmer and Jack sat back down. The bottom of the pool warped and the edge drew up to his back. He found it a little unnerving that she had complete control over every little aspect of this place. But then again, it was her body after all.

"Uh...well, thanks? I uh...this is really weird."

"Just relax and enjoy it, Jack." Anathane appeared in his lap and let her head rest against his shoulder. Jack let his head fall back onto something soft and pliable. He reached back and found that it was smooth. Turning his head, he watched one of Anathane's copies with his English book smiling down at him.

"Is momma's tummy comfy?" she asked in an innocent, carefree sort of way. Jack just let his head rest against the improvised pillow. He snaked his arms around Anathane's waist and sighed. She adjusted herself in his lap and Jack wished she hadn't. His cock rose faster that he would have thought possible and when she slid forward, it rubbed against her pussy. A soft sigh parted her lips and she closed her eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing really. I've just had a bad day and I wanted to get away from it all. You ever have those kinds of...well, you probably don't. You do have thousands of people waiting on you hand and foot if you get into a pissy mood."

"Oh, honey, I have those days all the time. Ever since you came to me ragged and broken, I have had years so horrible that I cannot seem to bear them. I have hundreds of fallen angels at my beck and call, and not one of them will fill the void that you have left in my soul."

"Years...that's right. Time passes much faster here in hell. It's been years down here?"

"It's been ten long years since I last saw you. Hearing you call my name was like hearing the screaming of a thousand tortured souls, so wonderful. I trembled when you fell to me, Jack, trembled with the thought of seeing you again. So, as we sit here; what troubles you?" She sat contently in his lap, teal hair floating on the water's surface.

Jack leaned up and put his lips to her neck. Her entire body quivered at his touch, and he kissed her. A low moan escaped her parted lips. She slipped up and down against his engorged cock. Jack smiled and let his head rest on her shoulder. He played with her little adam's apple.

"Well, nothing troubles me really. Today was just the culmination of a bad two weeks. I'm sorry I haven't seen you in such a long time. But, you know, when all you do when you see me is rape me, it kind of puts me off." Jack watched as Anathane's eyes focused on his.

"You have no idea how much self control I am exerting to keep myself in check. Were it not for the fact that splashing around would get your work wet, I would have strapped you down and begun already," she warned. "This is not water you rest in, Jack, this is what you have done to me for the past ten years."


"Yes, this came out of me. Every thought, every time I touch myself in vain, every little peek through the eyes of one of your succubi...this is the result of them. I yearn for you, Jack. I have a yawning hole that needs you so badly I can barely stand it." She clutched his hand tightly.

"What wrong?"

"I want you to tell me what you tell them," she said, nibbling at his neck.

"And what's that?" asked the teen, confused.

"I love you."

"But I've only said that to six people in my entire life."

"I want to be the seventh."

"Why?" She squeezed his hand tighter.

"So I can believe that ten years of my love were not wasted," she replied, barely above a whisper. Jack smiled.

"I love you, Anathane."

The entire room turned white and all Jack heard was a satisfied sigh.

When the blinding white light subsided, Anathane rubbed Jack's thigh gingerly and smiled warmly. She rose out of the water, if that was what you could call it, and stretched her body like she had just taken a long nap. A pair of hands clasped themselves over Jack's eyes and he waited, the smell of Anathane's arousal apparent everywhere.

Saying that he loved her had made her cum? Jack felt a little guilty for having neglected her for so long. In real time, it had been about ten days. Here, she'd waited ten years to see him just once and she had yet to try screwing him like she usually did.

Jack stood up and pressed his front to her back. He slowly stuck his cock between her thighs and then put his hands on her shoulders, feeling the warmth of her raw, naked body. Anathane shivered with anticipation and Jack began to massage her neck, very slowly and elegantly. She raised her chin and leaned forward. A slab of green rose from the water in front of her and she leaned against it. The thing began to tilt like the back end of a dentist's chair, and Jack realized what she was doing.

She planned to lie upon it while he gave her a massage. He shrugged, and moved to her shoulders as the slab tilted enough for her to lie upon it without sliding off. Jack adjusted his position and straddled her thighs, pushing his thumbs between her shoulder blades. She arched her back, but Jack pushed her down with care.

"If you lean up, your muscles won't relax properly. Trust me; I worked in a massage parlor for two years for some big bucks. I know what I'm doing." With a grin, he moved back up to her neck now that she wasn't using its muscles. He kneaded and pressed with his fingers, trying to find an especially tense point he could smooth out.

She formed the green slab of...well, herself, into what looked very much like a massage table. She accommodated for the fact that he was on the table too by making it wider than it needed to be. Her finger clasped the sides of the artificial table as he moved back to her shoulders.

Jack furrowed his brow and paused.

"Is there a problem?" she inquired.

"You've never had a massage before, have you?"


"Your shoulders are as hard as rocks. How in the hell do you sit around with this crap all day? Are you not in pain with all this stiffness?"

"The only time I am in pain is when you're not with me, Ja~ oh, there incomp- Jack!" she cried. Jack pinched her trapezius especially hard and began to roll it between his fingers. She groaned with agonizing pleasure. Jack moved up and down the overworked muscle and Anathane's knuckles turned white. Two bony nubs broke the skin of her shoulder blade and a tail erupted from her tailbone.

"Is this turning you on?" Jack flirted, pressing his thumbs on the nubs that would be her wings soon. Her tail strangled his waist and she flexed her legs down to her toes. Jack decided that it would be best to try this without having to dodge her wings, and left the bony spikes on her back alone, instead beginning with her deltoid muscles. Again, they were as hard as rocks and he needed especially hard pressing and squeezing to get them relaxed and content.

He moved to her back, and found that her vertebrae needed some popping. So, finding her spinal column, he began to systematically pop each and every link in her back. On the eighth one, he pushed a little too hard and dislocated the bone. When that happened, Anathane's fingers tore great wounds into the green slab and it wept noxious blue blood.

"Honey, keep going. Nothing short of stealing my soul is gonna hurt me. Gods, that was a nice feeling. Where'd ngh! A kid like you learn this kinda stuff?" she managed to say through Jack's manipulation of her spinal column. The teen reached her lower back and used his elbow in place of his fingers where it was taut down there.

"I already told you. I worked two years as a masseuse, and I was damn good at it too. Too bad my family didn't get to see me in action. My granddad woulda had a fit if he saw me touching all those gorgeous women like that." Jack found a spot that made her toes curl, and her tail thrashed about even as it tethered him.

"Your family? Why'd you never massage them like this?" Anathane questioned. Jack began using his hands again to find specific spots to relieve. He sighed.

"They died in a car wreck thirteen years ago. I'd rather not talk about this right now, okay? Can you ask another question?"

"What did your mother look like?"


"How about your grandfather?"

"Knock it off."

"How about your father?"


"Or your sister?"

"Goddamnit! Stop!" Jack yelled. He punched her in the back of the head so hard it drew blood. Wings grew from the two stubs on her shoulders and horns from her head. She sighed deeply, and then arched her back. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked back. Jack's hands were on her lower back, his arms propping him up as he squeezed his eyes shut.

He wouldn't cry. He hadn't cried even once about this. He wouldn't start now. Not now. It was thirteen years ago. He wasn't about to cry. He wasn't about to cry.

Anathane warped into the table and flipped over. She sat up and folded her wings around Jack's body as he held his breath to keep from crying. He wasn't about to cry. He wasn't about to cry.

"It's okay Jack. Momma's got you now."

He was about to cry.

Jack grabbed Anathane as tightly as he possibly could and began to weep openly into the crook of her neck. He hugged her for dear life, locking his strong arms around her so that she couldn't wriggle at all. Anathane stroked his hair soothingly, shushing him as a mother would a crying child.

Anathane glanced around at the others, more parts of her mind split into pieces. The five stared at Jack with mixtures of sorrow and pity. One of them, her most extreme emotions, was crying for him.

"Is he alright?"

"Shhh Jack, everything will be okay. Don't cry. Take deep breaths, deep breaths honey. Yes, he'll be fine soon. He wouldn't let himself cry over this, that much I can see."

"What happened?"

"His family died."

"That's so sad. I think I might cry."

"But he's so young. He's got to have somebody..."

"He lived alone until Elassa, Niaf, and Fain showed up. I don't know how he didn't cry himself to sleep every night."

"We never did."

"We are not human. We didn't have a family either."

"What about the other demons? We've lost thousands, if not tens of thousands of them. Are we not more shaken that he?"

"We are not human. Remember that."


"Jack is Jack, and if he cries, then I have no right to judge him based on my own would-be actions. Jack is not Anathane. Only Anathane is Anathane."

"Then what are we?"

"Gone, now that you have completed the work Jack gave you." Anathane's consciousness swelled again as she refitted her entire emotional and physical bank back into place. With a sigh, she continued to pet Jack's head.

The poor child. Why hadn't he told her about this sooner? Was he ashamed of not having a family. Or was he jealous of her having such an infinitely large one? Was he trying to forget that they had ever existed? Or was it something else, something deeper and more brooding?

The demon cradled Jack's head in one large, copper hand and began squeezing him rhythmically to control his erratic breathing. She squeezed him, and he exhaled. She relaxed her arm and he inhaled. She continued this process for a while, getting slower and slower until Jack was at last calm enough to speak with.

When she tilted his chin up with her finger, she saw that his eyes were bloodshot and his lips quivered. She placed a loving kiss upon his forehead and hugged him ever so tenderly. His arms relaxed their grip on her and fell to her waist. She fought back the torrent of lustful want that suddenly filled her mind, and sopped herself midway to a kiss.

Now was not the time to be forcing herself upon him. He was emotionally unbalanced. And normally, while being incomplete and in disunion turned her on more than anything, this couldn't be solved with simple sex. This went much deeper. Family was embedded in the very essence of one's soul.

Anathane drew Jack's head away from her neck and smiled at him sadly. Tears still streamed from his eyes. He stared at her with a yearning in his eyes for answers and comfort. It was like he expected her to make everything better with two words. But she didn't have the answers. She couldn't make everything better with just two words.

But she could get his mind off this dour stuff with two little words.

"I'm horny," she giggled. Jack's eyes went wide and he opened his mouth to scream in frustration. But she managed to close the gap first, and forced a kiss. Jack pushed on her as hard as he could, but it was no use. She was a demon after all, and the best he could do was get her to yield for a few seconds at a time.

"Anathane, send me back. I gave you a massage and got you to cum. I'm alright now. Isn't that enough for one night?"

"No. But...I can tell you what would really give me the pleasure I want, incomplete boy," she snickered with a leer. Jack narrowed his eyes.

What ar-"

She cracked the knife of her hand across the back of his neck. He was out so fast that his eyes closed before his mouth. Anathane cradled him in her arms as the floor warped again and she enclosed Jack's hands and feet in a stretchy membrane. A bright pink tentacle came out of her lower back and she smiled. This felt a lot better than before. That massage had played her notes just right.

Oozing sticky juice, Anathane was already trying to draw upon her reserves of self control to keep from splitting again. Gods, did that ever turn her on, being able to watch herself fucking Jack that is. And then coming back together, bringing her entire soul back from its fragments, that was the cream point.

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